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DIVINE MESSAGE on post US Elections

What didn’t happen is in plenitude!

No unmasking of the cabal.

No punishment of the Cabal and their members.

No mass arrests of cabal, corporations, bankers, the shadow government.

No jail-time in Guantánamo Bay for President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

No military rise-up to arrest Democratic leaders en masse.

No pardons for Julian Assange, Snowden, and all supporters imprisoned for protests led by Trump.

No Martial Law Declaration by former President Trump, in his final minutes in office.

No revelation of any Secret Plan to remain in power forever, by former President Trump.

No restoration of America into Greatness again!

And, above all...

No second term for former President Trump!

In fact, contrarily, he is ousted, banished, expelled! And. His exit was Disgraceful!

The ending is pivotal in establishing the Legend of a leader!

Much like a folklore that follows, haunts, trails, and charts the storyline and headline of a Persona(lity), and in this case, it shall be archived in the corridors of US political history forever!

Some molds were executed by Trump but many many were not! Yes, he was picked by the Light to be the 45th President as his soul entered an agreement with the Chohan of the (Blue Ray 1) “Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood” (at His Retreat - ‘The Temple of Good Will’ over Darjeeling, India) to “Break all Molds” necessary for the Great Shift to move forward with un-hurdled momentum.

Lord El Morya represents the WILL of GOD and is the Father Principle of statesmanship. Lord El Morya holds classes in God-government (Spiritual Government) and the Path of personal Christhood through the soul's blueprint at his etheric retreat over Darjeeling, India. He trains the political leaders on earth, mostly in their dream state, into functioning in accordance to the Will and the GoodWill.

(More on El Morya shall be unveiled in the “Sapphire Tablet” that shall be released in parts (Part-1 is ready for release. The page of the eBook is up on the website for your perusal).

However, in the words of the Chohan of the Blue Ray 1: “We have entertained the world’s statesmen in our retreat. We have received all whose love for the Will of God has been greater than the love for the will of the lesser self!”

Then you may wonder, what went wrong? And. Knowing Trump, as all of us do thru the media coverage, his will is Not the WILL, never has been…nor is his soul infused with his physical personality and body. Then, primarily, why did the Hierarchy of Light select him? The Source works in mysterious ways and cannot be understood thru our 3D limited intelligence and, never thru logic. So, lets leave that vital, fundamental inquiry unanswered! However, what I have figured is, his soul was confident it would succeed in conducting the mind of Trump!

Somewhere down the 2nd year, it was communicated to the Hierarchy and Source, Trump’s human based 3D mind wasn’t refracting in acceptance of its Soul’s instruction. In fact, the Soul was unable to even move into his ego-ridden Aura that preceded his personality. The Aura of a human is the summation of the individual's mental emotional physical condition and disposition. This represents the "colour-chart" of a human beings energy-emissions. If his soul could not even penetrate his Aura, how could it communicate with the human mind and inspire the actions needed for the task?

By this time, it became quite evident that Trump was enacting from the highest level of density. Making foolish decisions from a confused fuddled incoherent unprincipled unscrupulous immoral corrupt dishonest ego-ridden intelligence. His communication to the media was riding a wave of unaccountability, irresponsibility toward his people - whom he was meant to represent, guide, inspire and protect. Even what he did enact and was successful in doing so; like for instance lowering unemployment and raising employment figures, lowering taxes; wasn’t emerging from a compassionate space. He actually did a lot of bad that the public is yet unaware of – the Motive and Intent behind his actions – the deals he struck with the wealthy and the corporates, to fulfill some of his promises to the electorate - were underhanded and ugly. But, the result was fringed with success and the masses only saw that, and thought he was saving them, that he was their saviour sent by God to uplift them! They thought he was destabilizing the structures that impaired the masses for eons. They thought he would expose the Illuminati, unveil the Alien involvements and bring forth the Disclosures. They trusted him unquestionably and blindly! In doing so, they assumed he was their man representing their anger and correcting the wrongs by which the populace had been crippled, imprisoned, and manipulated.

But the Hierarchy saw the "Covert" (the hidden) that the 'overt' (public) could not, or would not!

Once again, the masses were being misled – from one extreme to the other, they pendulated. This was not the Path to Freedom, for sure! But, the fearful multitudes were glazed and under the haze of another bigot. From total control, from total induced suggestive hypnosis state to another extremist condition of false belief and faith in a other state of fake induction.


For decades he was asked (in interviews) if he would run for the post of President of America. At first he started by answering in the negative however, the seed was sowed, and he began outlining his ambition to become the Rightful and exclusive Leader that would lift America out of debt and wrongful investments into its glorified threshold of the absolute power.

Make no mistake, he is a clever, scheming man when it comes to his benefit. He is generically egoistic and self-seeking! This is a quality that sums-up his human energy to the hilt. This is his physical signature! So, starting from his organic need to self-oblige and self-gain, he began to study the pulse of the nation. He observed the growing dissatisfaction of the masses toward the establishment. He saw they were awakening to a tangent platform of belief that there was a Cabal who skillfully controlled, maneuvered, contrived and, beguiled the masses of America, and to an extent the entire world. This Cabal regulated and hypnotized the 99% thru subliminal means and evil ways. The insidious Cabal contained members of the Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities, including the music industry, bankers, big pharmas, giant corporations, the big Tech companies etc. It is stated, they worshiped the devil, performed satanic rituals, kidnapped and trafficked children, sacrificed children, and were satanic pedophiles. This became popularized as "CONSPIRACY THEORY". It became the shoulder upon which, and thru which, many many people rose to fame with the power of the pen and voice. They came to be known as the “Conspiracy Theorists”, of which the most infamous one is “QAnon”. No one really, evidentially, knows who this is, or who they are! Could be some young die-hard psychos having fun controlling a mass population thru sheer theories that are tangent, which psychologically would provide the fodder needed for the hungry lost souls who are depressed, desolate, despaired, impaired, unemployed, in poverty, therefore frustrated and angry enough to latch onto any thread that would give them a reason and a purpose for existence.

Fighting for a cause is the biggest provender for a hungry man in search of a cause to live!

These Theorists, esp Q, served the needy - the banquet of their dream! And so the pendulum swung from being hypnotized under one structure into a space where another structure was doing just the same!

QAnon, a far extreme right theorist organization, was garnering strength and volume, velocity and followers. A digital Black Hole was forming. It was sharing secret information via cryptic online posts. Many outrageous theories began to flourish under the QAnon ecosystem. It drew in mass believers like a cesspool! This would soon prove to be a sinking hole...but at present it served the purpose of necessary fodder. The starved souls were being sucked-in like quicksand!

Trump was quick to understand what was transpiring and seized the moment! He latched onto the bandwagon of Conspiracy Theories. He started tweeting the same theories and gathering recognition. He began funneling and fueling the power of the Conspiracy Theorists who in turn furthered the popularization of Trump. After all, he was very well known and very rich! The Conspiracy Theorists of course needed such a famous wealthy supporter and promoter! All propaganda and deceit! Each furthering their own agenda to profit in fame and fortune!

"I fell very very far, basically becoming the homeless man on the street, shouting incoherently, about Judgment Day. When "Q" started saying Trump was working behind the scenes, it was like music to my ears!" QAnon theories became the only thing in his life."I wanted to believe that justice was coming, and all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the show!" He was fascinated with Trump and became an obsessive follower of Trump and QAnon. Jitarth Jadeja, an Australian and QAnon follower

In this way, Trump started building his own base of supporters and the path to politics was laid and cemented. He was now ready to Win. He would not have entered the political arena, ever, had he any doubt of losing. His vanity would ne’er allow that. Remember, and keep in mind, his generic make-up, his human signature, his aura. The distinct attribute the celebrity billionaire Donald Trump has long possessed, and often to an entertaining degree, is his overweening pompous haughty Pride and Prejudice, his bigotry chauvinistic racist bias. Coupled with no compassion for any other. This all together contracted his Ego Personality of who he is!

Subsequently leading Trump to “an Epic rise to Power” that nobody could have foreseen — nobody except himself, of course! What was perhaps more foreseeable, at least in retrospect, was the tragic fall.

After all, its not just an adage that : Pride cometh afore a Fall!

"In literature, a “tragic hero” has to be larger-than-life, but he needn’t be particularly sympathetic. Shakespeare’s tragic heroes run the gamut from those we couldn’t care less about, such as Antony and Cleopatra, to the frustrating Hamlet, to those, like Othello and above all King Lear, whose stories are almost unbearably sad. What they all have in common is some terrible flaw that dooms them to make a terrible mistake." Mario Loyola

And Trump is certainly, and every bit, that Hero to 78 million Americans who believe Trump is protecting them and America, from the Cabal of evil and corruption!

Moreover, it is understood, an underdog is psychologically a preferred option to a palpable pet.

And so, Trump became the underdog who wins against all odds, while still bearing the foulest diatribes criticisms attacks and betrayals. Yet, you can’t overlook or deny, nor debate, his overruling and crippling flaw of self-importance to achieve exclusive self-advantage!

Vanity definitively diminishes Character proportionately!

And thus began his FALL! Many a political analyst wrote: If only Trump had been a bit more humbled by the honor of the presidency, how much greater he might have been! Alas! Not only did he NOT BREAK THE MOLDS once he gained popularity; as he thought; but began to augment and promote his place in power. He made it “All about Himself”! This hastened his fall indeed! However, the Fall became overt only once he realized he had actually lost the election and thereby, verily lost his Seat of Power in the Political Trolley.

His manner of Exit finally was the last straw, that which is now irreversibly archived in the annals of political history as the worst President of America!

His ferocious fixation on himself – that, he can never lose – lost him his last battle!

Without outlining the series of follies thereafter, let it be stated, a Divine Message was released twice emphasizing the importance of Integrity in thought, intent, and action. The very fact, Source enlisted this Quality in two (not just a single) Messages would suffice in understanding how he was percei