THE VOICE OF SILENCE speaks after a long silence and reveals mystifying secrets from a time even before earth’s conception, followed by the very creation of earth and through humanity’s various Golden Ages (recorded and unrecorded); along with the appalling stories of the eventual destruction of each Root Race. However, the extraordinary feature unveiled by THE VOICE OF SILENCE is the ‘never-before revealed’ angle of ‘emotions and feelings' that were experienced by the Creator and Its Hierarchy (especially by the Regent God of Earth - Lord Sanat Kumara) at the point of 'Final Judgment', when God’s Fiat was issued for complete annihilation of the Human Race!



208 Million Years before Earth was conceived

someplace, somewhere, beyond…



Billion Years ago…

The First Walk Away from Home…the "2 Unrecorded Ages"

The Sirian – Earth Connection



Ettalonia, Lemuria, Mu

The Story of Planet “Maldek”

The Grand Celestial Soap Opera

The End of the "First Recorded Golden Moon Age" -



CHAPTER 8 – 17

Once Upon a time…

Face-to-Face with “The Voice Of Silence”

The “Brotherhood Of Night” / “The Brotherhood Of Light”

 “The Halls of Amenti”

  Thoth’s Teachings … “The Emerald Tablet”

      The Temple of Violet Fire & Purification

The meeting of Twin-Rays: Thoth & Seshat

The Fall of the “Second Recorded Golden Age of Saturn”

The Hour of the Judgment : The Final Decision

The Destruction of the “Second Recorded Golden Age of Saturn” -



CHAPTER 18 - 19

The Manu Epoch of Yugas / The Manu Epoch Table

An “Open-Ended Cosmology” -  En Kai Pan. The Universal Hierarchy


 "The hour of the judgment had once again arrived, and the Nameless One, the God of ‘All That Is’, The Voice of Silence, seated upon His throne in the center of the twelve times twelve (The council of 12x12) Hierarchies of Light summons His son, known famously as the “The Great Sacrifice”, Lord of the World – Logos of Earth, Lord SANAT KUMARA. A closed circuit deliberation occurs, the Akashic Record of Atlanteans is studied, and then The Nameless One, The Voice of Silence pronounces the ‘Word’ that is the unanimous consensus of all: “Let the evolution of Etar become extinct. No longer shall this defiance of the Law be tolerated! My dear son, ye hath my power and my word to carry forth our plan that ye know of. Go forth and implement the termination of Etar immediately!”
"Lord Sanat Kumara had now been issued the Creator’s Fiat to end yet another wave on earth. He had once managed to save the planet but couldn’t continue to save its civilizations till date. He is deeply saddened to commission yet another extinction of humanity. Earth has been a tough experiment for the galaxy, though daring and courageous, as the lifeforms literally walk a thin rope in total darkness that spells doom at both ends, yet ne’er had humanity ever succeeded in successfully crossing-over the narrow, slippery, needle-thin pathway of complete darkness into the open arena of light. And the director of this daring experiment was none other than Lord Sanat Kumara, “The Greatest of All Avatars”, “The Keeper of the Spark of GOD”, “The Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva of earth”, who shouldered the entire accountability of this planet, and its humanity, through all its cycles until the final and last evolutionary succession. He had the responsibility therefore to issue the concluding decision of the Nameless One and the Cosmic Council to terminate the entirety of a human race yet surviving on Earth. He was the father of human civilization and therefore felt the pain of a parent who had to kill his own children for the higher good of all life in the universe. For earth, Lord Sanat Kumara was Brahma–the creator, Vishnu-the preserver, and Shiva-the destroyer. And so, in the role of Shiva He then prepares to fulfill His responsibility.

"He summons Thoth, the Priest-King of Etar, to a formal meeting along with the Lords of the Light from the Halls of Amenti, and the Kumaras of Venus. He first instructs Thoth to recede the power of the crystal conglomerate. Thoth reduces one-by-one the power of the crystals. However, the more power of the crystals was ebbed the more the Atlanteans began to believe in ‘their’ power. Their ego knew no limit and remained uncontrolled. Their arrogance and pride continued to augment. They refused to acknowledge or surrender to the Light. Lord Sanat Kumara’s leniency was indeed being tested! He knew now the softer approach would not bring back what had been reduced to ashes, and was continuing to be obstinately reduced to even further dust. Pushed to his limit, Lord Sanat Kumara struck the final blow. In one fast stroke he disconnected the power completely! .... The Crystal Conglomerate immediately stopped emitting energy and the Etheric Grid came apart! The direction of the Eternal Flame was changed. The balance shifted. All power supply was shut-off. The planet plunged into complete darkness. Indeed, this was the darkest extinction of the human race, ever, on earth!"

And so at first there was a 
... then all fell silent …
… for a long long while! 

But now 
Speaks, once again…
And opens the doorway to 
the hidden ancient mysteries 
of a time long forgotten. 

Deep in the essence of matter were these mysteries and secrets concealed, 
lest they be mis-used by the minds of evil. 
For Man and Earth had been consumed,
 for a long time now, by the darkness of 
The Brotherhood of Night. 

It was said then…

At a time unborn, 
'Secrets' shall unveil to ones who dare dwell within! 
The First Divine shall unearth the Fire
And bring forth 
Material from Immaterial 
that shall fill the world with 


    THE VOICE OF SILENCE then rests its case upon a beautiful story of a special soul that lived in Etar (Atlantis), born as a ‘child of man’ but evolved eventually into the ‘Child of Light’ through tremendous self-effort, endeavour, and passion. This is a story of a humble soul who matured through the quietude of beyond into the famous Etar High Priest, known by the name of “THOTH”, who then went on and became the well renowned God of Khem (Ancient Egypt). 

  THE VOICE OF SILENCE thereafter recounts unusual stories of Thoth, mysterious and totally unknown to common man. The unsung metaphysical love-story between Thoth and his special soul partner – “SESHAT”, whom he encounters perhaps for the first time in Atlantis. And perhaps not! Could this mysterious intersection have happened before, conceivably 208 millions years ‘before’…someplace…somewhere…beyond…when she was the love of another Being? (The Prelude) The Book subtlety speaks of this union, or the re-union, between Thoth and his Twin-Flame Seshat (the woman who first introduced upon earth ‘language’, and the craft of ‘writing’ and ‘mathematics of measurement’, and who is the ‘Record Keeper’ of Ancient Wisdom, the Librarian of all Sacred Books of Life, and the Original ‘Scriber’ of earth’s Evolutions), who later (in the Egyptian Civilization) became the beloved wife of Thoth, about whom, not much has been documented nor discovered!

This Book is co-written with the emblazoned inspiration of the ‘Great Regent Lord of the World’ (who is also the
Lord of Venus) and His Twin  




"Hear the sound behind the silence…Hear the VOICE within the quietude...Within the stillness there is a symphony...Within the moment there is eternity...Within matter there is energy...Within con-fusion there is the fusion of ‘All that is'...Within the planet there is you, and within you is the whole planet...Just as, within GOD is you...And within you is GOD Eternal!"

“The body is as a foam-bubble, temporary, worthless. Where now is that lovely face, that beautiful body? Only the ignorant delight in this impermanence! In this prison, you shall cross the ocean of existence. The night of ignorance has cleared...And the sun of your good fortune is at its height You are now an Arhat, You are now a liberated being!” ~~~ Sanat Kumara


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It truly is a unique work.. antiquated prose. You actually channelled this? There is really no other explanation for it. How do you channel such old English? It is like reading Shakespeare. Does it really come through like that? Maybe you want to hang on to your trade secrets, but I am very curious. The content is marvellous. It is the most comprehensive study of earth's history that makes tangible the incredulous. It also weaves other's fragments of wisdom together for the first time. Even among the mystery schools, I doubt there has been so much information. In such a compact little work too. bravo Sangeeta, you did it again. keep them coming... xoxoxox Ellen Atkin

Hello Sangeeta, I have completed reading your book and found your writing style to be most descriptive, in particular, I love the sentence “luxuriating in the spirit of freshness and sparkle”. I have adapted it to many other divine moments and it gives me a shiver and a giggle every time I use it…so thank you for that gem. I found I knew a lot of what you were conveying through your book, however, there were things that I did not know and am eternally grateful for the exchange. We live in incredibly exciting times and I am so very pleased to be living on earth at this momentous stage of earth’s history. PAULA GASKIN

 I have finished “The Voice of Silence”. I have struggled mightily to put my review into words.  It is so sacred.

I took Sangeeta’s advice and read the chronicle slowly (and I chose to read it all out loud) and really enjoyed the breathtaking pictures.  I devoured hungrily. 

I experienced every emotion imaginable, my mind was expanded and my heart immersed in such tenderness especially for Sangeeta’s willingness to endure what she did to bring this sacred chronicle to light. I read such beautiful mantras and prayers.

As we all walk the “Path to Mastery”, this chronicle will catapult you to the next level. 

As you read the Authors Note, you will cry so many tears.  I could hardly breathe. I could not get the words out.

Sweetest Sangeeta thank you for scribing this chronicle.  What an incredible experience of who you met and the great LOVE you felt. 

To those considering buying this e-book, don’t hesitate.  You will be so rewarded in every way.  There is a REASON she was to do this.  Find out why.  

We gain knowledge on our path to Wisdom.  This will assist in your personal journey. Namaste, Judith Ann


Dear Sangeeta, Thank you for the ebook. It is a profound, beautiful story. I was wondering if your fourth book is available? Thank you. Jessica Barret

"Your books are not from the heart and the mind but from a soul which is in perfect sync with the heart and the mind...loving the 3rd book. Madhu Swaminath

Sangeeta, I'm so in awe of the perfect text that came thru you on page 17 of your book~ I could do 20 radio shows on that one paragraph.....Keep up the awesome work. It really resonates well with my soul that part it really does.
Are you able to do a show? Be my guest on my show to help you get this book out? I would love every LIGHTWORKER I know to read this LOL! ....Keep up the awesome work. Love Light Laughter
Teresa Sixberry

I have Tremendous energy running thru me right now~ I have read page 16 NINE for each memory of lifetimes I have currently stored in me LOL Yeah I have full memory of nine lifetimes... Tell me is there such thing as a syrian Pleiadian dual contract in human form on this earth? I really need to know its personal. ANyhow page 16 it says such a good description of a incarnates life here on earth!... REALLY it took me a long time and bad stuff happening before I could even hold my head up when I was outside at night because I KNEW the love I did remember that much and the VIOLET energy and the seven sisters way way way before I could even talk in this lifetime so that's sorta really sums up the page 16 for me LOL Its good I can help you in this way with the book and Im so more than happy to do so!~Teresa Sixberry

just started chapter five wheeeeeeeeeee! I love the way this is put together its like being able to SEE what is known! Intense at times it has had a great effect on my soul THANK YOU!   Teresa Sixberry

Dear Sangeeta, I have completed reading "The Voice of Silence", and first want to say Thank You for your work!  It is VERY helpful for me on my path, in providing much expansion and understanding, and has filled in the gaps in the information I have already received! I will read it again, as there is so much to absorb!  I have also recommended it to several friends. I feel a much stronger connection to the Ascended Masters and to God!  I feel expanded! and expanding.... I want to share something, too, as to how I came to order and read the book!  I receive Judy Satori's full moon transmissions each month and in the one for January, she mentions she receives her information from Thoth!  She includes a meditation with Thoth, in which we make a connection and ask questions!  I asked Thoth for more information and clarity for my path!  Then, I saw your post about the book!  I had other Thoth signs while reading it, including a White Ibis landing and spending time on my lakefront property, just the other day!  Also working with the Violet Flame and Ray with St Germaine has become much more powerful and expansive for me!  Thank You so much for these connections!!!!  It is invaluable!!!! Sending Love, Blessings, and Gratitude, Judy Hitchcok 22 Jan, 2018

Hi Sangeeta, I loved the book especially having a deeper understanding of Thoth and Sanat Kumaras role in the evolution of humanity. There is a lot of information out there but not brought together so clearly as you have scribed in the higher truth of it all.   Kind Regards,  Marlene

Hello Sangeeta, I read your book and I must say it is truly divine and inspirational :) I do appreciate this as a review course for me and I did gain valuable insight for my journey that I will take with me. I am blessed to have read this reading and pray God eternally blesses you! Many hugs filled with light and love! Mark

"15 chapters done - My God Sangeeta absolutely inspirational." Sherry Caudill



Hi Sangeeta, 

 I finished reading The Voice of Silence a while back and really loved it! It brought back so many memories and revelations to the forefront of my consciousness. It connected a lot of loose ends in my research of existential and Earth history. I just purchased The Amethyst Tablet and am more than excited to delve into that!!! Thank you so much and Happy New Year!  Gossaye

Hello Sangeeta, I read your book and I must say it is truly divine and inspirational :) I do appreciate this as a review course for me and I did gain valuable insight for my journey that I will take with me. I wish I could read your other books, but I know they are not available as a hard book. I am blessed to have read this reading and pray God eternally blesses you! Many hugs filled with light and love! Mark

Greetings Sangeeta, I have read "The Voice of Silence" right through and am now on my second reading as there is so much to absorb. Although I was already aware of some Galactic history there were many gaps in what I new and therefore questions that needed answering. Your book has certainly filled in the gaps and answered most of my questions for which I am very grateful.

Looking forward to reading "The Amethyst Tablet (The Light Veda)" for which I have just sent £177.00 through Paypal to you. Many Blessings -  John Gosling

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