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2nd is always shot before the 1st. Vaccines are designed as "Genetic Modification BioWeapons".

"Vaccine was not introduced for Covid! Covid was created for the Vaccine!"

The second Evil Bullet was created first! - Very Important to know this, like it is written here!

The Big Pharma of the US Illuminati, and the Big Pharma under the Black Nobility all make Vaccines and Drugs. And NOT for the wellness and betterment of the Human Race on earth!

The air, food, and water is also under their control.

All the D's of the 3D are under their manipulation as well: Density, Disease, Destruction, Depravation, Degradation, Drama, Dangerous, Depletion, Delinquency, Despicable, Dastardly, Dreadful, Devil, Death.

To this they have added the "C": Covid. Clot. Cancer.

Life on 3D Gaia: Luxury of the richest, Survival of the zombies, Execution of the Awakeners.

So, b4 you take a vaccine, or your regular annual vaccines (flu), know what came first - the disease or the vaccine. Also know - to whose Luxury you're adding toiled pennies! And that you are 'perpetuating the dis-ease', for which you are taking the V - coz now you have created within your body - an AutoImmune Disease! Your own body begins to serve as a weapon against you, working against the Integrity of God's Design.

Once you are injected by the 2nd Evil Bullet, you have become their Bluetooth node - a carrier of their artificial signals and artificial frequency. Turning a human into a humanoid robot that has within his biology the system for being controlled by external alien evil force. Now its easy for this Evil Force to robotically make the humanoid do what it wills. Therefore. For those of us, uninjected, it's become tough and challenging to be in the presence of the injected populace. We can feel the rattling of our EM field, discoloration of our aura, the draining of our vital light, the screeching of our overworking AutoImmune System as our energy encounters a humanoid with alien frequencies that are organically and eugenically engineered, and thus, fatal to the Design of our body! Today, we feel strongly the negativity of the "D's" when we walk out into the external world of the artificial signals.

And in this way (as well) the Evil Bullets of 2020, 2021 cut off the external world for the Awakeners. This is what now is the new norm and will not be reversed. This is the Change after the new destruction.

Survival of the WISEST

Now as the Greatest Shift gets stranger (pls read the Hawaii post below) and the Dark flip and flap wildly, you are also being tested on your Faith in the Light. Find that Core Courage spot and concentrate on it. Pray and meditate on increasing the Quotient of Light within. As "THE AMETHYST TABLET" and "THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET" explains, augment the Internal Plasma Light by taking advantage of the 'External Plasma Light' that is ever on an amplification process. Read the Tablets again and again. Imbibe the Cosmic Intel and the Cosmic Radiation they carry. Prepare for the End of Kali Yuga and the Tilt thereafter.

Some of my social media posts for those who are not on that platform:


On Russell Brand : "How the Illuminati seeks out a way-back, relegated, past of a Truth Blower (that is heinous and absolutely unacceptable), gathers human evidence against the man and goes public to dispose the Whistleblower. So what if it occurred some 30, 40 years ago? So what if the man today is rehabilitated? Kill him! He is damaging to us!

400,000 Illuminati (not incldg the Black Nobility, not the cloned human-alikes nor, the lurkers and laggards) are occupying space on earth today and sucking dry the already drained and dehydrated human race. And any one, from the 6 billion living on planet, if ever dared raise its peevish head against them, is dealt with asap. Swoosh and out. Today the attention seems to be on the verbose articulate Russel Brand - a new Brand now. He is a big threat to them.

(Adding here) Support and subscribe to Brand so they can't remove him. Allow his karma to be retributed not by us nor the Cabal but by the Karmic Law itself. Whistleblowers, Truth Conveyors are needed at this time of the Shift and Tilt. His broadcasts are raising awareness. Hope he continues on the social media platforms despite not being paid any longer. However, the Temple notwithstanding advises, if you are not chosen or contracted for whistleblowing, pls silently and inconspicuously, do the Lord's Work of exposing the Dark Agenda without coming into the spotlight of the Dark. Its very dangerous (unless you are assigned the Cosmic Work of doing so) to be a loud mouth for Dark Destruction. Life is precious for you not to be sacrificed unless called upon to do so. But, at the same time, DO NOT relent to the Dark Agenda! Wisdom is being provided to all thru various means so get Informed. Being Awake is Being Informed!

Moreover, the #metoo movement is now being operated by the Dark. Do not believe nor advocate the women coming up with their sufferings. The Dark is pushing the 'VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS' thru the #metoo movement. No woman, having encountered a rape, is a victim! That is simply "giving away your divine power to the Dark! Do not do that, nor advocate it! No more Victim Consciousness. No more #metoo! Perhaps Russell Brand's case might be engaged to combust this Victimization Movement. Women raped, have their program to ascribe to. It cld be contracted, mostly is to experience the diversity in each lifeplan. To be raped and be a rapist! Could be also a Retribution act. You are not to know but to rise from that energy strand, which ever it may be! Not become less empowered and victimized by it. Then it shall recur in another lifetime. Dissolve all Karma. Resolve all unresolved energies. Do not give it power to amplify its evil. You are done with the #metoo movement!


If you have a Netflix subscription, do view "Ordinary Men - The Forgotten Holocaust" - some new facts on the genocide.

A good psychological retrospection on the kind of humans we are. Did you know, the Germans who were employed to do the massacres were not from the army or military. Ordinary people were called for from the masses. They were retired men, doctors, lawyers, engineers - quintessentially they were fully educated with post graduation in specialized fields but also regular traders, merchants, labourers were beckoned. Secondly, once these people were assembled, they were informed the job of execution to be conducted and, essentially told they cld chose to opt out. No persecution of such people wld pursue. And it didn't. They were simply relocated to menial duties, such as cleaning of lavatories. But the task force were honoured for bravery and treated very well and taken care of. They cld still leave mid way, if willed . And some did just as the earlier batch walked out of the killing vocation. But mind you, this denial batch of ordinary men were meagre in numbers.

Then there were further divisions as the job was carried out in different sections of the Hitler's conquered territories. Some just performed their duty in detachment as per the wordings of the order, Not more nor less. Whilst some (and these were the least in numbers) felt some slight emotional pang of guilt but carried forth their commitment to the hilt. However, the 3rd category was the goriest darkest and the most (unspeakably) heinous one where, officers in command tortured the Jews, stripped them publicly, paraded them nude on their 4's as they forced to crawl (on knees) to the spot of face to face shootings. Such appointed 'Ordinary Men' enjoyed much pleasure and entertainment in enforcing humiliation pain and suffering upon the real victims.

Finally, the psychological analysis revealed, humans are fully capable of grave torturous acts (of the highest possible category) without having any earlier studied criminal projections, of any kind. Background doesn't ascertain this organic disposition to evil. And so, when exposed to such a platform of free allowance in action, 'Ordinary Men' can very easily fall to such inconceivable acts of depraved evil. And, whilst having the opportunity to abort such a duty, or even depart from such continual acts, they don't. Infact, forget about no guilt, no shame in conducting evil and going beyond the call of duty to torture others, when tried - they called themselves the True Victims of the war and, the Double Victims of the war. When u view the film you'll understand their inexcusable stand. Furthermore, see how they justified the killings of the babies and children. They actually and psychologically justified to themselves, at the time of the action, why they shot first the, not going to write it here. And how they partied each night after the atrocious massacres....even brought their wives with them etc etc.

In my analysis: Humans have the ability to "Flow with the Tide" organically, inherently. If we as a race can so easily adapt to evil, given the Free Will, and even carry on conducting evil (once in the Flow despite having the permission to abort at any time) then why aren't we reaching full ascension trigger point as a collective where "Flow with the Tide" is all that is required from all of us.

Is it that, it is easier to "Flow with the EVIL Tide" than to "Flow with the Divine Tide"? But what I don't comprehend is - why? Why is it easier to accept the Flow with Evil? We aren't just an Intelligent Race but also possess the added quotient of Spirituality injected within our Template. Duality is the adopted BluePrint of Gaia but so also is engrained the Unity Principle of Return to Light. Evil was never ingrained within us yet, we find it more comfortable to adopt and support Evil rather than abort it. Why? What has gone so awry within our Design to compel utilization of FreeWill to support the Dark. Then, we deserve this degradation! The End Event of annihilation. We are comfortable with even that as we have experienced it, at least twice before. But we, apparently, aren't still comfortable with "Flowing with the Divine Tide".

This documentary of 53 mins revealed what we truly have become as a race! Even after the world became sensitized, finally, of the evil that had been imposed so naturally see what we did - see the film.

Just in short, out of 187,000 Nazis, Gestapo's, SS tried in court against the crimes, guess how many were convicted? you cant imagine! 500 only! And not one showed any remorse! No realization of the evil, whatsoever! Over 6 million Jews were massacred! In 3 ways: face-to-face shootings, concentration camps, thru torture in prisons.

Dear Human Race! This is what we have become and how we changed the Divine Template of the Perfect Adam Kadmon Race of the I AM into the Darkest Template of the Perfect Luciferian Race of the I AM NOT! Till date, even the light beings on earth have failed to recapture their fullest Light Potential. We have yet not reached the mass critical ratio of awakening.

We are the "Ordinary Humans" of the Forgotten and Drained Out Light! The Lost Race!


Microwaves and Lightwaves are just different is their frequency. Both have Photons. They are both electromagnetic waves, with electric and magnetic fields that oscillate together, perpendicular to each other. One is much lower in freq than the other.

If a microwave can cook your food imagine how the Lightwaves can cook your nervous system.

Love the Sun, enjoy its warmth and daylight but know, the Sun has graduated and is transmitting very High Frequency Photonic Plasma Waves. Know how much time you can expose yourself to that light direct.

It is now Survival of the Wise! Not - survival of the fittest.


"Everyone gets to be young but, not everyone gets to be old!"

Aging is a Blessing! But, aging with 'spiritual maturity' is a rarity! Respect the lines on your face, the sagging of skin, the entire aging process. Appreciate it. You have earned the stay on earth. Enjoy its rewards. Struggling to stay young is denying the Wisdom earned.

You are lucky to be alive still!

Not everyone gets to be old.

Grow old with Dignity and Grace! Be a wise ol' gal/guy


This is such a beautiful story and a wonderful reminder of benevolence and God-like compassion! There are many fables and messages like this between Lord Krishna and Arjuna's interaction. Remember Lord Krishna is Krishna Consciousness - from the lineage of God Vishnu of the golden Ray 2. Stemming from this God-Aspect is Christ Consciousness of the 33rd degree that surfaced with incarnation of Lord Sananda (Jesus Christ). Both Krishna and Jesus have their origins in God Vishnu and the Ray 2 of God's Light, Love, Peace, Enlightenment. Following the same Source is Lord Buddha (the God of our planet Gaia) with Buddha Consciousness.

Before you read the story, see the similarities between Jesus and Krishna...both spoke of the same sermon....obviously since, both stem from the same Ray and Divine Lineage -

"Jesus once said, "If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have True Treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Lord Jesus was teaching detachment from the material world as a prerequisite for obtaining the true wealth which is heavenly in nature. And now if you read the story below, you shall recognize the same sermon!

KRISHNA & ARJUNA, THE INSEPARABLE DUO = DIVINE KNOWLEDGE One day Krishna & Arjuna were taking their usual walk, when they came across an old Brahmin begging, taking pity on his condition, Arjuna gave him a bag of gold coins. The man was overjoyed. On his way to home, he was robbed by a thief in the forest. He cursed his fate and the next day set off to beg again. Arjuna & Krishna saw him again & got to know his story. Arjuna once again took pity and gave him a large diamond. The man took it home and kept it in an old pot which had been unused for many years in order to keep it safe and went to sleep. The next morning before he could wake up, his wife went to fetch water from the river & on her way back, she slipped and her pot broke. She immediately remembered the pot at home which lay unused and brought it to fill it with water. Just as she dipped the pot in to the river the diamond escaped the pot and went in to the river. When she returned home the Brahmin was desperately searching the house for the pot & when he saw it in his wife's hands, he got to know what had happened. Dejected with what had happened, he once again left to go begging. Once again Arjuna and Krishna saw him and when Arjuna heard of the unfortunate incident that had happened, he told Krishna , " I don't think this man is destined to be blessed at all, I don’t think I can help him anymore". Krishna then gave the man two pennies and the man took them and walked away. Arjuna then asked Krishna," My Lord, if gold coins and diamond could not change his condition, what good can two pennies do to him?". Krishna smiled and replied, "let us see". As the man walked home he was cursing his fate when he saw a fish that had just been caught by a fisherman and was struggling for its life, he took pity on it and thought to himself, " these two pennies cannot fetch me food anyway, let me at least save the life of this creature" and he purchased the fish and was about to throw it in the river when he saw that the breathlessness of the fish was caused due to some large obstruction in its mouth and when removed it , it was the very diamond he had lost in the river. He was overjoyed and started shouting "Look what I found! Look what I found". At this very time the thief that had robbed him in the forest was passing by and heard his shouts, he recognized the man and thought that man too recognized him and was thus shouting. Fearing that the Brahmin may take him to be executed, he rushed to him and begged for his forgiveness and returned all the gold coins he had stolen from him. The Brahmin was happy and walked away joyfully with all his wealth. He went straight to Arjuna to narrate the turn of events and thanked him for all his help and went away. Arjuna then asked Krishna, "My Lord, how is it that my gold and diamond could not help him but your meager two pennies did?. Krishna replied," when he had the gold and diamonds he was only thinking of himself and his needs, but when he had the two pennies he put the needs of another creature before his and so I took care of his needs. The truth is Arjuna, when you think of the pain and needs of others and work to help them, you are doing God's work and hence God Himself takes care of you."


Sorry I missed the 9:9 Portal Opening post yesterday! Was so busy at a hugely public crowded place all day...the date completely slipped my mind. But then thats how Light works thru us! Had I remembered I wld have not gone out and etc etc but since the Light needed for me to be at a public place for Its reasons, my mind was blanked out. I had to travel 2 hours one way and back to be there for (i think) 5 hours...phew, came back exhausted. But woke up feeling better and now I realized yesterday was the 9:9 Portal....

So, wishing all a Joyfilled 9:9 Portal! I personally feel, the energies of receiving of the Light and being in service to the Light have changed. Refined and Polished, perhaps? Yet, the perfect fit is not there, unless the Grid changes.

In 2025, we enter the 9999:9999 year when the TILT may occur, owing to the astro-geo-cosmic alignment of 1Degree by the 3 powerful outer planets with some inner cycles in completion too - acc to Cobra and his calculated assumption. Which makes a lot of sense as by then the Kali Yuga Era wld have ended...and there is no precedented (as earlier) Dwarpa Yug taking over. The Yuga Table shld end by next year (as the curtains come down and the wall goes up around the planet - explained in the earlier post), preparing the ground, the platform, the planetary stage for the Ending to proceed in the following year of the 9, which incidentally denotes endings.

Lets see! Nothing is assured till after it has happened. 2012 taught us the lesson well.

Be God-Filled and GODFULFILLED!


2024 is the most Important year for mankind that ends one Yuga and heralds the Tilt in the Greatest Shift ever!

Symbol Photo for 2024 (the main article photo above) - deserves a SYMBOL of its own as its bringing down the curtain on Kali Yuga and blocking all external Dark Forces and the galactic Dark Lodge members (who are on the outside of earth planet) from henceforth entry into planet Earth. Thereafter the Dark Archons, the Cabals, inside shall be dealt with. This barricading and closing of the Portal surrounding Earth is so important (and finally shall be implemented - the much awaited closing and, incidentally, its being conducted for the first time in earth's history since it serves as a negation of earth's BluePrint. But now the BluePrint of earth is over so its Time Up) as, the Ultra Terrestrials (the Higher Light Hierarchy and the Planetary Hierarchy) and Extra-Terrestrials (the aliens, as we call them, from other planets) can finally aboard our planet. The American govt has no control on preventing this, nor granting permission for entry, so all the ongoing push-n-pull, tug-o-war, congressional hearings are redundant as - when the Curtain around the planet comes down and the Wall goes up around Gaia - the Light shall enter!

More "Cosmic Intel" later...thru website


For all who are suffering on earth:

If Light and God lie within, then why the suffering?

Can darkness dim the Light? We know that Light disperses darkness and takes its place in the void. Then if suffering is darkness, why are most, if not all at least sometime in their life, engulfed in pain loss stress lack?

This is where Prayer's play a paramount role in human life. God lies Within, thats a taken, but in natural life on earth we minus the Supernatural to such an extent that the Flame (God or Light) within is consciously blown off. Yes, its consciously puffed out by us consciously having no time devoted to the Spirit(ual) within. This is where Prayers as a daily ritual come handy. Its keeps the Light within switched on. Thats your Inner Guidance System. You cannot ever allow that to be switched off. Never! Just an hour out of 24 hours is not demanding upon anyone, however busy you are. Even sheer talking to God, actually not 'even sheer' but by all means that is the most powerful prayer to God. Talk to Him and then give Him time to activate within you. Charge your battery by doing so. That's where you get your vital LifeForce Energy from - the Prana - the Breath - the Inhalation. Most of the people are only exhaling. Because, inhaling is taking in God, for which you need time to spend with God - one to one. Catholic church demands Confession to a priest as a means to get rid of your sins? Really? Confess to God direct! He is available to you everywhere, and no charge, and no traveling to any outside venue.

Jesus Beloved Christ I don't think wld ever say: You can reach God only thru me! What kind of a Messenger of God wld make such a low vibratory statement. Yet, all catholics keep repeating that. I just read on my FB feeds a post with that statement again, attributing Jesus to it...and i see this a lot of times. And these are spiritual people relaying such blasphemes with Jesus's Name attached to it. You know the Bible is not the spoken word of Jesus. There are many paths to God which on earth we term as religions. Religions are developed by humans, with the passing away of a Messenger of God from their country. The Messenger delivered the Divine Message impeccably, did not scribe a Book nor initiated a new religion as the means to God exclusively. We humans did that. Mankind on this planet believes in separation and division. Not the Messengers of God who descended with the Divine Message of One God.

But when we pray, the separation dissolves. We become One with God and therefore, one with humanity too. We lose the illusion. We lose the victimhood of suffering. We see the Bigger Picture of who we truly are. Our problems become mere semi colons in our prayer to God. Prayer unites the divide between the natural and the supernatural. It re-ignites the Flame of God within. Once that Flame is blazing full throttle again, God is activated Within. God fulfills us. That's how you become Whole again - by becoming God Filled and God Fulfilled.

There is a rapidly growing populace of Zombies in America. In India we have a huge population of poverty-stricken beggars on the streets but, these people are vastly different from the Zombies of America. Why is it that poor in India are readily smiling and happy (despite the physical lack) but the Zombies in America are wasting away and decaying, dying literally, before everyone's eyes. When a person begins to suffer and succumb to the suffering, he inadvertently opens the door to the external Dark. The demonic entities are all around us, waiting to enter within and fill the void with its demonic energy. A suffering and succumbing human has already blown off the Flame there is a huge gaping void...and the dark has seen that and is at the door....if the human suddenly turns to God, starts praying, the door wld never open to the dark. But at that forsaken stage, the human turns to drugs, alcohol and other such addictions. These addictions invite the Dark within. A lot of these suffering souls are possessed by the dark, at this stage. The Zombies are a decaying example of the Demonic taking charge. But there is always a glimmer of hope that at even the last breathe the human might turn to Prayer for Help. Just as the Dark cannot enter unless the human opens the Portal of Within (advertent is rare of course), the Light too needs a cry for help that serves as the opening of the Inner Door to God. I wonder why the churches aren't helping such souls in extreme and dire condition. But you can, go out and hand them a prayer book, a rosary, some holy water, a crucifix of Christ. Talk to them, if possible, about what I'm sharing with you. You might just Trigger the Flame within.

Now. A strong and powerful inspiration: those who are encountering any kind of demonic activity in their lives are the ones gifted with the fastest route to salvation! When the evil enters or lingers around you, your home, your environment, its actually doing you a big favour! It's a Trigger to turn you to Prayer immediately. A Trigger, a ringing persistent alarm, to re-connect with God urgently. And the second you do that - whomp, the Door shuts and all celestial help arises. You, by shutting tight the door to satan, have opened the Door to God. God is victorious again! And so are you!

"You must bear the weight of the Cross before you receive the Crown of Glory!"

So did Lord Jesus! He may not have been crucified but He did walk the weight of Cross that led Him naught into the crown of thorns but won Him the Crown of Glory - the ultimate Ascension!

Those who suffer the Darkness are not victims of the Darkness but the Warriors of the Light, the true crusaders, the Knight Templars of the Order of Christ, here to take on the Dark and dissolve it, in the powerful Name of Jesus the Christ - the most powerful Exorcist, earth has ever graced!

In the Name of Jesus, all shall kneel, under Heaven!" Such is the Power in the Name of Jesus! He came here to push back the Devil and his minions from humanity. They took oath before Jesus, in His Name, to retreat and ne'er return. So they are held responsible and are punishable under His Name! But, as demons are liars and deceivers, they returned to infest humanity with even greater force once Christ departed. Consequently however, the Name of Jesus Christ when cited makes them perish and howl with agony as they broke their oath to Jesus and know they wld be formidably punished! They fear nothing but the Name of Jesus Christ! And thus exorcism is conducted in His Name, under His Guidance, and His Protection. Exorcism is a Portfolio of His Office. He is a Sirian Master, conducting under the umbrella of the Blue Ray 1 and the Golden Ray2, including the Emerald Ray 5.

Thus. If the Light of God lies Within "ignited", you wouldn't ask the question: why then the suffering? Till one ascends from this Star Program of Total Amnesia and Total Severance from God, difficulties rocks obstacles delays hindrances will appear - coz karma accrued till now must be dissolved - but there need not be a Suffering or any Victimization in the Walk to Home. Because you are Filled with God and are God Fulfilled! You Know you are dissolving karma with every challenge you face, so the greater the challenge the faster is the karma being absolved. Then where is the suffering?


The smallest Bone in human body lies in the Ear and, the subtlest Sound - the Voice of God - is also heard by the human Ear!

This is the psychic ability of the emerald Ray 5. The Ray of Joy, the Ray of Psychic Skills and Psychic Powers, the Ray of entire compilation of the Occult esoteric Body of Wisdom/Knowledge/Information, the Ray of Healing and, the Ray of Hearing the Voice of God!

Ray 5 is connected to the 3rd EYE - the EYE of SHIVA (an Aspect of the Trinity of God). Therefore, its no wonder all the psychic powers, skills lie here - where, Lord Shiva is connected.

Chohan: Master Hilarion Archangel: Raphael and Mother Mary

This is the Ray and the Chakra from where the TILT of the Great(est( Shift may occur as - Lord Shiva shall OPEN His 3rd EYE and - as before, when He does that OBLITERATION occurs of all evil! Only all that is of the Light survives!

And, since decades Mother Mary, the Archangel of this ray, has been warning humanity - performing Solar Miracles to manifest the Presence of God, undeniable! She said each time, God is hurt by the deterioration of mankind and the state of affairs on earth. She is very active on earth as a MOTHER Energy to protect and guide people.

The blinding Solar Flash will be the ultimate manifestation! All must be ready to face that LIGHT.

10) Hawaii Cosmic Intel:

THE "LION'S GATE PORTAL" was abused!


Yes! When did the Maui Fires begin? On August 8th - the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Opening!

The Black Nobility, the western Cabal, engaged the most powerful Sirius-Earth Gateway of 2o23 to attack the Goddess Energy vortices, such as Maui. It has abused the Violet Fire and the Blue Fire WILL of GOD!

By diverting the Lions Energy of the Blue Violet Ray onto Maui, navigating and manipulating this Light to perform their EVIL TASK they have now definitively "dug their own grave" and shall be incinerated by the Lion's Energy Beams of the Blue Light of GOD'S WILL.

There is a inference to the "BLUE not BURNING in Maui" that has gone wildly viral across the planet. They are saying DEW - Direct Energy Weapon has been lasered onto maui to burn everything in its pathway except, anything Blue that did not scorch. And Oprah Winfrey's house in maui has a blue roof and did not burn, pics viral show blue coloured cars and umbrellas did not burn. So the deduction is: the DEW does not burn Blue coloured solids. AS further proof, houses of all the billionaire celebrities there have their houses painted blue...they are the Cabal.

What is the Truth here?

Its not the laser weapon that was geared to "not attack blue", as the masses think and have made viral such inferences. It an ABUSE OF THE BLUE LIGHT OF THE LIONS PORTAL AND THE VIOLET FIRE OF THE LIONSGATEWAY.

Whenever such a Divine Energy is mis-used for Evil, God intervenes! If you have read "THE AMETHYST TABLET" you know the Flame of Freedom (the Violet Fire Flame); anchored in the Transylvanian mts of Romania; was abused by the locals there to conduct Black Magic and so the LIGHT had to intervene and the Flame of Freedom was stripped off that nation and anchored in another country. This was the Flame that was transferred to Romania directly from Atlantis, by Thoth and Germain, when the Scroll of Atlantis was burned and Atlantis sunk like the Titanic. Now, for the first time ever in the Akashic Record of Gaia, has this Flame been uprooted from its spot and relocated coz of the abhorrent gross inexcusable abuse by the humans. Action was eventually taken! The Light had to be directly involved in taking the decision.

Similarly now, in the case of Maui - the land of Lemuria. And this time the Dark Lodge of the galaxy with the Cabal of earth snatched the "Blue Violet Fire" from the "Lions Gate Portal" and directed it to kill hundreds living on a vortex of Goddess Energy (of Lemuria). Now they've had it! This is a Galactic Abuse!

The Black Nobility, fake royal lines or satanic bloodlines, have now got into the direct Divine Line of Incineration. The Dark showtime is over! We knew they wld flap wildly, in the face of the CountDown to End of Kali Yuga and could step beyond the allowed limits into the galactic spillage but - this? This is attacking snatching hijacking God's Divine Portal ; the GREAT CENTRAL SUN - the HQ OF GOD'S LIGHT FOR THE MILKYWAY GALAXY! In doing this, the lunatic Cabal families of the Dark Lodge and the earth have walked past the Karmic Ceiling for earth and - in dragging everything down, they have inevitably sealed their own destiny - consequently, all shall end with their physical death and ..... lets wait to hear the Light's Verdict on how and when!

BLUE FIRE never attacks the Blue or Violet! That's why you are all told to BECOME the BLUE VIOLET FIRE so when the Tilt starts, you can be beamed up to safety! If not, then your soul will leave behind its scorching incinerating body. Translation - we will suffer the burn till our souls desert us, as we deserted the soul!

It seems like this has been a Huge Message delivered by the Devil and by the Light to all mankind! A "MANIFESTATION of THIS TRUTH". The Evil, by abusing the Blue Energy, revealed to all the EVIDENCE of the Mantra - I AM THE VIOLET FIRE, I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES! I AM THE BLUE FIRE, I AM THE WILL, I AM THE POWER, I AM THE PROTECTION GOD DESIRES! So here it is! Proof!

Sending you some beautiful Rose scented Energy to revitalize your biology

The next post shall be on the EQUINOX PORTAL of the 22nd/23rd September

Get Ready for the number 8 "Zero-Point Symbiology"


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Sep 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sangeeta, I watched the documentary "Ordinary Men" last night. My question to you below I realize (in horror) was the wrong question! These 'Men' were/are not Men. They and so many akin to this inverted nature of the Perfect Divine design God meant for humankind, are ubiquitous. Evil in its ever evading presence is still at large.....and as you say, it is so so very easy to manipulate and program the mass. Is it human nature to follow blindly? Is it so difficult to resist rather than succumb? If this Blind Maze is breaking down and crumbling where are the virtuous? How do you Un-Program so many people? If consciousness is unity and unity with God, then p…

Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 03, 2023
Replying to

Masses have been able to be manipulated, and they follow blindly is coz of the last Ray that governed earth for 2,000 years. That was a Ray of the sheep. Now, its a different ray and it is of the shepherd. And yes, the Tilt will do the work of shifting and sieving consciousness. No other way out.


Sep 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sangeeta! So wonderful that you share your wisdom with such an open heart. I am very grateful for your expressions in your replies above, thank you so very much! This post above has gone, for myself, from a 21 minute read to hours long read! There is SO MUCH in this post! Don't know where to begin so I will just start with point #1: My dear you are too funny :)) 'very dangerous to be a loud mouth' if it is not your contract.....but as always, you say it as it is what it is. Very delightful for the "bounce" in your writing! It is indeed getting very dark out there and I agree, it is diffic…

Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 03, 2023
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Beautiful ponderance dearest Mary Jane! Loved your thought: Are the Light Warriors here right now the "Ordinary Men"? Yes, so true an! BUT, not in context of the film. There the ordinary men, that accepted the role, were evil. But on earth now, the "incognito" light warriors are truly the quiet ordinary people. They do not come into the limelight as that hinders the success of their mission. And one wld not imagine who they are as they remain in the shadows of the general masses.

And humbled by all your appreciation and love, thank you! Rarely does a writer, in anonymity like myself, ever receive such words and expressions of Love and Gratitude as pronounced so warmly by…


Sep 23, 2023

Thank you for your wisdom, your light, your love for the human race.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Gracias,Gracias,Gracias ❤️


Sep 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you...I wanted to say that I totally resonate with this pertinent Light reflects exactly what is happening to this planet at ths auspicious time in the ascending process...I want to add that I follow David Icke and read a life changing book called the The Big Secret by the above.

It is now vindicating all that's happening and yes a spolier alert is that the Nazis never went away...the 4 Reich are here and doing there ultimate best to regain power in vain!

Anyone who has a strong stomach an open mind and totally faith in God Source are highly advised to view isn't for the weak hearted but if you are here following Sangeeta you are…

Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Sep 21, 2023
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Moreover, Julie, the Nazi part is Icke's imagination. Yes Neo Nazi/ism is alive and throbbing in parts on the globe but its got nothing do with the 3rd Reich organically. There is a German Aryan Nazi Hitler base in tthe Antarctic continent and exists as an underground base (which I have written about on FB) but thats another story altogether. Today's Illuminati is far more and incomparably dangerous than Hitter and his party ever were. So, forget about that Conspiracy Theories of Icke - did you know, he is the creator of Conspiracy Theories upon whom Qanon has based his proclamations. Such men lose credibility fast. They lose relevance and spoil the name of Truth for all. It is im…

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