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"Unlocking the Mysteries of the Blue-Violet Ray Beings on Earth": A Leap Year Surprise ( 29 FEB 2024)

Updated: Mar 1




Those on my social media sites knew a Surprise was due on the Leap Year date of the 29th, as promised by THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL, just a few days back. You also know that after the misuse of "The Amethyst Tablet" by some buyers, a decision was taken not to publish any more Tablets and so, this came as a surprise to us all! However, in this "Sacred Cosmic Masonic Script", the Copyright Law is made quite explicit and so also the punishment. So, it is hoped this time no miscreation shall occur! I am not taking any additional steps to ensure it's safety since the Universe has decided specifically to be its 'overseer'!

This is a simple Script of Incantations that embrace extraordinary, and a few specially crafted, Decrees and Mantras for very specific purposes during this period of the Great Shift, heading into the Major Tilt (soon). You, the BLUE RAY 1 & VIOLET RAY 7 BEINGS, are called upon to qualify immediately as the "HOLDERS OF THE BLUE FIRE FREQUENCY" of God's Creative Blue Light, anchored in the Blue Lodge of the Great Central Sun, in Sirius. We hope you have read the previous Tablets, as this Holy Script is the most advanced of all, and engages terminologies elucidated in the previous Tablets and therefore not explained any further in the Script.

The details provided in this Masonic Scripture regarding the Blue Ray 1 Beings is not to be circulated in any form; just as the entire Tablet! The explanations of "who" and "what" are these Beings, their Missions, is completely out-of-bounds for public viewing or else, their lives could be threatened and their Missions aborted!

Such 'Intense Highest Information' and 'Technologies' are not available in any structure as yet! Therefore, if you are a Buyer, do NOT purchase this Tablet for any other purpose than to advance YOUR evolution! No sharing; no teaching from it; no part can be reproduced in any form thru any medium! It shall 'not' be Cosmically tolerated! The second anything from this Tablet leaks, the Dark will enter and destroy what the Light and Hierarchy has put together to help you, prepare you for your Mission and task at hand.

But, do guide anyone you feel is ready for such Wisdom to the webpage (mentioned right at the beginning). For such a service, We are grateful! This Holy Script should reach all the "Light Holders of God's Frequency" as soon as possible. Even the sleeping ones! Your discretion is needed to discern the slumberous from the laggard and guide them here.

Anything more than a brief synopsis, cannot be revealed! The Tablet costs - 108 (English Pounds); its the number of beads in a Mala or Rosary.

We request, you read the 1st and last chapter before sleeping each night and recite the Incantations every day, thrice a day if possible to become the Power of the Chants! Then you shall return to the original Matrix of the 'Race of the I AM'! An Energetic Magnetism required for you to take Position at your assigned Post for the Tilt, when the time arrives!

We wish you a Speedy Evolution and all the best for the Training




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Feb 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta! Oh my very goodness and yours! I have been thinking and feeling your beautiful presence and wondering where on this beautiful Earth have you been?? Was going to email you to inquire of your absence (I am not on any social media) and then as always, I receive this wondrous message and thus the realization of your quietude. I am so very very grateful that the Light came through with the 5th Tablet! God Bless you and your goodness and graciousness And, the message that goes with it! I will most certainly honour, respect and cherish its sacredness. Blessings and Love, Mary-Jane


Mar 02
Replying to

Hi, you must have received it by then itself from my account....i think you replied this must be an earlier comment...

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