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The SOLAR-ECLIPSED "2nd EVIL-BULLET" fired onto planet Earth by the DARK LODGE!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The 1st EVIL BULLET was fired in 2019, on the Solar Eclipse Portal Opening of Dec. 26th. In my article of Dec 2019, pertaining to this event, I had revealed Lucifer had entered earth physically and taken embodiment in the body of a vibe-match in China thru a Soul-Exchange technology. Subtle enough for any politically alert human to comprehend even thru default!

This EVIL BULLET was a "Biological Entity"! A Galactic Evil Miscreant creation.


The 2nd EVIL BULLET is a "NanoTechnology". Herein, Technology enters Biology not mysteriously but by human creation itself. And when Biology meets Technology.... read further to know it all!

At first, the Dark Lodge was successful in placing the entire planet into a Planetary LockDown - unheard of ever! Thru just one Bullet fired - to Bull's Eye perfection indeed! However, it was angered that the mass critical death rate wasn't achieved. Well, it couldn't have devised a more demonic plan to such perfection as it has with the 2nd Bullet. The Dark Lodge MasterMind has made man create its own "Death Venom" - the lethal Vaccination that is overtly meant to inhibit the damage of the Virus.

It first released the Poison and now the Anti-Dote to the Poison! However, this antidote doesn't neutralize the Poison but ensures Death occurs without fail...eventually and covertly (invisibly).

Lets start from the very beginning of the launch of the 2n EVIL BULLET

Once again the Devil attacks at the darkest moment on earth - the Solar Eclipse. Though UK has already started the Death Venom, the real poison shall enter the bloodlines from the Portal of the Eclipse, that is when America rolls-in its injection activity.

Now, the writings in the sky reveal the OMEN! The Solar Eclipse occurs in the Nakshatra of "Jyeshta". The Planetary Cluster show whats going to happen and how - so interesting!

Nakshatras have a Grouping: Monstrous, Human, or Gods. Jyeshta belongs to the "MONSTROUS" Nakshatra Group. Its occurs in the sign of the SCORPIO. The Lord of this Nakshatra is INDRA (the face of Lord Shiva as the Maha Kaaleshwar - the Great Evil). The qualities are: piercing, sting, poison, venom, fire, precision, surgery, divorce and - injection! Power of this conglomeration is Ascension - make note of this word.

This is the arm of the Scorpio that pierces the skin of its prey and injects the poison! This is quintessentially, Occult being explained simply. The WRITINGS IN THE SKY reveal the SCORPION STING is about to strike the planet thru the Dark Lodge's 2nd EVIL BULLET! Please may I request you to closely observe the "arm" of the Scorpio - can you see the "spikes"? Does it ring a bell? Yes, the Coronavirus is unique thru its Spiked exterior!

How perfect are the WRITINGS IN THE SKY! How direct and perfect is the message.

The Solar Eclipse Portal, occurring during the Krishna Paksha in the Scorpio Sign, opens at the darkest second in the Nakshatra the ARM of the Scorpio that injects into the human race the 2nd BULLET of the EVIL!

Everything is symbolically revealed, through hidden well behind the darkest cave of the dark scorpion!

The mRNA technology of Pfizer and Moderna is a genetic technology that enters the human DNA and changes its Divine structure by inducing a foreign signal. In simple, non-scientific, language - the serum will release a gene into the body that will construct a Guard on the organs, systems, glands etc of the biology whereby, when the spiked Virus entity enters it lands on the Guards and doesn't enter the body's system, where it is then neutralized by the Guards and antibodies. However, this is what the BIG PHARMA'S are explaining to you. Till now it sounds great, doesn't it? It does NOT even inject a small quantity of the Virus to build the antibodies (that will fight the Virus whenever it enters) as the other vaccines being developed would do; as all vaccines always do! Wow, you would think, what a great Technology Pfizer and Moderna have developed! How advanced - Nano Technology! Well, all that shines outwardly is NOT gold! We have learned that lesson well in this 3D octave of the dimmest light but highest density!

Before, the real Truth is UN-Veiled, lets be reminded of who or what Pfizer is! This company is the biggest "BIG PHARMA". Pharmaceuticals is one limb of the CABAL or ILLUMINATI on earth. This is a big section of the DARK LODGE, imported to earth from the galaxy. Pfizer is funded by at least 5 of the top Wall Street Bankers of the US. Banking industry is under the Cabal as well. FDA that sanctions safety of the pharmaceutical drugs and medicine is under the BIG PHARMA and the CABAL. They are all hand-n-glove and well camouflaged to keep the masses in the dark so they can be controlled and manipulated by the Elitist 1% or the CABAL or the Dark Lodge. When the 1st EVIL BULLET couldn't exactly fulfill the expectation, its own limb set to work to ensure the Destruction is complete by ensuring the entire Human Race is silenced forever and, the Sovereignty of the Dark is once again reset!

How then you would wonder, can the ENTIRE human race be silenced and subjugated to the powers of the Dark?

This is where the TRUTH comes to the surface by the WILL of GOD!

The "Nano Technology" when meets the "Biology" in the human, injects into the DNA not just the gene to destroy the Virus but, also the Light ... and, forever!

It injects the gene technology of the


The Vaccination shall not only destroy the foreign invasion by the Virus but destroy all incoming "Highest Light Packets of Information" from the Great Central Sun too! In short, it shall PREVENT Light from being absorbed and integrated by our bodies in order to upgrade our Consciousness and lift us into the ASCENSION MODE of freedom and liberation from the 3D plan of earth.

The Gene Mutation (caused by the mRNA nanotechnology of Pfizer etc) shall tutor our DNA to reject and neutralize "all foreign invasions" - ALL - so that the human race cannot Ascend...ever! So that, in these 4 years; that mark of END PERIOD of KALI YUGA; they shall achieve Sovereignty and Subjugation of the entire Human Race and REVERSE the End to "ENDLESS REIGN OF THE Dark Lodge" upon earth! This would then infallibly terminate the Ascension of the Planet eternally! This is their Plan....therefore, if we KNOW of their plan we can avert it and once again, cause their 2nd BULLET to FAIL as well!

Our wearing of Masks, Social Distancing, Lockdowns, Quarantines, caused their 1st BULLET to Fail....successfully! We followed the WILL and have survived the first Test, despite some protests against the safety measures exercised by persons using their free-will. We now have been SHOWN again by the WILL how to survive the 2nd Test.


I cannot take upon myself the Karmic Responsibility of such a mega revelation....please follow Your own Inner Guidance System only, and do what's true for you. Do not listen to me, or anyone else, for that matter. It is Your Test.

Pfizer Vaccine is


The Scorpio's STING is highly symbolic here. A venomous Scorpion Sting is "NEUROTOXIN" in template. It releases a chemical that affects the "Nervous System" of the subject, paralyzing and killing it. The Pfizer Vaccine too has proven, in some subjects, to adversely affect the Central Nervous System causing a variety of symptoms such as facial paralysis, allergic reactions, vomiting, nausea, inflammation and swelling of the body, breathing difficulties, swallowing difficulties, low blood pressure, rapid heart beats, light-headedness, shock, impending feelings of doom, mental confusion, blindness, etc.

Remember, for Ascension to take place in a human, the "CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM" must be ready to receive the Light, hold it within, and be absorbed to shift consciousness of mind and body. If the Vaccine destroys the Nervous System, Ascension can NEVER take place in the human!

Now. Chemotherapy destroys the Bad Cells as well as the Good Cells and thereby kills the bodies natural Immune System. Pfizer/Moderna Vaccine, in a similar manner of operation, KILL all invasions - that of the Disease and, of the Light. Killing the good with the bad. Whilst Chemo of Cancer (CC) kills Immunity; Chemo of CoronaVirus (CC) kills Ascension, and forever!

However! There is another Point to be considered here - Pfizer makes most of the Caner treatment drugs and therapies. It has, till date, prevented the Cancer Cure (CC) from being known to the public as it would lose monies if there was No cancer. It makes sure, Cancer is the most dreaded disease on earth and therefore, out-of-fear everyone would necessarily and inevitably buy its therapies. Cabal in full evil operation, thru complete subjugation and control of the masses indeed! This Vaccine could also carry the "Cancer Gene" in its nanotechnology so, though it would at first make the masses happy, by curing them of the Corona - it would as well have covertly injected the deadly C into the DNA thereby ensuring its profit forever, and control over the 99% of the human race forever ...most importantly!

Lastly! One more Green Signal - do you remember MONSANTO? Well, Pfizer merged with Searle company, acquired by Monsanto - infamous for DNA mutation of human genealogy thru its gene mutational bio-technology operational in the agrochemical industry.

Though this is a Test for the human race: whether to be vaccinated or not - yet, whilst in the Himalayas (the Abode of Lord Shiva) I was benevolently told - this information can be released...but in a protective way so as not to arouse the Devil! Therefore, please do not post this article or any part of it at any social medium, nor discuss this with others openly. You can help by posting the Link of the "Article Page" of this website with subtle guidance to the topic without mentioning the title or the context. This is vital for everyone's protection and yet allow the kindness of sharing to operate.

When the Solar Eclipse begins you can recite two Mantras:

The Maha Mrityunjaye Mantra

The Tantric IndraRupam Shiva's Mantra (you don't have this, as this shall be communicated thru the incoming release of THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET - only to those who have bought all the previous ebooks).

TIMING OF THE SOLAR ECLIPSE: in IST & UTC only (pls convert to your time zone)


Begins 19.03 13.33

Full Eclp begins 20.02 14.32

Max 21.43 16.13

Full Eclp ends 23.24 17.54

Ends 00.23 18.53

ANNEXED: This section is added two days later (Dec 13th) on receiving an additional Message:

In 2021 there shall be two solar eclipses, one in June and the next in Dec. However, the second eclipse shall be a Replica of the one coming now on Dec. 14th, 2020.

On Dec 4th, 2021, there shall occur a Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in the Jyeshta Nakshatra - same as the Solar Eclipse on Dec 14th, now. The theme of the present one of 2020 is one of the "Eclipsed Vaccination" and the same occurring or recurring one year later shall unveil the result of the present Eclipse. Proving: how, the Writings in the Sky, thru planetary alignments, express definitive happenings. They are Prophetic that bear Omens if man can translate it.

ANNEXED PART 2: This section is added on Dec 22nd.

Today I received a VALIDATION on the TRUTH penned in this article and have sent everyone a Newsletter informing the same: I shall re-post the contents of the Newsletter here as follows'

Special Update

A RARE COMET was sighted at the time of the Eclipse! If you have read my Article on the "The Solar Eclipse and the 2nd EVIL BULLET FIRED"; this sighting is a MEGA OMEN!

"Comets have a long history, usually as omens and bearers of bad news," says Woody Sullivan, professor of astronomy.

In the Hindu mythology, comets are associated with two demons, Rahu and Ketu. This year, 2020, has been a year of the Rahu - Rahu epitomizes Virus, disease. Ketu, on the other hand, stands for Awakening and supports Spiritual Maturity.

I asked the Light for a validation and have instantly received it!

A validation of the Truth I received from the Light, as penned in the article.

Pls make sure you have read it so you grow in Spiritual Maturity and take an informed decision whether to be vaccinated or not.

~~~ Sangeeta Handa~~~
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