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The TRIPLE GATEWAY of 777 - you have now officially ENTERED the BLUE RAY & the VIOLET RAY season







7th July (7) 2023 (7) @ 7:00 am = 7777


7th July (7) 2023 (7) @ 7:00 pm = 7777

The "777" Portal is the most important and powerful Gateway for 2023

This is the Season of

Chohan El Morya & Chohan St Germain

The most powerful Portal of this year opens on 7th July as the annual “Triple/Quadruple Gateway” ushering in a powerful sequence of cosmic SIRIUS activations of 777 and 8:8 (LionsGate). Keep in mind, number 7 is a Sirian Number as much as is number 8! Number 7 is the “Antahkarana Bridge” between earth and Sirius; it is the “Earth-Sirus Violet Fire Gateway”. All human beings who are ascending must pass thru this Violet Ray/Violet Fire passage to enter Sirius. Whilst Sirius is the Blue Ray 1 star, the passage leading into it is of the Violet Ray 7. One is required to become the Violet Fire in order to tread the Violet Gateway to the Blue Ray 1. This is why number “7” is all about Freedom, Transformation, Purification (thru Forgiveness). Forgiveness en-ables one to let go thru the love energy of contentment. It lifts one to the state of Detachment. Once you become the Violet Fire, you become the perfect vibrational match to the Gateway to Sirius. Mastery of number 7 (the 7:7 portal) then qualifies one to walk the “Earth-Sirus Violet Fire Gateway” to a higher Portal, essentially the Portal of 8:8 - of the Galactic Blue Sun Sirius.

"8:8" PORTAL

The 8:8 Portal then lifts one to an even higher consciousness of Light - into Infinity, Immortality, Freedom. Sirius, thus, being the Divine Portal for earth and the main transmission center for earth’s Ascension - holds the Vibration of ultimate and absolute Freedom. A permanent release (freedom) from all bondages of the never-ending Karmic Cycle of reincarnations through the alignment of freewill with the Divine Will. When one incarnates on earth, one passes through the “veil of illusion” that ensures humanity’s imprisonment within the confines of the vicious ego cycle of wants and desires, making it difficult to escape the never-ending loops of Karma. Thus, Portals and Gateways such as the 7:7 and 8:8 - the “Sirius Portals of Light” come forward to 'pierce' these veils of illusion and allow for Divine Cosmic Intel to flow thru so that, mankind is en-abled to ‘remember’ and ‘return’ to the Original Divine Settings. Consequently, the Sirius Portals of Light bring in the “Higher Light Packets of Information" (or the Ascension Codes) via the masculine Blue Ray 1, which holds within it the feminine Violet Ray 7, that which is essentially transported to earth vide the “Earth-Sirus Violet Fire Gateway” (or the Antahkarana) that opens from July 26 to August 12th.

Earth-Sirus Violet Fire Gateway

Moreover. In this period (from 7th July - 12th August), the golden Sun and the blue sun Sirius are in perfect alignment with Gaia earth, emitting (realm shifting) multi-dimensional energies from the 6th, 7th and 8th Dimension. These are High Dimensional, Galactic, Gamma, Plasma, Photonic Light transmissions directly streaming down from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN (Sirius) thru the physical Sun to planet earth; propelling humanity into higher frequencies of a breakthrough point. This Sacred Stargate period, from the 7th of July - 12th of August, is quintessentially for “Personal Transmutation” activating individuals, already on the Primary Timeline of Ascension, into the highest possible levels of consciousness! The energy associated with Sirius is especially potent this year (because of the added 7777 Portal) for the Blue & Violet Ray Starseeds and, the Lightworker communities. These "six-weeks" shall activate the remembrance of the ‘SuperNatural Powers’ (as explained in ‘The Amethyst Tablet’) and propel the starseeds further into their Mission. It is a significant and profound time for new, groundbreaking work and transformative potential.

This is the time of the year when the solar Sun and the Great Central Sun, Sirius, rise together at the horizon in a harmonic conjunction. During this "six-week" period, a continual stream of Sirius Blue Ray 1 and Sirius Violet Ray 7 blasts earth, activating portals to the magical days of ancient Lemuria. Lemuria or Mu was an ancient Sirian civilization that mapped across the western Pacific coast of America ( right from Mount Shasta) all the way down to Australia and over to India.

The number ‘7’ Year is the year of the Mystic, the Merlin (Saint Germain), the Wise Sage! It is the path of ancient mysticism. 7 symbolizes visionaries, seers, channelers, mediums, alchemists, intellectuals, deep thinkers, philosophers, and scholars.

Number 7 is

Bringing HEAVEN


at the speed of Lightning

The shape of the digit itself represents the action of bringing "heaven to earth" (at the speed of lightning). Due to that, 7 is considered the number for MIRACLES ... now TRIPLE that to 777!

The 777 Portal is not about life on earth until you die but, LIFE BEYOND DEATH! Whilst all of spirit(D)uality, sciences, coaching (whether it be business coaching or spiritual coaching) teach mankind how to live prosperously on earth, the month of July and August open humanity to a “LIFE AFTER DEATH ENCOUNTER". Astrologers, tarot card readers, psychics, numerologists are visited for answering human queries on solutions to earthly challenges and how to fulfil one’s earthly dreams wishes and need. These coaches and predictors can only guide a person 'til the airport – the venue of death. But can they help you take the right flight out so you reach heaven and not hell? In that respect Death is the Final Exam. And Portals such as the 7th of July (7:7); 8th of August (8:8), 11th of November (11:11), 12th of Dec (12:12), the Eclipses, the Wesak Portal and the Equinox and Solstices Portals open the 'BEYOND DEATH' Gateways for humanity. During these times, the Galactic and Source influxes pour-in to awaken and prepare mankind for the Final Exam – the Death Portal. So that, one may choose the Right Flight out (to Heaven).

Please read the earlier article: "REACHED HALFWAY POINT OF 2023 = 7" to know all about number 7 and the Year 7. Link:




July 26


August 12

The 8th date of the 8th month is a fundamental Cosmic Date when, the veil between the earth world and the spiritual world become negligible, or incredibly thin. This is the time of perfect alignment between the Solar Sun in Leo and the galactic Great Central Sun Sirius. Being the Headquarter of God’s Light for the galaxy - is it a wonder that it is the brightest star in the night sky?

Thus, from 26th July to the 12th of August is the most powerful time of the “Two Suns”, one Golden and the other, electric Blue.

So, after 777 the next Portal Opening is on the 26th of July – which is celebrated as the Galactic New Year, based upon the Heliacal Rising of Sirius @ 19.5 latitude north. This day is the known as the “Day Out of Time” … and is a powerful ZERO-POINT Portal of Emptiness and Nothingness … and rightly so – A day “Out-of-Time” or having no time. Beyond time – Maha Kaal – Name of Lord Shiva, denoting Timelessness. He is the destroyer of time. He is the Monad God of the Blue Ray 1.

Moreover, 26th July was a date honoured by the Ancient Mayans and the Ancient Egyptians as the moment when earth begins a new cycle in her ongoing evolution. In Egypt, this was known as the "Heliacal Rising of Sirius" This is the time when Sirius rises in the morning sky right next to the Sun and over the Pyramid of Giza in perfect Alignment.

Two more articles shall follow suit on the 26th of July and 8th August, which are already posted in the Articles Page from earlier years.


(page 225)

"Blue Ray 1 & Violet Ray 7 Beings

: Similarities :

The Blue Ray 1 Beings and the 7th Ray Violet Fire Beings are quintessentially “One Line of Energy” that breaks at the end into two parts. Both rays are essentially the “Rays of Law”. The Blue Ray ‘is the Law’ and the Violet Ray ‘executes the Law’! And lastly, both are “Rays of Synthesis”! However, whilst the Blue Ray 1 synthesizes wherein fusion is all-sweeping and all-inclusive, thereby making it broad-based and across-the-board; the Violet Ray 7 amalgamates, wherein synthesis is finite exclusive and limited. The 7th Ray synthesizes in a highly structured manner, concretizing and particularizing its merger. Nonetheless, both rays merge into 'One fine line of energy' and both hold this Line to support the Consciousness of ShivaShakti as a compounded Whole, without a hyphen in between!"

(page 213 - 214)

"Now, returning to the Ray Equipment, it must be understood that the ‘placement’ of the ray in the individual’s ray-chart is the fundamental indicator. You may wonder: What makes a person a Ray 7 Being or a Ray 1 Being? It is when that ray is positioned in the most powerful place in his/her chart or, its repeated in placement. Okay, so then which are the most powerful positions in a human’s ray-chart? The Monad Family, Soul Family, and the Personality segment! We know by now that we enter earth on 6 most important rays that construct our ray-chart. Of which 2 never change: essentially the original family we entered into, on our virginal departure from the Creator’s Light (as an Individualized Spark), that which forms our archetype Monad Family. After which we embarked upon choosing our Soul Family from which we would incarnate into different star programs for experiences of the “I AM Not” and return to, on finishing our contract with each program eventually. This too doesn’t change till the Soul has finished its complete learning and set of desired experiences.

"Moreover, the Monad Family (Ray), however, determines the “MONADIC BLUEPRINT”, the original and final blueprint to which one must return, eventually and as a final point!

"Having said that, the distinctions between each ray placement are not meant to be hard and fast. There is no rule fully understood by human as yet, in the study of rays and astrology. A point I would like to explain here however, is regarding the Soul Ray (different from the ‘Soul Family Ray’) that is also referred to as the Astral Ray (or the Emotional Ray), which is the first stage of ascent for any being in form. Every individual in form will eventually have to absorb all the qualities of his Astral Soul (the Macro Soul of all its collective embodiments). Therefore, ascension is not sheer upward movement to one place only, it’s a ladder with many rungs to ascend through.

" Just an example to simplify the above: If you are a Ray 7 Personality Being but your Soul Ray is Ray 2, then your Soul’s Urge is for you to primarily master and imbibe all the characteristics of the golden Ray 2, which is - attain complete Enlightenment, know and live the Truth by upholding its principles strongly and singularly whilst yet living in a dualistic realm, learn to master unconditional Love, become the Light of God, attain the stability and balance of Peace, spread Peace around the world and, finally learn to Heal all cause-and-effects of duality with its scars through the attainment of knowledge concerning ‘Esoteric Healing’, that which is essentially healing through the Soul and not from the energy of the dis-eased Form. This is done by healing from the qualities of the Soul Ray!"

For those of you who have bought "The Amethyst Tablet" & "The BLue Sapphire Tablet"

please place your print out copies at the Altar and light a candle

in this season of the Blue Ray 1 & the Violet Ray 7

Pray with the 2 Holy Light Veda's at your Altar so its emissions can radiate into you.

Link to all 4 Tablets:

The last Holy Light Veda

"The Blue Ray1 Beings on earth"

shall be ready for the 2024 (No 8 Portal)


so you are well prepared before the next year's

Mightiest Portal Opening on the 888

and the End of Kali Yuga

(please note: purchase of the 5th Light Veda is only if you have read all 4 previous. This Book is for the serious Blue Ray/Violet Ray Beings only. Not for mass consumption.)




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Jul 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Sangeeta, I am just feeling so grateful to be here on earth at this time.

I also feel great to have my birth date as 16 which is 7.

Your article on 777 portal is so overwhelming for me as I feel universe is giving such a great opportunity to evolve. I will definitely meditate and keep light Vedas around me.

Thank u so much for sharing this wisdom.


Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Jul 06, 2023

Guys pls write your comments here, easier to respond in one place. Thks.

Marcia - thks and most welcome! With much love from me and the Temple!💛

"What a ‘Perfect' message dear Sangeeta, it touched me deeply, as an inner knowing. Thank You for Your Light. I bow in Love and Gratitude. Peace Love and Joy Marcia"


Jul 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Of course I meant to give you five stars my beloved Sangeeta!


Jul 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta! I must I must respond right away! I have yet to read to the end of the post BUT: I so want you to know that I am so truly explicably tied to this post and your heartfelt message! My dear sister Alison is breathing her last breaths of life and it has been so painful for myself and my family to witness and be there for her final breath. She seems to be hanging on and her heart still beats!! I only hope and pray this is biological! We are all in different countries and cities my family per se and I pray that she is not hanging on for us. ! I really do …

Jul 07, 2023
Replying to

Dear Sangeeta,

Thank you for deep and heartfelt message. It was very calming and the kindest words spoken! My dear sister Alison passed yesterday July 6th 2023 at what I believe was around 5 am EST. I was awake at 3 am talking to her - as you most eloquently noted above - and I told her how I felt and shared my honest truth with her. I managed to fall back asleep however I awoke quite crystal clear (around 5am), turned around in my bed and I felt her presence: the softest sweetest fine and beautiful crystal pristine presence. I knew she had come to say farewell to me in this plane of existence. It is now…

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