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LIFE is a DYING CANDLE - a TRIBUTE to a Sage passed on "Thich Nhat Hanh"

Life on earth is a process of the many stages of a dying candle


Honours a Star

"Thich Nhat Hanh"

and his passing on!

The following article is inspired from his teachings

Life and Death are not separate aspects. You cant take Death out-of Life nor can you remove Life from Death. They are interwoven into One existence…they are just stages of one leading to the next. You cannot remove Matter from Space nor take-away Space from Matter. They are One!

And so…with birth of Life on earth you have begun to Die every second of your Life. Just as when you light-up the candle it begins to start diminishing from the very start, since it is consuming the wax required to keep the flame burning and, the wax is its body of existence. Similarly, our body begins its Death journey from the very second we are born. Here we call it Ageing. What it really means is – we are dying and our body is wearing out.

But. Here it must be understood that Dying doesn’t mean your Life is decreasing in significance. Dying simply means, your wax is burning out to enable your Flame to continue being lit. The Flame dies out only when the wax runs out. However strong and organic you make the wax doesn’t matter, does it? It has a height that determines its span. We have a Contracted date of departure that assuages our life span. No matter how strong and healthy you make your body! This is why once Lord Jesus said to me:

What you put into your body doesn’t matter,

it's what you release that matters!”

The second line of His Words take us into another sacred understanding of deep importance – The candle when lit, is emitting outward heat and light continuously till it dies out.

Similarly, we as humans too are constantly releasing into the atmosphere - our thoughts, emotions, and actions. The Candle is impacting its surrounding positively, thru the heat and light it is releasing. It is spreading light, dispersing darkness and giving warmth – for which it is lit! We, however and, unlike the Candle, can decide consciously what we wish to emit outward. Positivity or Negativity. Now, when Jesus said – “…. it's what you release that matters!” He implied we impact our surrounding (far and wide) with our emissions, our negativity ripples across and spreads further negativity which can be endangering life by augmenting emotions of sadness despair depression lack loss grief etc., where as our positive vibes create ripples of uplifting energies that bring forth light love joy peace harmony balance truth etc. Proving, without a doubt, our emissions matter! Greatly! This is why - what we release matters! Not what we inhale, consume, eat or drink. That only goes into our digestive system, which is geared to flush out impurities. But not our thoughts emotions and deeds - they affect our light, our aura, our emotional and mental bodies, and the universe at large!

Now, there is a Law of Karma that portends: “What goes round, comes around!” Lets start with the Candle first – as the candle continues to be lit, spreading its light and warmth outward, the same warmth returns back to itself and helps in melting its body (the wax) so it can continue to be lit. The melting wax keeps the Flame alive and enables its positive service to continue. This should perfectly explain the meaning of the above Law. The same applies to us. Whatever we release from our bodies comes back to affect our body too. In that way we are either doing Service and creating thereby Good Karma or being of disservice and creating bad karma for ourselves. Our body gets affected in turn, and either way. Becomes healthier and helps us to spread greater volumes of heathy light and love or becomes ill and unable to remit light and love healthily. So, in spreading outward we are pulling in the same as well and determining in turn, the health of our body and our Flame!

Furthermore, taking the same example of the Candle, when we buy a candle, we know how long it shall burn – 3 hours, 6 hours or just 25 mins etc. So, as the candle continues to shine its light it is also using up its time of burning. Similarly with our human body. However. Does the Flame of the Candle become dimmer or less important as time wears out its body? No, the flame remains unaffected. The same applies to the meaning of our Life. Till our time of Death comes, we are being of Service. Never should we forget this! Our emissions continue as the exhalation of every breath inhaled. Our release of vibration has no time span limitation nor does it come under the “law of Diminishing Returns”. The strength and volume of our release is the same as from when we took our first breath. Therefore, when and as we grow older and become aged, we should never lose the Purpose of Our Life. Till the Flame is alive it is emitting and impacting with unwavered strength. Old age has continued 'Purpose of Life' as the youth has. No compromise here! So, life has Meaning and Substance and Impact, till Death do us apart!

And in this way, we can also understand why the adage – “I was never born and shall never die” has "no meaning". We are born into being someone and return at death into Being no One. Every second thousands of our body cells are dying and giving space for birth of new cells just so our Form (body) can continue living healthily with Purpose. When the cells forget to die (as per God’s Design of Form) we have contracted a severe disease called Cancer that shortens our timespan and brings Death closer to Life. The Candle then begins to suddenly collapse and melt away into oblivion. So you see, how important Death and Birth are for this Form called the human body! And from the time of Birth, we have started our journey of Death and toward final Death irrevocably and undeniably. So, therefore, I AM born and shall Die to be Reborn again and again!

In this way, from No Being you become a Being and then subsequently, and consequently, re-enter No Being again and again till you finally have had enough of the I AM NOT (physical), and I AM THAT I AM (meta-physical), and decide to enter and rest in the I AM! The only place where one and someone can Rest eternally!

Thus, if we are to cry and feel despondent each time a human Dies, we would spend our each second doing just that – since we are Dying every second of our Life on earth. But we don’t! Live therefore with Joy even when the Form eventually disappears into Meta-Form. Cry only from missing the loss of vision of the same form but, not from missing the Flame of the human as – that lives on ... without the wax! Our body (the candle) is nothing but the wax of the Flame that exists only, to house the Flame and maintain it! But the Flame when in another dimension needs not even the wax, the body, to keep it alight and alive. It boils down to just this dimension, where the wax is needed as its house. And that’s what makes our dimension rare but, normal and natural to us, and so we consider any other dimension as Super Normal and Super Natural.

Lord Buddha, the Lord of our planet, therefore shared Death and its Significance with us so we may understand the importance and meaning of Death, and not fear it. It is a part-and-parcel of our Life and not the end. Honour the final Death with the same reverence of Life, which is why Death is called – “a Celebration of Life” (just on a different dimension and in a specific Star Program) - and not the end of Life. Life is the Spirit that lives on just as God lives on! Because Life is the Soul and the Soul is a Flame of the Whole Fire called God!

Birth is a Transformation from a Non-Being into Being and Death (again a Transformation) is the Return to Non-Being. The Non-Being continues its journey into different Star Programs of varying levels of the I AM NOT to just experience itself and, understand itself as the God...better and wholesomely! God is not a being nor a non-being, not the I Am Not, nor the I Am That I Am, not the physical nor the Metaphysical. It is Indivisible. It is the Whole. It is the SHUNIYA from which shoots out everything mentioned. It is Indescribable! It is GOD! The ZERO.

Sage Thich Nhat Hanh


whose Flame shines on....

"A Star was once born on earth

and has now moved back Home!

He was at Peace, here, amidst the darkness of


but now shall be evermore busy in the Light as there, there is no Rest!

No RIP but much to do!

Thank you, dear

Thich Nhat Hanh

for sharing your Presence with us

for spreading Enlightenment amongst us!

God Bless your Flame as you move onward with satisfaction

that your Seeds are sown on earth and so,

your Spark glows brightly here with us!"

Alvida. Sayonara. Namastes

Thich Nhat Hanh's FLAME lives on ...


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