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Stunning Reviews 
The Temple of God's Will Thanks all its readers!
Are you a " VIOLET-BLUE BEING"on earth?

Then read this Book


For the GREAT SHIFT occurring on earth

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Are you a "BLUE-VIOLET RAY BEING" on earth? Are you looking for information on the VIOLET FIRE -- the Alchemical TECHNOLOGY that turns Lead into Gold; Density into Light; Death into Immortality? Or, are you the one who knows it all - if so, you shall be joyously "surprised" when you read this Holy Encyclopaedia ---  it reveals information unknown! This is why the LIGHT has scribed it and coined the AMETHYST TABLET as ...



"not of human"

First inner page-1.jpg





That saved a 3D planet from complete obliteration!

That reversed the original BluePrint of earth from

Complete Dis-Connect of God to...

Complete Connection with God!   








of the GREAT SHIFT! 

Scribed by many an Ascended Master, 

by the Hierarchy of planet earth,

by the Hierarch of the New Earth, and...


       The Victory of Gaia's transition from 3D to 5D depends wholly upon the 'spread' and 'employment' of              the TECHNOLOGY

It is Your responsibility to engage this Technology and spread its knowledge across the world. Please read the HOLY VEDA (the Holy Bible of the Great Shift) and guide all to the Technology. Spread the TECHNOLOGY & the HOLY VEDA across the globe. The "Great Shift" (from 3D to 5D) requires this TECHNOLOGY! 


God granted the 'Special Dispensation' to Sanctus Germanus to

release the TECHNOLOGY to all humanity on earth

so that earth may survive ... with its inhabitants!



the GREAT SHIFT was initiated!


And for the victory of the GREAT SHIFT ... 

the "LIGHT VEDA" is created! 

The GREAT SHIFT can only happen with the employment of the TECHNOLOGY and its knowledge is the




THE AMETHYST TABLET is not just about the Violet Fire Beings on earth but about the Blue Ray 1 Beings as well! This is because the SHIFT demands that the Leaders of the 'Great Shift' must bear both qualities and so, therefore, the ForeRunners (who are the Tribe of extraordinary supernatural Beings) have both rays predominant in their "Ray Equipment Chart". Now - Who are the Leaders, the Forerunners of the SHIFT?  The 144,000 Venusian Beings who stayed behind when Lord Sanat Kumara moved out of planet earth and into Shamballah with the entry of the Prince of Darkness (explained in depth in The Emerald Tablet-The Voice of Silence). Thoth and his tribe of the 144,000 bravely decided to stay back and support the Mission. Therefore, THE AMETHYST TABLET embodies a great deal of Occult knowledge regarding both Rays. It engages comparisons between the two: their similarities, differences, strengths &, weakness and how one cannot exist in separation from the other and neither is independent of the other. Thereby, THE AMETHYST TABLET forms a prelude to a deeper understanding of the BLUE RAY 1  and its BEINGS which later shall be dealt with in the following Encyclopaedia of THE SAPPHIRE TABLET



The Creator instructed me to include a "Last Note" from Him. I was excited as - what an honour and immense immeasurable privilege to have God give us a Personal Message. At first, He began by talking about the Tablet then, all of a sudden, He moved into the subject of MONEY. I asked Him: "Lord, why this line of Message?" Thinking internally, it is an extremely (non-dual actually) Holy Encyclopaedia of the highest Wisdom, imperative for the Great Shift and transition into the Light - the Divine Way! He read my mind and, I was simply asked by the Creator: "What is the most vital pre-requisite material element, necessary by humanity to live in the manner of Spiritual Purity, Peace, Beauty and, Abundance?" MONEY, of course, my Lord! And He Nodded! "Can you live beautifully, abundantly, peacefully without MONEY? Of course not! And so, what is life on earth without MONEY? Violent. Ugly. Diseased. Negative. So shouldn't I be addressing this issue if mankind is to victoriously make the transition?" And so, He spoke about MONEY! Why you don't have it! Why your Prayers to Him go wrong? Why no technique on earth is selling the right Technology for gaining Abundance! It is so simple yet not understood. Herein, the Lord explains with ease, in simplicity, the change of MindSet into the Infinite Vibration of MONEY supply. I have tried it and l live it in my life. This is why I say: Money for me comes nought from any form/medium/element on earth. I get my cheque from the Heavens! And my Pot of Gold never empties! Get yours too! This is no selling jargon, no non-workable non-manifest promise! It is the LIGHT narrated by the LIGHT in the LIGHT VEDA! And so, the most beautiful and bountiful Wisdom scribed in this LIGHT VEDA is the last chapter where GOD SPEAKS on Money. You can't do without it to gain FREEDOM! Has anyone spiritual on earth ever told you this? No, because the False Guru's (who themselves live 5 Star) propound Spirituality is gained from Lack, from poverty, by giving up everything material!


But here, in the "LIGHT VEDA" it is a myth to be spiritual and poor! You must be wholly rich, wealthy, and prosperous otherwise how will you have the time to evolve; how will you have the beauty to feel the Ascension into the Light; how will you resurrect all your life into Infinity without the energy of Maha Ma Lakshmi's Light. She is the Goddess of Light - which is Wealth Infinite!  

Please read this article titled - "NO MONEY? ... NO hONEY!"                                     







The Holy Encyclopaedia, the Bible of the Mega Shift from 3D to 5D. From KaliYug to the 7th Permanent Golden Era of the SATYAYUG. THE VIOLET BLUE BEINGS on earth & the Imported Technology of the Violet Fire.


on 8th Aug 2015, the year of the mightiest 8888:8888 at 8:00 AM inside "The Great Pyramid of Ghiza", Egypt I was singing this piece of Divine Sound with some local Egyptians who joined in to activate the Kings Chamber and radiate its Light outward into the world. Someone recorded it and sent it to me. So, accompanying "The Sacred Violet Book" is the orginal Soundtrack of the Star Program Sirius, the Great Central Sun, sung by its Co-Scribe!

A great "SPIRITUAL GIFT" for ThanksGIving, Christ-Mas, New Year, Birthdays, Anniversaries. 

Its time we Gift spiritual items instead of sheer material things and be of service in triggering another's evolution! Would need advance notice.

(This HardCover, is not available for sale as yet but if you have a min order of 10 Books Pls email me and lets see what I can do! I agree a Hardcover is where the true beauty of this Book lies, coz of its exquisitely rich colours, 3D effects, extraordinary design and rich photos. However, the eBook is readily available thru PayPal.

Book Image 1.jpg
book image 2.jpg



     eBook available only 


    For resident INDIANS: please email me (scroll with hand symbol)  for Bank-to-Bank Transfer (NEFT) details to purchase the eBook.   

For NON-INDIANS: Please click on the "PayPal Button" below to order your "eBook" in pdf format. 


Please make sure you Know its an eBook !


SUPERB Reviews

Geoff Charles Dear Sangeeta, Thank you for writing the book over so many years. It is a masterpiece and very important !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Amethyst Tablet is a unique book , of which there is nothing comparable that has been published!


The information that it contains is of a very high frequency and it has a consciousness that interacts with the reader to open a door to the absolute truth of who they are, and the purpose of their being on the earth at this time.                                           


The book is filled with an amazing amount of detailed, and comprehensive information, about many “spiritual” topics that it is hard to comprehend the expanse, and depth, that is covered. While reading you know that you are connecting to a truth that is sourced from higher realms and delivered through the archangels and ascended masters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

When reading, it feels as through the book was written for you personally, and there will be many experiences of an awareness , or an understanding , of an aspect of your life  that previously was hidden or not understood.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

These insights provide a deep freedom and take you from a sense of confusion, and not knowing, to a clarity of purpose to be of service to humanity to become aware, and let go of, the illusions and controls that are in place -the matrix.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The book is multi-dimensional  and multi- layered  and will draw you to re-read a number of times as you are guided through deeper and deeper insights, revelations and understandings of spiritual science and architecture, and  of what has occurred on the earth and how the future of the earth is being secured.                                                 


 The Amethyst Tablet  is essential reading for anybody who desires to understand the meaning of  Ascension, the Shift, the Science of Rays , the Chakras, Karma , Duality , Violet and Blue Ray beings and much , much more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


The Amethyst Tablet is a special, and precious gift, from Ascended Master St. Germain and other Ascended Masters and Archangels transmitted through the amazing skills, dedication , commitment  and deep love that Sangeeta has for humanity and its evolution.                                                                                                                                                   


Thank you dear Sangeeta for bringing this book into fruition over many years. You have produced a masterpiece which will impact the world for many years to come. Your light shines brilliantly and illuminates the TRUTH of who we are !                                                                                                                                                                                           

The investment in the Amethyst Tablet will be repaid many times over.  The Amethyst Tablet is an Encyclopedia that vibrates with light, love and THE TRUTH , not  just an interpretation of the truth.                                                                                         


The Amethyst Tablet is very, very, highly recommended. 

Thank you Geoff on behalf of the entire TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL and the Octave of Ascended Masters who have come together to create this Masterpiece! A Review is so important for those seeking "The" book to fill-in-the-blanks and raise them higher to the waiting Space being held sacredly by their Presence and Guides! God holds your expression in the Highest Light it so deserves!

Sherry Caudill    My review. I am Blessed by God to know you!

The Amethyst Tablet – The Holy Scripture of the I AM Age

In the beginning, you learn the history, origin and nature of the Violet Fire. Saint Germain’s love for the planet and to save the people. To have us exposed to the frequency in hope that some of us would overcome the evil of the world. To seek the light of God.


In the 1930’s we were introduced to this “New Imported Technology” and “The I Am Activity”. We were given these gifts to learn, if we chose this path, with training to enter the 7th Permanent Golden Age of Satya Yuga.

In reading this Blessing we learn how to cleanse and alter our frequencies – to transfigure – to purify. The teachings explain well the Masters, Lords, Archangels, Logos, Ruler and Chohan’s and their roles that protect us.
It also explains well the Chakras and levels of consciousness using the 13:20:33 Yantra. How all of the Universe is connected. We learn the importance of reciting the degrees daily to increase the power of the Violet Flame and help us enter a state of peace and harmony.


As we continue to expand our knowledge of this Holy Scripture and learn our role as a “Violet Fire Being”. The 6 Rays, of the Creator, designed for humans to descend into form in a 3rd-dimensional world. To also learn the traits of “The Science of the Seven Rays” as explained by Master Djwhal Khul.


Utilizing the Ray of Initiation to invoke its powers in understanding the Way through the plane of consciousness to change energies of self and the planet. There are 9 Initiations and each corresponds to a Ray/Rays for each Path. We are introduced to the Adam Kadmon Race and how the souls came to be and their roles in the galaxy and the earth. Our application of The Violet Fire eventually leads the Adamic Human to “The Pathway” that lies between the Heart and the Mind. Utilizing the Rod of Power to resurrect the Higher Light Being into their Higher Presence.


“Presentation of the Blind Maze”, cleansing of Karma by using the Violet Consuming Flame by anchoring the 7th Ray and displacing the 6th Ray – impeccably cleaning your house. Self-Mastery is the route to Ascension. Activation of the Joy DNA. Turning Forgiveness by honouring Gratitude to evolve through the construction of Antahkarana to lift your life thread to your Soul, your Monad Self and, to God, by way of the Initiation Processes. The Violet Fire Rod – Our Karmic Bond eraser technology.


This Holy Encyclopedia teaches us the Cosmic Law of Life. And, with practice to bring us into the I AM Age with eyes and ears open lifting us and the planet into the 7th Permanent Golden Aquarian Age.

I am humbled by the great respect and knowledge that has been imbued on Sangeeta to deliver this information given to her to share with the rest of us."

Thank you Sherry on behalf of the entire TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL and the Octave of Ascended Masters who have come together to create this mighty Holy Scripture, as you have aptly titled it! The description you have provided is exquisite and very appropriate, so We thank you once again.​ 

Cindy Anaelle Garcia  The book was very potent and powerful to read. There was much written that brought big puzzle pieces together for me. I understand more of my odd life experiences, visions, dreams. I began to employ what was written. A lot of distortions became very clear. Downloads began to happen. The book made me realize the gravity of my purpose here and strengthened my desire to be of service to help all of humanity to be free from the matrix. I can see the illusory trap and feel so fortunate to know the way out of the maze. It requires focused work and the aid of the Ascended Masters. I now understand why I had prior experiences with Sanat Kumara, El Morya and why I was shown the ankh and key many years ago. I understood the vision and experience of anchoring the Adam Kadmon from 6 years ago and so much more! Your book answered so many questions for me. The info on the chakras and the way they work was very helpful! I am truly grateful! I am going to read it again. I could go on and on about each chapter! I am still integrating and working with the information to clear karma and to release cords. Much is shifting internally as a result! Thank you for writing this and sharing this valuable information! It is truly profound and literally eye opening! I feel like it is a book that I need to read multiple times, as I could feel the multidimensional nature of the writings. The words were very activating. It was like one massive decree saying Wake Up Now, Get To Work And Get Yourself Out of the Matrix! Now!!! Thank you for the opportunity to be of service! 🙏🔥

Thank you so much Cindy for a lovely review, from all in THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL!


Shanta Narinesingh: I thought the book was masterfully written and easy to follow. There were some new concepts that I had never heard of before which were a bit complex to me ( such as the Monad Rays) but it was very interesting and I will have to keep going back to the reading until I fully integrate the learning. There were quite a lot of things that resonated with me for example like the Hara and Throat Chakras - these are areas that always present issues to me so it finally fell into place as they are issues that have not been fixed with medical intervention so I now understand why.               


I loved all of the pictures and the colours as well as the messages form the Angels and Ascended Masters - it was very beautiful and though I would have preferred to read it from a hard copy ( I am a lawyer by profession and like actual books rather than reading heavy stuff on the computer/tablet !!) I could feel the love and light emanating from the book.                             


I keep going back to it to read different chapters and to try to work through some of the more complex theories and explanations and I feel I see something different every time so it definitely keeps me thinking which I love !                                 


What you said about Lord Buddha really clicked for me - at the beginning of this year both my husband and i were guided to read up and study the life of Lord Buddha and his teachings - there were so many things that I learned and I was very intrigued by what I learned of him as I was totally wrong in what I originally thought of him and then BAM ! I read this book and learn of his importance and I was totally blown away ....... I think this book was coming to me but before that I had to expand my learning before reading this Light Veda. This had me really amazed......                                                                                

I love the new image of Ascended Master Saint Germain - it makes me laugh every time I see it for some reason :))) There is some mystery, affection and mischievousness in that look - at least to me ! A loving challenging look that seems to say its all here, let's see if you get it right !?                                                                                                                                                                           

I also enjoyed the message from GOD on Money - it was quite interesting. I realise we have been going about this all wrong .....                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I am practising the Violet Decrees every day and try to incorporate it in every aspect of my life - I have noticed some changes in my life like some good luck instances ( trust me this is huge for me as I never win anything and have to work hard for everything ), some happy accidents, more abundance and an attraction of lovely people and help to me so I feel something is definitely shifting in a good way for me since this book and you came into my life.I feel encouraged and empowered and I have just started. I will keep going at this and I thank you for scribing this wonderful book for us to study and to incorporate into our lives and to help others. Thank you also to GOD, the Ascended Masters and Angels for their inspiring messages. Much love and light to you!

Thank you so much Shanti for such a comprehensive review, from all in THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL!

Michelle Lee:  All my Love, Light, Honor and Deepest Appreciation, Sangeeta Handa for gracing humanity with your blood, sweat, tears and exhaustion of your soul’s hard work translating the Teachings and Technologie’s to New Earth. I am in ‘awwwness’ and believe your soul is the 'sacred' Footprint and Vessel Antahkarana New Earth. Your own personal Flame sparks within "Tablet of Truth" (The Light Veda) lightening up a Violet Vortex to Freedom.


My only deepest gratitude flows to Saint Germain for All Oneness and Earth Universal and Individual, we owe Him!!! Thank You Master of Light Saint Germain!!! Thank You Divine Sangeeta!!! Thank You For You!!! You are So Loved and Appreciated!!!


THE AMETHYST TABLET is far beyond anything!!!  No words to label such love, light and truth...indeed!

I cherish "My Amethyst Tablet"! As well Sangeeta Handa for being able to make it possible to receive, Connect, grow and love in the most important truth and wonderful divine light!!!

Thank you very much Michelle Lee for such beautiful Expressions and Emissions of Love & Gratitude. It is most appreciated and well noted by all in THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL!




JUDITH ANN:  Sangeeta: I have finished the Amethyst Tablet. What an absolutely beautiful holy book.

My first journal was mostly about the Violet Flame and Saint Germain. Step by step in my journey, every time I needed information God provided. I was led to follow Sangeeta on Facebook and then the introduction of the Amethyst Tablet came to my attention.

Everyone needs to read this amazing book 💜💙. I felt such Unconditional Love and Joy.

I have a greater love and understanding for Saint Germain more than before.

Your life will change. 🌹

This Holy Book produced such tenderness in my heart and tears kept flowing as I read.

Sangeeta thank you for doing this much needed work which is all relevant for this Epoch time in Humanity’s history.

Enjoy the book!!!! Now my work begins 💙💜.

Thank you Judith Ann for your Inspirational Words~ We are filled with joy to know how you have been inspired to closeness with Saint Germain thru the LIGHT VEDA! The Temple of God's Will appreciates your experience and the praise you  have bestowed upon this "Akashic Book of the Great Shift on earth"




William Vadnais:  Hello Sangeeta! Loved your book and you are so very gifted.  I will write more about it when I have more time to devote to a more thoughtful summary of what I experienced when reading it.

Glendra:  Wow .  The information contained in this book is so in depth .  I was amazed by it!

I was taught how to use the Violet Flame 28 years ago as part of my Crystal Healing Course.
I have never used it on myself .  A series of synchronicities led me to Sangeeta and her book.
I am now using it regularly on myself and hope to use it on a deeper level for others and the planet.


May I say what a brave Soul you truly are Sangeeta.  I have felt so alone on this journey and unable to tell people what experiences I have had . When you said in your book "Become the Violet Flame" that struck a chord with me. 

I wish you all wellness and safety.

Thank you you Glendra for your honesty and braveness! May you not only use the Violet Flame on yourself but radiate it powerfully around the planet and humanity! You are one of Us, and may you feel Our Presence strongly now! Thank you, from THE TEMPLE OF GOD'S WILL PROTECTION POWER!

Barbara Crystal: Dearest Sangeeta, Thank You for your e-mails and for The AMETHYST TABLET e -BOOK it is worth much more than your price. 


Your writings of the The Amethyst Tablet e-Book have  been so Inspiring and Inspirational to my Heart, Mind and Soul of the Past, Present and Future. 


Michael and I are very close to Beloved St. Germain, the Brother Hood and the Angelic Host.  Your writings have brought us that much closer to them.  Reading your words and writings I can say has raised my Vibration and Consciousness to a whole new level of learning. 


Your writings are of Truth and Helping to re-awaken Humanity, Thank You. We will all make our Ascension very soon... Thank God!!!  Thank You for your hard work, see you soon in 5D !!! LOVE & LIGHT 7th Ray Soul.


  Thank you Barbara and Michael for your Inspirational Words~ We are filled with joy to know how you have been inspired to closeness with Saint Germain thru the LIGHT VEDA! The Temple of God's Will appreciates your experience and the praise you  have bestowed upon this "Akashic Book of the Great Shift on earth"

 John Gosling:

Greetings Sangeeta,

 I have read “The AMETHYST TABLET” right through and then went back to the beginning and read it again slowly as there is so much information to absorb.

 Your Books are absolutely awesome and am looking forward to reading “The Sapphire Tablet” (Part 1).  Blessings!

Thank you John for your Inspirational Reviews on all our Tablets! Such Feedbacks are motivational to carry on writing and sharing for Readers like yourself. The Temple of God's Will appreciates your positive reviews and now looks forward to knowing your opinion on the Blue Sapphire Tablet! Thank you!

Cathy Walker:

Hello Sangeeta, 

I just purchased the Voice of Silence. Please email me the pdf. I am almost done with the Amethyst Tablet and have found it to be very interesting and helpful. I have studied much over the past 35 years, working with the Merkaba, sacred geometry, initiated into the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. a high priestess of Melchizedek of the 33rd Order..your work is a great overview and reminder for me and a kick in the butt to remember all that I have studied, why I am here , who I am and to get more vigilant in my daily practices.  Much love and light!CJ

Thank you Cathy for sharing your personal journey with us. We are glad this Holy Light Veda served its purpose with  you.  Thank you!

 Camella Gibson

Hello Sangeeta, 

I am thoroughly enjoying your books.  They are fascinating and amazing.  It is very apparent that they are channeled through a very high source.  Thank you so much for doing this "Labor of Love".  They are just what I have been searching for.  I will be studying them for awhile and will keep reading them over and over to absorb more information each time.

 I do have a question.  I know the downloads cannot be reproduced but I was wondering if I could download them into my Kindle.  I have a bad back and it is difficult to sit at my computer for long periods.  If I could load them into my Kindle, I could sit on the couch and read them.  

 If you do not approve of this, just let me know.  I would never want to do anything that was not approved by you.

 Thank you again for all your devotion and hard work for God, the world and humanity.  You are a very advanced and beautiful Soul. Much Love & Light.

Ruth Hellen

Hi Sangeeta, I hope that you are bearing up well to the latest barrage!  It’s not for the feint hearted is it?! Apologies for taking so long to send you these; I suspect buying,reading and digesting the tablets in such quick succession possibly overloaded me slightly 😂. It interests me that in effect I bought the tablets the ‘wrong’ way round, but actually of course that was meant to be and has possibly served me well.  Somehow gaining the gist of it, and THEN the explanation/background seems to be the way I like to do things.

THE SAPPHIRE TABLET:  the sapphire tablet gripped me straight away, and I felt hungry to continue.  Although the content was new, it made great sense to me immediately; it just felt right.  I felt privileged to have such powerful information to access and knew that it would have a very profound effect;  not just for me personally but for humanity.  This has become part of my daily life with ease and has brought me both comfort and empowerment particularly in times of doubt.

THE AMETHYST TABLET:  to have access to such wisdom and powerful practice had been humbling and inspiring to me in equal measure.  I have long felt that there must be ‘more’ I could do, and through this tablet I have found many answers.  Such practical focus has given me great clarity.

THE VOICE OF SILENCE:  to be honest, I struggled most with this tablet, and had to really break down my reading of it.  However I am so glad that I persevered as it has given me background understanding and context which has deepened my determination (particularly in those times of self doubt). It has helped me through these difficult times recently, and  sure will continue to do so.

YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY: I felt great resistance to buying this tablet; why did I need to read a story?! I am so glad that I did buy it; what a beautiful way to portray the human experience!  Most of all it has shown me that whilst we don’t always understand why things happen we need to trust the will of god.  I have had several instances of potential worry in my life since reading the earth tablet, but in reminding myself not to try to control what I don’t understand or don’t want that I can help myself to accept the will of god.  As a result many situations have become less onerous. 

I recently dreamt that whilst I was doing domestic chores outside my house, I suddenly started to speed upwards and it was very beautiful and not at all scary or worrying, but I suddenly thought “oh I must tell Lucy (my youngest daughter) that I’m leaving!  At this point I woke up and felt soooooo disappointed with myself! There are many times when I doubt that I am ‘good enough’ to achieve ascension in this lifetime, but after a while I realise that is where I need to take the violet flame to cleanse purify and transform the energy which brings about such doubt.
Thank you for all that you do x

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