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Immaculate conception indeed! Earlier in life He was in and out of the body of child till the child grew considerably.

So right from non-conception (his birth was thru Immaculate Conception) till right thru his departure, he was not in human blueprint, not with a karmic baggage nor, with any human format of needs, desires etc. Much has been created in storyline, about his existence, akin to mankind humanizing God to suit his conditioning. Likewise stories were creatively woven around Jesus’s entire embodiment. Well, he was not spared even after his departure.

He did travel to Egypt in the 'missing' years of his adulthood, where he came into his original Sirian Powers (he is a Sirian Master) thru sheer proximity of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. This activated the Lion Consciousness in him – from within his etheric template. A Consciousness he would soon need to fulfil his mission for descent! Herein as well, he developed the SuperNatural Powers he would require to lean upon soon. Moreover, it was here that the Divine Protection was anchored and activated around himl! Qualities of the Blue Ray 1.

Protection of his Light, which he embodied for the accomplishment of task. The Great Pyramid is the Light House that anchors the Light of God, just as the Himalayas of India are the Reservoir or Holding Tank of the planetary Light. The Great Central Sun is the LightHouse and Reservoir of God's Blue Light for the entire galaxy. And, the Sphinx is the embodiment of the Lion Consciousness protecting the Light held in the Pyramid and, is the Signature of the Architect of the Pyramid.

He did travel to the Himalayas in India, the valley of Kashmir. Specifically where Srinagar stands today. Srinagar is also the house of Lord Kuthumi – the Chohan of the golden Ray 2 of God’s Light and Love, Peace and Healing. The golden Ray 2 for earth is anchored in Srinagar – paradoxical indeed, where the maximum everlasting conflict is ongoing, therein anchored is the Vibration of Peace for earth! However, if you know the Truth it is not paradoxical. Earth adopted the BluePrint of “Total Amnesia” (to know about this pls study ‘THE AMETHYST TABLET’, available only from my website) but the Light did not forsake the planet and its inhabitants; it laid the potential for Remembrance within areas of the planet.

There shall exist Conflict but not without Harmony within reach.

And so, the white Ray 4 (of Harmony thru Conflict) was assigned to the Root Chakra of survival and anchored in Egypt. Now, wherever Light is anchored – Conflict is at a high! Why? Because the Dark needs the Light to exist (feed upon) and grow stronger.

Light is the PowerPoint for the Dark

And so it latches onto the Light in sight. And wherever Darkness dwells, Conflict is inevitable! If you trace the footprints of Jesus (in those unaccountable years of his growing up) they shall lead you, invariably, to the spots of the highest Light with its corresponding intense conflicts: Israel (his place of residence), Egypt (where he went to activate his Light Powers and the Divine Protection), India (where he gained the powers of Exorcism thru Tantra Mantra for Freedom and his Healing ability) and Tibet (where he acquired the Mandala (Mantra) for Victory.

If you observe, all of the I AM Decrees end with I demand…… I expect…..I AM this….In the Name of Jesus Christ’s Victory, Light, & Freedom attained right now….!”

In the Himalayas, he acquired the Tantric Siddhi (actually Iddhi - for which pls refer to ‘THE AMETHYST TABLET’) from the Rishis. The much needed "Power of Exorcism" that he would engage in exactitude for his mission on earth. Siddhi (the 3D Tantric Magic) is engaged to block and annihilate Black Magic on this planet. Which was in practice even then and prior. Actually from ever since Duality came into play! He however alchemized the powers of Siddhi into the magik (with a K) of Iddhi. This he would then employ to halt the Dark endeavours in their root and expel them out of the planet. His mission was EXORCISM!

The day approached when he was ready to confront the Darkness on earth. Evil had verily taken full control of mankind! Kali Yuga was at its peak with the min 25% Light Quotient fast receding to a level well below the allowed minimum. This is why he was appointed to descend upon the planet, as a Son of God, to immediately halt any further fall into darkness or else, the Scroll of earth would need to be rolled up and burnt…again! Just as the previous civilizations were terminated (for this, pls read THE EMERALD TABLET – The Voice of Silence to know and understand the true Akashic History of Gaia and study the Yuga Table – a correct timetable of the exact periods of Yugas, unlike what is in circulation)!

He came face to face with the Dark Lord, who had haunted and taunted him all thru his growing years as Jesus Christ. Lucifer, Satan and his minions had followed him to the extent that they had become his perpetual shadow. Now he faced them head on…the entire evil entropy!

He issued the powerful Fiat of God - the WILL of GOD!

You must retreat back into the lower astral plane, and out of the planet, or be sent into the Compound of Light!

Once this mission was accomplished, Jesus was to remain on earth for a while to activate the potential and remembrance of “Resurrection & Ascension” within the human race by activating the Root Chakra associated with the white Ray 4 of Resurrection & Ascension. The activation, which he himself received in Egypt. He anchored and activated the remembrance of the potential and then, before the very eyes of humanity he DE-MATERIALIZED into the Spirit, from the Mount of Olive in Jerusalem, and disappeared!

But, gradually and over time, The Prince of Darkness returned with his minions to re-start where they had left-off. The Dark do not consider any Vow or Promise taken as valid since they are the Anti-God. However, Jesus had left behind the "Power of Exorcism" and its teachings, whereby, humanity was trained to Exorcise using his Name (in the Name of Jesus the Christ I order you to leave my home….and my body…).

Who would have thought the gentle Jesus Christ was an Exorcist!!! He performed innumerable Exorcisms whilst on earth but was famous more so for his Wisdom and Healing abilities.

Jesus is considered the gentle Ascended Master, and portrayed so thru photos made by man however, in actuality, he is a powerful EXORCIST and it is his "Conjuration Decree" on banishing evil spirits that is recited for victory in Exorcisms by priests.

Indeed, Jesus is a powerful Exorcist! His Name carries the "Fiat of God", so when his Decree is recited - the evil squirm and moan as they knows they have disobeyed and broken the Vow to Jesus and so, when a person orders the vanquishment and retreat of the Devil and demonic entropies, they are immediately confronted with their sin of breaking the Law and know they must subjugate and withdraw. But, when dealing with higher Dark Beings (the evil too have a hierarchy just like that of the Light and is quite powerful) they must be Commanded (by forceful recitation) to withdraw (with the option of going back to their assigned space or the Compound of Light, unti they awaken and beg for mercy, retribution, and redemption – the granting of which can roll into eternity). This is where the real battle with Satan is fought! Notwithstanding, the sheer Name of Jesus holds the Power to make the most defiant evil force submit and surrender. As said earlier, the Energy of Jesus carries the WILL & FIAT of GOD! Indeed, such is the Power that Jesus’s Name holds and emanates till date!

The Exorcism Decree of Lord Jesus the Christ

And I call upon the Power of Jesus The Christ To grant this Request and send anything Evil away from this place (or person) forever,

Lord Jesus came to earth as an Embodiment of Christ Consciousness and the Holder of Christ energy. He departed at the age of 33. This number bears a formidable significance. The Beast’s number is 666. Satan and Lucifer hold within them the Darkness Quotient of 66.6% If they even try to increase their percentage of darkness (such as to 67%) they would immediately self-destruct.

Now, on the other hand, the Christ Consciousness Quotient of Light is achieved at 33.3%. So, if mankind attained just 33.3% of Light within their consciousness, they ascend! Ascension is attained at 33rd Degree!

But the Dark needs to reach 66.6% of darkness to gain its power of evil. Tougher isn’t it for the evil to do harm? Jesus lived on earth for 33 years to achieve his Victory of mission, i.e. of pushing back the evil and raising the Consciousness of mankind to 33.3% of Light so they can rise above all evil and out of the Blind Maze.

Now, why does Exorcism fail or, why is it that exorcism cannot be performed by anyone? You need to be a Light Master of 33% Christ Consciousness (at the minimum) to battle the evil and ensure its retreat - to its allotted space or into the Compound of Light. Power lies in the amount or volume of Light you are holding! You (as a light being) need only 33.3% where as the dark being needs a ‘hell of a lot more’!

Jesus, furthermore, made aware to people the "Template" they were made from. And how this Template, embossed in the DNA of mankind, has the potential of reaching 33.3% to return Home. The Template is what God Creator conceived first from which the human race emerged. This design is called “The Perfect Adam Kadmon Body”. Pls read ‘THE AMETHYST TABLET’ to comprehend the Divine Mould of the Human Race. The Dark have been chasing, possessing, and haunting humans ever since the onset of the BluePrint of earth in order to capture this very Template. They do not have the potential to co-create as the Light Beings do, because the Template is engaged only in creating light forms and emboldening them with magical supernatural powers of God’s co-creativity!

Therefore, the Dark have always been in pursuit of this Template with the Spiritual-Quotient. This is why the dark inhabits earth, tries to possess human bodies, controls the mind of humans, and even haunts their abode! All it wants, needs, is the Power that humans have! Mankind should never fear the Dark as the Dark are in actuality, powerless! They need the humans to survive. If you don’t fear them, they will wither away. If your light is 33.3% they cannot manipulate your mind nor possess your body! But, they have broken all rules and are penetrating freely the habitation on earth, re-shaping the consciousness of mankind all because man is found snoring in deep slumber! And so, consequently, powerless in comparison to the active awakened Evil! The slumberous and lazy humankind make easy bait to remold and destroy. Yes, we are a lazy lot who seek not evolution but short-cuts, loopholes, quick-fixes and instant-results, along with the least investment of self.

Now, going back in time, the Evil Entropy had to justify the disappearance of Jesus in their favour, so concocted the famous crucifixion. This was not produced immediately as the populace then knew of the Truth. Therefore, perhaps the first edition of the Bible attempt may not have borne the Crucifixion episode at all but, over time the story came into existence. This was when the Dark broke their Vow and re-appeared. They first penetrated the Church and the Scriptures, then rewrote the history of Jesus with the torturous crucifixion. This was propagated as a warning to the supporters of Jesus and Light that if anyone dared to oppose them, they would unscrupulously be tortured with agonizing and intolerable affliction, akin to Christ's suffering. To make matters worse for the believers of God, they introduced the Cry of Christ to God: “Oh Lord, why have you forsaken me?” To warn humanity that God is merciless, in that He deserted even his own Son!

However, there was a source that truly questioned the veracity of this story – the Quran! Prophet Mohammed pronounced in His Scripture that “…for of a surety they killed him (Jesus) not,” (see Qur’an 4:157-159) It further purports that not only was Christ not crucified but that Allah raised Him to Himself and those present were full of doubt.

Divine Protection is for all on the Path to God but here was a Son of God especially chosen to descend and fulfill the Divine Plan for humanity who was provided the special Divine Protection so, was it possible for this Son to have been tortured like this if it was not in the Plan? Can humanity be freed of their collective karma thru sheer physical torture of Jesus? Sounds preposterous, doesn’t it? But yet, we all believe this to be the Truth! We bought into the Satanic manipulation and mourned Jesus’s Good Friday and celebrated Easter as Jesus’s Resurrection. The Evil has been successful till date and our Victory is yet to be achieved. However, no one really tangibly evidentially Knows the Absolute Truth! The Dark Matrix doesn't allow Truth to prevail and reveal. All is manipulated, changed, distorted, perverted and darkened. Therefore, its safe to be open and accept what rings true to us.

Lord Jesus Christ, now Lord Sananda, nonetheless does have a celebratory date for us all to enjoy, which is the Ascension Date of Christ from Mount Olive. Even his birthdate, month, is not correct. His Ascension Date, for 2021, is May 13th.


Herein, Jesus is explained as being a “War time Angel”



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