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MATRIX RESURRECTIONS delivers a Divine Message confirming the 2022 Prophecy

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Extract from "The TRANSITIONAL SPLIT" begins" (

"Earth is fast approaching the ‘TRANSITIONAL SPLIT’, which is destined to unfold as the cycle of 2021 completes and rotates into the major phase of the Great Shift with 2022. All awakened are on the cusp of a great SPLIT and great Revelation! This is the biggest ever ‘ Energetic Transfer’ to take place during this current transition of earth. At the very moment you enter the linear time of 2022, a Multidimensional Energetic ‘SPILT’ shall shake the entire bubble of the earth plane...."

I just finished viewing "The Matrix Resurrections" which is part 4 of the series. I was thrown away seeing the Message! You know that Matrix series is a highly channeled script. How did I forget that as I sat to watch it as an, was jerked out of my seat once I caught on to the Divine Message being clearly conveyed. Earth's Matrix, as we all know, is the major Construct of the Dark Lodge. The movie cleverly weaves-in a reminder that the Matrix is a Game (remember earth is a playground and we are players in the GamePlan of earth - I've always written using these words of expression) and the Cabal is the villain in the Game, with Light Beings its heros. Whilst Cabal is the villain, who then is the creator of the Game? None other than the shapeshifting Lucifer, who appears in innumerable roles in-the-Game and out-of-the-Game. The movie shows him as a psychiatrist who plays with the Light Hero's mind keeping him locked into the Matrix - very clever way to depict the shapeshifter devil. Now, in this last Matrix movie, the slumberous hero (locked deep into the matrix) is instructed to reconstruct the Game - implying, the Devil knows his meter is ticking as the end of Kali Yuga is reaching its mid point. He must reactivate the Matrix to make sure his control is firm. But the Lightworker Hero has begun to receive Cosmic nudges...memories of who he is, about his past efforts to deactivate the Matrix and dismember the Devil and destroy the Cabal...he gets flashes of Truth...the Light Hierarchy is working hard to Resurrect the Lightworker(s) so the Devil doesn't win the Game. You gotta watch the movie and see beyond the entertainment to connect the dots and catch the Message. Since 1987 Harmonic Convergence (when Gaia was asked the question if she she is ready to ascend or self-destruct) the Higher Light has been active in awakening the masses thru channelled messages via mediums, psychics, scribers and movie script writers. This is a nudge coming from Above....translated into the movie quite vividly as Keanu receives flashes.

“A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something”

~~~Matrix Resurrections~~~

The Deja Vu is the result of the Cosmic Nudge as the entire Universe comes together to help awaken the Lightworker...his sim card is being resurrected indeed!

"The 3D matrix shall dismantle vividly before our physical eyes...Dramatic events shall occur in the coming months that will fundamentally change and transform the earth’s world forever....Now, this TRANSITION SPLIT completes in February (22nd to be exact) of 2022. It’s meant to completely separate the two dimensions of 3D and 5D. It is the final exit from the Old Matrix and the activation of the New Matrix." Extract from my earlier article (mentioned above)

The movie Matrix Resurrections shows quite impeccably the destruction of the Matrix as the Ascension of the Hero occurs...of course its not translated as per my words but thru the writers ability to convey the message. Notwithstanding, my translation of the Divine Message is quite clear and it is this: Neo and Trinity aren't two lovers but the "Yin and Yang within the human". Now, keep this in mind as you view the film, so, when Neo unites with Trinity at the end, he becomes Complete and, on becoming Whole he receives the Power that he had lost whilst living as the masses do, once entrenched in the Matrix. The kiss between the two, even the very touching of their hands, is symbolic of the Complete Self emerging. The movie then reveals how he comes into his SuperNatural Power (as defined in THE AMETHYST TABLET, link provided at the end) and can thwart the psychic evil attacks by the Dark Archons (men in black as depicted in the movie), he can stop and re-divert each bullet shot at him, he can finally fly again. This was amazing to watch as was the Matrix being destroyed and the zombie controlled masses creating mayhem and absolute destruction.

Neo undergoes a Transitional Split as he returns to his Powers with becoming Whole and is lifted into the bubble of 5D space but returns to the dismantling 3D earth and smacks the Devil sitting on his earthly throne, but now in shambles and broken apart with the crumbling old matrix - so symbolic, and warns him he has returned to perform his mission of rebuilding a New Earth. Wow....doesn't this fit so well into the Divine Message we have been receiving? The Divine released this film a week before we enter 2022 to affirm some pointers:

# Ascension requires becoming Whole again...first.

# You can only become Powerful again, and regain your psychic powers, if you have graduated from division into Completion. You must complete Within.

# You will undergo a Transitional Split and enter the 5D but return to complete your service in restoring Satyug upon new earth.

# The Old Matrix is about to dismantle chaotically.

"You shall encounter sparkles of Spiritual Enlightenment, twinkles of Spiritual Radiance, flashes of Spiritual Brilliance and Clarification in this SPLIT. Life situations will be formed in such a way that “everything will suddenly begin to fall into place” – Spiritual Synchronicity. Everything shall happen henceforth at an accelerated pace and to keep pace with it, we must create a 5D space around us. Begin to live in a 5D Bubble of Light just as we place a bubble of White Light around us for protection." Extract from my earlier article (mentioned above)

The above extract reiterates the Deja Vu felt by Neo in the film and how the Universe helped in creating Spiritual Synchronicity for Neo where suddenly (as he responds to the Cosmic Nudges), everything begins to fall into cognitive place.

Matrix Resurrections is a blessed confirmation for us all that the Prophecy is about to transpire so be prepared, be ready, and allow for Spiritual Synchronicity to lift us into the Transitional Split as it occurs!

Please make sure you are in possession of all 4 Tablets and have read them thoroughly. Good Luck is Preparedness for the Opportunity when it knocks!

Lastly, in the Matrix Resurrections, as the Old Matrix is being violently destroyed the imagery unveils in such a way that it seems the "machines are at war — the machines appear to be fighting other machines". It would seem that no civilization — human or artificial — can escape the story of self-destruction. As Kali Yuga ends, all shall self-destruct on earth!

Ah yes, aging is a part of the self-destruction. Very subtly depicted in the film, so subtle that it may miss your realization. The mirror is used, in very brief spurts, to reflect how Neo truly appears to others...but, the singular eyed advanced souls from the Other Side see him as he truly is - young and never aging! Very interesting reminder for us all! Do not look at yourself and pause at the reflection of the body that has suffered time and gravity on 3D ... see but your Light, the brilliance and radiance that you have highlighted upon your soul thru evolution from a fatal GamePlan and emerged not grayed but glowing with Victory and Freedom!

Also notice, in one shot only, how Trinity's reflection upon the table shows her to be an entirely different looking woman. Yet, Neo recognizes her, from his Souls eye. The director had to use the same actors and with same appearances as previous films so we can recognise them. Another quite remarkable and subtle reminder to us all. Engage your Soul to recognize the Truth that which can be seen only by a "Soul-Personality Integrated Illumined Being" (THE AMETHYST TABLET explains how to become one - this is a Light Veda for the Great Shift, a Cosmic Encyclopaedia, a Holy Bible of the modern times).

"The BLUE pill or RED pill? It doesn’t matter anymore; they’re both placebos"

This is not a film review but a personal translation of the Cosmic Message relayed to us thru a famously channelled movie series. That which synchronized perfectly with my last article, understood by me as a Confirmation!

Were the Script Writers/Director/Producers aware of the Divine Message they were relaying? No. The director received the major crux of the story at night, whilst sleeping, and on awakening she knew the story for the new film but wasn't aware she had just received a "Divine Message" for the Awakeners! Nor were the main actors conscious of what exactly they were requisitioned to translate. Unfortunate but thats 3D life for us! Yet, if you observe, everyone has a script to enact and thru the most slumberous, the Divine reveals the most Conscious Truth!


Only the truly Awakened get it!

How beautifully sublime is the track of delivery and how intricate indeed!

But I pray, this Translation of the Divine Message may "awaken" the not so slumberous as well....


Links to my 4 TABLETS:


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Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Dec 23, 2021

Yuri Gonzalez

watched it last night..It's like DJVU


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Dec 23, 2021

Sameeta Nanjiani

That's just so amazing . Thank u


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Dec 23, 2021

Wonderful wonderful, dear Sangeeta Handa



Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Dec 23, 2021

MARCIA M -"Woww (x3) Congratulations dear Sangeeta, to me this article is a Treasure of Jewels and Gold! Pure Light! Thanks dear Sangeeta. I can feel your energy, your Clarity and your desire to convey the Truth to awaken all. Thank You (I Am watching the movie for sure!). I loved these statement words you used from your last article and integrate them in this reality: Spiritual Synchronicity and Begin to live in a 5D Bubble of Light. Magical!!

Thanks dear Sangeeta for your enthusiasm that propels us when we need it most. (Indeed the energies have been strong, in a positive recalibrating way to me ).

Thanks for showing us the way. For bringing Clarity to this transitional split.…


Unknown member
Dec 23, 2021

It's such amazing to read your article. And finally I received your newsletter at the right timing.

I felt goosebumps just by reading it. Awaiting to see the movie.

I totally agree with you that Divine has so many ways to reach us and it gives us all that we require to know and move forward with faith and trust. Yes and those who are channeling these type of movies like Matrix, Interstellar, Inception and even Avatar are doing awsome work. Waking up the masses with hidden messages.

Loving the process of transformation and observing it and ofcourse ofcourse preparation is going on.... yepee!!!

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