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There are many "mysteries veiled" behind this Grand Event of the 8th, in the Dragon Serpent year of the 8. Not just a total eclipse traversing across the US once again! Yes, that too bears significance for the nations it travels through. Political and Economical significances for sure! And, America goes into election time this year with wars that it has precipitated in Ukraine and fueled in Palestine. Inspiring the energies of revenge, retribution at global levels. A nation where both candidates are carrying a karmic overload ... begging for resolution! A nation that has generated a global Chaotic Node laced with impermissible Evil. And now, once again a Total Ring of Fire shall alighten its skies. Is it akin to a retrogration wherein, the same path is traversed to check if the lessons were learnt or not? This Fiery Ring of Sacred Plasmic Occultation shall tell a story for sure!

The Total Solar 8 Eclipse shall cover 185 kms in width and travel 16,000 kms in length with the longest duration of 5 and a 1/4 hours! Timing in IST: 8th April @ 9:12 pm to 9th April @ 2:22 am. With the Maximum reaching @ 11:47 pm. This Eclipse max period lasts for 4 minutes and 28 secs.

NASA has stated that the Total Solar Eclipse, on April 8, is occurring during the period of ‘Solar Maximum’, which increases the possibility of a ‘Solar Eruption’, which means X-CLASS FLARES.

Sirius will be visible at this time, at the east, south east section of the darkening skies. Temperatures will fall upto 10 degrees F and the wind shall come to a standstill. The nocturnal animals and birds shall awaken and scout out whereas the daytime birds shall suddenly quieten and prepare to nest.

Sounds like a vampire scene doesn't it. Cold and eerily quiet, dark and still. As the sleeping count Dracula awakens to the hunt. With the HQs of God, the Great Central Sun in Sirius, becoming suddenly lit in the darkened sky of the day. A Strange Phenomena indeed! As the emotional Yin white Moon swallows up the fiery Yang golden Sun, a celestial marriage of the Yin & Yang occurs consummating into an "Androgynous" condition! Signaling now, a readiness for Ascension out of the Blind Maze or Cabal Matrix.

The Eclipse, entire span, is therefore a time for "The 33rd Degree Techniques" to be recited to take full advantage of the Ascension Window. For those of you, the serious Adepts on the Path to Ascension, have this Masonic Script already at your disposal so please start from today, Sunday, and give it a thorough recitation, if you aren't already in a regular chant. This is a reason the Sacred Secret Masonic Script was made available this year as, this is the year of the deadliest Kali Yuga termination.... for ever! And consequently, you must be ready to take FrontLine as Warriors of the Light to combat what shall commence thereafter. Your Mission and Covenant with God begins this year. Therefore, it was no surprise when I was urgently summoned to Scribe the 5th Tablet and release. At that time I did not realize how many times I would need to write here to do the

Chants, at every Portal Opening and Portal Closing. I thought I would ne'er be permitted to make public such a potent and Double - Edged Sword Masonic Mystery School Incantation Scripture! The price is high so only those who are truly on the Path will invest in purchasing it. Not for curious minds nor for abusers of the Light. Nor for those who wish to make money from reselling it.

And since this is a Rahu or North Node event; eclipses are Rahu and Ketu events; please recite "The Tantric Goddess Mantras" in the Tablet. The Durge Kali Mantras, along with Goddess Tara and Kamakhya Devi, must be recited to invoke Their Grace and Powers to obliterate all evil in the world and make you so powerful, that you can fulfil your Covenant with God to perfection! (Don't worry about the pronunciations, its your Intent that matters. I have Scribed them exactly as they must be pronounced otherwise, google the word you are unable to pronounce and you shall get the exact pronunciation. These sanskrit and pali language words are available on google.)

The sighting of Sirius at the time of the Eclipse is a mighty Cosmic Signal symbolizing time for Prayer and Meditation. Prayer is invoking the Powers of God and Meditation is evoking the Connection with God. Sirius, bearing "The Great Central Sun" for our galaxy, appearing bright in the darkening skies means the veil to the Spirit World has been lifted (briefly) for our Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Ascended Hosts, and the entire Galactic Hierarchy to enter our domain to assist us, monitor us, aid us, heal us, and fulfil our Constructive Intents for the good of all mankind.

Moreover. Its a time for feeling the Eclipse and not seeing it and, taking the bull by its horn to attain Full Victory. Start today the Incantations, sunday thru monday and give it your innermost everything to it. Push the envelope, as the saying goes!

Another potent sign in the skies is the Retro Mercury reaching the point of Gandanta, the Karmic Knot, between Aries and Pisces. This spot or point in cosmic alignment triggers dense karmic confrontations demanding urgent resolution of incomplete and unresolved debts. So be vigilant to what comes up for clearance thru the chaotic node. However, stay clear of crowded places and dense energies. In astrology, Gandanta is a transitional zone between water signs and fire signs, where the solar and lunar zodiacs meet. It's also known as the "karmic knot" and is considered a sensitive period that can be challenging for the planet involved. The term "Gandanta" comes from Sanskrit and translates to "knot" or "junction".

Now. In western astrology, the eclipse occurs in Aries - the sign of Refined Fire. So we have an energy of double Fire that entrails and portends symbolically major major Transformation, Transmutation into Gold. Aries is the sign of the Blue Ray 1, majorly, and within the Blue Ray lies the Violet Fire. So engage the special sacred BlueRay1 Decrees please, that carry within the Violet Fire Invocations. This is truly a sacred moment of 4 to 5 hours of intense Purification in readiment for Freedom. Moreover, the eclipse occurs @ 19 degrees to Aries conjoining Chiron, the planet of Healing. So your efforts shall bear the fruit of you being healed. Healing implies an "Integrated Illumined Soul Personality". Pls refer to your "THE AMETHYST TABLET" for its meaning and significance. Healing also implies; once again referring to the above mentioned Tablet; your return to the Supernatural Powers of the Blue Violet Being that which you are! Thus, remove from your pathway all karmic barnacles thru the Decrees and Mantras.

Furthermore. In the Vedic astrology, Eclipse occurs in Pisces that symbolizes "Other World". Your connect with the Spirit World! So its an "☆Other ☆Worldly" time where you align with your Higher I Am and all your Spirit Guides and God.

There is yet another occultism attached to this eclipse. To quote Meg Benedicte: "Passing the Solar Eclipse in Aries is the "Mother of Dragons’ Comet" 12P/Pons-Brooks. The ‘near-earth’ comet will hang northeast of the eclipsed Sun, visible with binoculars or possibly the naked eye during totality. What a fortuitous visit during the Year of the Dragon! Passing so close to the eclipse in Aries adds a Galactic Element to this rare gateway event."

And to add here, this comet has an emerald green glow of healing. The Emerald Green Ray 5, the occult psychic Ray, is one of Healing, Joy, Abundances and complete Occult Knowledge. It is also the Ray of the Voice of God, associated and assigned to the 3rd Eye Chakra. Phenomenally, it denotes the Eye and the Voice of Silence (God).

So, this eclipse is laden with Occultism Mysticism and Symbolisms. Extra Ordinary truly! Magical, indeed!

Lastly, keep in the forefront - eclipses, especially solar, carry the "Nuclear Bomb Energy" that is hugely and highly combustible and inflammatory in radiation. Do not permit this Cosmic Power to be wasted in vain. Harness it to your advantage. Its a Celestine Gift that must be cherished with humble thankfulness. So get to work! Good luck. And now be in silence and commune.

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Apr 08
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Dear Sangeeta, Wow! This is A lot of information! Thank you so much and I am most (personally) grateful that the IST converter to EST falls @ April 8th 11:30 am EST through to approximately 4:30 pm EST. Truly grateful this is not in the wee hours of the morning as the previous :)) If Sirius is to be seen this truly must be a potent sign for unveiling the Truth! What immense wisdom you pour into this post. A lot to digest whilst devoting this day to prayer meditation decrees and mantras. It is interesting that you note the urgency of scribing the Script. The delivery of the script that just popped out of nowhere so to spea…

Replying to

You always warm my heart with your generous expressions :-) Thank you and best of luck on the Inner Work in a few hours. Don't forget to enlist you Intent too, whatever you wish for. Good time to manifest! With Blessings from The Temple!💛

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