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The Sacred Jaap (Mantra) of Guru Nanak Ji in the Holy Granth of the Sikhs! These are the Shabadh (Holy Words) of Guru Nanakji to Honour GOD. If translated literally it means: the Name of God is TRUTH and we Honour Him by calling Him SAT NAAM - Name is Truth, literally!

But of course, nothing is literal nor always visible for an unawakened reader. All Sacred Texts and Holy Chants are Occult in nature and only those who awaken to its meaning can evoke the Power and Manifestation of the words. To evoke means to bring it up from within. Invoke is to summon an external force. A clear distinction of which is propounded in "THE AMETHYST TABLET".

SATNAM, SAT, SATYUG all carry the Name of God. TRUTH is the Occult Wisdom of the word SAT. However, the Occult connotation of SAT is LIGHT.....GOD Itself!


"GOD is what you call Me My Name is SATNAM I AM the TRUTH (SAT) My Vibration is SATYUG"


In order to Ascend into SATYUG - the Era of Truth, one needs to attain the 'Vibration of TRUTH'!

TRUTH is a tenet of the ZERO RAY

To obtain the Vibration of Truth one needs to possess absolute, non-dual, unshakable FAITH in God and Self!

FAITH is a tenet of the Blue Ray 1

One attains Faith only when one has consciously adorn the WILL of God as its own will. A conscious and complete acceptance of the WILL through a conscious surrender of its free-will back to God!

WILL is a tenet of the Blue Ray 1

When the Will is adorned in its entirety, one attains POWER! The true and absolute, non-dual Power from God!

POWER is a tenet of the Blue Ray 1

This is when one enters into the domain of receiving, and truly deserving, the Divine PROTECTION.

PROTECTION is a tenet of the Blue Ray 1

This is when one becomes One with SATNAAM!


SAT NAAM is My Name and, I AM PARBRAHMA! I AM the ZERO that when included, makes all other numbers powerful!

I AM all rays within! To reach Me you must climb up the ladder of rays. Once you reach the Blue Ray 1, you just have to attain the Vibration of ZERO to reach Me! I AM the ZERO


The BLUE RAY 1: Faith Will Power Protection

The ZERO RAY : Truth Zero-Point

How to reach the ZERO RAY?

  1. First Stage:



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