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Lord Buddha’s ‘lightening entry’ into earth on Wezak Full Moon of May 7th 2020

Updated: May 7, 2020

The Year of 2020 is a bookmark for the biggest deadliest Trans-Mutation ever experienced on earth and within humankind that shall ripple thru its impact for the next 20 years! It is also the mightiest year of Divine Energy raining upon earth! We therefore have the Violet Ray 7, on one hand, raining Violet Transmutation and Resurrection upon earth (and within humanity), simultaneously we also have the Highest Light-Codings (the Higher Light Packets of Information from the Great Central Sun - Sirius) causing a cascading deluge upon us. Rays involved in the incoming Cosmic Light are Ray 4 (ascension ray), Ray 7 (transmutation and resurrection), Ray 2 (Light of God & Healing), and Ray 5 (Joy, occult mysticism & Healing).

Lord Buddha, the “God of planet Gaia” (a coronation status), appears once every year for just 8 minutes, at Mount Kailash, the Himalayas of India! He lowers His vibration to such an extent to manifest a Physical descent and, to semi-physically appear before humankind for this briefest possible moment in time upon space, in order to Bless the human race. It’s a big Ceremony that occurs both at the metaphysical level with the assembly of Ascended Masters, Lords & Ladies of the Light in a Sacred formation to Honour the great God of Earth and at the physical level by sadhus, saints, sages who make the long journey to the particular, chosen, spot at the foot of the Lord Shiva’s Mount Kailash (the Crown Chakra of planet earth where, the Masters of Light metaphysically have assembled) to receive the God of our planet, and receive His Blessings. Pls, read the article to know the beautiful details.

Link to article: Lord Buddha’s Annual Royal Visit to earth - The Wesak Festival of the Full Moon of The Buddha

This time, His Full Moon – the Wezak Purnima – occurs on 7th May at 4:15 PM (Indian Std Time – IST). Sit for meditation at this time to receive Lord Buddha, the God of our planet. Details in the article mentioned above.

Furthermore. It is no normal occurrence that next week (a few days after Buddha's visit) we shall be encountering a “TRIPPLE RETROGRADE” within 3-4 consecutive days. This is Cosmically planned and succinctly sequenced in proximity to His Arrival to precipitate an Event for humanity!

May 11th Saturn goes Retro!

May 13th Venus goes Retro {Ethereal Venus is the home of Sanat Kumara/Goddess Venus/ Buddha…and the 144,000 Light Holders on earth who remained behind when Lord Sanat Kumara & Goddess Venus (along with the Venusians) moved out of Earth into the newly created Shamballah, once the Prince of Darkness made his presence on Gaia and amongst humanity, heralding the full initiation of the BluePrint of Gaia (total severance from God and total amnesia of identity – the fatal and most deadliest BluePrint ever adopted by any planet). Read about all this in the eBook – THE VOICE OF SILENCE (The Emerald Tablet) available only on my website (}!

And on May 14th Jupiter turns Retro. The dates vary by a day, as these dates are calculated from Indian perspective.

Notwithstanding, I am no astrologer as per credentials but have learned from the Light how to interpret for us. It combines Vedic, Western and Cosmic astrology depending upon what is the true reflection for a particular event or occurrence. Normally Retro means things slow down, could ‘up’ the bar on suffering and dire circumstances. But let's for now consider just the Virus and world situation macroscopically and our condition of transformational circumstance microscopically.

The virus has been an Arrow shot from the Dark. (Am not allowed to talk about this – the reason I had to delete the article on Virus China and Xi…. And all mention of this. But those of you who read it, know exactly what I mean as you even worked on the Arrow (which later you were instructed to completely and urgently stop)). This Arrow cannot be allowed to operate without consequence! Saturn is the Lord, alone, who can click the Delete button. But, he wouldn’t do so right away! Because evil is allowed, in these 4 years, to hit the ceiling. However, not without payment for damage caused! Retribution goes alongside and Mercy is NOT the grace exercised here, by Lord of Karma - Saturn! The Retro shall manifest therefore thru such lines of action. Focus, dear one, upon China and see for yourself (till the next mighty conjunction between the big planets of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto etc occur in our skies). The next conjunction shall see an uprise in the same Event or could be a new one altogether…till then Payment for Damage is the focus of Lord Shani Dev.

But. Having said that – the Virus shall 'up the bar' in these months too! Why? From a Cosmic Perspective, it is being levered as a means to Awaken humanity by pushing them inward. When you can't go outside, you should tend to go inward! If not, then expect Lord Saturn to send his 'Soul-Collector' at your door! The "Other" planet has already been sighted by Nasa. Its a duplicate planet to Earth that shall provide the continual GamePlan for those defiantly not Awakening, still! Today Nasa has discovered this New Earth which affirms the underlined 'Plan of Shifting Souls' out of Gaia onto the New Earth. Link to this mighty discovery:

No one can escape the Game they entered into by simply dying and remaining in the Spirit World. Nope! You shall be lowered onto another planet esp created for you to continue your Karmic Completion. Everyone has to annihilate/transform this Baggage "consciously"! One cannot simply will-it-away thru thought. That’s why the Violet Fire was made available for humanity so they needn’t be shifted to another planet for the continuation of their walk thru duality infinitely.

For those of you, who have been consciously applying tools to transform your karma and lighten your past records, this Retro period shall be a healing time for open wounds and empty spaces left behind, as karma was erased! You shall return to that space from where Karma has been removed, and begin to heal, as memories surface. Consciously apply the Healing Energies of the golden Ray 2 and the emerald Ray 5. Heal Heal Heal!

Now, Light Holders from Venus….as Venus goes Retro in Taurus (its own home – home of beauty and money) be alert to physically what comes up in these matters (call on Maha Ma Lakshmi to help and Goddess Venus). But, you may also have to bear the “Incarnation Cross of Sacrifice” that calls upon your body to absorb integrate distribute greater and higher Light-Codings. You are actually and tangibly holding/distributing the light-codings coming in. If it wasn’t for you, the light pouring-in would affect huge insurmountable chaos and damage upon human life. The Light raining-in must be absorbed by Life, it cannot be left floating in the atmosphere! You are the ones who are supporting the Great Shift thru your physical bodies. This is why REST is so important, esp for you the Light-Holders! You have been kept free from outside involvement (job, children, caretaking, money-earning activity) and have been gifted Abundance freely so you can “Do Nothing”! But. Take in the Light, its codings, its rays, its plasma, the photon and be the PILLAR you are assigned to be! Your work is soooo important or else the Shift cannot happen! Would not be happening! Yet – there are many of you who aren’t awakened to this Phenomenon and continue to exert action wilfully upon your lives, despite being freed from it! Pls, be conscious of who you are! What I have explained is a major single-line 'indicator' that you are a Light Holder! You have Abundance gifted freely to you. Be the Pillar so this incoming benevolent necessary Light is not misdirected to cause something it's not designed to create! This is YOUR Respons-ibility!

“For the lust of a human body, the soul was mislaid;

For the want of fleeting pleasure, the spirit was misplaced;

For the greed of power, life was surrendered.

And all in all,

just to live through the shadow of the night!

For the want of a horse, the rider was lost;

For the want of a rider, the battle was lost;

For the want of the battle, the kingdom was lost;

And all for the want of a horseshoe nail!”


My plea, therefore, to all 144,000 Light Holders is: Please don’t do this! The Great Shift needs your participation! You volunteered to be active and involved long ago, so you remained back after Lord Sanat Kumara and Goddess Venus departed for Shamballah to Hold the Light at this time and shift the consciousness back from Total Amnesia to Total Remembrance! You remained back on earth with Lord Buddha some 18,000,000 years ago when the 1st Satya Yuga of 100 % Light Quotient of Lemuria had ended. The Table and explanation are all in the Emerald Tablet (THE VOICE OF SILENCE), please read that thoroughly. Ascension out of this Blind Maze is made on the shoulders of a Full Awakening, attained under the armour of complete knowledge of the true history of Gaia.

*Timing for the 8 mins: 4:15 Pm IST (convert to your time zone pls)

Please start to sit for Meditation at 3:19 PM and from the earlier hours (for India, from the morning) start playing this *CHANT at home to allow the vibrations to spread across :

*Chant for Lord Buddha: when HE Arrives for the 8 mins



Hope you all have read the *article on Wezak Purnima of Lord Buddha's entry into earth for 8 mins darshan: Start playing this CHANT in your house:





Sangeeta Handa

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May 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dearest Sangeeta, Thankyou! and Blessings for reposting this article.....I think 2020 was before I started following you and had the sheer blessing of my cherished connection with you and The Temple. Your message here is extremely profound - especially your plea to the 144,000 light holders. Makes a whole lot of sense (personally). Often wonder "why on God's green Earth this opportunity and that opportunity (work wise) just don't happen!" Then I say to myself well, it is God's Will......Blessings and Love, Mary-Jane 💜💙

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