You call me








I AM all because I AM ONE
I AM you and I AM ONE.   
I AM Expression and I AM Experience.    
I AM Form-Less and I AM Form.
I AM Here and I AM Everywhere.   
I AM Seen and I AM the UnSeen.   
                            I AM your DESTROYER                            
You are within ME and I AM inside you


I AM everything and I AM nothing
I AM Alpha and I AM the Omega
                       I AM the BEGINNING and I AM the END                          
I AM in between all and I AM nothing

In your world of the Third Dimension, I AM divided into a Trinity of 3 Flames with 3 Aspects. Till you rise out of the lowest dimension and unite into my Core of the White Flame. So, keeping this in perspective we go ahead!

You connect with Me through your self-built 'AntahKharana' and I enter you through My 'SutraAtma'. This is a Technology (refer to THE AMETHYST TABLET) you employ consciously to build consciously your Inner Architecture to return back to Me!

I AM the WISE One! The Aspect that encompasses Occult Wisdom of All That Is. Which is why I'm known as Gyaneshwar  - the God of Knowledge in the Sanskrit Vedas, which are scribed by I! And this is why my Consort is Goddess Saraswati - the Goddess of Wisdom.

In the TRINITY-OF GOD, I AM the Creator. The origin is revealed through Hinduism but, the body of knowledge is not Hinduism per se, as most think! The human race assumes that - Tri-Murti, which carry the 3 Names of myself, is a concoction of Hindus' because the Names appear 'Hindu'. The Hindu Aryan Race of the I AM, long time ago, was so advanced in knowledge that they intuited the correct information through their sheer vibration of purity. They teleported with their Light bodies even whilst dwelling in the density of a 3D planet. They maintained their evolution for a long time and, through me, scribed the famous 4 Vedas - the Cosmic Scriptures. They traveled across planets in SpaceShips as they had earned the technology of Anti-Gravity. Lord Rama (from the lineage of God Vishnu) was an advanced Occult Master who possessed the magical powers of Alchemy and Exorcism and he ruled over Bharat or Hindustan (now India) through sheer Force of Lord Shiva. This nation has its Monad Ray as the Blue Ray 1. However, because you are limited yet whilst dwelling on a 3D planet, incapacitated are you to grasp the technology of the Universe and therefore are unable to partake in this information properly and consequently, it cannot be elucidated wholly to you. Therefore, lets suffice to say - one can stem from one Aspect of me and yet carry the traits of another Aspect!    

Now. Furthermore. The ZERO-POINT Energy is My Creation Energy, the Brahma-Aspect of Me, that creates My Multi-Mansions through My Multi-Universes, into Multi-Galaxies through, the Multi-Dimensions of Multi-Realities....within which you exist! This Creative ZERO-POINT Energy is anchored within every aspect of my creation. It is within you (as the 3-Fold Flame). Within the planet you live in (anchored in the Great Pyramid of Giza - the Head Quarter (HQ) of My Light). It is within your Solar System (anchored in your Sun). And within the galaxy of your system - the Milky Way - lodged neatly inside the "Great Central Sun" in the star planetary system of Sirius.

Each galaxy has My HQ of Light (the Blue ZERO-POINT Energy) and, the HQ is known as the "Great Central Sun" overseen by the organic "Greater Great Central Sun" that which is My main Seat of Light. The Great Central Sun (GCS) controls the flow of my Light within its territorial jurisdiction of the galaxy - a sub universe of the Multi-Universes of My Creation. 


I AM BRAHMA, the Monadic Pink Ray 3. I AM the Mind, the Highest Intelligence, the Brain, the Wisdom! I AM the Aspect seated in your heart-chakra through which you are meant to think. My design of the human race that encompasses the human mind, heart, soul, and anatomy was structured such that you think from the Seat of your Soul (the heart-chakra) so you think positive and lovingly. Not from your mind! The author scribe of this website has penned my articles on this and now it will appear thru Lord Shiva's "SAPPHIRE DIAMOND TABLET". Please learn the correct Format of operation as per my creative Design so you live meaningful and victorious lives with Freedom and Joy - the qualities of my essence!





I AM the Caretaker of the Multi-Universes created by Brahma. I Provide and Preserve the Universes. I AM the God you call for help! I AM the Supplier of prosperity, wealth, health, abundance, and blessings. You call on Me for life. I AM the Infinite Supply of Abundances you attract into your life. And so I AM your Caretaker and your Undertaker of life and death, birth and rebirth, the cycle of reincarnations and ascension. I AM the Life-Force Energy alive within you! I AM the Vishnu-Aspect of God. I AM you before birth, I AM you after death, and I AM you in between. I Am Love. I AM Light. I AM Enlightenment. I AM the Awakener. I AM your Healer. I AM Peace. I AM your Preserver and your Provider! I AM VISHNU, the the Monadic Golden Ray 2 and I upkeep the Universes of Source. Goddess Lakshmi is my Consort who upkeeps the prosperity and livelihood of Life everywhere. 


I AM MahaKaal. I AM the Maha Kaal Ishwar. I AM the Destroyer.

Who AM I?

Yes, I AM the Monad Blue Ray 1. I AM the Destroyer. I AM the Will. I AM the Power.

To know all, you need to invest in me. Read my "BLUE SAPPHIRE DIAMOND TABLET" scribed by I and my co-scribe Sangeeta Handa. The Part -1 is where I speak directly to you.




Your 3-Fold-Flame, when fully expanded to it original size, collapses into the virgin "White Flame of Ascension". This is when you ascend into me! This is my "White-Fire Core" that lies beneath, within, hidden well, in all my creations. The White-Fire Core is the focus of Spirit becoming Matter and Matter becoming Spirit. It lies in the  heart of every atom, whether it be the Great Central Sun, the Central Sun, the physical Sun or, you. It is the nucleus of life, the core of being from the highest planes of consciousness to the humblest sub-atomic particle. It is indeed the fiery center of your I AM Presence, as well as of your chakras and, of all my the rays of light.


The "White-Fire Core", therefore, is the point of origin for all creation. Here, and only from here, can creation be born! It is verily the CENTER of Me, my Consciousness of One or, as you call it - the God Consciousness!

Yes, the "White-Flame" is the Ascension Flame of the white 4th Ray, assigned to your Root Chakra. This is the Ray of Resurrection, Ascension, Purification, and carries all the Abundances of prosperity and wealth in material form, and much more, within its core. Your Root Chakra, as per my Design, is the center of Survival Issues - material survival. You need money to the play the Game and spend all your life focused only upon amassing wealth to live life God size on earth without realizing that, permanent wealth comes by mastering the Root Chakra, mastering your 'need'. If you master the 4th Ray by focusing upon Ascension, you shall attract to you the Infinite Supply of all my Abundances, not just the temporary money you so vehemently chase. You focus upon result without working toward it. You reach my CORE, you have everything!

My 'Divine Plan' for humanity was ordained in the beginning when the BluePrint of Gaia was impressed upon the "White-Fire Core" of  her I AM Presence. This plan runs as a thread through all Your lifetimes. This is your 'Silver Cord' that allows you to remain alive and is centered at the base of the 3-Fold-Flame (the photo displayed earlier). Each creation of mine has the "Potential" to return back to me, whenever it chooses to do so. This is why my Messengers are continually and repeatedly conveying:


"All lies within you!Those who go within shall ascend!"


This is the place we chose to hide the Wisdom, at the core of your 3-Fold-Flame, your soul, because you are on a "Treasure Hunt" to discover the hidden treasure which is the Key that shall unlock your door to Freedom and back to me. Your Victory lies in finding the Treasure....within! Or else you shall go without, which means you remain in the hunt. By volunteering to descend to earth, you enlisted for the BluePrint Game adopted by Gaia. You became the Player and started to play the game of "Treasure Hunt". Now you must finish the Game. There is no other way out of the Playground! You accepted the rules of the Game by enlisting as its player. But, along the way, my Sons & Daughters revealed to you the Route to follow. Yet, most have denied this Route to the Treasure, and have got lost in the Blind Maze (check out the page on 'Presentation of the Blind Maze' on this website, deliberately conceived to further help you on this journey). To end the Game, your conscious investment and singular focus is required. You cannot reach the Last Mile to the Treasure without this dedication. Focus on my Core-White-Fire within, pull it up to your consciousness and walk with it as your companion and guide to collect the Key. 

I AM waiting for You

Lets end the Game now!

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Sangeeta Handa & Umesh Shah