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Since a long long time on earth, there have been the Dark Doers (call them by any name) and the masses whom they controlled and manipulated.

Then, over the last few decades, some from the masses understood the game and named the Play of the Dark. They became known as the Conspiracy Theorists. They revealed the Deep State, the Bohemian Grove, the Elitists 1% , 322 Skull & Bones, the OTO, the Blue Lodge, the Scottish Rite, the 33rd Degree, the FreeMasons, the Knights of the Secret Service, the KKK, the Masonic Order, the Dark Spirituality....... and that's when the name Cabal and Illuminati became popular. Including the Satan worshipers, the Devil's Church, the Church of Satan, the pedophiles, the child drug traffickers, etc.

So, the Pendulum swayed from the left wing to the right. From one extreme end to the other extreme. But, has waking-up to the knowledge of the Dark helped destroy the Dark?



Sheer knowledge has no power to change the condition. Light is the Power. The people who believe in Conspiracy Theories are just followers of another belief system. First they blindly believed the leaders (who were the Dark Lodge) and now they blindly believe the leaders who are the conspiracy theorists. This is "herd mentality" verily!

The Light Beings, who have awakened to the Light and receive the Light consciously, are the only ones who's pendulum has come to rest in the middle. At the point of Perfect Balance. They know thru Wisdom and not from the theories. They dont need the knowledge of the theorists. Truth is important to know for all. Thats when the Light can set you free! If you remain in ignorance (lack of curiosity) you are stuck in the (passed-over) Ray 6 consciousness wherein, the consciousness was of being a follower, the sheep, and not the shepherd!

Do not let your pendulum rest at the other extreme, bring it to the middle. Increase the Light within you - the Light Quotient! Work on yourself to raise your light. Then and only then can the Flame, light the path and reveal the shadows!

Arguments take place when a believer in the conspiracy theories has no power of truth within.

So, instead of arguing become the Power yourself first, so you can see - what some can see! Be the "Shepherd" of the New Consciousness and take back your Power!

Be the Eye of God ... and not the shadow!

Conspiracy Theories stemmed into popularity with the infamous Alex Jones. The blabber mouth of invented perversity! Do you recall the Sandy Hook school shooting, which he flagged off as staged? Loud and noisily he repeated the narrative, in front of his vast internet audience, that the deadly 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an elaborate hoax. Well, today Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, no longer believes it was a hoax! This is after a recent court filing in a defamation case brought by families of the massacre's victims.The InfoWars founder claimed “a form of psychosis” led him to question the massacre which claimed the lives of 20 children aged between six and seven years old and six adult members of staff.

The parents who lost their children in the shooting were rightly enraged by Jones aggressive declaration based upon "his" facts. What then makes him so popular? The masses who have no "Mind Consciousness" of their own and need to "follow" a loud off-beat libertarian mouthing some high funda right-wing controversies that sound intellectual and so must be true!

His popularity fundamentally stems from a combination of fear and laziness amongst the mass populace of America. People who can’t deal with the complexities of the world can be taken in by unscrupulous people who give them easy answers to difficult questions. Rather, and more accurately, give them controversial slants to simple events - dramatizing the otherwise mundane and regular atrocities. Suddenly the sheep began to stand up for their invisible rights and support an assertive loud bantering voice that made more noise than substantiated. Everyone has a yearning distrust today! Everyone loves watching a dumpster fire! Alex positioned himself as a voice for the suppressed and given the growing distrust amongst the masses, it is expected that many flocked to him as a man who could represent them.

For example, to understand the 9/11 attacks, you need to understand at least something about the history of colonialism, including some not very nice things about the United States. However, someone like Alex Jones will instead tell you about a conspiracy that explains the whole thing in terms that don’t require you to learn anything new and that will not oppose your treasured beliefs about the country.

It’s a slick racket!

Alex Jones is no different from the people you should mistrust as he too is basically chasing fame, mass appeal, and fortune. And he gets that from you. You are empowering again the wrong horse. Placing your trust in someone, or some people, who are protesting not from the Light but from another level of density. Here is someone who can take a series of facts and through "selective presentation and omission of information" weave a very plausible story which is completely bogus. There are indeed some very desperate people out there who don’t know how to tell the difference between information and nonsense, and are increasingly frightened of their own approaching mortality. They feel as if their existence is in question, and are looking for reassurance, not always in effective ways. It doesn’t matter to someone that desperate whether it’s a lie, as long as it feels good, and Alex is good at using people’s desperation to make money. He’s not the only one, of course, but he’s got a volume knob that goes to eleven.

Take control guys in your own hands, engage your Light to discern and speak the Truth. Allow not any other, not me either, to sway your pendulum from one extreme to the other only coz you're too lazy to move the pendulum's arm yourself!

The CountDown to the American Elections: Its Texture

America...and then the world, as we are all inter-linked!

What choice do the Americans have in 'who to vote into office?'

On one side is Trump...who has no plans, speaks mindlessly, no bigger picture perspective, doesn't lead thru personal expression, cares a damn if people die of Covid, doesn't know anything about nothing...loose mouth, brainless mind, just down right silly his soul is not corrupt, his nature is human and as a normal citizen he is ok a Leader? Nope....4 years proved it. Even the Light has minus-ed him, dis-missed him!

At the other end is crooked, cabal-linked, soul-less, frail, amnesic, very low on lifeforce Biden who has a 'family business, financial dealings (and who knows what else) link-up' with the devil China, the CCP and the Chinese military. Where would that place the world, if the Office of US supports China? He would un-do everything Trump has done (the good work). Esp the Molds (very few) Trump managed to break. That would push back the world into deeper control by the Illuminati, to say the least. China would gain power, take over the south Asia seas, attack India (knowing US will not support India), usurp territories, declare war not just with India but Taiwan and HK too. China would soon rise into super power..if allowed ultimately by the universe! Well, we are in the Beginning of the End of Kali-Yuga for another (little less than) 4 years so the Dark has free play to a huge extent - we saw that with the Devil's "Virus" Arrow for sure! This would make our roller coaster ride more loopy, spirally, bumpy and, lethal for sure!

So, as I had written earlier, the silly human or the cabal....either which way carries no Light, in deeper ponder - what does this really indicate? USA has entered its Karmic Pay-Up time? Saturn's arrival at its door?

We are soon to enter the periphery of 2 major Eclipses of this year, followed by the Eclipse Tunnel.

On election day, Mercury will go stationary and thereafter move direct again. Which means, the people of America will choose consciously between the stormy seas and the violent seas. Their choice will be thru their clarity. Not, thru the Will for sure!

However. The planetary alignments thereafter, speak another story! Jupiter will go conjunct Pluto, Mars shall go direct, and Mars will thereafter oppose Uranus. The Storm is gonna build fast, hence the election, into a major explosion!

2020! Wonder how we shall retro-spect on this year if, we make it out!


KAMALA: Dark Entity! Very very dark, a strong dark! Supports the Dark Agenda wholly...will press all the buttons to fulfill its means. Origin being Indian is not at all to be even noted! Her extraction maybe from my country but not her energy. She is a separate entity that has willfully selected her energy signature. Another Democrat who owes allegiance to the Dark Lodge on earth.

So also JOE BIDEN: Same Cabal as the Obama's, Clinton's, Soros, and the Bushes. I couldn't get my eyes off Biden's black pupils- something so obvious that I could not but, had to keep wearing my glasses (thru out his debate with Trump) to see those black pupils better - big sign, they (not just him) want their Power back to control the masses and the world. Bad bad evil lurks hidden behind that man! They are the Kali Yuga that is on its hype for the remaining of the end times. He's energy too is badly affected, drained out and replaced, he is too old frail and seemingly amnesic....

Further than this I yet dont know. I still dont see Trump as the next president.

Trump is out for popularity, fanning of ego, feeling good sitting on the most powerful seat of power(what an illusion indeed!), now simply must re-win! He doesn't know a shit about anything, cares not at all for the human race, doesn't even know why he is supporting No Climate Change. He only wanted to support his coal mining buddies. He has done a big favour to his country without even knowing it since he wasn't doing it to help the world! No, not at all. Thats when the Divine could work thru him. Not anymore!

Does that mean the Dark shall win this election?

If the other comes to power, wow, you have given the seat to the Devil! But if the same one, who is in the seat now, wins - hell shall break loose upon America!

Doomed or Damned!

Neither are spiritually awakened...both are buried deep into the highest possible density ratio. As I had written before, Light has withdrawn its support from Trump, if he now wins - not possible - he shall function as an unawakened human - to say the least!

God Bless us with individual power of full awakening so we can ride thru the Shift and participate in service by first fully awakening and taking back our individual powers! Because! Now the time has come for us saving govt can save us anymore! Only the Light can save us!

Vote or don't vote....but make sure you awaken! Become Self-Empowered please!

FEAR is: "Forget Everything And Run"

to an "un-awakened" human! FEAR is: "Face Everything And Rise"

to an "Awakening" Soul!

PRAYER is when you Talk to God.

MEDITATION is when God Talks to you.


Sangeeta Handa

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Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 18, 2020

Yuri Gonzalez Great Article! At the beginning I use to watch Alex Jones he really did open up the veil and folded it back just enough to peak my curiosity..I do all my own research and analysis thats what Jones taught me..I stopped watching him because he has a business and he lost his way..but I did learn and I took that knowledge and began doing my own work and analysis. The information is out there but its not as easy to get anymore as the big tech has started taking it all down..FB, GOOGLE, MS, Twitter, Amazon..have started censoring everything.Its harder to get the raw data now. I think you are right on the money 100% correct. It'…


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 18, 2020

Shirley Hampton I'll have to take a neutral role this time around... only thing I can possibly do. (FB)


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 18, 2020

Yuri Gonzalez Phase II-- The Dollar Crash-- the revamping of the monetary system is at hand..The "Great Reset". If you though Covid was bad well..wait till they crash the dollar to implement a new reserve currency..(from the FB)

Juzy Yusuf: Yuri Gonzalez and boom boom goes metal and crypto...

Yuri Gonzalez it will be either gold backed tender or maybe crypto..for sure

(from FB)


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 18, 2020

Juzy Yusuf Power packed analysis.... I just say.....Let the games begin (from FB)


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Oct 18, 2020

Meghaa Mukherjee The Devil and The Deep Sea Situation. God Bless America (from FB)

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