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The Solar Storm of the Decade: Unleashing the Strongest Flare of the Current Solar Cycle

Emerging from the 'magnetic energy' of Sun Spot, on our physical Sun, is the strongest ever 'intense burst of radiation'! The famous and rarest "X - CLASS".

Much awaited! Last was in March, but of much lesser intensity.

This energy is ten million times greater than the energy released from a volcanic explosion.

Spaceweather -

"STRONGEST FLARE OF THE CURRENT SOLAR CYCLE: Sunspot 3514 erupted on Dec. 14th (1702 UT), producing a strong X2.8-class solar flare. This is the strongest flare of Solar Cycle 25 (so far) and the most powerful eruption the sun has produced since the great storms of Sept. 2017. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash: Based on the drift rate of the radio burst, the CME's velocity could exceed 2100 km/s (4.7 million mph)."

The most powerful flares have the energy equivalent of a billion hydrogen bombs, enough energy to power the whole world for 20,000 years.

Are you experiencing its Explosive Blast? Last night, when it touched earth, and since then - I've been undergoing massive current spasms bursting into the left side of my head at short intervals. I was wondering - what is this current, exploding in my head like an electric shock? Unbeknownst, at that time of the night, was the pelting of the X- Class Sun Radiation! Woke up to the email from Spaceweather that thankfully resolved my painful dilemma....but the shock treatment continues. However, ever greatful that this much-needed radiation of the UltraViolet Ray is impacting my body and my body is taking in, as required. If it were not for the pain, how would we know!

Solar Flares and Geo Magnetic storms are an essential part of our Ascension.

The earth and the solar storms transmit frequencies from one to the other.

Within this frequency is the CODE

to set the Ascension Process in motion, and a domino effect occurs!

Solar Storms : A disturbance of energy coming from the sun

Solar winds : A stream of particles containing plasma and particles from our sun.

Electromagnetic Field : This is the magnetic field around our planet. See it as the Aura around our earth. It expands from earth out into space.

Geomagnetic Storms : When a solar storm occurs, the wind of this storm hits the magnetosphere. It disrupts the magnetic field that surrounds us.

How are you feeling? Please comment here, below, so we can share our experiences and grow together.

I have much to share with you regarding the 2024 Energy Beam streaming upon us but a bit later. Be mindful that we are immersed in the 12:12 --- 21:12 Gateway of Ascension Portal. To read about this Gateway pls refer to my 2022 post -

See you below in the comments section to interact and come alive with and for each other!

The beautiful "ULTRA-VIOLET" Solar Light blasting earth and its inhabitants

We are indeed Blessed, and being Blessed by the Light, to have this "X - CLASS" radition bathing us in the midst of the 12:12 ---- 21:12 Gateway of ASCENSION!

The Festive Season of CHRISTMAS is also upon us

The EVENT is arriving closer and closer!

The Train is coming and we shall mount and ride off

into 5D....soooon.....

it is whistling and calling all....can you hear it.....

Remember to lift yourself to


and, stay in it!


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