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Copyright 2019: Sangeeta Handa, Umesh Shah, Y Q Chong


on earth

Are you one?

Then read this Book and come into your 'Full Supernatural Power'


re-awakens You to Your POWER

Are you a "BLUE-VIOLET RAY BEING" on earth? Are you looking for information on the VIOLET FIRE -- the Alchemical TECHNOLOGY that turns Lead into Gold; Density into Light; Death into Immortality? Or, are you the one who knows it all - if so, you shall be joyously "surprised" when you read this Holy Encyclopaedia ---  it reveals information unknown! This is why the LIGHT has scribed it and coined the AMETHYST TABLET as the ...



"not of human"





That saved a 3D planet from complete obliteration!

That reversed the original BluePrint of earth from

Complete Dis-Connect of God to...

Complete Connection with God!   


is the


of the GREAT SHIFT! 

Scribed by many an Ascended Master, 

by the Hierarchy of planet earth,

by the Hierarch of the New Earth, and...


The Victory of Gaia's transition from 3D to 5D depends wholly upon the 'spread' and 'employment' of the             TECHNOLOGY

It is Your responsibility to engage this Technology and spread its knowledge across the world. Please read the HOLY VEDA (the Holy Bible of the Great Shift) and guide all to the Technology. Spread the TECHNOLOGY & the HOLY VEDA across the globe. The "Great Shift" (from 3D to 5D) requires this TECHNOLOGY! 


God granted the 'Special Dispensation' to Sanctus Germanus to

release the TECHNOLOGY to all humanity on earth

so that earth may survive ... with its inhabitants!



the GREAT SHIFT was initiated!


And for the victory of the GREAT SHIFT ... 

the "LIGHT VEDA" is created! 

The GREAT SHIFT can only happen with the employment of the TECHNOLOGY and its knowledge is the



THE AMETHYST TABLET is not just about the Violet Fire Beings on earth but about the Blue Ray 1 Beings as well! This is because the SHIFT demands that the Leaders of the 'Great Shift' must bear both qualities and so, therefore, the ForeRunners (who are the Tribe of extraordinary supernatural Beings) have both rays predominant in their "Ray Equipment Chart". Now - Who are the Leaders, the Forerunners of the SHIFT?  The 144,000 Venusian Beings who stayed behind when Lord Sanat Kumara moved out of planet earth and into Shamballah with the entry of the Prince of Darkness (explained in depth in The Emerald Tablet-The Voice of Silence). Thoth and his tribe of the 144,000 bravely decided to stay back and support the Mission. Therefore, THE AMETHYST TABLET embodies a great deal of Occult knowledge regarding both Rays. It engages comparisons between the two: their similarities, differences, strengths &, weakness and how one cannot exist in separation from the other and neither is independent of the other. Thereby, THE AMETHYST TABLET forms a prelude to a deeper understanding of the BLUE RAY 1  and its BEINGS which later shall be dealt with in the following Encyclopaedia of THE SAPPHIRE TABLET



The Creator instructed me to include a "Last Note" from Him. I was excited as - what an honour and immense immeasurable privilege to have God give us a Personal Message. At first, He began by talking about the Tablet then, all of a sudden, He moved into the subject of MONEY. I asked Him: "Lord, why this line of Message?" Thinking internally, it is an extremely (non-dual actually) Holy Encyclopaedia of the highest Wisdom, imperative for the Great Shift and transition into the Light - the Divine Way! He read my mind and, I was simply asked by the Creator: "What is the most vital pre-requisite material element, necessary by humanity to live in the manner of Spiritual Purity, Peace, Beauty and, Abundance?" MONEY, of course, my Lord! And He Nodded! "Can you live beautifully, abundantly, peacefully without MONEY? Of course not! And so, what is life on earth without MONEY? Violent. Ugly. Diseased. Negative. So shouldn't I be addressing this issue if mankind is to victoriously make the transition?" And so, He spoke about MONEY! Why you don't have it! Why your Prayers to Him go wrong? Why no technique on earth is selling the right Technology for gaining Abundance! It is so simple yet not understood. Herein, the Lord explains with ease, in simplicity, the change of MindSet into the Infinite Vibration of MONEY supply. I have tried it and l live it in my life. This is why I say: Money for me comes nought from any form/medium/element on earth. I get my cheque from the Heavens! And my Pot of Gold never empties! Get yours too! This is no selling jargon, no non-workable non-manifest promise! It is the LIGHT narrated by the LIGHT in the LIGHT VEDA! And so, the most beautiful and bountiful Wisdom scribed in this LIGHT VEDA is the last chapter where GOD SPEAKS on Money. You can't do without it to gain FREEDOM! Has anyone spiritual on earth ever told you this? No, because the False Guru's (who themselves live 5 Star) propound Spirituality is gained from Lack, from poverty, by giving up everything material!


But here, in the "LIGHT VEDA" it is a myth to be spiritual and poor! You must be wholly rich, wealthy, and prosperous otherwise how will you have the time to evolve; how will you have the beauty to feel the Ascension into the Light; how will you resurrect all your life into Infinity without the energy of Maha Ma Lakshmi's Light. She is the Goddess of Light - which is Wealth Infinite!  

Please read this article titled - "NO MONEY? ... NO hONEY!"                                               https://www.sangeetahanda.net/post/no-money-no-honey



The Holy Encyclopaedia, the Bible of the Mega Shift from 3D to 5D. From KaliYug to the 7th Permanent Golden Era of the SATYAYUG. THE VIOLET BLUE BEINGS on earth & the Imported Technology of the Violet Fire.


on 8th Aug 2015, the year of the mightiest 8888:8888 at 8:00 AM inside "The Great Pyramid of Ghiza", Egypt I was singing this piece of Divine Sound with some local Egyptians who joined in to activate the Kings Chamber and radiate its Light outward into the world. Someone recorded it and sent it to me. So, accompanying "The Sacred Violet Book" is the orginal Soundtrack of the Star Program Sirius, the Great Central Sun, sung by its Co-Scribe!

A great "SPIRITUAL GIFT" for ThanksGIving, Christ-Mas, New Year, Birthdays, Anniversaries. 

Its time we Gift spiritual items instead of sheer material things and be of service in triggering another's evolution! Would need advance notice.

(For this HardCover, I would need advance notice and, a prior email sent to me! Whereas, the eBook is readily available thru PayPal.






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