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This is a PART - 1 in a series of books which the Hierarchy of the Blue Ray 1 shall scribe in sequence.

The Blue Ray 1 is the Eccentric Attractiveness and Complexion of the Formless! This information is not a part of any religion on earth. There is no religion in the Spirit Realm! It is highest Light Information prevalent in the Etheric Masonic Occult Body of Meta-Physical Wisdom!

The Sacred Blue Book - The Sapphire Tablet (Part-1) is a short crisp Book, with Lord Shiva’s Expressions – vibrationally coded as an ‘Awakener’ to bring forth a succinct understanding of His WILL and POWER!

In addition, you shall receive data that is of utmost importance in the present time, as the influx of light is on a progressive ascent each day. It shall explain much that you are seeking to know, so you understand what is happening to your body and life.

 An Occult Masonic Body of SuperNatural Wisdom

That which explores from the very start of "Who is God?" We know about God as a Trinity, a Trimurti, a Power of 3 but, did you know there is a 'Consciousness even beyond' ... you are now given a grand opportunity to know and understand this 'Masonic Occult Wisdom' through the 'Vibration' of Lord Shiva depicted  in a mathematical and holographic format engaged to explain the composition of The God.


Lord Shiva chose His own template, topics, and structure for this emission. Very fascinating are the profound, unheard of details, to common concepts. Every page has to it an "aha" moment since one has mistakenly assumed they know all about it! If so, the Sacred Blue Book shall indeed surprise you!


The Sacred Blue Book is essentially about ASCENSION and the last phase of the ending of a Yuga - the darkest Yuga - and how to navigate thru this darkest hour just before the Dawn - the Blue Dawn as Lord Shiva calls it, in the Book.


Lord Shiva  describes the importance of Plasma in attaining Ascension. The internal process of generating Plasma and the external integration of Cosmic Plasma. He expounds further how man can build and exchange Energy with Him.  


Lord Shiva highlights how the Soul is injected, at different stages of deliberate evolution, into various Plasma formats on earth. This Book takes the reader much higher than the knowledge obtained in "The Emerald Tablet - The Voice of Silence" by building upon the structure already anchored in that Book. So please make sure you have read the above mentioned Tablet and "The Amethyst Tablet" as that Light Veda has already constructed the full knowledge of the Science of Rays and set the ground for the Blue Ray 1 through its comparisons with the Violet Ray 7 - which is the second Ray under Shiva's immediate Portfolio.

Lord Shiva outlays elaborately as well upon the activity of Magnetism as it replaces the dual concept of Electro-Magnetic and how  electromagnetism has been toxic for mankind's evolution. He removes shadows cast upon by the Cabal that so far controlled and abused the Human Template of perfection.

Furthermore, He addresses the Great Shift phenomenon before us today and what we are meant to do in order to determine our definitive and Victorious Exit out of the Game with honourable success!

Lord Shiva has made some invaluable PROPHECIES in His Sacred Blue Book with exact dates and events. This information is limited to this Book only and will not be posted by me elsewhere so, only you (the reader) will have access to His Prophecies.

Moreover, Lord Shiva has additionally talked about His ZERO-POINT Energy, the Atomic Power, the Alpha and the Omega, and much much more...He has included beautiful photos with care taken to provide the reader with an experience of a 3D feel of vision so please observe the pictures carefully, as well as the architecture of His Book. He has made the pdf come alive through an aesthetic picturesque spectacle. Full coloured pages with superimposed photos carrying short but hugely profound information. Take in every detail along with the text slowly and introspect as His Vibration triggers a spiral awakening and remembrance within you. 

Thus, and honourably so, who better than the God-Aspect of the Blue Ray 1 could have Initiated the first of a series of the SACRED SAPPHIRE TABLET? However, Lord Shiva as a SCRIBE was not at all expected nor predicted! He surprised me with His sudden appearance and take-over of this Book.






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... for SCRIBING ...


Part - 1


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Return Policy
There is "No Refund" once the book is paid for! Nor, if on receipt, later it is lost. In which case you would need to re-buy it.   

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It is incredible and fascinating how the readers have started "feeling" the Presence, Guidance and, Love  of Lord Shiva, not just while reading the Holy Tablet but, especially after it...and over time! ( especially with people who are not Indian and have ne'er perhaps witnessed the feeling of Shiva, nor know much about Hin). There are 2 reviews that bear testimonial to this and they themselves are overwhelmed and in awe of the phenomena. Thank you Lord SHIVA!

Geoffrey Charles : "Dear Sangeeta, Thank you so very much for your " Sacred Blue Book". It is a wonderful privilege to receive your special writings that are of such very high frequency and describe the deep and profound truths of our lives and of creation. Your writings are a "lighthouse" for those of us that have embodied on earth and are dedicated to God's Will and the Divine Plan. I was also required to obtain the book on the 22/07/2021 !! I will provide a review of how I resonated with "The Blue Sapphire Tablet" and how it affected me. Much love and light."

Geoffrey Charles : Dearest Sangeeta, please find below my feedback on the most wonderful ,insightful and helpful book that you and Lord Shiva have created. It is just so timely to have these understandings and guidance now. It was a transformative experience for me to experience, and be consumed by, the book's very high frequency. Thank you again for the wonderful work you do for humanity. Much love and blessings, Geoff


"The experience of the Blue Ray 1 The Sapphire Tablet is hard to put into words.

Upon commencing the reading of the sacred knowledge of Lord Shiva, beautifully transcribed and published by Sangeeta in the Blue Ray 1 The Sapphire Tablet,

I experienced a deep stillness, and a sense of being unlimited and infinite. An amazing feeling !!

The book vibrates with the “Truth” and lucidly and eloquently explains the complexity of Creation. The words were so powerful that I could feel a connection to the “Source” energy and through that a clarity of who I actually am, beyond the physical.

The book is also a comprehensive and detailed “road map” for the ascension into the higher dimensional frequencies and the release from the 3rd dimensional matrix.

It provides the techniques, understandings and actions that will help us navigate with confidence , and some ease, the turbulence of these times. It tells it as it is with no sugar coating of the reality of what we will experience. I could feel the "unknowns" of this life journey starting to dissolve and a connection to a deep calmness of understanding unfold.

As you read the book you can feel the absolute pure love and support of Lord Shiva to accomplish successfully the purpose of our present incarnation.

This is the only book that is required to understand the ascension process and what must be done to achieve ascension. It is eloquent and powerfully insightful and removes so much confusion and wrong information that is presently circulating.

Thank you, Lord Shiva and Sangeeta, for providing a powerful guidance for achieving our purpose on earth and understanding more deeply the wonder of Creation and our place in it. "

Lord Shiva smiled and said to me, Geoff is one person who has understood the Sapphire from the "Light it was Scribed"! This is an "Ascension Veda" and needed urgently a release into mankind. He kept smiling as I felt His Energy stream out to Geoffrey in gratitude and appreciation of his consciousness. He then requested I include quotes of Geoff into the webpage description of the Tablet as Geoffrey has penned the exact Intent and Impact of the Sacred Veda by saying: "This is the only book that is required to understand the Ascension Process and what must be done to achieve Ascension. It is eloquent and powerfully insightful and removes so much confusion and wrong information that is presently circulating!"

Geoffrey Charles : "Dearest Sangeeta, Some more information for you. Since my reading of the "Blue Ray 1 The Sapphire Tablet" there has been a beautiful and loving connection to Lord Shiva activated. The connection is immensely powerful and I can constantly feel Lord Shiva very close to me. It is a very special feeling. I feel imbued with Lord Shiva's enormous energies and clarity, while being totally supported, and assisted, by Lord Shiva in what I need to do.
Thank you again so very, very much for writing the book. I am ever grateful to you for scribing Lord Shiva's guidance and knowledge. It has been the most wonderful experience to be able to connect with Lord Shiva . So, blessed. Much love and blessings to you dearest Sangeeta.

Marcia Mariscal:  "Hi dear Sangeeta how are you? Just to let you know that I have just finish reading this precious jewel of   yours "The Blue Sapphire Tablet". It is magnificent. I Loved the detailed information. The symbolisms and the Wisdom within the words. I felt God Shiva beside me.  I felt freshness, then heat and Love and resonated with every word. Thanks for helping humanity to find the Truth in such a beautiful way. Congratulations. The illustrations are superb too. The size perfect.  Golden to me."


Marcia Mariscal: "Let me tell you that as days go by I appreciate the Blue Sapphire Tablet more and more. Thanks for introducing me to Lord Shiva. I feel His Guiding Energy around me and I Love it! " 


Linda Aronsen : "Dearest Sangeeta Handa - From my heart and soul, I Thank You so much. I’m so profoundly thankful for your presence on earth. I read over and over again ~ The Blue Sapphire Tablet ~ And I cried like a baby... I am an awakened soul and Higher Self (to be honest, I am a Bodhisattva). And guess what! I have been divinely guided since 2014 by Yahweh. (via another person who is also an awakened soul) Yahweh has truly “saved my life”... What a blessing!


I am beyond grateful and honored. We talk often on a multidimensional level. And When I found Your magnificent website, and ordered The Blue Sapphire Tablet, You have no idea how grateful I am. So, I Love You. (Tears Of Love) Thank You so much, dearest magnificent being of so much Love & Light. Thank You! Thank You beautiful Sangeeta Handa. Blessings and so much love (still tears of gratitude and love big way..) Sat Nam - Linda (Norway).


God bless YOU, beloved sister of true Higher wisdom beyond, I love you and honor Your being YOU. From the core of my heart, my soul and my Higher Self, I Love You dearest dearest Sangeeta Handa. I am so profound honored! You give this world the magnificent sacred Higher Intelligence of Higher Wisdom that is most precious, most beautiful and so deeply needed on earth. I love ~ The Blue Sapphire Tablet ~ Again, Thank You

Gratitude and so much blessings."

Sameeta Nanjiani : "Hi dear Sangeeta. I am really short of words to write review about this amazing amazing Blue Sapphire Tablet- sacred text - sacred Veda. I just felt its energy when I read it the second time. Every word written spoke to me and touched the soul part of me. I felt Lord Shiva talking to me. Never felt the presence like this before! Very grateful for this experience.

Around last year I was thinking and having many queries about the Ascension process and so many " Whys" and " Hows" in my mind. In spite of my full trust on the Divine and on my spiritual journey I had many challenges on the way and also last year I had big challenge on the physical level too which shook me. But this tablet not only answered all my queries, so beautifully and in simple words but, I received an inner strength to stand again in full power!

Somehow, as I was reading, I had these thoughts: "Oh was I doing these things or was I following these methods" but was also looking for some kind of guidance from God and, this Tablet gave me that confirmation. Its like just saying to me "Dude just be more disciplined and be more confident ... and you are on your right path! JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS OF LIGHT and you will connect soon.

Thank u so much Sangeeta for writing this Tablet and becoming the medium for light to guide. I totally agree what u said that we need to do PHD on these sacred tablets, I have just graduated. Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude Much love"

Mary-Jane Schneeberger : "Dear Sangeeta Handa, I have read The Emerald Tablet and the Amethyst Tablet both twice now and am preparing to read The Blue Sapphire Tablet..... I just finished reading The Blue Sapphire Tablet and found it very poignant with loads of science interwoven with meta-physics and quantum physics.  I must again as the previous two tablets, read it again. With much love, Warm Regards"

Camella Gibson: "Hello Sangeeta: "I am thoroughly enjoying your books.  They are fascinating and amazing.  It is very apparent that they are channeled through a very high source.  Thank you so much for doing this "Labor of Love".  They are just what I have been searching for.  I will be studying them for awhile and will keep reading them over and over to absorb more information each time. 

I do have a question.  I know the downloads cannot be reproduced but I was wondering if I could download them into my Kindle.  I have a bad back and it is difficult to sit at my computer for long periods.  If I could load them into my Kindle, I could sit on the couch and read them.   

If you do not approve of this, just let me know.  I would never want to do anything that was not approved by you.

Thank you again for all your devotion and hard work for God, the world and humanity.  You are a very advanced and beautiful Soul. Much Love & Light."

Ruth Hellen: "Hi Sangeeta, I hope that you are bearing up well to the latest barrage!  It’s not for the feint hearted is it?! Apologies for taking so long to send you these; I suspect buying,reading and digesting the tablets in such quick succession possibly overloaded me slightly 😂. It interests me that in effect I bought the tablets the ‘wrong’ way round, but actually of course that was meant to be and has possibly served me well.  Somehow gaining the gist of it, and THEN the explanation/background seems to be the way I like to do things.

Sapphire tablet:  the sapphire tablet gripped me straight away, and I felt hungry to continue.  Although the content was new, it made great sense to me immediately; it just felt right.  I felt privileged to have such powerful information to access and knew that it would have a very profound effect;  not just for me personally but for humanity.  This has become part of my daily life with ease and has brought me both comfort and empowerment particularly in times of doubt.

Amethyst tablet:  to have access to such wisdom and powerful practice had been humbling and inspiring to me in equal measure.  I have long felt that there must be ‘more’ I could do, and through this tablet I have found many answers.  Such practical focus has given me great clarity.

The voice of silence:  to be honest, I struggled most with this tablet, and had to really break down my reading of it.  However I am so glad that I persevered as it has given me background understanding and context which has deepened my determination (particularly in those times of self doubt). It has helped me through these difficult times recently, and  sure will continue to do so.

Your final appointment with destiny: I felt great resistance to buying this tablet; why did I need to read a story?! I am so glad that I did buy it; what a beautiful way to portray the human experience!  Most of all it has shown me that whilst we don’t always understand why things happen we need to trust the will of god.  I have had several instances of potential worry in my life since reading the earth tablet, but in reminding myself not to try to control what I don’t understand or don’t want that I can help myself to accept the will of god.  As a result many situations have become less onerous. 

I recently dreamt that whilst I was doing domestic chores outside my house, I suddenly started to speed upwards and it was very beautiful and not at all scary or worrying, but I suddenly thought “oh I must tell Lucy (my youngest daughter) that I’m leaving!  At this point I woke up and felt soooooo disappointed with myself! There are many times when I doubt that I am ‘good enough’ to achieve ascension in this lifetime, but after a while I realise that is where I need to take the violet flame to cleanse purify and transform the energy which brings about such doubt.
Thank you for all that you do x

Michelle Lee:  Dear Sangeeta, I have ordered and read all of your books. The Power within them all is astounding. I am about to reread the "Blue Ray 1 - The Sapphire Tablet" again. The Sapphire Tablet resonates so powerfully that I can feel codes coming off the book before, during, and after reading. Yes, I said before... Just laying upon my altar. That is the Holy Power within this Tablet. It is literally my earthly and etheric Bible! I want to thank you my beloved sister and Lord Shiva for such a creation! In deepest gratitude, love and light... I AM soulfully blessed with "The Sapphire Tablet Blueray 1". Blessings! 



  Future Blue Sapphire Tablets

(in parts)





The BLUE RAY 1 BEINGS on earth

filled with Initiations, Tests, Temptations (toward the alluring Dark)....and bifurcation into a choice before entering earth's Karmic Plan. The script of a Blue Ray1 Soul's under-journey before entering the earth's Karmic GamePlan to play his/her definitive extremely challenging ROLE in the "GREAT SHIFT" happening now!

Please read the article: "NO MONEY? ... NO HONEY!" :

Above the Clouds



This is the only book that is required to understand the "Ascension Process" and what must be done to achieve Ascension. It is eloquent and powerfully insightful and removes so much confusion and wrong information that is presently circulating.  

The book is also a comprehensive and detailed “road map” for Ascension into the 'higher dimensional frequencies' and the release from the 3rd dimensional matrix!

It provides the techniques, understandings, and actions that will help us navigate with confidence, and some ease, the turbulence of these times. It tells it as it is with no sugar coating of the reality of what we will experience. I could feel the "unknowns" of this life journey starting to dissolve and a connection to a deep calmness of understanding unfold.

The book vibrates with the “Truth” and lucidly and eloquently explains the complexity of Creation. The words were so powerful that I could feel a connection to the “Source” energy and through that a clarity of who I actually am, beyond the physical.....(read more in REVIEWS section below)

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