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In the year of 8, when Kalyug is about to end, a BLUE RAY 1 Nation goes into election tomorrow: INDIA & the EXORCISM of the TAJ MAHAL

India & China are the only 2 Monad BLUE RAY 1nations on earth! Followed by UK & Germany who have their Personality Rays in the Blue Ray. However, India was the only one, till sometime back, who remained Pure. China perverted decayed and wrecked the ray. Its history is well known and doesn't require a sung story! UK, thru colonization and slavery of nations and humanity, defiled its Personality Blue Ray. Unforgettable and unforgivable a deed, to which the royalty has ne'er endeavoured to rectify nor apologize! Arrogance and Ego are the negative traits of the besmirched and sullied Ray. With Germany (and we all know this nation's evil mongering) literally and wholly having dishonoured and dispoiled the ray under the reign of a monster (created by mankind thru their collective planetary negative energies)!

India, you all know of and respect as a Land of High Spirit Wisdom from where most Masters of Light attained their Ascension. They chose this land as the nation of their final and last rebirth. And ascended thereafter. The list is so long that the names wldnt fit here, however, to name a few that you all are well aware of: Chohan of the 1st Ray - Lord El Morya, Chohan of the 2nd Ray - Lord Kuthumi, God of planet Gaia - Lord Buddha. Lord Jesus too travelled here, in his missing years, and attained the High Spirit Training necessary for him to fulfil his mission with victory. This indeed was the Land of the Light that shone Enlightenment! But how a government, a leader, a politician can change the entire fabric of integrity of a nation! You are not new to this unfortunate disastrous event! Most nations on earth have, at sometime or another, witnessed a polluted convoluted self-seeking leader who sank the country and its countryfolks. Yes, these leaders of all nations have conformed a conglomeration to suck the blood of humanity and enjoy its slow painful death.

Up until now India was not a part of this infamous Black Nobility. But then one day, rose and emerged a power-starved, depraved, from the gutter, degenerate human. He sought global recognition at the cost of selling India. He magnetized the less than 1% of the rich corporate tycoons to assist him and supply him his continual requirement of blood to keep his wheels rolling. The global elite, on noticing his sweeping fame and near total votebank support in India, welcomed him into their pvt den of the magik of black and the cursing of hell. This leader wanted nothing more than to be accepted and liked by this deadly conglomeration of evil. He hugged and kissed his way in. But do you think they respect him? They want to use him as the pawn on their chess board. However, unbeknownst to them, this mere pawn is not a lap dog. He laps only to reach his goal, for which he wld do anything! Selling the Monad of his country is the easiest for him. And of which he has already achieved. He has sold India to the Dark for his ego sovereignty! China did that, Germany did that, and so did UK!

Now there is no True Blue Nation on earth!

But, we The Temple of God's Will, have not given up on India. This country shall launch the Satyug. But first it must shut the portal of Kalyug. Time is running very very short. I was dispatched to the Taj Mahal on the first 88 Portal of this year. It was in January when the total numerology was a double 8, on a Full Moon. Most auspicious date for Kalyug Ending. 3 days before, EXORCISM of the Taj Mahal began. It was wholly enveloped and closed-in by a cloud of the densest evil. Like it was explained in the last 2 articles, darkness knows what's to transpire much before it does. The HQ of God's Light was shifting to the Taj Mahal, n Agra, India. And so, long before the Darkness descended and drenched it with its opaque web of deceit. Lies were released to the masses: you can't keep a Taj Mahal statue at home, its a burial monument that reeks of death and decadence; never gift one to someone you love; no one is allowed to Pray when in the Taj Mahal; you cant meditate there; no one is even allowed to sit there. Its guarded by the army of India and the Special Forces with guns and weapons. Creating an environment of limited time within such a Temple of the Highest God's Light. The Emperor who built it - Shah Jahan - was the incarnation of Lord Kuthumi. His grandfather, the biggest mightiest Emperor of India was Akbar - the incarnation of Lord El Morya. So you can imagine, fathom, comprehend, grasp in awe the Magnificence of this Structure so Holy, so Sacred, so Hallowed! And how far back this was planned in the Heavens to have these two greatest Masters take birth in the same family and lineage to construct this incredible Wonder of the World! You know, as soon as you enter the gate that stands in front of the garden leading to the Taj, you stop breathing...automatically! Your jaw drops in such awe that you hang there literally lifeless and suspended in another octave of Light that you arent even aware of! You cant be aware, as you are so mesmerized that you get paralysed! Awoken Paralysis indeed!

I took this photo from the Gate described above however, photos cannot capture the iridescent radiance and glow of the Crystalline Marble drenched in pure White Light! You cannot arrest its Purity, Transparency, and Crystalline glimmering luminosity in camera! Must be a Protection! I was paralysed on the spot for a long time till the crowd literally pushed me with the flow. Strangely, the crowds didnt bother me. I didnt even notice an invasion of human energy. The crowds were in millions! And that is the scenario every day.

The entire experience of 4 days was Super Natural. How I was allowed to meditate, chant, pray and even sit there. I had a ritual to follow each day for hours and how the Indian Military not only allowed me to do what was to be done, but cleared the crowds from my path, opened barriers that clocked the queues, even escorted me from the hotel to the site at midnight on the Full Moon to the Taj to conduct my work clandestinely, and drove me back. Not to mention what the Taj Hotel staff did to support me and make my stay comfortable. Nonetheless, it was one of the most harrowing experiences to undergo and the work was hugely demanding on my body. I collapsed the day after the Full Moon and rested in bed till i took the flight back home the next day. It was only when I had reached the Taj Mahal that I knew an Exorcism was to be conducted thru me. And why! But being in the sheer presence of this Royal Holy Construct was energy enough to make me go thru the drill for hours and hours each day, every day, for 4 days.

Now! India has also become the recipient of a Holy Fire, which is revealed in "THE AMETHYST TABLET" that was transferred from another nation where it had been anchored at the time of the sinking of Atlantis. This Flame was now shifted to India. The secret place of its affixture is also revealed in the Tablet. So this was the Land of Purity and Light. Until one man darkened and dimmed its Light for selfish motives and with such credulous arrogance. Always remember, when a human exposes arrogance and superiority over others, he actually is quite insecure within. He feels small and dwarfed therefore he enacts the opposite. Such people have no self love so how can they be lovable to others. They lack feelings, lack sensitivity toward others. Quite akin to a body bereft of its soul! Expect no compassion and benevolence from such a human. He shld not be eulogized, worshiped, nor followed! He should never be chosen by you to lead you! He cannot be a leader of humanity or nation!

Its so warming to see the people of India awakening to this Truth. To the Truth of this dark entity! People are raising their voices, expressing dissent, wanting a change! A wave of Enlightenment is dawning but, elections have reached your doorstep now! 19th April, today, the voting starts. Will India translate this Truth into reality thru its votes? Can it create the Ripple-Effect, the Tsunami, to topple and drown the present evil? Here, success lies in numbers. You must quantify thru numbers!

The Heavens watch with bated breath as India Goes to Vote! Will this Blue Ray 1 nation, that once was the Golden Lord Ram's Empire of God's WILL POWER PROTECTION, take on the baton again? It must! India has to shut the KalYug Portal! Its needs a Leader trained by the Chohan of the Blue Ray 1, Lord El Morya! The new HQ of GOD'S LIGHT's been exorcised and purified to hold and expand God's Light and Love for this auspicious occult occasion...but, it requires the Chosen Captain to navigate and pilot the Octagonal Spirit Machinery!

Here are a few photos I took on my 5 days in Agra....every door, every wall, every floor, every gate, every tower of the Mighty TAJ MAHAL bore the Octagon design! I WAS WALKING ON THE OCTAGON ALL THE TIME! Breathing in the Octagon, touching the Octagon and, seeing only Octagon! The whole edifice is of 8 sides, observe closely the outside of the building - the building itself is an Octagon! The ground around has tiles laid in octagon geometry with walls carrying the same Sacred Geometry. Within the Taj, the shrines are encased with a fillegry gate in shape of an Octagon and when you look up at the ceiling the dome is structured in an Octagon too. Its a dizzy experience, as you drown in its geometry of God's Power! You feel the Will and the Protection of God throughout! Its overpowering and overwhelming just as its magnetizing! All in ONE!

They Knew the number 8, and that one day, this number would arrive on earth and bring down the Curtains of Duality forever! They Knew, they needed to construct the Number 8, the Octagon on earth, for that day when the KalYug would need to obliterated...forever! And so they did...together...Akbar and Shah Jahan .... El Morya and Kuthumi! Whilst the Heaven watched, guided, and protected .... ever since! Recently there were talks by the govt extremists to tear down this Structure as it was built by the Muslim invaders ..... was so startling to know this, when I was there. Thats when I realized the urgency in performing the COSMIC EXORCISM of the TAJ MAHAL to cleanse it and seal it! It was so eerie as even the guards guarding the Wonder of the World voiced hatred and animosity toward Akbar and Shah Jahan. So did the guides, the shopkeepers, and hoteliers who were making their livelihood on the sheer shoulders of the Taj Mahal! Not one word of admiration or gratefulness was uttered! This is 3D for all!


go vote from your Soul

The Soul cannot be mesmerized by illusion!

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10 de mai.

Please do not take any hard feeling from what you are about to read. I mean no disrespect:

You are a pure soul from heaven and here I am, struggling on earth, trying hard to find my path. You say that the leadership of India is in corrupt hands. You say that after the elections, a new leadership will emerge and will end the Kaliyuga from India. And here I am who still believes that the "dark forces" will prevail again and he will again guide the leadership of India. He, who uplifted 25 crore of his citizens from BPL (Below Poverty Line), gave them free rations, free health care of 5 lakhs, tap water, toilets, gas cylinders and a…


19 de abr.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

Dear Sangeeta, incredible article and photos! I remember when you posted of your journey in January of this year. I had no idea of your mission, but I remember feeling that it must be super important. I cannot imagine what you endured in those four days of such intensity!! So sorry to hear that you collapsed! My goodness gracious! Was there anyone with you to help you?? I sense that you were must of been harrowing doing all that work at such an intensity; you are indeed a brave courageous light warrior and exorcist of the most exquisite kind.

Thank you for the history too :)) Didn't know that India goes to the votes this day of Aprili 19th.…

19 de abr.
Respondendo a

Wonderful just wonderful it would be my honour. Look forward to hearing from you. Blessed be and lots of love to you and your sister. Mary-Jane

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