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Updated: Aug 11, 2019



The planet Earth indeed celebrates (each year) its birthday on July 26th, when our Sun enters the Constellation of Leo. At this junction, the constellation of Leo aligns with the Pyramid complex at Giza. But that is not all. This only explains the Earth’s alignment with our solar Sun. However, there is another major alignment that occurs during this leonine period, that which is of unparalleled importance. Star planet Sirius is the mother Higher Presence of Earth with Orion its father, or masculine energy parent. Now, Sirius is not just a Star System but is the “Great Central Sun” that serves as the Head Quarter of God’s Light; its distribution and course plotting throughout the entire Milky Way Galaxy; of which we are a small part. In this period of July end to August mid, Sirius aligns in a major way with our planet.

An extract from my Book – “The Voice of Silence” where this connection is explained in depth:

“Now coming back to Sirius; which is twenty times brighter than Earth’s Sun and over twice as huge as planet Earth; has the most significant connection and relationship with Earth and its human race than any other star system in our galaxy. Sirius is, in fact, the Higher Presence of our entire solar system, into which Earth and all its co-planets must ascend to gain ultimate freedom. Sirius is also known as the ‘Great Instructor of Mankind’, the ‘Source of Higher Mind’! Moreover, Earth is connected to Sirius through the ‘silver cord’ of Light that finally connects all light-forms to the Creator God. Earth shares a negative polarity with Sirius and is psychically influenced through three pivotal planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn.”

Furthermore, the Earth receives its light from 2 planets: the golden light from our Sun and the blue light frequency from the blue planet Sirius. This is prototypical, Ray 2 and Ray 1, respectively. However, the Ray 1 (blue light) that Earth receives is a major birthday gift, each year, for a crisp period of July 26th to August 12th. As I have scribed before, Ray 1 has never been anchored on earth afore. This is because it’s the Ray of the Will of God; which entails Unity Consciousness of One, wherein, duality is non-existent totally. As you all know by now – Free Will is the opposite of God’s Will. Our blueprint, and the blueprint of our planet primarily, is the contract of separation, based essentially / fundamentally/ wholly on the Principle of Dualistic Separation. So there is no way Ray 1 can be anchored on Earth. But, it is gifted in this way each year through a major Gateway Portal that opens between Sirius and Earth and, a pathway is laden between the two planets through which the Light of God’s Will is beamed upon us.

Now, for you to understand this you must know from where does the powerful blue light descend and, its significance. For which I request you read the page - "Earths Sirius Connection" on my website ( ) It carries all the relevant extracts from my eBook besides the indepth study on the metaphysical connection and the extraordinary occult psychic bond the the two daring planets hold and endear.

Now, the Blue Sun is Sirius itself, and it carries the Blue Frequency of that Star System also known as the "Blue Star". The deep 'Blue Light' carries the Codes of an advanced race of Light Beings who are in the service of the Divine Plan and in the evolution of the Galaxy and earth. The rising of the Blue Sun indicates another cycle of Light, Love and Support from the Sirian Master Teachers on the Path of Evolution.

Thus, the Blue Light from Sirius is the God Consciousness (Infinity Frequency) whilst the Golden Light from the Great Central Sun is the Christ Consciousness (33rd Degree of Ascension Frequency). Now, in this corridor of July 26 (2+6=8) up to August 12th, both Christ and God Consciousness is showered upon Earth and its human race as a great gift from the Source. So, those interested in awakening are supported and directed greatly by this gift.

I also feel or look upon this Gateway Portal as an opportunity for mankind to end its dualistic blueprint and enter a higher frequency of unity, wholeness, and completion, by adopting the Divine Plan of God. And at present, the Sirian Master Teachers are telling us that the golden frequency of Ray 2, from the Ra, is here for us to raise the vibration of our physical body to the Light Body of multi dimensionality, whereby we are then ready to nullify our original blueprint of duality forever and enter the Monadic Blueprint of Unity.    

So through the history of human evolution the Sirian Masters have descended to teach us the process of ascension, the science of ascension, the technology of the 33rd degree of ascension. The last of who walked in form amongst us were in the early period of the Egyptian Pharaohs with Thoth as the god of Khem (name of ancient Egypt) who introduced writing along with his partner Seshata who introduced language, as well as the medium of measurement and mathematics (necessary for the construction of the pyramid sacred holographic geometry), followed by the hugely famous Akhenaton and his much oblivious mysterious second wife Kiya (whose name and sign was obliterated by the demonic energy of Nefertiti). This last famous Pharaoh introduced the Principle of Oneness and one God and the worship of the Sun God – Aton, who is the I AM Presence of the Great Central Sun. He introduced and popularized the emblem of Sirius – the Ankh! Ankh is the Gematrian symbol of the Infinity Consciousness of the Creator God of All That Is. I have explained this in greater depth on my website.

So, what makes this 8:8 Lions Gate Portal so important? The energy of the Lion is what is important at this vortex! For ascension of and beyond the 33rd degree of Freedom we need to become the Lion Consciousness of Sirius. We need to ascend into the energies of the Lion Consciousness. Simply said - we need to release the Lion within us!

As written in my article of August 8:8:8:8 on LinkedIn, in the mighty year of 2015 - "The royal Lion Sphinx has stood guard over this New Timeline for millenniums, but quietly! However, now with the 2015 888 he shall be activated and initiated (perhaps for the very first time of our 6th root race of the Egyptian Aryan civilization) and its official introduction to humanity shall commence with the coming of the Planetary NEW Year, July 26th, 2015. Which shall peak on 8th August – 8:8:8, and finally the Gateway Portal shall close on August 12th. This I feel is in readiment for the mega influx of New Energies of a totally different and much finer frequency ... Moreover, and in addition, on the 888, another ray shall bombard earth – Ray 4 of Diamond Light of Resurrection and Ascension. So this Lion’s Gate Portal shall usher in the amplification and powers of Ray One, Ray Two, and Ray Four – the Blue, the Golden, the Diamond Light!

To know "What is the Sphinx" please take the time to study the webpage already mentioned above!

So,its is not just the Christ Consciousness of the 33rd degree anymore but, "The LION CONSCIOUSNESS of the 144th Degree" where our focus must be now on this grand LionsGate Portal Opening of the powerful 8:8! This activates the 144 DNA Grid within us. This is the ASCENSION PRIMARY TIMELINE ENERGY! For all on "The Path" to Ascension the Divine Way in this embodiment!

So, on or at 8:8 ( at 8:00 am and at 8:00 pm Egyptian local time) when the PORTAL OPENS the ZEP-TEPI / ZERO-POINT ENERGIES of Sirius shall pour cascade into Gaia an into humanity. We shall embark onto the ‘Pathway to Sirius’ on this date. The Pathway to Sirius, which is like the highway that links Earth to Sirius resonates on the frequency of 7 and is composed of the Blue Violet Fire of Destruction Transmutation Purification. The homepage of my website reveals this beautifully!

After the LionsGate closes on August 12th, we still have a TRYST WITH SIRIUS on August 15th: the FULL MOON IN LEO @ 12:31 PM utc ( 17:59 IST).

'The Voice of Silence' (eBook available on thru my website - a must must read) – The best time for connecting closely with the energies of Sirius is when the Moon is full in the House of Leo. The Leo Full Moon is the time for a CLOSEST ENCOUNTER OF THE PARANORMAL OCCULT KIND WITH SIRIAN FORCES!"

The Pathway to Sirius is via the Power of the Violet Fire with its leading Gematrian number at 7 whilst, the Power of Sirius is in its Gematrian of number 8, both vertical and horizontal with its colour that rests in its Blue Fire of the Lion Consciousness!


“I AM the Power of 3-TIMES-3”


“I AM the Power of PURIFICATION”



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