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Updated: Jun 7, 2023





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Not surprising that the below mentioned story is being conveyed today. 6 is a highly Dual Number for earth and humanity...and our Solar System. Whilst on one hand 6 denotes Venus, planet of love and abundance and along with Lord Sanat Kumara and His Twin Goddess of Venus (our Regent Lords); 6 also represents the Dark - Lucifer, Luciferin Consciousness, and if you have read the Blue Ray 1 Tablet (Part - 1) - the 66.6% of the Dark requirement. So, this makes it a highly potent number of Duality, to its highest level! Therefore, notwithstanding, I understand why the below information is being released today...on the 6:6 Portal of Love and Darkness. As both played an important role in that Golden Era of God Consciousness upon earth. How the Dark, camouflaged as Love, reigned as Light until the deception was unveiled. Both ruled then as 6:6 energies to the hilt. Read below such a 6:6 Love/Hate story outplay itself.

The body of Pharaoh AKHENATON has never been found and shall not. There was no, body left to be buried. His murder was excruciatingly unbelievable! A butcherous annihilation of a body with a soul living in it! Nothing of him was left...and what was, was cremated by Kiya, with due respect. However, with her (Kiya or Kaia), Akhenaton's second and rightful wife, there is another kind of torture (horrendous) story that pursued and led to her being embalmed (with her eyes nailed open and hot wax/embalming oil poured into them) and thereafter buried alive...under a famous Temple of Egypt. Only their son Tutankhamun's body was meant to be discovered and therefore his tomb was excavated.

Nefertiti too is buried and someday, perhaps, her body shall be discovered. But she was not the mother of Tutankhamun! An important revelation. Tutankhamun's mother was not can figure who then was his true mother. Father is known of course.

What a terrible end to a golden era of High Light! All records and relics were literally obliterated and thereafter, history was rewritten by one woman and the relegated priests of that period. By the Woman who was recognized as the Dark and thus scorned and rejected, at the very end, and by the priests who lost their power and position in Akhenaton's reign of 17 years (in the18th dynasty of Egypt's New Kingdom). They together took revenge and entirely changed the History of that Golden SatyYug (to suit their agenda and regain the lost power) when, "One Consciousness" was understood and revered.

Akhenaton, like Moses, Akbar, Arthur, Thoth - all High Light Beings - anchored the wisdom of One God. He replaced the then Amun-Ra (god that the power-broker cabal priests worshipped exclusively) with ATON. So, who is / or was Aton? ATON is the Higher Presence of the 'Great Central Sun' of Sirius, the headquarters of God's Light for our galaxy. Akhenaton referred to ATON as the One God Consciousness for humanity on earth. And rightly so since ATON is the highest Light Consciousness for our galaxy, being the Higher Presence of the HQ of Light where, God's Light for the Milkyway Galaxy is anchored for all life in that galaxy.

Notwithstanding, all was annihilated of 'Tel El Amarna' - the Kingdom of Akhenaton and, with it, all his teachings and wisdom. Everything was changed to make one woman (most revered at present for her beauty) famous and reposition the priests back to power.

However, all revered today are of the veiled darkness! Man knows not the Truth but as usual is drawn to the darkness which it perceives as beautiful.

Herein, 6:6 energies of Love and Darkness thrived to their fullest bloom. And, mass consciousness was unaware and believed whatever was present!

May you all today live the Love Energy of 6 but, recognize and acknowledge the darker side of 6 as well because, Darkness is not to be feared but understood. Darkness is the yearning for Light. In darkness we see the Light and, when we receive the Light - the Joy experienced is unfathomable! Darkness en-ables our yearning for the Light, inspirationally moves us/pushes us toward the Light so we may experience the Joy of being in the Light, of being the Light.

This is why we opted, volunteered, to descend and play the game, when the first trumpet was sounded by Gaia, introducing her BluePrint of "Total I AM NOT" ( explained so beautifully by Lord Sanat Kumara, Thoth, Buddha in THE VOICE OF SILENCE, link is provided below). We emerged from the I AM and passionately entered the game of I AM NOT to realize what truly the I AM is all about. Living in the Light continuously doesn't allow the soul to be aware of the beauty and joy of pure absolute Light. Its taken for granted. Darkness gives the soul an opportunity to see the Light, realize the Light, recognize the Light, and to Know the LIGHT!

Truth emerges from Darkness

How can you see and know the Truth when you have no opposing energy defining it? However. Darkness has no meaning if beings get lost in it, allow themselves to dissolve in its acidity. Or if people refuse to be led by the Darkness to see the Light. An Awakening only occurs when there is Darkness. That then becomes the Highest Experience in the I AM NOT! When a being Awakens to the Light within, realizes he is not of the dark, he is not duality, he is not evil and negative, he is not fear, disease, death, destruction and lack - he exits the Star Program of Gaia! He has played and participated in the Game of the I AM NOT and emerged Victorious! With, now full and absolute Love for the Light he is!

Lord Buddha when asked who he is (because of the Halo of golden light that walked a mile before him on earth), he simply answered: I AM AWAKE! This is indeed the answer of a fully awakened man, from the Darkness he dwelled in but - conquered it by understanding what he was being shown! And allowed to be moved by Darkness back into the Light!

Hereby, Darkness served its Purpose and man fulfilled his Purpose for volunteering into the opposite of the I AM!

This is the meaning of the 6:6 Portal

of Light and Darkness

on earth

Energy of Akhenaton - a Sirian Master of

the Lion Consciousness

Goddess Seshat, the Higher Presence of

Queen Kiya

God Thoth, the Higher Presence of


This is LIGHTLINE, the cosmic lineage, of two mighty High Light Beings that left their light prints on earth.


I have "added a text" below in the comments section, please do read it, after this blog. And do leave behind your feedback in the comments window (below), there is no need to log in or sign up for doing so. Thanking you! Namaste

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Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Jun 07, 2023

Am adding this bit here since I'm again being approached with queries or proclamations:

Time and again, people write to me with information that they are Nefertiti, Akhenaton, Cleopatra....esp these 3 are the most spoken about. Nobody says they are a reincarnation of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Ted Bundy

Before, we begin this blog - Nefertiti is NOT Akhenaton's twin. She was / is the Darkness that Akhenaton got caught in thru magnetic attraction (very common on earth), even though he was a High Soul. This is the Test on discern Darkness from Light, because Darkness feigns the Light so successfully. And, Darkness always tempts mankind thru flesh beauty, (false) glamour, money and (fake) fame....and if anyone is hungry for…


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great article. Akhanten was the 18th dynasty.

18 in gematria is bondage, signalling the descent into the dark age, from a place where Akhanten told everyone to worship Ra, the Sun


Jun 06, 2023

What a magnificent truth revealed by you Divine sister , my infinite gratitude and Blessings to you from Cusco , home to Macchu Picchu and the sacral chacra of Gaia


Jun 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such a helpful explanation. Thank you Sangeeta. Blessings upon you. Alayne

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