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THE VOICE OF SILENCE” articulates as well a very special connection between Earth and the star-planetary system known as Sirius. It explains the indispensable importance of this linkage, which directly impacts evolution, transition, and ascension of Earth and Humanity. It enlightens the science of Antahkarana, or the Rainbow Bridge connection, between Earth/Sirius/and God, on a cosmic and personal level. Please click on Books above and order the above mentioned Sacred Chronicle to attain Wisdom not written in any text on earth.




The Milky Way is the galaxy that embodies our Solar System. The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy with a diameter between 150,000 and 200,000 light-years. It contains  several satellite galaxies within its fold. It is estimated to encompass 100–400 billion Stars and more than 100 billion Planets!  This Galaxy;  like other galaxies of the Multi-Universes of God; holds a "CENTRAL SUN" and a "GREAT CENTRAL SUN".  


Firstly, our Solar System is located at a radius of 26,490 (± 100) light-years from the Galactic Center (the "Central Sun"), on the inner edge of the Orion Arm, one of the spiral-shaped concentrations of gas and dust. 

Our earth aligns first with its Solar Sun, then the Central Sun and finally with the Great Central Sun!

SIRIUS - The Great Central Sun 

Now, the "GREAT CENTRAL SUN" is none other than the Star System named SIRIUS ! Sirius indeed is the Higher Presence of earth. Now, Sirius serves as the 'Head Quarter of God’s Light'; its distribution and course plotting throughout the entire Milky Way Galaxy; of which we are a small part. Sirius, moreover, is twenty times brighter than earth’s Sun and over twice as huge as planet Gaia; has the most significant connection and relationship with earth and its human race than any other star system in our galaxy. Sirius is, in fact, the Higher Presence of our entire solar system, into which Gaia and all its co-planets must ascend to gain ultimate Freedom. Sirius is also known as the ‘Great Instructor of Mankind’, the ‘Source of Higher Mind’! Moreover, earth is connected to Sirius through the ‘silver cord’ of light (much like how each human is connected to its Higher Presence) that finally connects all light-forms to the Creator God. Earth shares a negative polarity with Sirius and is psychically influenced through three pivotal planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. This Silver Cord connection with Sirius is the PATHWAY TO SIRIUS. The Violet Blue Pathway of Blue Ray 1 & the Violet Ray 7, mystified by the Violet Fire and the Blue Fire of Deconstruction and Reconstruction; Death and Rebirth!

The Blue Ray 1 has never been anchored on earth afore. This is because the BluePrint of earth has been based upon the 'Principle of Dualistic Separation' where as, the Blue Ray 1 entails foremost and indivisibly "THE WILL of GOD" -  that which entails 'Unity Consciousness of 'ONE' wherein, duality is non-existent totally! It is also, and most importantly, a potent lethal Ray that can immediately destroy all and everything in its Pathway that which is not the pristine Purity of God's Light. However, the Blue Ray encompasses a DESTRUCTION quality - destruction of energy that is not the purity of Light or energy that has finished its purpose of experience and expression in the first place. In the past,  upon earth, there have been two expressions that experienced a 'direct release' from the deadly Ray - you can read about it in "THE VOICE OF SILENCE". 


However, the PATHWAY TO SIRIUS does open for earth and humanity, once a year, as a major birthday gift, for a crisp period from July 26th to August 12th through which the Light of God’s Will is beamed upon the human race.

Now, for you to understand this you must know from where does this powerful Blue-Light descend and, its significance. For which I return to an extract from my Book – “THE VOICE OF SILENCE”:


Many millions of years ago, a cosmic insurgence had surfaced between the Light and Dark beings in our galaxy. This revolution had broken loose in the constellations of Lyra, Cancer, Gemini and Orion, as well as in many other lesser-known star groupings (constellations). At the very core of this battle were the Star League of the Pleiades, the Andromeda Confederation, the Lyra Light League and the Sirian star-nation. Eventually, the galactic fatalities caused by the rebellion had led to the formation of the “Galactic Federation of Light”, which is a governing and controlling union made up of physical and non-physical beings from various planetary civilizations in this galaxy, however without any hierarchical structure, with the divine purpose to essentially prevent dangerous uprisings that can affect the galactic neighbourhood. Their purview includes supervision of atomic and nuclear developments on Earth as well. Moreover, they act as Physical Angels needed to carry out the divine fate prophesied long ago for our Milky Way Galaxy.

The Great Blue Lodge in Sirius:

Furthermore, due to the repercussions of the battle between the varied constellations the beings from Lyra, with permission from the Galactic Federation of Light, migrated and colonized Sirius B and, in time, Sirius C and D. Of these, Sirius B star system is most sacred since it is the place where “The Great Blue Lodge of Creation” has chosen to enter the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Great Blue Lodge is the holy place in which the sacred “Blue-Light of Divine Creation” is anchored and subsequently illuminated to every part of Creation, from the heavenly hierarchies down to local planetary hierarchies. In the case of the Milky Way Galaxy, the spot chosen for the anchoring of this holy and divine Light was the Sirius star system. However, owing to the great energy of this Blue-Light, the Sirius star system’s configuration, in its reading by Earth‘s scientists, appears rather ambiguous and dense. And consequently seems to defy the physics of its normal creation. However, the Sirius star system is not ‘exceedingly dense’ as it is made out to be, or appears to be. This seeming density is due to the energy exerted upon it by the Blue-Light of Creation. From within this Light, Sirius sweeps up the great electric-energy and releases it to the multitude of solar systems all through the Milky Way.

This Blue-Light of God’s Creation, is the Zero-Point of Energy from which all creation is created and manifested into different levels of reality. This is the blue Ray 1 of God’s Will, Wisdom, Power, and Protection.


The Sirius star planet houses THE most important structures for the entire Galaxy, being the Head Quarter of God's Light for the MilkyWay Galaxy. One is, topmost in importance, the BLUE LODGE OF GOD’S LIGHT (Temple of God’s Blue Light, the Ray 1 of God’s Will). Followed by THE TEMPLE OF ILLUMINATION (which is the Temple of God’s second ray, the Ray 2 of God’s Light / Love / Illumination / Enlightenment/ Truth). THE GREAT WHITE LODGE (wherein are seated the Higher Lords of Karma for our entire galaxy) so - THE HIGHER KARMIC BOARD, THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT,  THE COSMIC WHITE BROTHERHOOD OF GOD working for earth and humanity, along with THE HIGHER UNIVERSITIES OF LEARNING and INITIATIONS (this is where the Sirian Master Teachers teach and initiate Sirian Adepts), and -  THE AKASHIC LIBRARY!


Master Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Kuthumi are (to name a few) Sirian Master Initiates of The Temple of Illumination of Ray 2 in Sirius. Whilst, Lord El Morya, Lord Manu, the Great Director of Authority (Chieftain Lord of Karma for earth), Lord Sanata Kumara, Thoth, Seshata, are The Blue Lodge Sirian Masters of Ray 1. These are some of the most powerful Sirian Masters who descended upon our planet to help, guide, and teach humanity throughout Earth’s history and evolution.


An extract from the my Book – “THE VOICE OF SILENCE”:

Sirius has played a large role in the history of Earth and its human civilization, not just at its seeding stage, or during the settlements of Lemuria and Atlantis, but its influence and presence has been felt evidentially even during the Egyptian and Inca civilizations. The Sirians visited both the Egyptian and the Mayan societies and gave them much advanced astronomical and medical information. They helped to build the pyramidal network system that originates in Egypt and extends through the Mayan civilization to the rest of our planet. Moreover, they guided the construction of temples in Egypt and Peru along with the many tunnels and pathways to the inner Earth. In the future, they will be involved in establishing the new Golden Age on Earth.

Now, just as Lord Buddha is the Logos of Earth; Sanata Kumara and Lady Venus are the Lord and Lady of Venus; Helios and Vesta are the Logos of our Solar System; Osiris and Isis are the Lord and Lady of Sirius.

It were the VENUSIANS who first taught us about “Christ Consciousness” that was embodied in the Golden Light of our SUN. The Gold-Frequency is Divine Light and it carries the energy of Divine Love and Compassion. As Humanity opened themselves to receive more of the transmissions of Divine Light, and more of the Light Codes that would elevate consciousness, they embraced the Gold-Light and activated the Light Body and Multi-Dimensional consciousness. However, it is important to understand and know that the leading etheric Venusians are also Sirians. There is a major overlapping here that thins the demarcation lines. Therefore, the first Venusian Sirian Avatars of the Christ Consciousness were Lord Sanata Kumara and His partner Goddess of Venus, who brought the Golden-Light to Egypt. The second Venusian Sirian Avatars were Yeshua, known as Jesus, and his partner Mary Magdalene. Together they embodied the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies of the Gold-Frequency of Christ Consciousness. On the other hand, the BLUE SUN SIRIUS carried the Blue Frequency of the “Blue Star”. The deep Blue-Light carried the Codings of an advanced race of Light Beings (and these were Thoth, Seshat (also from etheric Venus), Isis, Osiris)  who are in service to the Divine Plan for the Evolution of the Galaxy and earth. The rising of the Blue Sun indicates another cycle of Light, Love and Support from the Sirian Master Teachers on the Path of Evolution. 


"The Galactic Federation of Light" was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from creating galactic wars and conquering different star systems that were dominating and exploiting our Milky Way Galaxy. The members of The Galactic Federation of Light act as Physical Angels and radiate Light and Love into areas of darkness, and oversee the evolution of all its star planetary systems in order to carry out the eventual ‘Divine Fate’ prophesied for our Milky Way Galaxy.

The Galactic Federation of Light is located on the star planetary system Sirius. And many on earth are liaison officers for, or honorary members of, The Galactic Federation of Light. Yes, this is true and you could very well be one of them reading this article!                                                                                                                          

Moreover, Lord Siraya; the Carrier of God’s Blue- Light to all His Mansion Worlds; chose Sirius (B) as the place to enter this galaxy and establish the ‘Great Oracle Temple’ of Blue-Light of Divine Creation to illuminate the Creator’s Light to all other star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy. This sacred Blue Lodge of Sirius is defended by the race of the 'Lion Beings' who are the settlers on Sirius (A) star system. This is the race of people who descended upon earth to create and activate the Great Pyramid of Egypt and oversaw the design and architecture of all pyramids on earth. They were headed by the Atlantean and Egyptian High Priest from Venus – ‘Thoth’, and by the High Priestess ‘Seshat’ who is a descendant of the ‘Feline Beings’, a race also from Sirius (A). The Lion Beings live in the ‘non-physical’ reality that transcends time and space; whereas the Feline Beings are of the physical dimension and live even amongst the human race on earth. Whilst the Lion Beings were the architect or the blueprint designers of the pyramids, the actual builders were the Feline Beings who physically constructed the Great Pyramid. This is the multi-dimensional perspective of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Moreover, the Lion and Feline Beings are members of The Galactic Federation of Light.

At present, there are just over 200,000 members of The Galactic Federation that stem from many star nations and systems from within our galaxy, as well as from other various galaxies and vast orders, confederations and unions from the Creator’s many Mansion Worlds and Universes. Of the total member species approximately 40% are humanoids and the rest are varied forms of sentient beings. However, the members of The Galactic Federation are fully awakened Beings of Light.  

Here I was shown how the frequency of the Sirius mother planet is one of “Lion Consciousness” – brave, daring, royal, noble, rich, abundant, patient, as well as a no-nonsense loyal, strong yang energy; that which is neatly balanced by its co-inhabitant race of the Feline which is totally a yin energy of dark depth, mysterious, nubile, ever changing, and adapting. These are the shape-changers. The Lion Beings have never birthed on earth but have descended at important times that heralded either a renaissance awakening or the seeding of structural energy such as – the Lion Beings were the architects of the Pyramid of Giza but it was physically beamed into matter manifest from the anti-matter by the assistance of the Feline Beings who birthed on earth and are present even now as the Sirian Beings on earth. Thoth and Seshata, the Venusians who are the Sirian Initiates of the advanced race living in and out of Sirius, were the ones to initiate the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza. They called upon the Lion Beings to design it and the Feline Beings to help physically structure it into reality. Once it was completed, the Lion Beings signed their presence (just as an artist signs his canvas with his name) by leaving their image at the front of the main pyramid – the Sphinx. The Sphinx is the Lion Being of Sirius. More than placing it there as a watchdog in protection, it is their SIGNATURE ! The SIGNATURE of the architects who designed it. It’s their way of reminding us as well that our bodies are of earth but our soul is from the stars! And I feel the mighty powerful individualized majestic royal Sphinx displays that so well!

So through the history of human evolution the Sirian Masters have descended to teach us the process of ascension, the science of ascension, the technology of the 33rd degree of ascension. The last of who walked in form amongst us were in the early period of the Egyptian Pharaohs with Thoth as the god of Khem (name of ancient Egypt) who introduced writing along with his partner Seshata who introduced language, as well as the medium of measurement and mathematics (necessary for the construction of the pyramid sacred holographic geometry), followed by the hugely famous AKHENATON and his much oblivious mysterious second wife KIYA (whose name and sign was obliterated by the demonic energy of Nefertiti). This last famous Pharaoh introduced the "Principle of Oneness",  "ONE God" and, the worship of the Sun God – ATON, who is the I AM Presence of 'The Great Central Sun' - SIRIUS. He introduced and popularized the emblem of Sirius – the Ankh! ANKH is the Gematrian symbol of the Infinity Consciousness of the Creator God of All That Is.


The Sirian Symbol


What is an Ankh? Ankh is the “Golden Key” that carries in it the Secret of Eternal Life. It signifies the descent of Spirit into Matter and holds the SECRET whereby Matter may ascend back into Spirit once again. The circle on top of the Ankh is symbolic of the Spirit (God) and the cross below is the archetype for duality or matter. The circle is representative of the feminine principle, or the Shakti (the womb), and the cross below reflects the Shivling, or masculine energy. Anyone who is in possession of the Golden Key is blessed with Immortality!

As were the Pharaohs’ of Egypt, for each one held the Ankh in their left hand and when they wished to bless anyone with eternal life, they would hold the Ankh to their mouth – the Kiss of Life, or the Breath of Life – as it was mystified to be!

The Activation of the Sacred Ankh, the Initiation given by Thoth in the Emerald Tablets, is the elevation of one into the Divine Consciousness whereby one can then enter the 5th Dimension. And, choose to visit any realm in the 5th D, be it the Halls of Amenti, one’s Akashic Records, or the Shamballah.

Today, on earth, there are a few Sirian Adepts living but working quietly as the Light Holders, not teaching, not conspicuous, and isolated from the crowd however working ceaselessly with the Light and the Hierarchy to fulfill the Divine Plan of God! 

An extract from my Book – “The Voice of Silence” co-scribed with Lord Sanat Kumara and Thoth:


Now, when a resident of Sirius has peaked 13 million (remember 1+3= Earth‘s number 4) years of maturity in Sirius, he has the option to descend into the lower-dimensional planet Earth for 30 thousand years (4+3=7, the number of Sirius) before returning Home. Earth then serves as his testing ground to observe the 33 application of the wisdom he has acquired on Sirius for thirteen million years. You may wonder why millions of year’s growth is required to descend upon Earth. Well remember this is a planet of great suffering, torture, misery, greed, deceit, pain, and ugliness, and to such inconceivable depths and magnitude that it could easily (through the blink of an eye-lid) impel any God-loving man into becoming an instant murderer or criminal, capable of slaughter, butchery and criminal behaviour of the most monstrous and unimaginable heights. This is indeed a planet of mammoth sorrow and intolerable torture that compels the enlistment of only heroic souls, with courage and valour who, despite all odds would be able to recognize the illusion, the delusion, of duality and not be swallowed up, absorbed or consumed by its temptations.

Instead, learn (through trial-and-error) to experience them objectively enough to be able to conquer them, overcome them, and be freed from them, in order to return Home successful.

Souls that fail to attain this mastery within the stipulated period are then removed, or exiled, from Earth and sent onto tougher planets, farther away, for a million years more. Therefore, the 13 million years are an important investment for preparation of this journey into, what we would term as, ‘absolute hell’ for sure! These million years are spent in measured examinations, painstaking study, development of abilities toward good judgment, analytical intelligence, discriminatory and differentiation powers, in addition to attaining refined clarity, self-control of one‘s senses, and discipline of perfection and mastery.

This training, if accurately attained, can therefore help the soul to withstand many an unexpected challenge that could otherwise surely prove to be fatal, to the very texture and fabric of any man‘s sensibilities. Especially, when faced head-on by the searing mouth of the serpents ensnare!

Moreover, the advice rendered by the High Council of Sirius, to their citizens, before their descent to Earth quite eloquently summarizes the challenge before them: ― Pay attention, but observe with detachment what goes around you. Be centred, stilling the lower emotions. Be wary and look carefully about you, turning your focus away from the horror and towards beauty, love and the miracles that surround you in every moment of your life on Earth!


And so, in this way, many million souls from Sirius departed from higher seats of wisdom and love energy onto lesser and denser energy-fields of the tricky planet.

However, Sirius was not the only planet that sent its tribe to inhabit Earth, many other planets and planetary systems too participated in this extraordinary game-plan of extreme passion and excitement, laced with the treacherous and deceitful maze known as duality, riding the wave of forgetfulness of All That Is!

Moreover, the Earth has a father parent known as the planet Orion. Orion, just like Sirius comprises of three major planetary systems that form the ‘Orion Constellation’ in our belt of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is a constellation where a great many wars have been fought. The Orion’s are a warrior clan who too descended upon Earth in huge numbers. The Star Wars movies are fundamentally based on the ancient memories of these mega Orion Wars. Although they have long since ended, the ramifications still affect the Earth! This is a civilization that reached the pinnacle of technological advancement whilst still remaining in a state of deep spiritual conflict. Some of the negative human souls on Earth who are engaged in detrimental activities such as: warfare, nuclear armament, atomic detonations, militant and terrorist behaviour, evil master mindedness, and those Luciferic entities occupying strategic positions in secret governments, etc., have come directly from Orion; however, at the same time, many positive souls busy in peaceful and creative areas of Earth are also descendents from Orion; besides other positive groups as well who are assisting Earth with the stabilization of intuition and advanced mental abilities.

Thus there are two groups that operate in and from Orion: the negative side that trusts in the concept of ‘serving the self only’, and are quite swayed by the belief that the whole would be served thereby; and the positive side, which holds the ideal of ‘being of service to others’. It is really the same conflict as fought throughout all of Creation.

The Central Sun  ALCYONE


"THE CENTRAL SUN" is the second in command after THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN. The Central Sun of our galaxy. And, just as Sirius is the star system which is namely The Great Central Sun, ALCYONE is The Central Sun, which is the central star belonging to the constellation of Pleiades, as the center of its orbit. Our Solar System is in an outer orbit from Alcyone and we rotate around Alcyone in a 26,000 year period. 


The Pleiades group is an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, existing approximately 400 to 500 light years from earth. There are 250-500 stars within the cluster, although only nine have been named. Most ancient cultures claim there are recognizably seven stars -- namely, the Seven Sisters!


Now, earth revolves around the star Alcyone, defined as “the central point around which our Universe of fixed stars revolves, the focus from which, and into which the "Divine Breath" works incessantly during the Manvantara [cycle of Manifestation]. In a peculiar and esoteric sense, Sirius and Pleiades hold a close relation to each other. It is a relation analogous to that which the lower mind holds to its Higher Mind. The lower is receptive to, or negatively polarized to, the Higher. Sirius is the seat of the Higher Mind and the Mahat (the Universal Mind). 


Earth aligns first with its own Sun, then with The Central Sun (CS) and finally with The Great Central Sun.(GSC) The last time we were aligned to the Sun, the CS , and the GCS was in the last Golden Age. At that time, we created the pyramids, stone circles, standing stones, all in perfect alignment with different stars in our solar system. These stars were the Sun, the CS and, the GCS. However, and moreover, this time over The Great Central Sun is ‘aligning’ with us (and not against us) and this is what is causing "The Great Shift". The GCS is not hitting earth with its deadly radiation of Destruction as it previously did to terminate the two earlier recorded Golden Ages but, employing instead its Electric-Energy to Ascend the planet and its civilization.

Please note, The Central Sun is different from The Galactic Center. This GALACTIC CENTER is known famously as the BLACK HOLE --- the super massive Black Hole of 4.100 million solar masses. Now, surrounding this Hole is a conjectural mass of the Milky Way (about 90%) that is invisible to telescopes, neither emitting nor absorbing 'electromagnetic radiation' and has been termed "DARK MATTER".

Earth is at present receiving massive energy transmissions from the Galactic Center Black Hole and from an even humongously larger Black Hole - the M87 Galaxy. So, an immense volume of Black Hole energies are radiating earth along with the Plasma Light from the Sun (which is receiving its light from the The Great Central Sun vide The Central Sun), the Photonic stream from the Photon Belt, the Gamma, X-Ray energy from the Black Holes.   



Furthermore, earth and its Solar System is at present suspended into the PHOTON BELT. The Photon Belt is a band of Light Photons that runs through 'The Central Sun' of the Pleiadian System. The Mayans, who are Master Mathematicians and Time-Keepers came to earth and left us with the Calendar and Glyphs of the Cyclic flows of our Universe. They come from a Star that is in close orbit to Alcyone and always within the Photon Belt of Light.

This Photon Belt circles the Pleiadian system at an absolute right angle to its orbital planes. As our Sun (and the earth with it) orbits the Pleiades once every 25,860 years, it reaches the midpoint of the Photon Belt approximately every 12,500 years. It requires some 2,000 years to traverse it, meaning that after departing this realm, another 10,500 years pass before our Solar System enters it again.

In addition, within our Solar System there is an interesting correspondence to a cosmic interplay in the relation between the Venus scheme and our Earth scheme. Curiously enough, it shall be through a comprehension of the human Antahkarana, or the path which links higher and lower mind (which is constructed by the Thinker during the process of evolution), that light on this abstruse connection will come about! What is the "Antahkarana"? Please read THE AMETHYST TABLET  to garner a complete knowledge on this occult body. 

For any further Wisdom on Sirius Earth Connection I advise you to read The Voice of Silence” co-scribed with Lord Sanat Kumara and Thoth.

Namaste, THOTH, SESHAT, Sangeeta Handa

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