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12:12 Portal Opening of the highest most powerful PARAMBRAHMA LIGHT of Completeness - the SAT CHIT

On the night of Dec. 3rd/4th, a thundering tsunami of powerful Light cascaded upon earth. This dramatically speeded up the Purge of 3D energy, making space available for Higher Earth of 5D vibration. The Light received by earth is the primary substance from which all 5D matter is actively formed. The bomb blast tsunami lasted 2 days and has indeed filled the planet with New 5thD energy, that visibly caused a sharp rise in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes across the globe. It has been termed by some as the "Dark Energy" owing to its ferocity and velocity of impact. However, in correct interpretation, it is a major bombastic Transmutational Energy. Anything less than its impact would not have caused such a major drastic uprising of the Purge. Many sensitive beings have doubled under its blast. Severe ailments have been encountered by many, besides the hike in tectonic activity and weather anomalies. Its been heavy on the human body and the bioshell of our planet.

The tsunami, to reiterate, needed imperatively to be of the highest density to squeeze-out from earth and its earthlings - intensively everything antediluvian, negative, and duplicit. All such negative density is now afloat to the surface - and is crumbling, being crushed and destroyed by Light.

The peculiarity of the tsunami energy is that, at present, its impacting the continual persistent Violent Purge through people, whose Chit is Satya. These are the active conscious "Frequency Holders" of God's Light upon earth. Their dimensionality, perception and consciousness (Chit) are sufficiently upgraded, and whose purity, as conductors, allows such powerful radiations to pass through themselves. They are experiencing massive body symptoms and nerve pain as the Light is put to work thru their graduated Forms Their electro-magnetic ForceFields have expanded exponentially with the exceptionally heightened velocity and tension of the Light tsunami, and now - thru them, the potential of the 5D energy is available to all who interact with them.

I speak to you, the spiritually conscious Light Holders, be careful - pain syndromes could worsen with time as more and more Violent Purging occurs outside, thru your corporeal bioshells. Be wary of bones actually shattering - in case of a fall, at this time. Carelessness could cause unnecessary injuries. Our bodies are already under dire stress and is struggling to uphold the 5D energy light. Therefore. Walk mindfully. Walk gently and restfully. That would also help to lighten Gaia's body. Human anxiety, expressed thru agitated and restless walk and talk, causes earth increased damage since, remember, we are living on her body. If we rest, she rests too. You are doing double service then. However, the tsunami waves of heightened Light that have entered earth will (and is) causing confrontational reflexes and provoking anger. Right now - impulsivity, inattention, and anxiety are greatly enhanced. Do not engage in confrontation with anyone! You won’t change anything but, the result could be disastrous! So it’s better to pass these days and weeks until the end of the year, doing quiet things, without risks and tension.

Now! With the Opening of the 12:12 Celestial Portal, we are being inundated with high dimensional frequencies, directly from the Great Central Sun. This is adding to the tsunami of the 4th/5th and so you can imagine the impact its bearing upon the Central Nervous System and the Heart Organ of the human form!

It's a time for the end of 2022, and with the 21st Portal we shall be ushered into the periphery of the 2023 year of the number 7 - the Violet Ray 7 of Transmutation and its Violet Fire.

This shall be the greatest final Purge

And the Dec 4/5th Tsunami is to lift all life upon earth into the major Purge of the potent transmogrification year of 2023. Remember, with 2023 we enter the second phase (and hopefully the final phase) of the "(Beginning of) the End of Kali Yuga". So this year bears a huge burden and responsibility to ensure earth and earthlings are all prepared, and in heightened preparation mode, for the upcoming Tidal Transmutation Wave of Photonic and Violet-Blue Light of 2023.

Todays Portal shall usher in a Higher Awakening to the Buddha Mind - the Enlightenment of Lord Buddha. Buddha left behind the Vibration of Enlightenment for humanity, and its anchored in the 144,000 LIGHT FREQUENCY HOLDERS on earth, so that - when the time comes, mankind shall rise to the reception of such imminent immense Light and receive Freedom from the Blind Maze of the cycles of Birth-Death-ReBirth. Yes, each day forth we shall go through (and through) our minor deaths, resurrections, and ascensions until we attain the full compression breakthrough as the SUPERNOVA (the most powerful and illuminous explosion of a Star) CHIT consciousness of God, ParBrahma, Hunab Ku, Aton (the highest and ultimate)!

As the most powerful SuperNatural SuperNova Chit Warriors, we have corrected our retarded and imprisoned template back to its original mould of the Adam Kadmon. We think from the Heart, feel from the Head (crown chakra), and see only from the 3rd Eye (singular eye of God chakra). We are the Consciousness of God, ParamBrahma, Hunab Ku, Aton - the One God! We work on earth but live in the Elysium of the 5D New Earth. As we have completed our Transitional Split that we entered into with the onset of 2022 (article on 2022 is posted on our site, when the year began).

We shall Ascend finally out of the Root Chakra survival mode, governed by the white 4th Ray of 'Harmony thru Conflict', with the help of the 4th Ray and, master this 1st Chakra and its associate Ray, with the help of the very tenet of the White Flame (of the 4th Ray) Resurrection and Ascension.

When you study the Rays and are on the Path of Rays its fascinating to understand how the Ascension Ray is also the Ray of Abundance. In its lowest trajectory, the Fourth Ray is the ray that showers 'Harmony only thru conflict and warring energies'. But, at its highest, its showers "Resurrection of all life, and Ascension into the Light". To Master it (to attain Harmony without going thru conflict) you need to Ascend into Freedom - and the White Flame of the 4th White Ray is the Freedom Flame. It provides its adept the full spectrum of evolution and, the Key to master it in order to be victorious. However, whats even more surprising is - the 4th Ray of the White Flame of Freedom further Gifts its adept! It furbishes the victorious Path Walker with ABUNDANCE infinite. Its the Wealth of God that the adept has well earned! This wealth is one that needs no further work to keep its supply coming. Its infinite and never-ending. This is what everyone should strive toward - wealth on earth (money) is temporary and thats why mankind struggles daily with it, and drains all its energy in the direction of a goal that is constantly slipping away - as it has a drain beneath it that cannot be covered!

The 12:12 Portal is Open

Get ready for the 21:12:22 Portal soon and,

the Christ Consciousness Portal of the 25:12:22.

With 2 seemingly being the Ending number of this year

a picture of "mirrored 2"


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15. Dez. 2023
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Dearest Sangeeta, It is always so thoughtful that you refer to previous posts! My humble interpretation is that it is good practice to review contemplate and reflect on what has transpired and then apply what has been experienced or not experienced, then reapply :)) "Do not engage in confrontation with anyone" Well, I am happy to say that presently I experienced such bizarre, angry attack from someone close to me I just couldn't figure it out; it was so off base and really out there! However. I did Not engage and let it go. So I thank you for this message! Obviously took the correct path :)) This occurrence was just 2 days ago in 2023 but totally applicable h…

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14. Dez. 2023
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love this !! Amen

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Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
13. Dez. 2022

KittyKitty222, thank you for your love and inspiring expressions! We, at The Temple of God's Will thank you 💜💙

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Wow, so this explains why I was wiped out sick in bed for days now! Kept wondering to myself what is going on? cos I have not been ill in such a long time yet cannot work out why this is happening. In fact I was convinced that I had caught that dreaded virus.

My body is so used to experiencing Ascension Upgrades that I no longer even notice the Symptoms as anything more than some body discomforts happening in the background of my awareness. So to see myself completely wiped out and unable to work or walk my dogs was a surprise. No wonder days b4 someone had introduced me to a dogwalker unexpectedly without me asking for this…

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