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On behalf of the Human Race....for Lord Sananda Jesus the Christ on His Ascension Anniversary

Beloved Blessed Jesus, Lord Sananda,

We, all on planet earth, wish you a JOYOUS ASCENSION ANNIVERSARY! We are so humbled, honoured, grateful for all You have done for us and are continuing to do. There is no one, other than God, who has helped us all (thru our diversity and divisions, religion and racial differences) in the manner you have. You are always filling us with Healing, Hope, Prayer. You are one Ascended Master who answers every cry for help from earth. You manifest immediately to heal our hurt and pains. We feel Your loving Presence around us, within us. You taught us how to Pray to God. You taught us there is One God, Our Father. You reach out to mankind across borders, nations, and all walls.

You died suffering so much pain for us. We are deeply deeply sorry to have caused you so much pain at the end time of Your life with us. Most of us were there with You and that's why we feel so deeply what You endured for all humanity and with so much Grace, Humility, and Love. Even thru all the suffering, you continued to expand only God's Love and Light! You Forgave the people who caused you such immense and unexplainable physical and emotional pain! In that you taught humanity to Love unconditionally and Forgive all who trespass against us. You taught us to Forgive ourselves first! You taught us what Humility and Grace is! Your life and Your death spilled Pearls of Wisdom and the Will of God to all! You taught us how to Protect ourselves. You laid the magic of Exorcism, Resurrection, Purification, and Ascension! Wow...words fall short in expressing our inexplicable and infinite appreciation, gratitude, and heartfilled thankfulness to You, our Perfect Master and Greatest Avatar of God! Also our Brother! Cosmic Brother!

You are the Love of God!

You are the Light of God!

Thank You for Your endless service and unconditional service to us!

We also thank You, our Lord Jesus, for receiving the departed souls, irrespective of their belief systems on earth. You and Goddess of Light come to receive us all when we depart from this world and fill us with God's Love, Your Love, so compassionately ... so lovingly! It is because of You, we fear not death.

You, our Blessed Lord Jesus, made our Ascension (out of this Blind Maze) possible for which we are infinitely indebted to You! Thank you with all our bodies and Souls for Your Wisdom, Techniques, Teachings, Healings and Love - so pure and Godfilling!

We Pray to God, please Bless our most loved Jesus Christ,

with higher and higher Ascensions into Your Light, God!

We thank YOU, GOD, for giving us Your Son!

Today we celebrate LORD JESUS CHRIST'S Ascension from earth

and into YOUR HOME, GOD!

We bow and lie prostrate before Thee, O' God, for introducing us to YOUR SON!



Sangeeta Handa


the entire


on planet Gaia

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09 may
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Beloved Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, I meant to say: " close and closest" to our hearts!

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09 may
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Beloved Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, because of your sacrifice your unconditional love your loving essence we are blessed and so grateful and fortunate to have you close and closet to our hearts. It is beyond words as Sangeeta expresses here; a deep feeling of knowing and loving that allows the spirit to soar. Namaste, Mary-Jane 💜

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Beautiful Mary❣️💛💛💛💖

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09 may
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Thank you Beloved Christ, from my Spirit, in humble gratitude and eternal love ❤️

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