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When 2012 Dec 21st had gone past, a huge wave of disbelief rose from humanity. Even the awakening gave up hope! Nothing expected was seen or felt. Later, most held onto invisible threads of something had transpired.

A lot had indeed happened then, and since, but it was all in the non-visible realms! So life went on but with a set back on spiritual beliefs.

Roll over now to 2020 and, something BIG has truly occurred ... and physically! Yes, and for the entire planet of humanity at one go! Now people are confused, but yet not ready to accept its a Dimensional Consciousness Shift in place.

More shall occur to shake humanity...continually from now onward! The rattling will not stop anymore!

But for the awakening ones, please know it is the Light that is causing the shake-up, and so the evil is rising and becoming visible. Fear naught! Doubt naught! That dims the Light's ferocity. That slowers the Light's velocity. Light must build its strength upon earth and within the bodies and minds of the Forms on earth. Allow the Light to do its work!

The bodies of all are being rattled. The light beings shall feel its effects more acutely. 'Breath-In' becomes heavy and not easy. Don't worry. It's carrying the weight of Change. Oxygen is low on earth as our forests have decreased but that's not what's causing the challenge. It's the new Air of the Higher Light coming in; which is raising the evil as well; that is challenging the carbon bodies. Also, as the carbon shifts into crystalline (very very slowly) its effects are felt as newer challenges for the body. Therefore, the awakening are feeling the discomfort more. Try not to breathe from the mouth. Breathe slowly, even if its becomes deeper with lowered speed.

We are floating at present within the Waves of Enlightenment and Awakening with the passing of Buddha from our midst (His Appearance for 8 mins). The Light is very high and loaded with the Highest Packets of Information & Wisdom from the Great Central Sun, right now. Breathe in slowly and consciously. Our Bodies have a lot of New to deal with right now!

This is a Mystical Month of Triple Ascensions and Triple Retrogrades. One is bringing in volumes of Invisible Light Ripples from the 'Ascended Master Octaves of Light' whilst the other is bringing in the Ripples of the Great Shift Physically from our 'Solar System'. At the same time, we cannot overlook the role our 'Photon Belt' is playing with its own emissions of the Photonic Light that are bringing instant Molecular and Cellular Shift in our bioshells.

Today, Saturn has gone Retro, last month Pluto went Retro. By the end of the week, all the Big Planets would be Retro around earth and in our lives. This by itself shall unveil big mysteries for us on a Macro and Micro level.

There is a lot of opportunity right now for releasing old, adorning the new, and Shifting dimensionally our Consciousness, expanding our light, raising our vibration. Big Shifts are occurring within our physicality and within our energy!

Bathe in it. Stay with it. As we approach Lord Jesus's Ascension Day soon. No other month has this Grandest Noblest Mightiest Wave of Ascension opportunity. Stay loose. Stay free. Stay open. Do nothing. Be free.

The photo displayed above is a physical vision of Living Within!


Sangeeta handa


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