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Reached the Halfway Point of 2023 = 7

2023 Number 7

Penetration of Mystery / Psychic and SuperNatural Energy/ Prophetic Powers / Omens/ energy of a Loner / Retrospection & Introspection / Mystical Natural Phenomena/ Magik / Transmutation / Perversely an energy of Deception & Deceit/ Falsity and Duplicity/ Negative Occultism/ Black Magic.

This is a year of Burning Fire – a spiritual Transformational Fire of ashes to ashes and dust to dust but, in the end, an Ascended Master shall rise from these burning embers of the burning fire!

Number 7 represents ‘Loner and a Hermit’, as he/she requires its own time space to decompress, analyse, assuage, mollify, the changes occurring cosmically and naturally in order to get active and participate when called upon.

This fiery number embraces: research, study, introspection to attain the Skill. Profundity. Number seven Purges superficiality. It’s a number that speaks of Honesty and Integrity. Silent communication, telephony. Deductive powers, mental singular focus, and discernment in thought – of vital necessity to go thru the year uninjured and with sanity intact.

If you are the VIOLET FIRE then, you raise to the surface: the garbage of lies, deception, deceit, duplicity, falsity, fakeness, deliberate misinformation and misguidance, for annihilation and transformation. Your Fire of the Violet Ray 7 causes uprisings and purges. Incites agitation even belligerence and jingoism as all of this necessitates housecleaning, expulsion and flushing out! These are referred to as imbalanced energies of fanaticism – the perversion of the UnFed Flame whereby, the three plumes do not expand and rise in balance. Moreover, You are engaged to get rid of others garbage too (the collective mass negativity), and not simply one’s own!

On the other hand, these energies can as well be understood quintessentially as ‘Analysing Energies’! That lean on quiet research, need for enquiry and penetrative exploration. One should Scrutinize but not become (hyper) critical or paranoid! Its an energy that causes break-down and dissipation of structures. It represents a deeper study into a discipline to incite CHANGE!

The Ray 7, the Violet Fire and, the number 7 envelope ‘advancement and development of Nuclear Powers and Weaponry’!

This is a very important year to be Spiritually Powerful! To be strong, powerful, commanding and formidable. When your Spirit is strong and fully connected to your bioshell (Integrated Illumined soul-personality) you will, infallibly, ride the storm in-and-out of the eye.

Consequently, this is the Time to be self-focused, self-directed, self-powered, self-contained and self-sustained. Remember, number 7 is an ‘Inward Energy’! The energy is of a loner and analyser!

Number 7 are ‘FREQUENCY HOLDERS’! And, you can be one only - if you’re the Violet Fire yourself - the “Violet Pillars” of transmutation and purification in order to hold the Pure Light. This is why it's a lonely job with lonesome activity.

Don’t be afraid of being alone. Remember, the LAST MILE HOME YOU WALK ALONE. Not in a group, not with your friends, not with your family either nor your spouse. So, map your inner world, know your god gifted ‘Inner Guidance System’ very well! Receive navigation from within – no without anymore. God is within, and so are you! You shall then receive Wisdom of Divine Intelligences. Build your own road, from your soul inside, back to the Light thru faith, spiritual practice and, isolation.

Be ready then to stand back, watch, wait, listen, observe - quietly and patiently. This is how secrets are unveiled and known. And, above all, how you connect the dots to the magic that unfolds over time and in sequence. The Art of Observation is very much a 7 energy – wait watch observe – patient passive action. Observing the symbols, looking at the patterns, noticing the dates and numbers, conscious of the waves of energy structuring into nodes of manifestation over time and thru cycles! Allowing patiently for the energies to shape, bend, blend, and draw the picture for you. This is Magic Unfolding before your very eyes! See, feel, hear, not just the events unfurling; hear not just the words of people but FEEL the energy that persists around the room, around the people and the event. Listen to your body responding to the energy around. Are you uncomfortable in it? Is it messaging something to you?

Be therefore absolutely alert, conscious, alive and AWAKE in 2023. Be Present! It shall be very rewarding in the end as it brings personal heightened awareness thru, personal passive involvement in every step of the way. Knowledge, wisdom, information, coupled with deepest understanding, shall inevitably lead you to Spiritual Maturity.

Furthermore – it is the virtues of surrender, acceptance, patient observation along with the immense staying-power that together yield MagiK! And, makes you SuperNaturally Powerful.

Number 7, the Violet Ray, and the Violet Fire are also the energy of the High Priestess! It gives you dreams, pictures, numbers, sequences, patterns, allegories, symbols, parables, metaphors … and makes you piece together, all of which, into a form of Enchanting Magik – so, you emerge into a Magi - by your own doing! There are many Magis’ in this world today!

The Psychic SuperHighways are indeed very noisy

But in every step, you must be careful not to over-indulge, not to become fanatical, obsessed or addicted nor attached – this is referred to as ‘analysis paralysis’.

Law of Attraction, Law of Manifestation – is a number 7 Energy! And so is: Magic. Therefore, Do Not project the mass consciousness outward! Do Not mirror the world! There is a fine line between the two consciousness and, if you are the Violet Fire (by now) then allow the number 7 ray and fire to discern between the consciousness of ‘Bastardry and Bravery’!

Remember (and I have said this many a times), Jesus said: It’s not what you put into your body that matters, but - what you emit outward, that colours your Evolutionary Chart! Because, what you broadcast is what you attract back! Like energies attract! And dense energies attract each other faster.

Rise of fake cults, so called mystery schools, teachers, healers, regressionists, grand masters, black magic, tantric misuse, and other evil occult mis-practices are also the energy of number 7 but, a perverted number seven – engage discernment! Moreover, scandals, secrets, paranoia, conspiracy, fanaticism are all Bastardry Energies of mass consciousness! However, fear not such perversions and evils as, when you become the Violet Fire – you have the supernatural mysticism to bring down the curtain on such warped parodies and flower forth the Wizard of Magik instead! You indeed awaken the dead and resurrect their souls! Such is your Power! Own it. Be it!

Honesty and Integrity are qualities that will make you “Shine”, from within the density of the black tar into which is submerged the 3D planet! Draw others to you.


is forefront


all others

shall be revealed in Shame!

We have now reached the Halfway Point of the Year of Transmutations - number 7. It is now time for preparation into the next year of number 8 (2024).

Three points to keep in mind for next year:

1) there are two Zeros' in next year's geometrical hologram of 8. A DOUBLE "ZERO-POINT ENERGY" is coming...

An Emptiness is highlighted by its Double emphasis. Number 8 is Infinity: reaching infinity (the energy of emptiness) only thru Transmutation (the number 7).

One Zero is Transmutation of all density, second Zero is reaching the higher dimension after transmutation. The point where both zero's meet (after the completion of eight) is the energy of Emptiness. Arrival at the Higher Dimension takes you into the Infinity or the Emptiness of the ZERO-POINT.

Moreover, Zero-Degree is very important in astrology. And this year many planets touched the 0 degree - Pluto, Jupiter and Mars. All in preparation for the coming year of Double Zeros’.

2) Its an 8888:8888 year of SIRIUS-EARTH CONNECT. Big event for the 144,000 plus all awakening.

3) 2024 Aug (the 8888:8888 gateway portal) marks officially the END of the Yuga of Kali. But - please make a note - it DOES NOT mark the beginning of Satya Yuga - the Golden Age of Truth or Oneness Consciousness. After the end of KalYug of next year, is a blank for many years till the commencement of the Truth Era. I feel it is a healing time, a resurrection period, before the ultimate Freedom through Ascension. Yes, Ascension may not occur before the Satya Yuga. The full-bodied ascension, the Divine Way without passing thru the physical change called death! That’s my feeling as of now. But. YOU create it for yourself at anytime. Many have gone way above the 5th D in energy and consciousness but not with their physical bioshells.

The New Causal Matrix, nearly laid, shall allow for manifestation to occur - for all ready to ascend. Which means you must match its vibration first then; ascension and manifestation shall occur organically! Then, Magic becomes natural and is automated.

The number 7 year (2023) is completion of the first circle of 8. And on 8th Aug (at 8 am (Cairo time) and 8:00 pm of the 8th year (2024) the ZERO-POINT would be reached. 8888:8888. And it has many times afore….but not like what shall transpire in 2024!

Sandra Walters

Departing from duality requires our higher skills this year. As always, we can be a stabilizing force without hindering the progress of global Ascension.

It may feel more dense as the light levels jump, and distortions collapse. Inversion collapse. Practice discernment, non-judgment, and Divine Neutrality. Please show the way, and treat all with compassion and kindness. Indicates your Spiritual maturity.

Transfiguration: Genuine and palpable transformation of the infinite Kryst Heart, Crystalline DNA and Lightbody for the next phase of collective resurrection.

Stargates will be strongest on Equinoxes and Solstices this year; great unified activations with Gaia and the Cosmic realms. Plan to be on your Sacred power spots or gateways during those passages.”

Furthermore, dealing with Solar Activity and its heightened energies:

Solar activity is ushering in new frequencies, as well as the anticipated unusual symptoms of Transfiguration.

These higher solar energetics are elevating all to higher vibrational frequencies and, the graduated Sun is receiving greater LIGHT from the “Great Central Sun”, the “Photon Belt”, and the “Great Attractor”.

The human race, as well, is receiving the same intensified LIGHT and experiencing activations within the physical vessel, the emotions, and the mind—which could very well be causing you strange feelings of anger, anxiety, or depression in terms of the emotional state when there is no logical reason for the upsurge of such dense feelings. These can be ancestral or personal experiences of the past that are being brought up for cleansing. And as well, the energies of the collective. You being the Violet Fire, the Frequency Holders, attract external imbalanced energies within for Transmutation and Purification. Its your mission and reason why the Karmic Lords gave you the seat for descension now.

The Light has been switched on for deep tissue cleansing to ensue. And God is the Bringer of Light to this highest density darkness upon earth of the deepest Kali Yuga era of minimum lest light of 25%.

Thus, we must always remember that SOURCE is at work to expand, sustain, and transform “IT’s” creation. No destruction is allowed—only change to a HIGHER STATE.

Furthermore! Ruler of number 7 is Neptune. There are training schools in four places: Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion and Neptune - where souls are prepared for life on Earth and their soul missions here. If you have come from these training schools, you had to step-down your frequency, through one of these training establishments. Some people choose a different training establishment for each lifetime. Others come through the same one each time. So, there are two influences upon you as you incarnate, your “Place of Origin” and the “Place of Training”. The vast majority of souls currently in incarnation are from Sirius and most of them have also been prepared on Sirius for this lifetime. For which THE TEMPLE OF GOD’S WILL is preparing a Manual Tablet that shall trigger your memory of the Training you received for descent. Please view the following page to know more:



Exclusively for the 144,000 blue ray beings on earth! A Trigger to awaken to full power & wisdom. a reminder of the 'training' received in "the secret etheric masonic lodge" in sirius

Coming Soon

Now, regarding


In the new Matrix, STILL BEING ANCHORED, the "Higher Light Hierarchs", the "Planetary Hierarchy" and the "Ascended Masters" are loading a 'New Program' of further evolution into 4D/5D with its entire infrastructure, which will be fixed and executed at the Causal Plane, where the energy of events and timelines (for earth) is formed and accumulated.

Only after that, the new Ascended Masters will settle down in the earth’s field. On a Subtle Plane, the main point of their location will be the renewed Shambhala, at Mount Kailash, with its underground infrastructure. Plus, territorial branches on Mount Elbrus (southernmost Russia on the west side bordering east Europe) and other places in Eurasia. In some cases, Ascended Masters will incarnate into living people through Transmigration into already existing human bodies by agreement with their Souls. In other cases, they will remain in 4D but, if necessary, will temporarily embody into 3D to solve specific tasks only, as the former inhabitants of Tibetan Shambhala used to do.

The establishment of a new reality on Earth will not be quick and easy. There are still many battles ahead with the remnants of the Gray eons and their civilizations, which still present on our planet.

A New Logos (hologram) for earth has been constructed, incorporating energies of many Ascended Masters, such El Morya, Maitreya, Buddha, Jesus, Germain....As the existing Logos of earth cannot anchor the New Light and keep the old matrix energy in tact. This is one reason the New Matrix failed to be anchored on March 23rd 2023. Also, the energies of the dark are so voluminous that superimposing the New Matrix of the New Light Codings would have burnt down the entire human race on earth into cinders and embers.

This New Matrix shall allow for full Manifestation to occur, for those that match its Vibration. And, what's really a 'much awaited news' - it is this Matrix that shall en-able, capacitate, Full Bodied Ascension the Divine Way, without passing thru the physical change called Death! So, dear beloved souls on earth, IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO ASCEND WITH BODY!

The NEW CASUAL MATRIX is nearing full upload completion....will update soon!


more on this in a separate blog....coming soon

"We are all leaves of one tree!

We are all waves of one sea!

We are all petals of one Consciousness!


Why does man suffer?

Because man takes too seriously what God has made for fun!

Don't take this journey so intensely. Enjoy it.

Whatever challenges happen to you, know - you are taken care of!

For sure!

Just Love and be Loving and Lovable!

Be the Child God created to have giggles with....

remember the Joy you experience when you see a that Joy!

Be that baby God created... not the grumpy depressed anxious retard :-)

Victory is empty without Humility, Respect, and Charity!




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Jul 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Ah yes the vagus nerve . I have intense hives. all over my body, purging, purging !! Much love from my heart to yours !!!💙


Jul 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I'm so touched to your blog. Thank you so much for sharing all the information. May you be blessed more and stay protected.


Jun 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Resonates deeply. Thank you


Jun 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I am so touched by this post about Reached Halfway resonates so much..

Thank u dear Sangeeta for sharing your wisdom.. it brings so much clarity and helps us to become more aware...

I am awaiting for new tablet 2...

Much much love ❤️

Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Jun 05, 2023
Replying to

Thank you very much Samita, im glad you noticed the upcoming Tablet ... i dont think people have caught onto it....:-) Thks for the Inspiration too, much love dear 💛💚💜


Jun 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sangeeta, your words have become essential to my evolution. Thank you so much for this learning. Blessings upon you. Alayne

Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Jun 05, 2023
Replying to

Aaww, thank you dearest Alayne! Love you 💛

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