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Am soon to begin "THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET". It shall start from Part 2 as its first part is THE AMETHYST TABLET.

THE AMETHYST TABLET embraces the Blue Beings and the Blue Ray as both stem from the same Aspect of Source (God is in the Trinity Aspect). It explains the origins of both rays (Ray 7 & Ray 1), the God-Aspect of both rays is explained in detail as well. It moves deeper thereafter to expound the similarities and differences between the 'Violet Ray Beings' and the 'Blue Ray Beings' and their very structure. Whilst the former Book explains the 'SuperNatural Powers' of the Violet Ray Beings the next will do the same for the Blue Beings.

So, THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET shall take the knowledge higher into Part 2. Its structure shall be very different but will also merge the Ray 7. Therefore, here the beings shall be the BLUE RAY 1 BEINGS but also the VIOLET BLUE RAY BEINGS. Hopefully, this Book I shall construct in several parts and release as each part ends.

This is why I cannot divide THE AMETHYST TABLET into parts as it shall confuse the sequence altogether. For those who don't know what I am referring to - I had recently decided to release the Book in 3 parts as I felt it may be expensive for some.

These Books are unique as I don't know of any such Book on earth that has specialized in this kind of structure and information on the two Rays and its beings on earth. If you are from the 144,000 Venusian Beings on earth you must read these Books. This knowledge is not on the internet! Nor is the History of Earth from the Akashic Records scribed as my 2nd Book: THE VOICE OF SILENCE. You can read the reviews on the webpage of this book and know how unique it is. And it's not as expensive as The Amethyst Tablet.

The Amethyst Tablet has taken upon the topic of Money and its lack on earth and guides the reader to steer away from it. Spiritual beings on earth are either using spirituality as a business to make money from and lean upon it as a money source or are in lack of it whereas, its suppose to be quite the contrary! An awakening being is clearing his baggage and "must" therefore attract wealth and abundance, not the opposite. You become the Prosperity Magnet! Something is awry if that's not happening. God speaks on this issue in THE AMETHYST TABLET and has even Gifted the Money Infinite Yantras to all its readers. You must turn your Karmic Wheel around and stop releasing your Lack condition to the universe.

When I had posted on fb I would split the book into 3 parts, many of you wrote it was a great idea as you cant afford it. When that was read I was immediately told to stop. Those who cant afford will linger on that thought even if it was made available at $1/- because that's 'exactly' their mindset, yes it's their "manifested reality", and their karmic baggage. The Book is for those who "believe in Abundance". Life on earth is all about Perspective! What you feel, what you think, (is) what you release and "that" becomes and remains your reality! TILL YOU CHANGE IT!

So, THE LIGHT VEDA shall shine its Light to all like the LightHouse but not go out and catch hold of the shippies 📷:-) Wow, thank you Lord, that was a terrific statement💜💙

You, the awakening ones, are meant to be Role Models, Examples of Abundance, Beauty, Real Power! But on earth, the opposite is happening and that's perhaps why the slumberous rich look at the spiritual beings as strugglers and hippies and don't want to go there. They feel they have it all without going Within. Now, this aspect too has been handled by the Creator in THE AMETHYST TABLET. Both ends of the spectrum are suffering from a misnomer. Change in Perspective (understanding, knowing) is needed strongly to correct the Balance.

The Awakened Ones MUST have Abundance! Its their "earned right"! You must correct your Perspective, Remove your baggage, Know the Mantra to attract Prosperity continuously. If you are to be poor, who will want to Awaken on earth?

~~~~ Sangeeta Handa ~~~~

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