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Politics: AMERICA & INDIA. The BLUE RAY 1 at play where ego and pvt agendas have no say!


"POLITICS is the Quality of the Blue Ray 1. Lord El Morya provides training into Leadership qualities; in his Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood of God, located in the ethers above Darjeeling in India; for all leaders of the countries on earth - thru their dream state."

President Biden laid out the red carpet to welcome PM Modi of India. This was on a 'State Visit Invitation' (very rare and for Modi, the first time, despite many prior visits to America) that offers all the honours that go with it. Modi addressed the Congress too in a joint session. Had a State, as well as a pvt, Dinner (with Joe and Jane).

This was not coz America wanted to honour India without an agenda

China was the catalyst numero uno, followed by a minor (who are they kiddin'huh) - Russian alliance that India holds so dearly and coz of which, it shall "not support" the American President Biden's courteri of Ukraine support against Russ (Rooss, as India fondly refers to Russia). Biden needs India on board to boost his pioneering leadership stance, which shall (he wishes) go down as his legacy in forcing propelling compelling Russia to its knees!

In this respect, PM Modi is saluted for sticking to the 'LIGHT'S WILL' ( which is the stand India has taken vehemently) on being neutral in this war as - whenever India has been attacked by its hostile neighbours, its has always been Russ who helped, supported India (even against China). America fed Pakistan instead - with arms, ammunition, plus - voluminous financial aid - all under the pretext of fighting terrorism in their state against Afghanistan. Really? We all know where the American taxpayer's money went!

Mr. Modi didn't melt under the warm hospitality cascaded upon him by Joe and Jill

Obama apparently instructed Joe Biden to bring up the Minority and Autocracy issue with Modi, but J didn't - he is busy architecturing and cementing his legacy. Obama then spoke about the issue in his latest CNN interview.

Is Obama's concern valid? The reason, the Truth cannot be mentioned publically, should reveal the answer. Sad. True!

Nonetheless. Each nation's elected Rep must look after the welfare and protection of the people who he/she is representing. There should be "NO POLITICS" in this! A True Leader is one who nobly speaks of and for the best interest of its country first. Who acts in the interest of his people - first!

Similar is the truth that applies to the evolutionary growth of all. You must first respond to your concerns and then only, look after the others. If you aren't "Selfish" in this respect, you shall be the biggest loser. There is no two way here! This is a Law of the Ethers for evolution in 3D.

Same applies to the instructions given in an aircraft regarding the oxygen masks that would be lowered in case of less oxygen. You wear the mask first then fasten it around your child.

A bad leader of any nation is one who is "Playing Politics" to forward his, and his party's, agenda. Herein lies and rises the Ego of the leader. Yes, a leader can possess (and does) both - interest of his people and politics in decisions. Then the question is - what he places first! People or Politics!

India is a Monad Ray 1 nation on earth. Its leader is very very important for earth, not just for India. Is the leader enacting the Divine Training he is receiving in the Darjeeling Council? This man is a spiritually awakening man - he meditates, he prays, he performs major Fire Ceremonies, he evokes the Light. He is highly religious. But, "Outwardly More", as his every application of religion and spirituality is conducted in-front of cameras with full throttle media broadcast. But. In his attempt to 'at least' (at the very least) enter the 'Beyond Realm', he is being affected by the light and can be navigated by the light - although in bits and pieces only. However, his ego comes in the way regularly (seen thru his preferences and actions of involving full media coverage to impress the outside, his arrogance in persona and how he conducts himself with his might of freewill and is unbending toward diversity, etc etc ) and so, unfortunately, little light filters through. But, and nevertheless, here is 'one leader', undeniably, who dares enter the Realm of the Beyond and so the Ascended Masters and the Light Hierarchy can, at the very least, en-able the Light Agenda to sieve through successfully. And - this was an important issue (of Russian support) where, no duality should supersede or be superimposed upon the WILL.

And so,

Modi's unshaken stance

before the Devil's Temptation,

was indeed a Victory for the Light!

There is much ongoing beyond and under the human vision with respect to Ukraine that others know naught about! Ukraine is not the victim. Let's leave it to that.

One is a powerful EGO-RIDDEN nation and the other, a SPIRIT(d)UAL nation



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