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7 : 7 Portal Opening with Planetary & Personality Exorcism


The most profound spiritual attribute of number 7 is TRANSMUTATION. Which, as you all know by now, is through the VIOLET FIRE. The months of July and August are connected to the Great Central Sun in Sirius. And. The Pathway to Sirius is through the Violet Fire. This auspicious day of the 7th, in the month of the 7th is the OPENING OF THE PATHWAY TO SIRIUS. Humanity must be returned to the Headquarters of God (The Great Central Sun, Sirius) to attain its final Freedom from the Experiment and Graduation School of Gaia. Last year, 2023, was the year of number 7 that, shouldered the Triple Seven Sacred Number. Just as this year is the return of the number 8 with its upcoming Triple Eight Octagonal number sequence next month.

Please keep your "THE AMETHYST TABLET", "THE BLUE SAPPHIRE RAY 1 TABLET" and "THE ETHERIC MASONIC SECRET SCRIPT OF THE BLUE RAY 1 INCANTATIONS" at the Altar and light a candle and do the Violet Flame Decrees. For those of you who have the 5th Tablet of the Blue Ray 1 Incantations, please recite all the Decrees and Mantras from there as they include the Violet Fire Decrees too.

Cobra's timely message (yesterday) has added Power to this Portal Opening. He has received Cosmic Intel that, firstly, the Dark Atlantean Network has been wholly removed. Which in translation actually means, earth's external connection with the Dark Lodge has been severed, completely. And this has freed the Light Hierarchy to now focus upon EXORCISING the planet and humanity from the Luker; which We refer to as the Evil Entropy that has imprisoned the human race and planet ever since Kali Yuga began. Now, this energy is a living organism that leeches onto the human personality sucking it slowly to termination. It is entangled with the the human energy like a virus and must be disentangled thread by thread. Cobra says, more than 90% of the average human is infected by the Lurker and light beings on earth are affected with an 80% of the evil entropy.

Furthermore, this is the month when the disentanglement shall commence (which is on the 77 Portal Date) as a testing process to estimate how far the Light can stretch the power of the Highest Codings to fully separate the Lurker from the human. Once the Power of the Voltage is understood thru experimentation on certain human bodies, the ascertained voltage shall be fixed and released to earth. So by August, (88 Portal) Exorcism of all humanity and earth shall be in full process, on a full scale. And, as the human proceeds in shedding the Luker, he is going to feel lighter and brighter. And most importantly, his/her Connection with God shall consequently become easier and deeper.

The Exorcism of the planet and its inhabitants occurs through the application of the Blue and Violet Fire. For this please continue vigorous Decreeing from the 5th Tablet. Remember, no sharing nor reposting in any form. The Lurker Entity is not a dead energy. Its an alive pulsating force. The process of Exorcism has been quiet painful for Sangeeta, for whom it began in the last week of June, or a bit earlier. Her breathing has not yet returned to normal. Besides experiencing a whole load of other discomforts and aches. But now the voltage is being determined for the masses, to make the process as tolerable as possible. It may not still be comfortable but knowing the reason why you are feeling uncomfortable, is more than half the battle conquered.

What is Exorcism, and its Decrees, are explained and provided in the 'Etheric Masonic Secret Script of the 5th Tablet'.

Light up your developed Antahkarana, expand your meridians, energize your Rod of Power as explained in "The Amethyst Tablet". Breathe deep and slow, enter the Zero-Point and be still silent and in balance. All day the Portal is open. Take advantage of this magnificent miraculous day and help the Light Hierarchy to completely annihilate, obliterate, the Evil Entropy from your bodies and transmute and purify you.

Good Luck and GoodWill Blessings,




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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

God Bless you! Thanks for sharing this Kitty💜💙🩵💜 Sangeeta Handa


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh wow, so this is the cause of what's been happening to me. I have had many symptoms over the years but this one began last week in the most bizzare way. It was like experiencing purging as well as feeling this most disgusting repellent energy at the same time. I cannot describe this energy in words but its so disgusting, incestous, disturbing - yuck! - And was being purged all at once physically and energetically and intense illness. I could not find the reason. Also came with intense restlessness deep within when my usual norm is absolute peace. But now this makes sense!!! Thank U Sangeeta for bringing light to this. Pls do not share this comment, its just…

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