THE   BLUE   RAY   1              

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This is a PART - 1 in a series of books. THE SACRED BLUE BOOK - THE SAPPHIRE TABLET is Scribed by the Creator God - LORD SHIVA.   


It is an unexplainable Honour to have God Shiva Himself scribe the Sacred Blue Book, expounding deep Occult Wisdom of the Blue Ray 1. Furthermore, He has addressed our present times of the Great Shift with respect to Ascension and the light raining in so we know exactly what we are meant to do in order to determine our Victory in ascending out of the Game with honourable success!


In addition, He has benevolently Gifted the reader with 2 most formidable Tantric Mantras that are not available elsewhere. Generally, an adept must undergo challenging and rigorous Siddhis to attain such a Tantric Mantra!

However, and therefore, the two Tantric Recitation shall be made available exclusively to those who have read the previous 3 eBooks on this website. The Gift of Lord Shiva is only for the serious adepts on the Path! The potency of the Mantra is such that they cannot fall into the hands of curious casual readers.  

The Cover and Text below are for the future books, in the series of the Blue Ray 1 Sapphire Tablet






The BLUE RAY 1 BEINGS on earth

filled with Initiations, Tests, Temptations (toward the alluring Dark)....and bifurcation into a choice before entering earth's Karmic Plan. The script of a Blue Ray1 Soul's under-journey before entering the earth's Karmic GamePlan to play his/her definitive extremely challenging ROLE in the "GREAT SHIFT" happening now!

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Sangeeta Handa & Umesh Shah