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EXTERNAL PLASMA LIGHT "Intensifies" as the War in Ukraine gathers negative momentum


This is a necessity to provide DIVINE PROTECTION to all that is good and constructive on earth. And. To ensure the KARMIC CEILING is maintained! And. To make sure that DIVINE ORDER is firmly anchored on earth to deter the negative from irreversibly destroying 'All that is Good' upon earth. To shield from harm the innocent and brave, from those of the 'Dark Consciousness" who seek to establish their selfish Dark Agenda by manipulating the consciousness of the Light prevalent in the innocent and courageous humans.


However, till then, please remember:




March is the month of the Equinox Portal of Light and so, the "External Plasma Light" (reference: "The BLue Sapphire Tablet of the BLue Ray 1 - link provided at the end) shall progressively magnify and amplify irrespectively however, its explosive brightness has been additionally stepped up because of the War and its consequential impact upon the Mass Consciousness. Divine Order must be maintained, esp coz we are suspended in the middle of the Greatest Shift, with the Ending of the Kali Yuga as well, wherein, Evil is flapping wildly to maintain some semblance of its control upon the "Programming of Masses". Light has to Increase Intensify Magnify and Amplify its blast to counteract the Dark on one side and, Protect the GoodWill of its people, ensure their Safety under its Divine Umbrella. And. At the same time, the Light has to balance the wild chaotic node operational by firmly anchoring the Divine Order and, maintaining its intensity!

How is the Light doing so? It is acting thru the Solar Activity by stepping up the GeoMagnetic Storms and the Solar Winds on one hand and, thru direct streaming of "Higher and Higher Light Packets of Information" from the Great Central Sun (Sirius: reference "The Voice of Silence: the Emerald Tablet, link provided below). Light is heavily coded by Cosmic Intelegensia and Higher Intelligence from the Higher Octaves and Ascended Master Octaves that is formidably and rapidly burning into the human DNA for upliftment - literally. The impact of Light is being felt thru natural calamities of floods (water element) and tornadoes (air element) across the planet. As an earlier post had propounded that this year is about Natural Catastrophes. What i had received from the Light last year was a constant WAR warning, which I relayed on FB and to some of my friends in India. However, then I could not understand why I was receiving this signal as there were no signs then of any war-like situation commencing. Same signal I had received 6 months before the Virus was released...its sad as I kept delaying going to China then. NOt ever shall I hear a Signal sound and wait to interpret it or, deny obeying it as now I know in Occult Work with the Light and Hierarchy you just obey and immediately. There maybe "no time" in the Higher Octaves but there is Urgency in taking the sounded action instantly. Any Delay in action and obeisance could very well mean - Death! Hard lesson I learned....and costly too!

However, and additionally, I have heard not 'War' but "WARS" for this year. A chain effect to the Russia-Ukraine situation. How this War trajectory pans out shall determine the chain effect. But, as I have written above: the KARMIC CEILING cannot be pierced, at any cost. Therefore, the Higher Light Octaves have their forces positioned on Red Alert and are observing the situation on earth intensely, non-stop. The Dark is permitted to reign freely (and you know what that means) but within the Confines ear-marked by the Light. Any wild uncoordinated Flap by the Dark that dares cross the Ceiling shall end all attempts by the Dark forever. The Dark is very very shrewd and is cleverly playing its Dark Chess Game but, how careful it is being - is yet to be known!

Moreover, I have actively scribed on FB about the Cabal operative on earth and here too i feel the need to once and for all explain: There is no one Cabal on earth. The West (USA, UK Canada) has one, Europe has another and the East has a few. Though now, the Chinese Cabal is appearing to cohort with the Russian Cabal but they are two separate Dark Entities on earth in full blown operation with equally Dark Agenda.

Do not think, even for a blink, that Putin, Xi, Trump are positive beings attempting to blow over the Western Cabal and annihilate the New World Order. NO. On FB its evident that the Conspiracy Group are busy supporting the Russian Invasion as a sign that their Western/European Cabal is being hit and pushed back.




(may not be a Cabal but doesn't have any intelligence nor insight into who to support. He sways with who likes him - lowest IQ and EQ)

The Post from FB: "Once again the masses (a part) are going berserk with Conspiracy Theories regarding President of Ukraine and supporting Russia. I have already written what I have received from the LIGHT about the self-proclaimed czar of russia. Alex Jones is not a balanced man and so is causing major chaos in the understanding of Truth. Pls be warned! STOP pendulating to extreme! STOP following conspiracy theories circling around thru bitchute esp. When you aren't the Vibration of Purity you will spin out of the Path to Ascension if you follow and get affected by "Conspiracy Theories".

Russia China Trump are NOT of the Light. They aren't re-setting the World! Trump was selected by the LIght, and I wrote abt it even before anyone knew he was to win. At that time all spirit(d)ual persons were against Trump and thought he would lose. Then the Light spoke once again and I wrote he would lose the next election, and this time the spirit(d)ualists were 100% sure he would be the next President. The Light had pulled out from him as he was found to be uncontrollable by the Light to perform the task. America was left to its karma and biden was the karmic debt America accrued. So you see how the spirit(d)ualists pendulate opposite to the Light. They are dwelling on the Conspiracy Theory end of the pendulum. Truth lies nowhere on the pendulum.

If you don't "Receive" the Light just stay out of the canvas altogether. More you research the net and the various media outlets the more you rest on the Conspiracy end of the pendulum. This is esp true of the spirit(d)ualists - they are more crazy and perverted than the ignorant masses - who actually aren't into this kind of crap."

Now, returning to the LIGHT IMPLOSION-EXPLOSION....

There are some Scientists, who interpret the above graph as Earth's Vibration skyrocketing to "147" hz. Proof that LIGHT BOMBARDMENT is amplifying and magnifying its intensity! And if you look at the chart above you shall observe a thereafter BLACKOUT zone. Our technology cannot record the unmeasurable Blast.

Earth and humanity is being Blasted by and with an astounding and startling depth of LIGHT—profoundly pulsating, soaring, and piercing all creation and miscreations! Human bodies are being blown apart by this explosion and implosion. People are reporting feeling burned-out, extremely exhausted, weak, dizzy, being impounded by headaches, feeling feverish, immense eye pressure, and experiencing lack of sleep for about three nights. Some are reporting that they have slept but awakened as if they had no sleep at all—tired and drained. Others have stated that they kept waking up between 2:00 and 3:00 am without returning to sleep, thus remaining awake until morning crept over the horizon. Lack of having normal sleeping patterns is a major “Light Activation Symptom” (also called “Ascension Symptom”) because a shift in the DNA in the cellular atomic and sub-atomic structure is “awakening” dormant records as well as creating new ones—“downloading” of Higher Knowledge.

Do not panic

Know that Light is affecting mankind on various levels. It is purging, cleansing, obliterating, transforming and purifying our bodies on one hand. And. At a simultaneous level, it is recreating, revitalizing, regenerating, recalibrating, renewing and raising our Consciousness to Higher and Higher Levels of Frequencies.

Therefore, whilst it is killing on one hand, it is rebirthing at the same time or subsequently.

If we dont support our bodies with extra REST, Spiritual Applications, Meditations...then, the body shall not hold up to existence. Have you noticed how many young bodies are dying suddenly by their Heart giving up? Yes, coz our Hearts are under "Graduation and Gradation"...major upgrade! Therefore, exercise, if at all, must be closely monitored. Rest is what is advisable. Pray. Chant to assist the Consciousness to rise in sync with the body elevation.

On one hand we have the bombardment by the Dark

and on the other, we have the Bombardment by the Light!

Both need the Light to exist

"Make your Choice


you are yet engaging Free-Will!"

But ...


You have surrendered your free-will to the WILL then ----

Light shall Lift you!

However ...


You have surrendered to Arms -

then, wait & watch the movie end!


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