Sangeeta Handa

A Metaphysical Scribe of high intensity Spirit Wisdom. A published US author. Scribe & Speaker for the Blue Ray 1, the Violet  Ray 7 and the Violet Fire. An advocate for Self-Mastery and Ascension through the Science of Rays. An Occult Worker. A Cosmic Exorcist. An Alchemical Transmutator. A Mystic. An esoteric Messenger on Leadership Training for the New Age - 7th Root Race! A Cosmic Reporter who observes the happenings on earth and reports back to Source....

There are Light Beings on earth who have cleared certain karmic load and are able to see beyond the veil. There are Occult Beings whose lives aren’t like those of normal humans on earth, with families and earthly commitments. They walk singularly and quietly amidst the maddening crowd and, only those with a singular eye can see them. Wisdom-gathering is often a solitary path and can seem rather intellectual and detached. When such people express their Truth in public it creates waves of upsurge as the double-eyed beings cannot understand how such a person can know what they don’t! Their walk and talk raise not ripples but voluminous heat emissions of rebellious activity! But they continue to walk with the ‘Knowing’ all is in accordance to the 'Will' of God. Because their will is not the human free-will but the Will of the Creator. They are strong and can weather the human storm. They stand steadfast in the Light of God, emitting light which does the work. They are the Being-ness not with a human blueprint of duality. They live here but dwell in the Energy of Beyond!

For such Light Beings Money comes naught from earthly chores but from the Infinite Abundance of the Universe. That which is permanent and creates no lack. Silently they walk the corridors of this planet, doing nothing of body, earning nothing through body, learning and unlearning all about life on this planet. Trickles and waterfalls of light disperse through their footprints. Receiving, being, and giving light is their work, surrender is their gait, openness their might, reception and interaction is the communication where silence is the mode and void is their space! 

Many a times, and mostly, such
Light Beings feel alone in this crowded world of physicality and form. Driving up the solitary road to enlightenment ... side-stepping potholes of polarity ... pausing at mountain tops, looking at clouds above and beyond ... waiting and hoping for a symbol, a sign, a cosmic code, an Interplanetary most Extraordinary contact - looking for a message, a Truth that will walk the aisle with them ... where every footfall counts, every value is multiplied and expanded indeed!

"We must become so alone, so utterly alone, that we withdraw into our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our solitude is overcome . . . We are no longer alone, for we find that our innermost self is the spirit, that it is God, the indivisible. And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its multiplicity, for in our innermost soul we know ourselves to be one with all being."

~Hermann Hesse

Indeed, to receive 'Direct Dial' to the Creator is not easy!

I know naught another way of life. Awake is the normal way of living! I know we are a few, though we look like others, we carry not a similar Contract Plan. The Monadic BluePrint is our chart. 

I rise each morning to an imminent molecular mutation; I hold strong in the path of light's involution and evolutions ... solitary i stand in the crowded entropy of manipulated agenda! Knowing that aloneness is a pre-requisite, a price inevitable to walk the Path of the ultimate Ascension and Victory. A price to gain ultimate Freedom from the Blind Maze of earth! This GamePlan, we entered into millions of years ago, must be mastered and gained victory from. This is true success!

The "Path" of a Spiritual Exorcist, an Alchemical Transmutator,  a Cosmic Reporter, is not soft and rarely ever sweet! It is not artificial and pretentious. It is not fearful of divisiveness. It is not afraid of its own shadow! It is not afraid of losing popularity when it speaks the Truth. It does not seek likability from others and knows well this Path shall not fetch many a supporter either. Truth Reporters cause resistance and effect dis-like from others. Their personalities are the Violet Fire that raises negativity for the purge. They do not beat around the bush where directness is mandatory. The Path has no regard for vested interests that cause suffering. The Path and the Path-Walker are benevolent. They are fiery! And - cuttingly honest in their effort to liberate themselves and humanity from the principles of Dualism and Separation!

Such are the awakened "
Blue Ray 1 Beings" & the "Violet Ray 7 Beings" in embodiment upon the planet of the highest density with the lowest vibration indeed!



Feedback of ME

Hello Sangeeta!

Thank you for all your work, being here on this planet and sharing with all of us. Thank you Sangeeta :)

I'm really looking forward your book on Blue Ray 1 Fire and wish you wonderful exeperie writing it. There are many many beings who will highly appreciate information that you can put together. The veil of forgetfulness has been pierced and your work is very very appreciated esspecialy at these times.

Much love to You :) I'm really looking forward readning "The Voice of Silence" :)

Natalia Karagiorgis

Dear beloveth Sangeeta HANDA.

You are the true Star shinning and giving its Bright Light Across the clear Blue Sky and that's what you mean to the dying world.

Thank you for exposing every single portal to open up and I'am in with my total heart with 120% for All things to come to its fullness.

Dear Sangeeta, I am a lost person in the wild cave making myself trying to make way out to see the true meaning and color of Light.

With deep hurt Heart of much Love Indeed would you be able to make the whole process of light energy work fine and okey when I systematically eye is on the written light from the screen were you are.

There must be always balance energy to create some things far more greater and big.

It comes with great experience and understanding to bust some things that are so Huge.

And with little knowledge of you, You are the great blesseth woman I had never meet in my life and you are True Blue Print of Almighty God - EHEYEH ASHER EHEYEH- And you are in Total and Full 9 to Revive the Dying planet earth with Masters powerful DNA within you is so much loveable.

You hear and can fill the vibration of its fullness energy activate within to give back life and restructure the very fabric of very life existences.

Seed must die so that new life can become more fruitful.

Thank you for your advice today causing me to understand who really you are.

Please Reply!

Best of Luck Always and In one Heart.


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