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Third Dimension is the lowest bottom step in a very high multi-dimensional step-ladder of Spiritual Growth. In each dimension there is energy of that particular dimension. You maybe living on a particular dimension but, could have stepped-up the ladder of Ascension and possess a higher dimensional energy of a higher rung. Yes, that is of course possible as that’s how we are living on this planet.

Now. Energy is free and floating everywhere, unrestricted (except in our materialized dense 3D bodies). The energy moves as such that it looks for similar measurement of energy and goes toward it, then aligns and dwells there.

So. Let’s say there is a human living on our planet who is embodying the Polar Energy of 3D (shall explain more about this in a moment), he is openly living the vibration of the 3rd dimension that is laden with qualities of fear, lack, disease, death, anxiety, so on and so forth. So, Energies floating around with these qualities will immediately notice the concentration of similar qualities and move towards it…align with it….then, latch on to it. What surfaces thereafter, in the human’s life, are situations which reflect the same qualities. For instance, if this man has not evolved past his lowest Chakra and is dwelling mainly upon satiation thru his lowest sexual organ – for example: seeking several partners for sexual gratification, focused upon money garnering/business deals to make himself rich for enjoyment of a copious bountiful physical and material life, with other such focuses that construct a ‘projected abundant lifestyle’ for himself translating into him feeling powerful, mighty, and attractive. He dwells upon feeling good about himself from the outside by exhibiting a false glamour and copious abundance. Rendering very low self-esteem, practically non-existent self-love. So, what then do you think will transpire! Similar Energies of False Power, Lack, Temporary Glamour, Selfish love, etc., shall be lugged toward him. People shall hang around this man who want from him , are not loving toward him, vampirish energies will begin to suck from him…drain him…temporary wealth shall easily head in his direction and easily leak out too…nothing he has worked for in sheer material aspect can stay…situations shall arise where he will experience grand Lack and Loss…business deals will go bad, debt will increase, covenants made will not bring back the due monies, sex will go sour, he sees the others only seeking from him and when he has nothing to offer - withdrawal is in a flash….he realizes he is UNLOVED UNLOVING & UNLOVABLE! Such a man falls even lower than the 3D energies he has been grasping! He already was functioning from no self-love, and a false sense of power, and so he consequently attracted such people and such situations into his life. However, the question arises: did this sharpen the Truth for him?

If not then, all this drama would translate into a Disease! That’s all that was remaining – he would think! Indeed!

Diabetes may not occur only at such an extreme condition. It can surface mid-way too without the man losing much still so as to rectify the perversion and awaken him to rise, before falling rock bottom.

But. What does the man do? He takes a 3D pill to control the Manifestation of the Disease. Not remove it from the core, cause. He handles the effect and impact of it just like he is living his 3D life – only from the surface, from his lowest Chakra and his lowest excretion drainage system. A Pill that will help him to continue his Glamour Lifestyle!

However! Diabetes is a Dis-Ease condition that makes the human - a living “Magnet” to all other Dis-Eased Energies floating around…Diabetes begets all other Diseases! It just a Magnet that attracts, to its bearer, everything sick around it. If dengue is seasonal, he will get it; if Covid is prevalent he shall attract it, any virus/any bacteria floating around will latch onto him. People don’t die of diabetes (just as people don’t die of cancer), that’s just a magnet that is reinforcing the belief of the bearer. Where ever lies his negative (or dual energy) focus, he shall immediately now draw into himself. Mostly no one really knows what they are focusing upon. Do you know you have fears, do you know you are scared of feeling unloved by others, do you know you don’t want to end up being alone, do you know you are scared of getting Covid (here a lot of you shall say YES J)! Fears of having not enough money is the commonest of all. Then that’s it! Your energy makes sure that’s exactly what you shall have without fail, again and again.

Diabetes is a MAGNET within your energy format that you have constructed thru your mindset and your investments that loudly reflect your intention behind it – which you have not only carved but maintained with care from the dual energy format of the 3D plane within which you are comfortably dwelling.

The Pill is good as long as you now begin to work on the source of Diabetes and remove/transform/and clear the core-and-cause of the magnet formation. Raise your energy beyond the plane upon which you are residing! Then you shall not build the Magnet that only furthers, garners, additional lack loss disease and painful deaths. Begin to live from Within! Its all within your grasp! Its Magic when you dont know this and, its Manifestation when you know....

You gave away all your Powers

And that is the energy of a Third Dimension

3D is built upon 2 Powers. Your Power and the False Power to whom you surrender. If your energy signature is third dimensional, then, you have No Power of your own! You have submitted all of yourself to the False Power. This is why Earth is called a Graduation School! Here you go to learn outside. Herein teachers are projecting their False Powers and making sure you remain as a student. Herein energy is being vampired by one power, from another power. Herein people become falsely rich by feeding on the energies of submission. You fall sick, you go to a doctor outside. Doctor continues to become richer. Pharma companies continue to reap benefits by manufacturing Pills that never remove the Core or the Cause of the Dis-ease so, ensuring your regular return and their wealth augmentation . You see how the 2 Power industry, on a 3D world, is thriving?

Third Dimension is a School where you come to experience the I AM NOT but – not to make a comfortable home! This is a realm of Duplicity that manufactures and projects Falsity – only so you can then truly perceive integrate and awaken to the Real Value of One Power. Recognize the One Power and fully embrace it.

But. No! Man loved and integrated “False Glamour” instead of learning from it. He entered the school and made the school of learning his home. Lessons are to learned and graduated from. You are not meant to live forever in the lesson. In this dimension man gives up all his Power to everything and everyone around. Belief in Two Powers is investing in the consciousness of the Third Dimension, which (remember) is the lowest rung of the huge Ascension Ladder toward the One Power. But to reach there, you really don’t have to climb the innumerable rungs. No, you don’t!

The route out of this School of Learning (the lowest rung) is to Graduate from it. Move out of it! How? Doesn’t that mean climbing onto the next rung and then climbing all the way up? That’s a long long very long walk up .... phew!

No, it isn’t…. you just and simply first, “Stop” … “Recognize” the Energy you are enveloped in … then, “Pull Back” all of your Power that you have given outside. Now, “Recognize” the Truth of the ONE POWER … of all that there is …. Thank God, shall then be your exclamation and not the earlier ‘phew’ of having to climb up so many many many rungs! Got it?

The Recognition of the Two Powers, and then simply Releasing it and Letting-go is the Huge Ascension Jump without endeavouring the labourous ‘rung-by-rung climb’!

And now a note to the

Spiritually Advancing Beings


Simply realizing that there is


is not enough

The challenge lies in integrating the Truth and then Becoming it….Projecting it. Intellectualization was indeed the biggest jump…but now you can only remain at the Higher Rung if you match the Energy of the ONE POWER GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. You must BEcome the CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD.

However. At this level of Real-ization, re-Cognition of the One Power, life doesn’t become seemingly more comfortable as we would expect. No! TO BE-come it, you must BE it! But we all have a junkyard of carefully stored and loving nurtured garbage. That’s where we are today. We know of the One Power and are busy purging, clearing, transforming, purifying and emptying all inner spaces and bodies.

THE AMETHYST TABLET describes eloquently, thru several Ascended Masters and Lords/Ladies of the Light, The Integrated Illumined Being and that’s where we are all heading. If you have the Light Veda, please study it well, again and again. That’s our last climb into!


(extract page 290):

“… This involves the Sacred Geometry in creation of – "13:20:33 Yantra".

"The primary connection between the Personality (form); which exists within the dimensions of 1-3; and the Soul leads to an Integrated Personality (13); this occurs within dimensions 4 – 6; and thereafter transpires the connection with its Higher Presence (or the I AM Presence) leading to an Illumined Personality (20); at dimensions between 7-9 . This is the “Initiatory Process” - Before man can tread the Path, he must become the Path! And Antahkarana is the Path!....”

Inspired by a wonderful article "Acturian Group Message" channeled by Marilyn. I picked up the '2 Powers' words from there...didn't want to change it as its Perfect. Then, on reading that lovely Message, this Article was coined with the LIGHT. Perhaps the LIGHT wants us to understand Diabetes, or any other disease, from a Higher Perspective by primarily comprehending the lower vibration that created it.


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