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"The dualistic Human Race"

As you would know by now, God made man different from other 3D (and below 3D) lifeforms by adding a Quotient (if you have read my books, you'd know for sure, so my posts always rise from that platform of 'already knowing'). That quotient incorporates other ingredients too.


Living with that Quotient in a dualistic world, the race developed and sharpened polarities to the Quotient and its ingredients.

We 'know' how to MANIPULATE and TWIST purity. We find bypasses, loopholes, reverses to every problem or law.

What is RACISM? We coined that word, God didn't. But in manipulating that term to our advantage we act as we are Victims. However, who shld we feel for when someone is being a Racist? Once again we are fighting for the wrong purpose. If im showing indifference, arrogance, or denying another his/her right by playing the Racist, it's me you shld feel bad for! What? What rubbish, you may say in retort!

Im the one who is insecure, lack confidence, scared of the other's abilities, strengths, choice of colour deliberately selected for this lifetime stemming from their immense courage to be the light in a dark coal pit where everyone is "actually" black and "really" black (not white). Yes, the human race is Blind...and I thought animals see black and white only! So then, for whom are you feeling bad? The real strong one (who had the gall to choose a coloured skin and be the Light in a wholly black coal pit) or for the weak, the insecure, and the real Dark one? See how we all fight for wrong issues on earth? In my earlier post I had explained how we all fight for the wrong Freedom - freedom of darkness and not freedom for Light!


We are a very clever skilled race. Dualistically! And once again adept at playing the Colour Card to the fullest. We think all others are daft and vulnerable and oh so easy to manipulate! True. We know "Black Lives Matter" is the hottest issue, most touchy issue today, and a sure winner in terms of gaining mass support immediately and even violently. So, what do we do? We 'play' the Colour Card. And who does that? Of course only someone of the Colour. This Colour Card is actually a DARK CARD!

And what happens? No one even tries to view thru the veil of manipulation; no one bothers to see the Truth! A "Trigger Moment" occurs, one that we have urgently become conditioned to - a "Conditioned Reaction" takes place! Indeed! Boom! That person can get away with shitting at our face. And does! Anyone dare to oppose that person and say - "Hey, she is lying, look...look...this is what the Truth is, if only you dare go beyond her words, her weeping, the wetness of her eyes, and oh so vulnerable and hurt sensitivity!" Bang! Such a "whistleBlower" is ostracized! And the masses hover around in total blind support of the clever shrewd manipulator who is playing the VICTIM CARD" of Colour! The DARK CARD!

This is what the Human Race has become! Spiritual people? Are only Spirit-Dual people! You can feel bad for them too. Go ahead....

Another such "Volatile Issue that demands an urgent automatic Conditioned Reaction" is Suicide!

People who face that extremely sad moment of wanting to end their life aren't "contemplaters" of Suicide. Suicide is not an action that anyone contemplates upon. When that thought comes into your mind - it is SUDDEN, immediate, illogical, not reflexive, nor with a meter running that gives you time to think about it! Such people sadly just DO IT! If contemplated upon; and obviously which means you haven't DONE IT; you don't have the real reason to do it and so not the courage to do a 'not-done-action'!

Such people "Talk about 'thinking' of Suicide" - no valid fear for that person at all! They are engaging their logical minds well and not taking any such action - they aren't Mentally ill but in fact are quite "Sound of Mind" as, thoughts of hopelessness, despair and, the end comes to all - some time or the other. Its natural where the Principle of life is based upon Dualistic Separation! Its in fact, a side-effect with other elements (not so severe) attached to it like Depression!


When such a card ("the Suicide Card") is played by someone, a psychiatrist would diagnose "Narcissistic Qualities" in that individual who is trying, very very hard, to garner ATTENTION upon themself....please please look at me, i want to be in the LimeLight and I should be...Im a, such a person plays the "Poor Victim" card. True Suiciders don't have anytime to talk, discuss, suicide plans with anyone. "Dont leave me alone tonight or else I will take my life!" And most importantly, a true suicidal person, do you think, will go on a public platform to inform the world? it becomes even sadder....if anyone dares to remove that person's veil of manipulation and show the cleverness and...whatever quality that I do not wish to write...of that person, they would immediately snatch the "Advantage" and play the Societal Card - if you are opposing such a vulnerability of a mentally ill person then no one who is unwell will ever come fwd and seek help! You are damaging the unwell s even further. How can you be so cruel! And that truth-reveler, the whistle-blower is urgently ostracized! Everybody jumps upon that lone courageous soul!

Sure, the Manipulative and Shrewd and Clever people have all the advantageous Cards before them and play them so well, triggering the conditioned reactions to "their advantage" when and where they choose. Because mankind, having the Extra Quotient within them, DO NOT use it whilst, the clever manipulators USE IT TO THEIR ADVANTAGE and the rest of the human race become their Puppets!


I Love the "Response" to such alligators: "Our Recollections may vary....but we shall always love you!"

Beautiful, polite, courteous, dignified Integrity verily!

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