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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

April is the month of RAHU!

Both are number 4

This is the year of number 4 (2020=22+00=4)

Rahu is in the lethal Ardha Nakshatra and its Lord is RUDRA

Who is Lord RUDRA?

Shiva (the name means The UNMANIFEST), when He first manifested, it was as the "Lingam" the symbol of His Manifested Form and He was named RUDRA. Rudra is therefore the 'Manifest Form' of the "Unmanifest (God Shiva)"!

He is the "Lord of the BIGGEST DESTRUCTION". The Lord of THUNDER & LIGHTENING! This month is Rahu's month, in Rahu's year of 2020, and he still is in Ardha Nakshatra but, in its last few days (till April 22nd). Rahu entered Ardha Nakshatra on Sept. 27th of 2019.

So April 4th ( is not just a Portal Opening, its the 'deadliest month' in the entire history of Earth (earth is also a number 4. It has 4 elements and 4 directions)! April 4th and the Portal of the officially initiates "The last 4 years of total dismantling and destruction of earth"! We have another Number 4 (the last 4 years) added to the history of earth's 4s! The momentum (that was already building voluminously from the conjunction of Jan.2020) now has accelerated fully! The reading on the accelerator says - "Deadliest Speed! All 4 cylinders activated! No breaks anymore! Fastest onward throttle!"

Beware of the wrath of Lord Indra, Rahu and Ardha Nakshatra ... from April 4th to the 22nd. When only Death shall roam the streets of planet earth. The outside is out-of-bounds'! The Planet is now officially declared under complete Shut-Down!



The Nakshatra is Ardha where Rahu has been building its destructive power. Rahu will unleash its magnification entirely, before, it leaves Ardha on 22nd of April {22(4) + 4(April) = Infinite (The Un-Manifest).

"The biggest ever Transformation occurs after the biggest storm of Destruction."

And this is also the month of Resurrection of Life! Jesus's crucifixion, His resurrection, His re-manifestation and then 40 days on earth's ethereal till He ascended in May. April is therefore the month of Destruction with opportunities for Rebirth (esp for those on the Ascension Timeline)!

"The Greater the FALL,
the Grander the ASCENSION!"

RUDRA is the most formidable and intense roop (Sanskrit for Form) of Shiva! The symbol of this Nakshatra is a "TEAR-DROP". Its qualities are dreadful and its colour - ebony, black-pepper. All black when in 'Maha Kaal' (the Biggest Destroyer) rendition. He’s the Butcher that slaughters cruelly the unbendable defiant evil energies. His wrath causes mass-scale destruction, and then, a TEAR is dropped! A TEAR that becomes the DIAMOND - The Light at the end of the dark tunnel!

Furthermore, Ardha Nakshatra and Lord Rudra embraces and affects the Heart Chakra that relates to the heart organ, lungs, hands and the shoulder. And so does the CoronaVirus. It supports the Virus. RUDRA is doing what 'The Fiat' commanded. This Fiat was issued by the Creator [Lord INDRA (the God of all God's ), the Highest Form of God, the Un-Manifest] in which He said:

"Roll now the Scroll of earth and set ablaze the 'beginning' of the End of Kali Yuga! Ensure all dismantling must end by 4 years ... allow Evil to reign supreme in the allotted time for dislocation of earth! Use then the Arrows of the evil to do Our Work of destruction! Destruction of the external! Let humanity wake-up to see 'INDRA lies only within - and, within is where thou must now connect with I.

Inject the "Zero Point Blue Ray 1", as was done in 2 Scrolls before. Flood thy bodies with the Ascension Photonic Diamond waves of plasma and, blast the electromagnetic circuity into becoming a united Singularity. No more 'opposing polarities' in my design!

A New astrological cycle shalt thereafter commence, once the destruction is complete! Activate the 4:4:4 Portal of 2020 as a DOORWAY from which the threshold resonance of earth ist suspended into the realm of utter darkness and destruction! Under the guidance of Rudra, and his consort Saturn, in preparation for earth to then become a 5D Crystalline Universe of complex consciousness.

Roll the great turning of the WHEEL and initiate the GREAT SHIFT of Transmutation! May my Light Warriors in Form (on earth) evolve into plasma fields of my Light! This indeed ist the 'Seed Moment' when Precipitation of my Plan (for earth) becomes Manifest - manifest into infinite fields of all possibilities. Let all know, the environmental destruction cannot be overcome through the environment!

The Hour of the "Cosmic ZeroPoint" has befallen! And thy Solar System ist aligning to ensure its victory! Capricorn is the House, the self-destruct stoic infrastructural power, to host the final termination of Kali Yuga! Saturn is its Lord that shalt consume the decaying, the irreparable, within its fumes of No Mercy through disease. Supported by none other than the coercive Pluto, his friend-in-action, who reeks of death and destruction through disease, virus, pandemics. Their conjunction in Saturn's home shall spell doom. Their signature shalt spell Destruction by bringing up issues of the Virus and Stock Market. The Virus shall kill and the Economy shall dismantle. Saturn shall appear at the doorstep, for Payment of Dues ... or else - and that's when Pluto shall come forth to render the penalty. Perfect! We did this, way back in the 1980's, when mankind desecrated my 'Design' of Form thru sexual misdemeanours. Then too, Saturn and Pluto came together and rendered the penalty of AIDS. Humanity learns temporarily, despite my sovereign infusion of the Spiritual Quotient meant to raise the IQ of human evolution!

Send Mars into the infrastructure too, to rev-up my Fires of Obliteration - the Final Termination of 3D. Mar's aggression, hastiness, no-nonsense propensity shall perfectly align with the urgent speed of the 4 Year Plan.

Ah, Jupiter is hesitant to participate, being the planet of true benevolence! But, lets place Jupiter in Capricorn, CONJUNCT with its foe Saturn, however just after the Doorway of 4:4:4 In fact, within hours of the mighty date! The powers of Jupiter get reduced in the House of Capricorn, and this it does not like! It's human too! In the humane way :-) But, something different happens when it lays down with Pluto. It begins to aid expands whatever Pluto is doing. In doing so, Jupiter feels less debilitated as it can still use its expansive qualities. However, and on the other hand, Pluto is assisting Saturn. So unknowing Jupiter shall become the Death Wish much needed for my Plan. The Tripple Conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, followed and supported in close heel by Mars, shall infuse the lethal dose to accomplish the "Beginning of the Final Termination of the BluePrint of Gaia".

Moreover, do not forget the positioning of Saturn's left-hand - "Rahu", in the Nakshatra of Ardha where I, as Rudra, shall strike the final blow of Lightening causing the ferocious Thunder of the venomous Corona to unleash its poisonous Peak. is truly the Sacred Portal for Global Transmutation (through disease and death as the chosen medium). Do not make this a "rehearsal"! Consider this as the "Event". And at the end of the 4 Year Plan, life shall be restored anew! Much healing will follow suit and reconstruction shall be the call of the hour, to pave the Way for Final SATYA YUGA on New Earth! There, We shall meet face-to-face and Peace shall reign eternal! And, SatYug is the DIAMOND that forms Rudra's Tear!"



"I AM"

At the time the clock strikes GMT 3:45 AM, on April 5th, and the "TRIPPLE CONJUNCTION" occurs between JUPITER PLUTO SATURN please sit in the Mass Meditation (initiated by Light Beings on earth) to pray for the "Removal of CoronaVirus" - from the Universes of God forever!

The Temple of God's Will

Sangeeta Handa

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