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6:6 and AMAVASYA (No Moon) with LORD SHANI (Saturn lord) celebratory Anniversary

Lord Shani is the Karma God of justice and debt-payment. He is represented by a Black Stone, and, from last night till tonite (timing will be provided, IST) is a Moonless 24 hours, also called Amavasya. Notwithstanding, today is also the Portal of 6:6 and, the Amavasya ends today IST @ 6.00 pm. If you are in possession of Tablet 4 - "The Blue Sapphire Tablet of the Blue Ray 1" you would be fully equipped with the knowledge of the Dark's 66.6%...

Quote from the 4th Tablet:

INTERNAL PLASMA, can break the following “CARBON-ATOM-STRUCTURE” of the “666” (Please note: if ‘INTERNAL PLASMA’ is not generated, the Plasma Light streaming from the GCS alone cannot cause the Shift). Now the original ‘Carbon-Atom-Structure’ embodies 6 electrons (-), 6 protons (+), 6 neutrons (neutral charge). The nucleus of the Atom contains protons and neutrons whilst orbiting the nucleus are electrons. This is the ‘Base “666” Carbon Atom’ (of a Carbon-based human body) The Mark of the Beast. Up until now, the human body was quarantined by the 666 atomic structure. Quarantined by the Beast! The BluePrint of Gaia laid open the ground for free play of Good and Evil. Why? This is already explained earlier. Moreover, this consequently en-abled the Devil’s free and easy entry! Not just onto the planet but also within - within the very atomic constitution of the human body!....

Today, the 6:6 Portal is a time when the Darkness on earth is at its highest, coupled with a No Light time so, make sure you are protected by the Etheric Masonic Incantations of the 5th Tablet: "The Blue Ray 1 Incantations of the Etheric Masonic Script". Recite all the Decrees, Mantras and Techniques. You shall be given the Lord Shani Mantra too.

Today earth is being pelted by "numerous" X-CLASS SOLAR FLARES too!

Unusual Day!

Lord Shani, is the highest Authority on Karma and Justice for earth and humanity. He is considered, by Indian Mythology, to be the son of Lord Surya (Sun) who holds one of the highest portfolios in the Great Central Sun. And Lord Shani is a devoted adept, bhakt, of Lord God Shiva.

Shani Jayanti is an occasion where devotees reflect on the importance of karma and justice in their lives and seek blessings from Lord Shani Dev for prosperity and well-being. The religious and astrological significance of Shani Jayanti is deeply rooted in Hindu traditions, as it serves as a reminder of the righteous path and the importance of devotion in seeking divine blessings and forgiveness. by:Rahul Pratyush

Shani Jayanti 2024: Date and timings

Shani Jayanti in 2024 will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 6. The puja muhurat, or the most auspicious time is as follows: in IST (pls convert to our time zone)

Amavasya begins: 07:54 PM on June 5, 2024

Amavasya ends: 06:07 PM on June 6, 2024

Shani mantra :

1. “Om Pram Prim Prom Sah Shanaye Namah”

2."Om Sham Sha-nish-charayeh Namah"

Personal Note: Short Update on Indian Elections, about which Ive been writing ferociously since April on social media, along with the Closing of the Kalyug Curtain! Since both are connected and interdependent.

"I was hoping the Indian elections would go the positive way by now but, so far it hasn't. Nonetheless. The Game is not over, as the saying goes. Indians who voted for the Liberation from Dictatorship were 42% whereas, 44% voted for the status quo. And to make the govt - 51% is required so, the outside independent parties must join either of the two main parties to form a govt at the center. So,let's wait and see where the 'Floater Parties' (as I call them) eventually land up, though, they have already sworn allegiance to Mr Modi (yesterday) but, the date of 8th June is still a while (not too far though, however, I'm sure it can be changed if needed)! And now, from today, the floaters have begun placing their 'elaborate demands' before Mr Modi for joining his party and en-abling the forming of the Dictator's govt. The opposition, headed by Rahul Gandhi however, has shown great integrity by not trying to buy the Floaters and not begging them to join the India Alliance, so as to make their govt. They are standing apart with 'no-action' and watching where the cards fall before the swearing-in date. I must say, Rahul Gandhi's India Alliance party is manifesting immense Dignity and no greed at all. Extraordinary! The Light is watching too, not interfering with the free will of man. First time, in my occult work with the Light, esp in politics, I haven't been 'in-boxed' (I receive the Name in my mind suddenly) with a definitive name for the PM of India. As I received with the last two American elections and in the case with Imran Khan of Pakistan (2 elections there too). Herein, the Light wants to see the awakening of mass consciousness....esp since India occupies 1.44 Billion of the mass population. Notwithstanding, I was hoping it was Rahul Gandhi who wld have won the elections by now and so this powerful date of "6:6" today, coupled with "Amavasya" and "Lord Shani Anniversary" could have been the SHUTTING of the KALYUG ERA! Alas, not the case! So, that event is yet on hold for now.....sorry guys!

Shall update, if the Light wins and the Curtain is ready for the Fall!

Enjoy and be safe today!

This is an AI image created by Wix on supplying the details of the 6:6 Portal, Moonless Night, and Lord's Saturn's Anniversary!

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Jun 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta, Well you certainly have been incredibly busy! Very intense reading about the Indian elections and extraordinary that you have not been 'in-boxed' (yet) on the ultimate result. A 2% spread is not much between parties however what concerns me is the spread between 51% vs 42% and 51% vs 44%. The difference being 7% - 9% is alot of people! Why may I ask do you feel the Ghandi party is being neutral so to speak as a show of integrity? I have never dappled in politics but at such a serious conjunction action and if I may 'positive' persuasion on the parties behalf to shift the populace to Ghandi is needed. One can certainly "lead" a h…

Replying to

Well deciphered MJ! Its the gap between 44% and 51% or 42 and 51. Thats what creating mayhem in Indian politicking right now. Modi has already shifted the swearing-in to the 9th but....war on demand by the outside parties thickens as Modi has become inelastic in what he isnt even going to consider....lets hope this pushes the see-saw to the other end. Now for the second question: the India Alliance; as rumours have it; have sent feelers to the floaters and now even the president of Rahul's party has twitted that if the floaters are serious in keeping the Constitution of India intact they are open to receive their proposals. Changing of the Constitution of India has been the biggest…


Jun 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Mulțumesc cu iubire su recunoștință , va binecuvântez 🤗💜🙏

Replying to

Ive asked this guest many a times too....but its something like Thank you and Blessings....

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