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Earth is fast approaching the ‘TRANSITIONAL SPLIT’, which is destined to unfold as the cycle of 2021 completes and rotates into the major phase of the Great Shift with 2022. All awakened are on the cusp of a great SPLIT and great Revelation! This is the biggest ‘Energetic Transfer’ ever to take place during this current transition of earth. At the very moment you enter the linear time of 2022, a Multidimensional Energetic ‘SPILT’ shall shake the entire bubble of the earth plane.

Those of you whose Heart Chakra has graduated to the "Higher Heart" center shall enter the Higher Dimensional Light at the moment of the SPLIT. And be hooked onto the Higher Light Network! You shall take your unique place in this Grand Shift thence forth. Your "Higher Heart" will then become the center point of all new alignments and connections. Your "Higher Heart" shall be the indispensable instrument for you to first familiarize and then participate within the new metamorphic process. Your Heart will become an alleviating element for you within these higher realm light spaces. Now you can understand why graduation to the "Higher Heart" was/is so vital as it’s the only specific element necessary for entry, engagement with the Higher Dimensional Light Plane. This is why you all have been experiencing prolonged rapid heartbeats and heart palpitations for so long. I was diagnosed by a cardiologist as continually having Heart Attacks and was pressured to enter the ICU…but of course I didn’t ! I just wanted to make sure my Heart Organ was fine however, landed up confusing the medical profession instead. It was quite hilarious actually, even after returning home from the check-up I continued to receive calls from the hospital to get admitted immediately. Continual heart-attacks? Really, is there anything like that? Im alive and healthy after more than a year and a half of ‘continual heart-attacks’. :-)

Now. Since Oct 2021 waves of individuals have been ascending higher. This intensified with the Eclipse Tunnel. The Tunnel introduced heightened Virus Covid activity with the injection of the Omicron. My last NewsLetter elucidated the poison of Omicron – its meaning, numerical value, and its sound. Although the media is quite confused about the impact of this new variant, and shall ne’er reveal the Truth of its danger…slowly the veil is lifting for all who wish to know. Its not just a super-spreader but, as I had enunciated from the very onset (thru FB/LinkedIn/Twitter), its affecting the Vaccinated essentially! And we know why that’s so. They have no God designed Immunity System anymore (medically speaking) and (as I had written in 2020 Dec Solar Eclipse) most importantly, these people cannot absorb the Light streaming in any longer. So its easy for the Virus Evil Bullet no 1 to penetrate and impact the Vaccinated. Gradually you shall come to realize the potency and fatality of this new variant. This shall end the hype on Vaccine Passports when more and more Vaccinated get affected.

Now, on 21:12 (3:3), the Portal of Double Trinity Power, the doorway widens for even higher Ascensions. However, this Date is in fact directly setting stage for the Clear Demarcation between 3D and 5D, or the SPLIT, to transpire beginning 2022. This information I have provided earlier in my last article (I think it’s the last or cld be previous ones as well). A distinct SPLIT shall eventuate from the very first second 2022 is ushered in ( as explained above). Its however to be seen and realized how we shall experience it – would it be only a within encounter or, would we be shifted thru a Doorway into another reality from which we shall travel thru and forth to the present reality, is to be encountered to know. Now, this will nonetheless be felt by all graduated persons. However!

What's going to transpire on 3D earth shall be WATER WATER WATER – now what does this mean? Floods, land sinking into the ocean, tsunamis, land sliding off, shivering and shaking of the tectonic plates, earthquakes and massive volcanic activity. Since the Solar Eclipse of Dec 4th, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have already begun their work. A prelude to 2022 – the year of the 666 (make sure you have read and re-read “The Blue Sapphire Tablet”). Sun too shall play a major role in releasing its Plasma and creating opportunities for Ascension thru major Solar Activity of solar wind, solar flashes, sun spots, CME’s etc.

The 3D matrix shall dismantle vividly before our physical eyes. 2022 marks the beginning of major major and huge Natural Apocalypse that shall continue till the Kali Yuga ends. Earth shall tangibly be seen as “Under De-Construction”. Our bodies, in sync, too shall experience the same destruction and deconstruction. All will appear ugly and horrible, as it invariably does when a house is being broken down, destroyed, pulled down, bulldozed.

The seeds of 3D Ending have been sown and now it is sprouting out of the cracked armacadam, the asphalt!

Dramatic events shall occur in the coming months that will fundamentally change and transform the earth’s world forever. 12:12 saw the Transition Split activity begin which shall serve as an impetus on 21:12 to peak the Ascension Wave higher for all who are ready, to such an extent, that the SPLIT occurs in 2022…and, as I said here, it could very well be initiated at the stroke of midnight on the cusp of 2021 and 2022.

Now, this TRANSITION SPLIT completes in February (22nd to be exact) of 2022. It’s meant to completely separate the two dimensions of 3D and 5D. It is the final exit from the Old Matrix and the activation of the New Matrix. This exit shall signify the final ‘technical redistribution’ of humanity. Many shall pass thru the various ‘Triple Gateway Exit Portals’ set up at several points on earth (explained before in other posts) and so the Airport Hub between dimensions shall get quite busy and over-trafficked from next year. Remember, the Evil Bullets 1,2,3 were not a part of the Divine Plan for the Great Shift but, just as the title suggests, were an Evil Plan to thwart the implementation of the end of darkness upon Gaia. But the Natural Armageddon is the Divine Plan that got delayed coz of the firing of the Evil Plan. And from 2022, starting actually from the pre-Eclipse energy of November 2021, the Divine Plan shall take over.

And from 21:12 Portal (of the Mirror Date) the Great Shift shall deepen and widen its meridian pathway with very strong awakening energies. Though the stream is common for all but awaken it shall only those who can be awakened. Everyone is on a different trajectory to evolution since Freewill is yet operational on earth. And depending on where we are in our development now, our future shall take shape from now on. Spiritual Improvement will now take place differently, and at different levels, as there is no time left for long training! You shall encounter sparkles of Spiritual Enlightenment, twinkles of Spiritual Radiance, flashes of Spiritual Brilliance and Clarification in this SPLIT. Life situations will be formed in such a way that “everything will suddenly begin to fall into place” – Spiritual Synchronicity. Everything shall happen henceforth at an accelerated pace and to keep pace with it, we must create a 5D space around us. Begin to live in a 5D Bubble of Light just as we place a bubble of White Light around us for protection.

Through dedication to your awakening,

the timing of the ‘Transitional Split’ is made possible!

As we are drawing nearer to the end of December a capacious vibration of Light Pulse is about to begin its emanation from deep within the hot liquid core of earth. This Light Pulsation will begin to interact directly within our "Higher Heart" cells in preparation for the ‘SPLIT’. This should kick start at the 21:12 Portal itself!

... SPLIT is your Destiny in motion now ...


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