All 3 names are at the root and core of what has caused a “Planetary Lockdown” of Gaia and humanity, ne’er ever experienced afore!

China stands apart from the rest of the nations and also from the human race inhabiting earth. Although, there is dictatorship rule in other countries (apart from China) and many Asians eat the kind of meat Chinese consume (bats, snakes, lizards, worms, insects, dogs, cats, monkeys etc – sourced from the wet market of exotic foods (as they call it)) yet, China stands apart and foremost in being a different Race!

Whilst we are all, at present, endeavouring hard to tackle this live virus (who knows us better than we do) worldwide can we forget (even for a moment) from where it has been passed down? Which nation did this? Better still: who is the ‘human’ (supposedly) who deliberately, with evil intent, dispensed this into the world?!

As my earlier (nearly one and a half years ago) article (The Beginning of the End of Kalyug) exposed: In these 5 years (2020-2025) evil shall hit the ceiling – and it shall be permitted; indicating that Luciferin energy shall have free play till the Karmic Ceiling is reached (as no spill-over is ever allowed by the Galactic Federation, who monitor the operations of every system in the Milkyway Galaxy). The Dark Lodge (explained in the eBook: “The Amethyst Tablet”) knows it’s their only time now to succeed. And. Without taking the name of the leader of the Dark Lodge and the Luciferin Consciousness (lets call him “L”), L shall enter earth thru a live body (already in embodiment) and take over as the sovereign of the world and perform the necessary operations (thru crises events) to displace the defiant light with his force and tilt the balance ratio to his favour.

He is here! On earth now! In human form. And by the title of the article you can guess who he is. He has many ‘doubles’ who represent him (camouflaged to present him well) in the places required to confuse the masses and disguise his true presence on earth.

China is his Dark Lodge now! This nation and its leader; the leader’s mind-set and energy signature, his ruling style; were the perfect alignment for L to enter through and possess its Form (the physical bioshell). Just prior to this period (of the last 5 years of heightened KalYug beginning from actually the Solar Eclipse of Dec 26th 2019) he descended. His army descended much earlier to lay the foundation and create the ripeness for L’s reign.

The transportation of the Big C (Coronavirus) is the foundation laid by L’s warriors. By now you all know a truth behind the biological bomb, however – it’s the half-truth - a virus not animal originated (true) but especially “imported” to do exactly what its doing right now. This was way before the Solar Eclipse of Dec 26th 2019. Infact, the energy of the eclipse portal provided the Gateway from where L descended into our planet.

L's embodiment fully took place around the 26th of Dec 2019 and Dr. Li, a Chinese doctor (on Dec 30th2019) sounded a warning (thru a video release in china) that a troubling cluster of viral infections in a Chinese province of Wuhan could soon go out of control . When Dr. Li posted his chat room warning on Dec. 30, the new coronavirus had not yet been identified. He said it resembled Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, an earlier coronavirus that ravaged China nearly two decades ago. And we all know what transpired immediately post the leak. He was arrested; he contracted the disease and died! The sequence and finality that befell Dr. Li was not natural! Anyone who interferes with the plan of L shall of course be terminated, and urgently! And so were all the protestors, dissidents, politicians, students who raised any concern against the regime (specifically the leader) over the years. They have somehow died of the Big C. Thru the Big C, L has managed scrupulously to remove rebels and insurgencies from China - his Lodge. Wiped-out! The hospital he famously built in a few weeks was not what you know it to be. This was a concentration center, a death chamber. There is an article written by a Chinese Military Intelligence Officer (edited by a famous American author, Robert Morningstar) who had been involved in many top secret govt projects and so knew the classified information and had himself witnessed the killings, saw the horrific impact of the virus upon the victims who went mentally insane, suffered terrible body distortions and mutations, lost all higher mental processing faculties, became disabled, and before long suffered agonizing deaths. He said he couldn’t bear the cries and screams of the sufferers…they continue to haunt him and therefore he decided to go viral. He said: you can call it whatever you want but it is “not” a hospital. Yes, the front of the complex looked like a hospital with normal medical beds and facilities where thousands in their early stages of the virus were being treated. But to the rear of this section, there was a metal gate that was the forbidden middle section, of which none of the patients in the front section knew about. Herein lay the advanced cases that resembled a Mental Asylum with dim lighting and smelled of vomit and human waste. Here no doctors had entry, only gorilla-faced men in black uniforms were in charge belonging to some secret branch of the Chinese Military Police (L’s army). They were selected for their cruelty. Their eyes bore cruel pleasure as they brutalized the patients, beat them with batons and truncheons, sprayed pepper spray into their eyes and kicked them with steel-capped booths. And this is not all – there was one more set of doors and beyond them lay the piles and piles of bodies, stacked on top of each other all the way to the ceiling. There were countless bodies in thousands! Were they dead? Not all! From here they were dragged to a room beyond the present where there was an enormous furnace with great fires burning, herein they were casted to ultimate doom – to hide the dreadful truth of the true impact of the Virus imported by L (of course this Chinese man doesn’t know the truth to who his leader really is, unmasked).

L is a galactic Dark Leader! He has these 5 years to try and capture thru his dark magic.

However, Light has not given “full reign” to the evil, even though it sounds like that! Yes, evil shall hit the ceiling but – remember, Lord Saturn (lord of Karma) is now sitting in his Throne of Capricorn – his home from where He rules and oversees the Balance of Karma for our system. Here, He is in control and rules without hindrance (unless there is a temporary conjunction or squaring of Jupiter then a see-saw effect occurs between the two planets, where one causes expansion and the other contraction). Since He entered Capricorn, all negative karmas being accrued by humans is receiving reprimand immediately. Everyone now creating negative karma receives his punishment there-and-then. No next birth plan for chastization. Admonition is now! And, in addition, we are also facing a time-up condition for not having transmuted already the given percentage of past karmas.

So, despite the allowance of L to descend and take advantage of the 5 years of the Beginning of the End of Kalyug, a subliminal antidote has been injected as well, with the entry of Lord Saturn. Evil shall not be spared; it too will have to pay immediately for all its misdeeds! And so it did! The arrow that L designed to shoot at the world; to bring all dissident nations to their subjugated heels so he can overpower the entire world and race; backfired and boomeranged back to its source urgently! His Lodge (China, the Dark Lodge on earth now) received the poison of his intent. It has suffered so much damage (and will continue to, from now onward) that he would need to re-plan his agenda totally.

The Light and Hierarchy hopes, the human race and the nation’s leaders shall not take the attack by L and his Lodge lightly nor, ‘not connect’ the dots back to the source. We must not forget from where the arrow was released, by whom, and why. Yes, we are dealing with our nations crises right now but, keep one eye on the attention. Do not forget ‘who’ did this and why!!! He is here to stay but, it is up to us (the earth inhabitants) if we allow him to stay! He will attack again! And next time, he shall be prepared in case the arrow backfires and be prepared to not fail in target and impact. The nation leaders must be aware and ready to combat this threat collectively!

Do NOT send any light nor healing energies to L and his Lodge please, as that is exactly the charge he’s expecting from the not-fully awakened consciousness in order to grow stronger. He knows the soft point of all awakening beings on earth – they send light and love everywhere there is a crises (esp to the source) without realizing where they should never send God’s Light. Be AWAKE now! You cannot play thru ignorance or half-baked knowledge.

His arrow, though backfired with full power, yet turned around (thru the tantric force of L) and hit the world target. Damage is being felt worldwide. Earth is in quarantine. And shall face grave and lethal conditions thru the most important month of 2020 (4) which is April (number 4 also) when Rahu (known in Vedic astrology as the head of the serpent – regarded as a kind of planet), who is also number 4, reaches its peak of reign. I have learned differently from the Light. I have been shown that Rahu is the left-hand of Lord Saturn (shani) and Ketu (the tail of the serpent) is the right hand. Rahu rules the 4th house in astrology and Ketu the 10th house. Rahu rules over home (earth), foreign travel and foreign countries (from where you live), neighbours and their criticisms, snake poison, virus, black-magic, also gives great opportunity to politicians to rise in power. Rahu’s wrist is tightly clenched and causes havoc whilst Ketu is the free positive right-hand of Shani, who inspires wealth, evolution, ascension opportunities, spirituality and growth, moksh and nirvana from imprisonment on earth. So, Rahu that is a malefic hand of Saturn shall allow the virus to expand and multiply and cause destruction worldwide, whilst giving more power to L, all thru April…maybe till May end! By then who knows what the result of impact and extent of destruction shall be!

As I had written many times, the roller coaster ride is now at the ‘onset’ of the deadliest fall for the next 5 years. We knew this when we asked for our seat to descend upon earth for the last time. Because we knew that given the severity of the End Times, to which we shall be disposed (the most life-threatening, poisonous, incurable and terminal crises), we shall also and at the same time be exposed to the ‘maximum optimal opportunities’ for Ascension, Freedom, and Victory from this gameplan of “Total Severance from God, Total Amnesia, Total disconnect from the Light and its memory!” A BluePrint that the Light knew would not succeed with ultimate victory, considering the ill use of the Free-Will given to mankind as the tool for this gameplan. Obliteration of the planet and its lifeforms was expected at this time. Not even expected but, considered to be the only result! However, as my books explain (in depth the history of Gaia, from the Akashic Record) the Spirit of the lifeforms began to beam out of the planet as they awakened from a dark pit that had no light whatsoever for millions of years. So hope was generated by earth and the Light was delighted, therefore the “Fiat to Roll the Scroll of earth” was not issued in 1987!

Yet, only the end result at the time of the full Shift shall ascertain the real score. We are still in the Shift but now nearing the last curve. It is NOW that we determine the landscape we emerge into finally. If we manage, with our Light Power, to throw- out L and dissolve his Lodge, we shall then be the biggest Victory ever recorded in the multi-universes of the Creator from a BluePrint that inspired nothing but a complete obliteration of all lifeforms at the end of its Contracted Time!

However, though our foremost attempt is for which we descended – to attain full body Ascension, we must also participate thru Full awareness of what is truly transpiring on earth, coupled by the invisible forces of light and star alignments (conjunctions, squares, trines of planets) and the Portal Openings. We must know how to respond and what to do exactly. As and since, these crises will happen (that’s why the ride is lethal and it’s permitted) we should know how to respond and be fully aware (no half-baked truths and spiritual myths to be followed) of what to offer, as this is going to be our stepping stone to final Ascension. Ascension shall happen thru the crises. Crises are not to be feared! Crises will occur! Harmony is to be anchored from chaos – the trait of the White Ray 4 of Resurrection & Ascension – a Ray upon which Gaia was created.

One example of half-baked knowledge was when the Australian fires broke out and mass meditations were set up worldwide to pray for rain. What we pray for earnestly happens. And the mass prayers created the momentum and rain followed suite. But, what happened then? There was massive flooding and another type of destruction supervened. Fire had a reason behind it. Rain was to ensue thereafter naturally but, mankind didn’t understand how the light works and thought its spiritual to start prayers for rain. It intervened thru ignorance and caused destruction instead! Do not play with fire guys! Be very careful who you follow as all spiritual teachers and well known spiritualists are not fully awakened nor fully aligned. Know well before you act, otherwise just pray for the best Divine solution to any crises. Do not impede the Divine Plan please! And, in addition, on the other hand actually, try not to leave everything to the Light – God will do it – attitude! As we are here, on test, to exhibit our participation thru conscious and awakened living. We are not here to do nothing and leave everything to God! No. Ascension occurs thru self-investment inward and outward. For which you need to “Align and Connect with GOD”! That’s how you then stop following any spiritual leader or group to direct you. That’s how you then translate belief into the Knowing and live and act thru this Knowing from Self!

Now, lastly! This Big C is NOT an earth/lab created virus. It’s a galactic, imported, contagion. No study on earth will reveal how its really made and what it contains nor will earth scientists find a cure for it. Only two sources know the cure – THE LIGHT and L. And one source can delete it – Lord Saturn.