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Have you ever read a ROMANTIC METAPHYSICAL Book?

Full of spice, adventure, occult, supernatural events!

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A Metaphysical Love Story thriller, a Super-Natural fable that magically reveals the Gateway to fulfill your Mission on earth! The activation and completion of your Mission, in this lifetime, is of paramount importance since this is earth’s last cycle. Earth has completed its Blueprint.  It is successfully entering the Fifth Dimension. The question is have you successfully completed your Contract Plan for this lifetime and, been victorious in the Game you volunteered to participate in?


Incarnation on earth, from its inception - millions of years ago, was an important experiment to understand whether life away from the Light, in total severance and non-remembrance, can finally succeed in returning home to the Light, despite total amnesia and with conditions ensuring this state! Moreover, can a human awaken to the Truth even when pushed fully down under through the densest platform of the lowest ever vibrational reality!? 


The Experiment or GamePlan was expected to fail!!! But, amazingly and to the absolute astonishment of the Heavens, earth and much of its humanity survived the Game and is exiting victorious!

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Explains the Experiment undertaken by earth and the rules that govern its fair play. There are no short-cuts, no change of mind, no way out once you’re in the play.

It was You who answered the call heralded in the Heavens, when earth was birthed and needed players. You then entered the Playground as a Player and could not exit until the Game was over. On earth, individual victory and collective victory determines success. You have very little time to determine where you wish to stand in the Finishing Line fast approaching!


YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY guides you through a spiritual journey that unveils ‘a new version of love' between Twin-Rays, and not just Soul-Mates. The fable begins with the primary character Naina awakening to the realization she is “dead”! Dead indeed to the physical world but very much alive in the Spirit World! Her Twin-Ray, Christopher suddenly appears in brilliant light ... and, joins Naina in review of their mortal journey on earth; this is when the book rewinds into a great Epic Human Saga!


Chapter by chapter the epic advances with an enlightening story of eternal love and adventure, abduction and revenge, romance and disappointments, attachments and grief, wrong choices and deferred destinations, paranormal events and black magic!


In addition, the essential Wisdom essayed alongside the Fictional Story, as a Spiritual Narrative, helps in comprehending the abstract and highly misunderstood concepts of life and its experiences on earth. Concepts of -  Soul Mates and Twin Souls, Perfect and True Love, Failing Relationships, Sex, Rape, Suicide, Divorce, Pain, Torture, Murder, the understanding of Karma ... the Higher Presence, the Fifth Dimension, moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th, the Perfect Being of Light, the emergence of a New Love, the New Paradigm of Life in the New Age, 'How to Love' and 'from Where to Love', detailed conception of the Contract Plan before soul's descent into form, Detachment, Freedom, Ascension, Plutonian Energy, Shiva-Shakti, Death, Life after Death, Healing, Surrender, the Violet Alchemists on earth, Living in the Not Knowing, Balance of Energy ... as well as concepts that cover the darker side of life on earth such as  Black Magic & its adverse effects, Vashi Karan, the forbidden Psychic Plane, the evil temptations ...

YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY is a book of reference - in prevalent times of grave anguish and search. It speaks to your heart that is searching for an understanding of the increasing chaos and pain in your lives. Highly recommended reading for all on the path of self-realization and discovery. And, for the non-believers who love the challenge of remaining unaffected, this book is a challenge to remain unchanged! An encyclopaedia of non-dualistic Wisdom on how to live life on earth with a Knowing of Who You Are, Why You Are Here, Where Do You Come From and, Where Are You Going!


is emblazoned by 


(known as the god of Ancient Egypt (Khem) who seeded our present human race and initiated the last human cycle on earth); 

Lord Buddha

(the official Logos or god of planet earth); 

Saint Germain

(the Hierarch of the New Aquarian Earth of the Fifth Dimension, to whom Lord Buddha shall assign the Throne).




"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. He who wants to enjoy the glory of the sunrise must first live through the night!"

"We do all stand in the front ranks of the battlefield every moment of our life; where there is a brave man, there is the thickest of the fight. And therein lies the post of Honor!"


To order click on Paypal. After completion of payment you shall be reverted to this site. Please email Author and inform of your purchase and expect the eBook (PDF format) to reach through email within 1-3 days. Save the email address in Inbox please so it doesnt go into spam!


Return Policy
There is "No Refund" once the book is paid for! Nor, if on receipt, later it is lost. In which case you would need to re-buy it.   




What an unexpected story filled with twists and turns and not ending the way you were expecting it to.

It made me cry, it inspired me, it scared me, it excited me. Most of all it added to my life, reconnected me to something bigger that was calling out to me through the words on the pages of this book.


It triggered within a new level of awareness that I would not otherwise have reached so quickly so that I could climb onto my next level.

I recommend this book, especially for those who are on a" rare journey of reuniting with their Twin Ray" in this current lifetime - very insightful!


So grateful to Sangeeta for going into the dark in order to gift us with this light.

Lots of Love



Namaste Ma'am. I am speechless after reading your book, ' Your Final Appointment with Destiny ' and can only attempt to give my feedback. It has been a cathartic experience and I don't think I would be able to recall all the pain, feelings and emotions I experienced while reading the book or whether words would be able to do justice to them. While Naina's story had the soul, depth and understanding one finds in the writing of Pakistani writers who think in Urdu; the spiritual parts have facilitated in understanding why we go through whatever we do and it just took away all my pain, while also answering so many questions that have been haunting me for a long, long time. Thank you so much Mam for initiating this journey. If only we could see through and understand your compassion, kindness and the great work you are doing, how much we all would benefit. I had no clue that my casually wishing, while reading my favourite novel (Pride & Prejudice) that your TV Serial gets uploaded on YouTube (TRISHNA - adaptation of Pride & Prejudice) was a kind of divine intervention taking place in my life. I want to read the spiritual parts of your present book several times, assimilate and reflect on it and work on the meditation process before reading your other books. Reading your books and your guidance will add soul and divinity to my singing. Years of acknowledgement would be insufficient to express my gratitude for whatever I have learnt through your book and how much more I would be learning in future. You have given me a new hope, a reason to live, smile and love. Aapne hamein insaan bana diya. I know you have asked us to worship God as our Guru, but you are showing us the path to Him.So please accept my gratitude and wishes. "Guru bin gyaan na upaje Guru bin mite na dosh Guru bin likhe na satya ko Guru bin mile na moksh. " Guru purnima ki hardik shubhkaamnayein.

Namaste Meenal Agrawal

Dear Sangeeta, Thank you so very much for the two books, for Thoth & Seshat’s Mystery School of Violet Alchemists, for your very helpful and informative emails, and for the wonderful service you are to doing for Humanity and All Life on Earth.  I definitely will give you feedback on both books.  I am on page 27 now of Book 1 and I am loving reading it… Book 1 so far is fabulous. Love and Abundant Blessings, Greg Smith

I loved the book. Thank LORD THOTH AND LADY SESHAT FOR THE GIFT. I will do what I can to promote the book. Does LORD THOTH remember me? namaste Ronald Kelly

HI Sangeeta. I have just finished reading your book. Thank you so much. It has confirmed all for me, and also brought up tears of recognition and strengthened me. I saw my own journey in your words, and give thanks for the wisdom imparted. All resonated with me. It is truly timely and you are a very clear channel. I hope all is well with you, as we all stride forward towards out appointments with destiny. Much love and light always - Pam, Australia

Hi Sangeeta, I am on my second round of re-reading Book One.  I never thought I would read another book as good as The I AM Presence by Godfre Ray King.  But your Book has taken me to a new level of thinking.  And has touched my Heart and Soul, Thank You. I have already Thanked Thoth, Buddha, and Saint Germain.  Did you mean Book 2 will be released in February? Blessing, Love & Light Barbara Tunks


Dearest Sangeeta, Oh’ Dear, you must not have received my last e-mail.  I e-mailed you just after I finished the book... wiping the tears from my eyes so I could say a Heartfelt, Thank You.  That was in Dec. with your first Book, Your Final Appointment with Destiny.  From my Heart all I can say is this book touch my soul and lifted me to a new and greater heights.  I could relate to the story because Michael (my husband) and I are Twin Soul Flames.  Saint Germain brought us together.  I go to your website almost every day to see if anything has changed.   I am so happy Saint Germain brought you into my life. Thank You for being you. Love, Light & Blessing - Barbara

"15 chapters done - My God Sangeeta absolutely inspirational." Sherry Caudill 

Hi Sangeeta, 
I loved the book especially having a deeper understanding of Thoth and Sanat Kumaras role in the evolution of humanity. There is a lot of information out there but not brought together so clearly as you have scribed in the higher truth of it all. I am looking forward to  purchasing the 4th book of Akhenaton she it becomes available. Kind Regar
ds Marlene

Hello Sangeeta, I read your book and I must say it is truly divine and inspirational :) I do appreciate this as a review course for me and I did gain valuable insight for my journey that I will take with me. I wish I could read your other books, but I know they are not avaliable for Ebook. I am blessed to have read this reading and pray God eternally blesses you! Many hugs filled with light and love! Mark

Hi Sangeeta

I have finished reading your book "YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY" and found it an absolutely Enthralling story and full of Wisdom! Looking forward to reading "The Voice of Silence" for which I have just sent £55.00 through Paypal to you.

Many Blessings, John Gosling

Hello Sangeeta, 

I am thoroughly enjoying your books.  They are fascinating and amazing.  It is very apparent that they are channeled through a very high source.  Thank you so much for doing this "Labor of Love".  They are just what I have been searching for.  I will be studying them for awhile and will keep reading them over and over to absorb more information each time.

 I do have a question.  I know the downloads cannot be reproduced but I was wondering if I could download them into my Kindle.  I have a bad back and it is difficult to sit at my computer for long periods.  If I could load them into my Kindle, I could sit on the couch and read them.  

 If you do not approve of this, just let me know.  I would never want to do anything that was not approved by you.

 Thank you again for all your devotion and hard work for God, the world and humanity.  You are a very advanced and beautiful Soul. Much Love & Light,  Camella Gibson

Hi Sangeeta, I hope that you are bearing up well to the latest barrage!  It’s not for the feint hearted is it?! Apologies for taking so long to send you these; I suspect buying,reading and digesting the tablets in such quick succession possibly overloaded me slightly 😂. It interests me that in effect I bought the tablets the ‘wrong’ way round, but actually of course that was meant to be and has possibly served me well.  Somehow gaining the gist of it, and THEN the explanation/background seems to be the way I like to do things.

THE SAPPHIRE TABLET:  The sapphire tablet gripped me straight away, and I felt hungry to continue.  Although the content was new, it made great sense to me immediately; it just felt right.  I felt privileged to have such powerful information to access and knew that it would have a very profound effect;  not just for me personally but for humanity.  This has become part of my daily life with ease and has brought me both comfort and empowerment particularly in times of doubt.

THE AMETHYST TABLET:  to have access to such wisdom and powerful practice had been humbling and inspiring to me in equal measure.  I have long felt that there must be ‘more’ I could do, and through this tablet I have found many answers.  Such practical focus has given me great clarity.

THE VOICE OF SILENCE:  to be honest, I struggled most with this tablet, and had to really break down my reading of it.  However I am so glad that I persevered as it has given me background understanding and context which has deepened my determination (particularly in those times of self doubt). It has helped me through these difficult times recently, and  sure will continue to do so.

YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY: I felt great resistance to buying this tablet; why did I need to read a story?! I am so glad that I did buy it; what a beautiful way to portray the human experience!  Most of all it has shown me that whilst we don’t always understand why things happen we need to trust the will of god.  I have had several instances of potential worry in my life since reading the earth tablet, but in reminding myself not to try to control what I don’t understand or don’t want that I can help myself to accept the will of god.  As a result many situations have become less onerous. 

I recently dreamt that whilst I was doing domestic chores outside my house, I suddenly started to speed upwards and it was very beautiful and not at all scary or worrying, but I suddenly thought “oh I must tell Lucy (my youngest daughter) that I’m leaving!  At this point I woke up and felt soooooo disappointed with myself! There are many times when I doubt that I am ‘good enough’ to achieve ascension in this lifetime, but after a while I realise that is where I need to take the violet flame to cleanse purify and transform the energy which brings about such doubt.
Thank you for all that you do x
Ruth Hellen 

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