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Pain always has a Purpose! The PEARLS of WISDOM!

Did you know - an Oyster, that has not been wounded in any form, does not produce Pearls?

A PEARL is a "Healed Wound"

Indeed - Pearls are a product of Pain!

On the inside of the oyster is a shiny substance called 'nacre'. Now, when a foreign element enters the pearl - like a parasite or even a grain of sand - the 'nacre cells' immediately rush to the spot and begin their work of covering the element with layers upon layers of its shiny substance in order to protect the foreign invader, who is actually defenseless, from the oyster itself.

As a result, a shiny bright iridescent beautiful Pearl is formed! And since, invasions are not a regular event, Pearls are rare - thus, invaluable! The greater the invasion, the greater the Pain, and more are the Pearls formed consequently and - greater the value.


PAIN without a PURPOSE

Remember, the crucifixion of Christ? The immense pain He incurred (our previous article)? People till date question - How could a God allow His son to undergo such atrocities and sufferings? The Roman soldiers mocked Jesus then and its still a query amongst the non-believers today! But the inclined Know the end result of that pain - the Resurrection of Life and His Ascension into God! Setting thereby the TimeLine of Resurrection and Ascension for all humanity. The "Potential of Victory"! That was the worst Pain and it had a Purpose! Therefore, God never allows Pain without a Purpose...indeed! Furthermore, the 1st Tablet - "YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY" - reveals 'Some acts of Kindness can be crippling' in one of its chapters, so if you have read that, hold that Wisdom close to heart as it explains eloquently the process. And answers the question well of 'How can God allow mankind to undergo such atrocities and sufferings?'

However, there are yet many ongoing atrocities, in the form of wars being waged upon this planet, whose Purpose is yet unknown.

The Purpose is not revealed in advance....nor whilst the Pain is tangible!

The realization of the Purpose is in Retrospection.

An Introspection is required to realize the Retrospection!

Mankind develop its PEARLS of WISDOM not by reading stories of valour and awakening but, from the greatest Hurt, the deepest Wounds, in their lifetime. Cherish these wounds; Heal them; you have the Imported Tool (refer to "THE AMETHYST TABLET") and the Incantations ( refer to "THE BLUE RAY 1 MASONIC SCRIPT OF INCANTATIONS") to invoke and evoke the Healing Powers from within to Heal the Pain, Dissolve the Scars and, Resolve the Karma.

The Hardship you maybe enduring now is a Process to attain the

GLORY at the end!

Enjoy the climb up the mountain...

as you are about to witness the


You are at present in the throes of the Eclipse Corridor. Symptoms will come and go. Solar Flares are actively sprouting the Protonic Plasma just as the Photon Belt too is radiating its Photonic Plasma. Immense Opportunities for rapid rise into higher and higher vibrations of Light. Keep building that "Internal Plasma" (refer to "THE BLUE RAY 1 SAPPHIRE TABLET) by utilizing the "External Plasma" freely available now.

That's the Mountain you are all climbing - out of the Blind Maze - as, exit from this Matrix is Vertical. There is the Glory of Victory at the top. Endure bravely the ascent! And. Enjoy the ride! Its your one-time experience as an Individualized Spark ("THE AMETHYST TABLET") in the lowest denominator with the highest density and the all pervasive duality. Raise that Child from within, and enjoy the simplicity, spontaneity, the innocence and never-ending curiosity of the Child as, it is the Child in you that will make you forget the Pain and feel the Joy of every sense!



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02 de abr.

Dear Sangeeta, a beautiful allegory indeed! Thank you for the clearest of all message. Always ever grateful for these wonderful posts......Blessings, Mary-Jane

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