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Surreal Amavasya/New Moon Occult Configuration in the skies

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Today in the early hours of March 24th, approx 9:00 am (UTC) or 2:30 pm (IST) Moon joins the Sun at 11 degrees of watery Pisces in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada (Vedic astro). The controlling Lord of this constellation is none other than the only mighty ruler featuring powerfully and wholly in our lives since last year (with the onset, and just prior to the onset of the Beginning of the End of Kalyug - hope you all have read my prophetic article on this. If not link shall be provided at the end of this post) Lord SATURN! The Lord who is now sitting comfortably in his own house and upon his throne. Taking account of everyone's karmic balance sheet; rendering redemption and punishment where due and, awards and gifts where also due. Since we are finally in the last 5 years of Kalyug finishing its evil heightened and heightening reign for millions of years, reducing the light of this planet to below 25% - the lowest ever that this planet has endured.

Now returning to our New Moon, as the New Moon emerges, with Amavasya (Moonless 24 hours) ending, we shall be submerged into a quiet silence and stillness of the watery spiritual Pisces. Offering a Gateway to something surreal, something powerful, something highly transformative!

This New Moon burns out of the nakshatra that is indicative of the Plutonian Fires of death, loss, destruction, disease and flames. It is also, and symbolically, indicative of the Funeral Pyre that cremates the body to ashes. But. This has a formidable undertone to it. When the body is burned to ashes, as done in Hindu tradition of disposing the shell or form of a departed soul, it releases and frees the soul from its last bondage of return. All attachments physical and all connections of the physical are meticulously and sacredly removed by the Fire, returning stardust to stardust and physical matter to the physical octave. The soul then has no way to return and nothing to return to, making its passage back Home easy and swift.

You can hereby create your own conclusions of how this relates to our present crises, because it does relate very strongly in covert and overt language and connotations.

Keep in mind the Lord of this nakshatra is Saturn - Shani Dev. His energies are Saturnine and Plutonian - Shiva's Energy and Shakti. Remember my article on China...., only one source can delete "L" and that is Shani!

At one end of this surreal alignment you have Lord Saturn, in the middle lies the quality of this nakshatra ( besides death, also embodies Black Magic/Occult/Lechery), and at the other extreme stands Lord Jupiter (the lord of Pisces which is offering the New Moon Gateway). What a Pull and Push it is indeed! Saturn reflects contraction, whilst Jupiter imposes expansion. And in the pit between, perpetuates, death loss disease fire occult evil and Coronavirus. As Saturn pushes the forces into this pit, Jupiter's powers get reduced since it is occupying Saturn's home and cannot overpower the landlord but, being a benevolent planet it doesn't allow the landlord complete reign! So Saturn's force gets limited too! It wants Jupiter out of his home, however, Jupiter is here to stay till all of April...making Saturn angry and furious. Dangerous is the situation for us as these two big planets fight. But Mars is going conjunct Saturn on March 30th...fuming the pit to another extreme. Mars and Saturn will be in "Graha Yuddha ( the constellation of war) on March 30th till April 1st, igniting more intense situations. The fiery red planet, Mars, will stay in Capricorn (with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter) until May. In this time, the hard and stoic power of Capricorn will rule.

Therefore, lets be pre-warned and careful, as these are volatile alignments for sure! But, it's also a powerful time to get work done, as Saturn rewards well and rather immediately those who are invested in self-work of transmutation and purification. Keep applying the Violet Fire and the different Rays to transmute karma, heal, and purify. Clear your balance sheets. Fear nothing. Esp not death! Allow the Light to take charge of your life and surrender to your free-will to God's Will!

I urge all to read "THE AMETHYST TABLET": the only Holy Encyclopaedia (the LIGHT VEDA) on earth that explains the complete Occult Body of Knowledge operational in only the Higher Planes. This is a Sacred Scripture scribed by God and His entire Occult Hierarchy! This is the Book of the Great Shift! Those who have bought it, at this period of the major crises, please place the Sacred Yantras gifted to you at the Altar (where you pray and light a candle) so you activate them constantly for attracting and maintaining the Prosperity, much needed now....and into the future of these tedious 5 years of Kalyug's peak.


Article on: PART 1: “BEGINNING” of the ‘END’ of KALI- YUGA on earth : Very Important information! :

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