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The day JESUS CHRIST was Born, the "Christ Consciousness Ascension TimeLine" was anchored on Gaia!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Jesus the war time Angel

Unlike what most may think, the Ascension TimeLine is not a peaceful anchoring. In a 3D world of extreme duality, highest density, with light at its lowest quotient, the timelines that exist are of "Harmony through Conflict" - a quality of the White Ray 4 associated with the Root Chakra (red colour depicting bloodshed and conflict) of survival in the lowest dimension. The White Ray is a ray of Resurrection and Ascension. As well as Abundance! Do ponder awhile here! Ray of Ascension carrying the quality of God's Abundances bears a huge significance. Allow your evolution to unveil its meaning. It will come to you.

Beloved Jesus the Christ was born amidst conflict, lived amidst conflict and died through conflict. And all along accompanying Him was the Primary TimeLine of Freedom. He birthed in such dire conditions and consequences just so He may unveil the KEY of Freedom to mankind. He was born with NO KARMIC CONTRACT. He didn't descend to live a full life like humans do. He came down as a pure SON of GOD with the WILL to be implemented!

The WILL was to show people: if you remove your Karmic Imprints (of all your lifetimes on this planet), even to a certain extent (it doesn't have to be 100% removal) you can resurrect your life and ASCEND out of the Matrix. He, thru His act of taking upon Himself the burden of all our karmas', showed us how Ascension is not just a possibility but a Surety! This is why He removed all our Karmic Footprints till then, making it easy for us to Ascend. His Message was clearly: "Lighten the weight so you can RISE ABOVE THE MATRIX!"

His Life, right from birth, was ridden with strife and struggles....till he passed over. Amidst all this disharmony, strife, fighting and mayhem, the Ascension TimeLine was anchored. The foundation was laid for Freedom of the human race. And now, on Dec 21st of 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter came together to form the same bright STAR; that rose high in the skies when Jesus Beloved was born; we as a unified Human Race sat in meditation at the Zero-Degree-Point affirming the firm anchoring of the Ascension TimeLine (that which was first lowered on earth some 2500 years ago on Christ-Mas). This was indeed one of the biggest Event in the history of the Great Shift; one that served as a solo opportunity, of the grandest type; revealing to the Universes that we have AWAKENED and understood the importance of Jesus's Birth and are not allowing His Sacrifice to go in vain! By re-affirming the anchoring of the "CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS ASCENSION TIMELINE" at that grandest Father of all Conjunctions we released the most powerful, highest voltage, Laser Beam of Spirit Light from our planet into the Home of Light - that which said: WE ARE READY TO RISE ABOVE THE MATRIX! It is no coincident that this Grand Conjunction occurred just before Christmas. And this CHRIST(mas) STAR is shining bright in our skies today as our Gift from Blessed Jesus The Christ!

He acknowledges our Awakening! We have seemingly reached the Mass Critical Ratio thru the unified Beam of Laser Light we radiated to the Heavens on Dec 21st meditation! We have been successful indeed!

However, we still have a long roller coaster ride ahead of us, treacherous and laden with Tests but, with this Awakening we shall ride it with a Knowing in our hearts, with Joy and a smile as we are AWAKE now and there is no more room for duality and its fears! The conflict Beloved Jesus faced didn't stop Him from showing us the Path to Resurrection and Ascension. His resurrection and ascension firmly rooted the TimeLine of Ascension upon the Matrix of Conflict. And we now have taken the baton and are marching thru the last raging fires of the Ending of KaliYuga with courage and power, wholeness and God-fulfilled completeness.

Blessed Father Jesus couldn't reveal to us the "VIOLET FIRE" then, as it was not in His Portfolio, was not in the Office of Christ to apply for, nor receive such a Special Dispensation, as was granted to Lord Saint Germain. But thence onward, Christ has supported His brother, Saint Germain's Portfolio of spreading the Wisdom of the Violet Fire to humanity. If you have read - "THE AMETHYST TABLET" it is explained that - Resurrection is the "I AM Activity" of the Cosmic Violet Consuming Flame that causes the Ascension into the Light! Beloved Jesus Christ revealed the Path and Destination whilst Beloved Saint Germain revealed the Technology to walk the Path and reach the Destination! They are the two Brothers-In-Arms indeed!

Let us honour the Birth and Sacrifice of our most loved "Master Jesus the Christ" this Christmas,

and thank Him for His Gift and continued support to us all!

Have a delightful Christmas!


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Beautifully written Sangeeta. God bless ! Mary-Jane

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