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We have the Great Central Sun emitting its Cosmic Rays into earth – larger in volume and greater in intensity. The Photon Belt too is doing its job thru the ferocious purging Photonic Light (please read “The Blue Sapphire Tablet to understand where we are in the Photon Belt and how earth transitions thru it). At the same time, our Sun is releasing its own gas upon our planet. Solar Winds of increased progressive speeds of 600 kms per second are blasting earth whilst, a red alert issued anywhere on the planet measures the highest wind storm as anywhere between 60-100 kms per hour.

Earth’s Magnetosphere too is under huge Plasmic Pressure and so our planet is wobbling on her axis; as is our entire Solar System; and continues to spin and soar thru the Photon Belt (again pls read “The Blue Sapphire Tablet”) as her pathway is being purged for greater and higher upgrading of Light.

And so the Cosmic Relay continues onward from the Great Central Sun through the Central Sun down to our physical Sun and the Planetary Hierarchy before the touchdown to our Central Nervous System occurs– to understand this trajectory please refer to your Tablet – “The Voice of Silence”.

The planet is not simply warming up – it is Heating up! When it's summer, its red fire hot; when it rains, everything drowns – infrastructures, cities, nations and all life in its pathway; when it snows, it avalanches and blocks all habitations. In India, the Himalayas are breaking apart and collapsing in the monsoons since the past 2 years. This year the floods have been inexplicable all across the globe. Can you imagine if the PowerGrid gets cut off amidst any season? It’s truly hard to be under the Sun as the “UltraViolet” index of the Sun has been continuously increasing over the past weeks and days. Many people are getting seriously ill without understanding what is happening. Increasingly, extreme physical heat is rolling-in which melts our bodies. Human bodies cannot withstand the new vibrational situation. And people are re-acting to the Light without understanding what’s really transpiring. The Light is causing friction for those fighting the current. Bringing up everything that is not in alignment! Hence we have friction, and in these lower realms we see friction as fear, anger, chaos, war, unnecessary protests, violence. Many of these people see the higher frequencies as invaders and are therefore resisting it. This ultimately causes people to experience negativity that creates extreme confusion, doubt and fear. Light, amongst the general masses, is verily triggering ‘obfuscation’ in the minds and consciousness. The masses know nothing at all about Cosmic Changes – they have only heard of Climate Change. Most do not really understand what is it that they are feeling.

It’s definitely not a comfortable process to be living in.

Remaining stagnant however would destroy mankind

Everything is in constant movement and those who remain stagnant /regressive are being forced to change and their resistance, is causing friction! Again, you can take a gravel road or the paved path – you have choice in a free-will world of dualistic separation. However! The pressure forcing this change is being amplified and many are not dealing with it well. They’re becoming volatile. However, the ones surrendering to this transition… are the ones flowing with the current! Many do not know about Ascension, or the Great Shift, and so do not have the tools (the Violet Fire, the Blue Fire, the Rays of God) to deal with what’s happening. This Ascension process (the Greatest Shift ever) is a very powerful formidable and inevitable process and can’t be interfered by those that simply don’t get it.

The split between the Vibrations of humans and the environment is therefore on a rise. 5D space upholds its frequencies, and ours are rising so slowly that a deep dark abyss has formed between the two dimensions. It seems the whole world is falling into this dark abyss. Even going out carries no passion, no delight. There is nothing there outside anymore. People who are evolving consciously are sensing the change. There are 2 kinds of depressions prevalent now. Depression for the Light Beings is pronounced owing to the intense purge and the emptying-out of all patterns, dramas, negativity. That vacuum takes time to fill completely and so depressions seeps in to fill the gap. This state shall stay longer for the consciously evolving humans as 5D Grid is not in place. On the other hand, there is that Depression which most slumbering beings are encountering increasingly as they are not in command of their life anymore and don’t know why. They are pulling back all that is fast slipping away, and this tug-o-war is inciting friction and increased stress. Furthermore, their continual failure to take back their reality is generating depression. These people are rapidly slipping into doom – depression of economic conditions of lack as well as depression of mind and emotions. Causing a negative impact on the mental hygiene of the masses. At this conjunction of heightened mental distress, guns should not be made easily available to people! Mentally imbalanced masses should not have any access to combat equipment of any kind.

At this point, it is very important to look at the Bigger Picture – we, the Light Tribe, are blessed to know what is happening and why. We are blessed to have each other, at least virtually, where we can share our downs and pull each other up. We must look up at the Source, not below at the growing abyss and increasing split and breaking apart 3D. JOY is the only vibration to remain at – remember the Mantras? Keep reciting them. Center yourself and stay in the Core of the White Light…breathe slowly when hyper, consult a psychiatrist and take medication if necessary – no, absolutely no, compulsion not to do so. Do whatever is needed by your body and mind to find the Capsule of 5D and stay within it. Most of us have constructed the 5D bubble within and around us and within our homes. This is why we now find it uninteresting to go outside. Our homes are the only space of comfort and peace. There is no Shanti outside!

Higher Energies are affecting our DNA.. our glands...... our spinal cords tonal scale .... and our central nervous systems..... Indeed, our whole bodies are being fine-tuned... We are being prepared for much Lighter Bodies... thus our physical bodies will start vibrating at much Higher Frequencies.... When we reactivate our 12 Chakras we are then anchoring in these Higher Rays and the more we do so, the greater shall be the Energies released....

The old guard is on its way out!

The 3D world is on its way out!

In 2020, actually with the Solar Eclipse of Dec 2019, we entered the “Beginning of the End of Kali Yuga” (please read articles on this event at the website’s 'Article' tab). And so we are suspended very much in the exiting Twilight of the KalYug where evil is at its peak; flapping madly as its being cornered unlike ever before and doesn’t like it nor does it know what to do. Our planet was enclosed in this region for millions of years, but finally, we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness, and we are at the point of attaining a spiritual region where more evolved beings live. Though Satya Yuga is yet way off into the future and, much shall still happen in this Twilight Zone!

In the Twilight of the End of Kali Yuga we are nonetheless and irrefutably in an Ascended Movement and before our very eyes, the 3D world is coming apart. As explained above, people are slipping into depression, economies are plummeting into recession. Stock Markets are at their lowest scale, there shall be spikes but with no stability and no levelling. This is no longer a market to keep your monies safe!

So, although seemingly, the fierce war between Light and Dark Forces is continuing, the old 3D Matrix of earth is increasingly experiencing failures at the ‘system level’! The Dark are trying their best to preserve and use it as before according to previous scenarios but can't! 3D and its vampic control is indeed spinning toward its end. This is not however the end of the world, it is indeed the END of the ‘World of Darkness and Violence’. Those who rule it (the Cabal), are trying to pause the events with all their might and means. But! Nothing can delay the Ascension Movement nor dislodge the Primary Ascension TimeLine from place!


The action of the old 3D Matrix cannot be simply cancelled

For a long time it saturated the entire earth system with its programs. Its impact today, is reduced to the most minimized level. The entire Twilight of the Kali Yuga is taking place under strict vigilance and control of the Karma Lords. Although the Higher Light Forces are taking an active part in the battle, they cannot stray from the Cosmic Law, and thus must stay within the periphery of the Laws of Interference and Non-interference. They are monitoring the situation so that it does not go beyond the Karmic Ceiling. Moreover. The Lords of Karma have decided to minimize the time between the causes and their consequences. The Karmic Council are intercepting the control of 3D Matrix to disrupt scenarios of war and negative energies launched by it. Countries are being tested for the strength of the Spirit to enter the new world morally perfect, and not just for their well-being and the golden calf.

However, the Dark is in the hope of delaying their exit at least a little, and so the Parasitic System continues to actively relay false information about the Event, the Flash, the Rapture and the End of the World.

The Rapture is not directed towards the people of earth in general. Rapture refers to the negative entities who are embodied in human flesh right now, the ones who are being removed from the planet. They had planned to create a mass exodus as they believed themselves to be godly, and so they believed they would take over Heaven. The Rapture refers to them. They believe they're the gods, so they think the Rapture will raise them to heaven, while the rest die here on the planet. They believe their anti-Christ is the real Christ. There was a False Prophet on earth, sometime ago, and he started the Dark Religion of Violence that is continuing to perpetrate and spread violence all thru the planet.

Where the Solar Flash is concerned: ask yourself, why you feel you want to wait for the Solar Flash. The only people who will go to 5D at the time of the Solar Flash are the ones who are prepared to go. Not all humans will go! The Solar Flash will complete the split out of the timelines into separate dimensions, and some will remain in the lower dimensions to finish their ascension work if possible.

Many people won't make it to 5D

There will be many along the way that will not be able to make it, yes. Their souls have not contracted to ascend in this lifetime. The highest Potential must be present in your Astro and Ray Chart – not something an astrologer wld be able to read…

A timeline split is presently occurring - meaning all won’t be on the same trajectory moving forward, toward the future.

You are


So the vibration we anchor determines the realm we establish!

If a human were to ascend from 3D dense vibration into 5D frequency "without preparation" he would die, the physical body could never handle it. Meaning, the physical body with all its systems and organs would not be capable to absorb the Higher Plasma Light, assimilate and integrate it in order to upgrade the body. Human beings ascending in physical form has never happened before! And therefore, the human race is being closely monitored by those off-planet with excitement and anticipation. Moreover, do not compare yourself with another’s Ascension process. It’s all an exclusive individual process.

Not all will be ready for this integration

Now. The only way to advance humanity is through – telepathic ability (the Spiritual Quotient), in its wholeness. Unless a human is wholly functional, they are extremely disabled! The pineal gland is the connection to the higher states of consciousness. You are Humanoid, not true humans. The people in antiquity were true humans with undifferentiated, homogeneous, DNA – they were truly human. our DNA is Reptilian DNA from outer space. So our history at this point in time involves several constellations besides our own. How else would they be able to shapeshift if their DNA was not in the human body? They would not. Human DNA doesn’t allow “Shapeshifting” but, with Reptilian DNA one can! So, Reptilian humanoids have dual DNA’s. And. That is the trick the shapeshifters use – they can shift the DNA to allow one to predominate over the other. At times the human predominates, at other times the reptilian predominates. They shift at night while they're sleeping. This indicates mastery over the DNA and extensive knowledge of the body.

As you know, earth was on a reincarnation cycle that did not take the soul's needs into account. People were recycled at the whim of the malevolent forces working here, so they often did not get rest time, or the chance to work through life lessons, etc. Many were held in the lower fourth against their will and not allowed to reincarnate, in the same way that political prisoners are held in jails against their will. Others had their souls harvested for whatever purpose, either the use of powering their technologies or for the sake of traumatizing and further splitting the soul. In this way they have turned good souls to bad ones.

People will now be able to choose when they wish to come in, and many will choose to stay back or to reincarnate on other planets. Now that the lower Artificial Timeline has been secured (the duplicate 3D earth), they will be allowed to reincarnate there as well and continue to ascend.

Thus, the duplicate 3D Earth will therefore not remain deserted

Other beings will live on it, which through our experience shall reform improve and advance perhaps faster in their worlds, if they surrender. It is this 5D Light that is squeezing out negativity and its carriers, transforming them (according to the Cosmic Laws) or sending them to those worlds where they will have to rehabilitate themselves or karmic retribution would become challenging in more difficult conditions. The activated new 5D Energy works carefully so that its energies don’t burn and harm unready men. It gradually replaces the system nodes, points, and communication channels after their purification from the old 3D energies. It acts clearly and purposefully, fulfilling the Highest Laws and observing them.

We did not incarnate on this planet for a

“Vacation of Avoidance”

You did not choose to incarnate simply to live a happy three dimensional life. You incarnated on this planet to participate in the transition. How?


As FREQUENCY HOLDERS you volunteered to be a part of the ascension process (The Greatest Shift – in and of consciousness from 3/4D to 5/7 D) because you knew that an “Increased Presence of God Consciousness” would add Light to the collective consciousness allowing increasingly more individuals to awaken! In other words, to



upon earth and into mankind.

The Blueprint of Gaia was to experience the I AM NOT at its fullest possible potential by total loss of memory. So Free-Will was gifted to the BluePrint as a tool to experience the BluePrint to its fullest. Duality and Separation became the way of life. However, what was not intended was the total injection of negativity that has superseded all life. The rule of the Dark totally superimposed any signature of the Light. That was not foreseen. Experiencing the I AM NOT meant shades of dark wld infuse naturally whilst the shades of light co-existed with it so that humanity could see and realize the deficit deficiency of light thru the encounter and experience of the dark shades, which would consequently awaken in humanity the full understanding of the I AM PRESENCE and its value, signature, and composition. This was the Intent with which and by which Gaia chose the BluePrint of Total Severance from God. Only to come to a full maturity of thereby realizing GOD! A great way to realize the value of God by removing Him from the equation totally, yet, expecting that the souls would still carry the shades of God within that would make the Return potentially possible.

However, the Dark that exists in our galaxy took great delight in this BluePrint and saw their chance to reign supreme without any opposition in such a planet. And when the Prince of Darkness descended; and the Hierarch of Light departed to allow the BluePrint of Gaia to activate, after the Light Hierarch had saved the planet and its inhabitant race from one extinct civilization; extreme darkness covered the planet, and this time without any shades of light in prevalence!

Who remained behind were the Light Hierarchs of 144,000 Light Frequency Holders with their leader Buddha (please refer to "The Voice of Silence") but –

Not to fix, heal, and correct the darkness

But –


in the presence of darkness and to

HOLD the Light

in the darkness as a potential of possibility and prevent the darkness from exceeding 66.6% (please refer to “The Blue Sapphire Tablet). By Being the HOLDER of Light (Truth) you add TRUTH to the mass consciousness and that sheer task causes the awakening of humanity from total amnesia.

Many truth seekers knew this was coming but never imagined the transition from this 3D dense reality to the 4th and 5th would come with so much chaos and confusion!

None of us knew that! Even when I received the Divine Truth, I didn’t expect this kind of continual darkness and doom.

However, once you surrender to these higher frequencies (your guides, your team will notice that you can take on more and more Higher Light Data) your floodgates shall open wide.

Surrendering is an evolutionary step in everyone’s Ascension process

We are the Pillars of Light, the Light Holders anchoring the Highest External and Internal Plasma Light, which is on a constant progressive increase.

We are the only Creations who ever fell from the 7th and 5th dimensions into the 3rd..... Normally the cycles are an UPWARD evolution and not a downward one.... It takes but one single candle to light up the world....and never by force...but by simply anchoring in the Highest Frequency Rays of Love and Light!

Do you remember your first days on Lemuria? (Please refer to “The Voice of Silence”) Back then we were just light bodies. When earth fell into the 4th then the 3rd dimensions, our light body receded and hid behind our dense form, inside this costume of flesh. Every individual has a permanent real body, a Light Body that the majority cannot see and knows nothing about. Your light body is you as an individualized expression of Source. You have had a Light body ever since the beginning! You had it before entering the lower dimensional energies of earth, and continue to have it while utilizing this material body, and will have it when you no longer need a physical vehicle to return Home!

Here on 3D, you fear that your

Inner voice is wrong

And that the outer world is right

It is this fear that has blocked the forward movement however, you are part of a group, a group that is here to assist earth in its planetary Ascension. You, who have awakened, have chosen to listen to that inner voice over and above the voice of the ego. You have become to trust yourself enough to reveal yourself. That means you are coming to the awareness of your role. Soon, the memories of having the fear of entering into a physical body from your light body will happen. You don’t remember now but you will recall the terror when you entered your 3rd dimensional body (that’s why a baby cries on birth). We are now reversing the transformation. But, unfortunately fear is always involved with change.

Remember, the human species has been through devolution and evolution and those memories of past lives and deaths are all encoded in the DNA. All these memories are beginning to surface due to this frequency shift.

The remainder of your 3rd dimensional life is very short

This light that you see before you, commences as just a speck … and the more you walk towards it, it gets bigger and brighter. When this 5th dimensional light begins to shine within the physical body, the form will shape-shift and morph out of the 3D reality like in a dream and the Light Body will become visible.

It is Your process of surrender

that is allowing the 5th dimensional frequencies to slowly integrate

while in physical form.

Surrendering is an evolutionary step in everyone’s Ascension process

This has never happened before in such a dense, physical body.

As earth's frequency rises, life spans will automatically be longer if desired because beliefs of disease, aging, and deterioration, etc. will no longer exist as reality.

During this greatest PURGE, do not accept, the negative or dense energy that you may experience, as being personally yours! Do not resist it but rather simply acknowledge and allow the unwanted energy to flow through, recognizing it for what it is but giving it no power. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence of all kinds leave an energetic imprint until cleared. You will not know exactly what old energy may be surfacing because some are very ancient, but many of you will feel the energy as it clears. Your Light is assisting these clearings to take place! Dark energy cannot exist the in the presence of highly evolved states of consciousness. As increasingly more awaken and begin to live the Truth, that which is false shall automatically dissolve. Cease giving power to all appearances- because even the simplest things can reinforce back the energy of duality if believed (eg: this food is good but that food is bad). Everything IS--neither good nor bad but just IS.

Attempting to live and depend on absolute Truth

“before attaining the consciousness of it”

is not wise nor spiritual

and has resulted in disaster for many sincere students of truth.

However, the Absolute must first be intellectually known and practiced

in order for it to eventually become the attained state of consciousness that will then manifest outwardly in, as, and through the individual.

A person

whose thoughts and actions

are driven by God -

can do anything!



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