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SAINT GERMAIN, the Commander-In-Chief, speaks on His Ascension Date

"Greetings, our beloved patrons of THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL WORD POWER PROTECTION"! I come in your midst today, on my Ascension Day anniversary, and Bless each of you with congratulations on your arduous investment in clearing and purging your karmic footprints as you prepare for FREEDOM soon. No karmic imprints can be left behind! For which We brought for your application the COSMIC VIOLET FLAME & FIRE! So Ascension would be made available for you, the loyal focused adepts, to gain your hard-earned Freedom from the Blind Maze, once and for all. Your time has come. The curtain of KalYug is soon to be lowered. And you are in the forefront, to pull down this long awaited curtain of KalYug. You must bring it down and shut the Dark Portal of less than 25% light...this year of number 8 - the 2024. This year was indeed scribed in the Akashic Record but, not long ago - since, it was deemed this civilization and the planet would be obliterated, finally, as the end of Gaia's BluePrint had arrived. However, it was YOU, the faithful disciples, who turned around the unfortunate and sad prophecy.

When the Harmonic Convergence arrived in the August of 1987, and the question was asked of Gaia - Are you ready for the Final Ascension?, to the joy of all gathered in heavens, she answered YES! Surprise would definitively be an understatement! And to the amazement of us, we witnessed then large tall huge Laser Beams of LIGHT rising upward .... toward us .... requesting for assistance in Freedom out of the matrix! Were we overJoyed and overwhelmed! We then set into action, immediately, a Plan to help each and every one awakening to amplify the process of Purge and Purification; thru the engagement of the "Imported Technology" - the VIOLET FIRE, the VIOLET FLAME, the VIOLET RAY 7 . We, the Hierarchy of Light, set forth a Plan to reach out to all the masses on earth thru channelling Divine Messages that would inspire, push, support, speed up the Transmutation and Purification process. We nudged many a slumbering body into awakening. We went into your homes and triggered you to an awakening. We deliberately posited many a boulder in your comfort zone to enable you to fall off that couch and effect an awakening. Many a times we had to as well, meddle in your detoured path, by entering your relationships and causing a stir; however painful and heart breaking; to enable you to return to your Contracted Mission and chosen Path. This became possible only coz Gaia was ready to ascend and many a contracted Light Worker too had made effort to send their powerful beams of Light up to us for help. Sufficient number of you had beamed your Light toward us to permit Divine Intervention! If this planet is to ascend, a critical mass of human awakening is not necessary. The Plan conceived by us is one that entails readiness at the point of the lift-off. All not in fear will be lifted out in different ways. Only the defiant, sleeping joes and janes, would need to face the onslaught of the TILT. Just as that which occurred during the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. The only difference being - this time is the last time when the Scroll shall be Rolled up and cremated! Its the Final Lift-Up! The Final Obliteration of 3D.

Now, regarding the TILT, yes it could very well be more chaotic than expected, due to the defiant Dark Forces at play. Even though we are working very hard on removing all anomalies and evil entropies along the Path! Once the KalYug curtain falls, the wall shall come up around the planet and no entry will be permitted by the Dark Lodge in the galaxy and in the lower Astral Planes into earth. Whatever is yet inside and on the planet shall be isolated completely with no intel from its team outside and would be left bereft of all external support. This shall, by itself, strangulate their survival and make it easier for them to either give up alms and surrender or be obliterated by the TILT itself. They would thence forth, after the curtain is pulled down, pose no threat. And this would help for the Other Benevolent Light Extraterrestrials to make their landing upon earth and interact with you. Truth will be unveiled, essentially. You shall be made wholly aware of the existence of the surface Cabal secret members, their agendas, and how they manipulated and mesmerized the masses over thousands of years and subjugated you all into obedience to their evil secret space zombie programs. Their resistance to being arrested and disclosed shall create the chaos on earth. However, it would be stabilized in no time as the Ascended Masters, the "Ultra-Terrestrials" ,would be present in numbers along with the Light Being Races from varied planets and systems in the galaxy.

At this point, everything is fluid and could change suddenly. It is best not to focus on when and how it shall implement as the Heavens too are in a preparatory stage owing to the continually changing scenario on earth, with the operation of the Freewill still in much use.

But your preparation too must be in full speed. For which we have released the 5th Tablet - THE BLUE RAY 1 TRAINING MANUAL. Please invest in this Secret Sacred Masonic Tablet because it has been 'so designed' to capacitate a Vibratory Match required for - before the TILT. Those in such readiness will not face and experience the onslaught of the TILT, nor be taken into spaces where the common masses, who aren't in fear but dont have the Vibratory Match, shall be lifted into. You shall ascend, not just out of the Bind Maze of the toughest BluePrint ever constructed and conceived by any planet, but into the 5thD and higher. Where you shall be awarded your true Badges of Honour! That Victory, and walk to Victory, shall be un-parallel to any achieved in a Finale and Curtain Down of a planet!

After earth ascends, there shall be no more 3D program anywhere in the multi-universes. The laggard souls from earth too shall not be transported to any 3D program but to another type of system where evolution is thru a conscious process and not thru total amnesia of the 3D system that prevailed on earth. So, thenceforth, there shall be no more 3D incarnations .... anywhere!

We thank you for your labour, your self-investment, and your earnest desire for Freedom! Keep up the great work and soon you shall be with us!

Thank you all as well for investing your hard-earned monies in purchasing our Light Tablets, arduously studying them, applying the Technology, showing a keenness to know more. You are indeed the Light Torches of God, the Light Bearers of God, the Frequency Holders of God and the most powerful LightHouse of God's Will Word Power Light! You are deserving of God's Divine Protection and Divine Providence! Continue the singular focus on Ascension and hold onto the Absolutes Faith as you walk up the slippery narrow Ladder to Freedom!

Know that I AM HERE! Call on me and I shall answer! Along with my Brother, Jesus Christ and the entire Planetary Light Hierarchy of God! Our Blessings!"

Dear Patrons, the entire month of May is an ASCENSION PORTAL for all on the Path as we have 3 Ascended Masters who attained ASCENSION in this month: Saint Germain, Lord Buddha, and Jesus Christ (Lord Sananda). I shall scribe a Message from all 3 Masters on Their Anniversaries. First Date is of course May 1st with Saint Germain. He has Scribed 2 Tablets: "Your Final Appointment With Destiny", and "The Amethyst Tablet". If you have these 3 Tablets (with print outs), pls keep them at your altar and light a candle as you pray on the 1st of May.

If you wish to purchase these Light eTablets you can visit the "Books" page on the website and select. Link is:



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May 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sangeeta, and I Thank YOU all at The Temple for taking the time to write back to me! I look forward (immensely) to your responses to my questions and thoughts. Yes, I understand your trepidation on what is noted above; perhaps it will come to you in a message from God; just like the change/turn in which you received the message to go forward with scribing The Fifth Tablet (!) Patience is a virtue. Thank you for sharing what God says......'How many sit and wait for me' respect honour and endless gratitude to God Almighty, Jesus Christ, Saint Germain, Lord Buddha, the Ascended Masters, the Heirarchy of Light, Beloved Archangels, Angels and all Light Beings! Blessings, Mary-Jane


May 01
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta, Wow! How powerful this scribe is! Reading this; it is as if I 'feel' the words literally vibrating through me. Simply put, I resonate with all of it! Especially the active participation from the Light Hierarchy with the nudges, the boulders deliberately put in ones own path to steer back on each ones chosen path! Oh my and the direct 'meddle' in relationships! Wow, have I felt that head on. It was yesterday the 30th of April whilst doing the decrees that I felt such tingling through my body - more than usual and consistent. But what ever I do (cover up) my feet remain ice cold. Is this normal? I spent the day and wee early …

Replying to

Hi! Onslaught of the Tilt is the calamity that will transpire when the Tilt occurs. Wear socks MJ to keep ur feet warm. Got ur email but apologize for not replying as Im not sure still whether I shld start that service or not. I havent contracted to be in direct service to mankind. Writings is all I can share thru....and for all in one go.....thks dearest for your responses that are so warm and inspiring. Every writer likes a response, a feedback but people just read and move on. Therefore, your taking the time to stop and write to US is so appreciated and inspiring! Thank you for your time and gratitude! Reminds me of what God says: people…

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