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Do you know your Monadic BluePrint?

It is based upon the SCIENCE of RAYS

This is a Paid Service. Through email & post. Certain details shall be required of the Individual applying to know their MONADIC BLUEPRINT & CONTRACT PLAN. 


It's a comprehensive Plan. And only for serious adepts on the Path to Ascension. Therefore, you may email the author first inquiring if you are eligible. Generally, a being must evolve into it through Self-Mastery wherein one's DNA becomes fully activated (alongside with many other aspects of the individual's molecular body) and the human automatically transcends his Contract Plan and enters the ultimate Monadic BluePrint of his or her spirit. It is the Divine DNA that reveals to the individual his or her Monadic BluePrint, naturally! 

Now, if you are not already in possession of such information, permission would need to be taken from the Light whether such an applicant can receive this Portfolio so that he or she can evolve into it through the guidelines provided by the Monadic BluePrint. It requires deep study and application of the methodology supplied to attain Self-Mastery.


So, if very serious only, and have already read the Books provided on this website, may you email the author.   

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