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    A Metaphysical Love Story thriller, a Super-Natural fable that magically reveals the Gateway to fulfil your Mission on earth! The activation and completion of your Mission, in this lifetime, is of paramount importance since this is earth’s last cycle. Earth has completed its Blueprint.  It is successfully entering the Fifth Dimension. The question is have you successfully completed your Contract Plan for this lifetime and, been victorious in the Game you volunteered to participate in?


    Incarnation on earth, from its inception - millions of years ago, was an important experiment to understand whether life away from the Light, in total severance and non-remembrance, can finally succeed in returning home to the Light, despite total amnesia and with conditions ensuring this state! Moreover, can a human awaken to the Truth even when pushed fully down under through the densest platform of the lowest ever vibrational reality!? 


    The Experiment or Gameplan was expected to fail!!! But, amazingly and to the absolute astonishment of the Heavens, earth and much of its humanity survived the Game and is exiting victorious!


    YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY explains the Experiment undertaken by earth and the rules that govern its fair play. There are no short-cuts, no change of mind, no way out once you’re in the play.


    It was You who answered the call heralded in the Heavens, when earth was birthed and needed players. You then entered the Playground as a Player and could not exit until the Game was over. On earth, individual victory and collective victory determines success. You have very little time to determine where you wish to stand in the Finishing Line fast approaching!


    YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY guides you through a spiritual journey that unveils ‘a new version of love' between Twin-Rays, and not just Soul-Mates. The fable begins with the primary character Naina awakening to the realization she is “dead”! Dead indeed to the physical world but very much alive in the Spirit World! Her Twin-Ray, Christopher suddenly appears in brilliant light ... and, joins Naina in review of their mortal journey on earth; this is when the book rewinds into a great Epic Human Saga!


    Chapter by chapter the epic advances with an enlightening story of eternal love and adventure, abduction and revenge, romance and disappointments, attachments and grief, wrong choices and deferred destinations, paranormal events and black magic!


    In addition, the essential Wisdom essayed alongside the Fictional Story, as a Spiritual Narrative, helps in comprehending the abstract and highly misunderstood concepts of life and its experiences on earth. Concepts of -  Soul Mates and Twin Souls, Perfect and True Love, Failing Relationships, Sex, Rape, Suicide, Divorce, Pain, Torture, Murder, the understanding of Karma ... the Higher Presence, the Fifth Dimension, moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th, the Perfect Being of Light, the emergence of a New Love, the New Paradigm of Life in the New Age, 'How to Love' and 'from Where to Love', detailed conception of the Contract Plan before soul's descent into form, Detachment, Freedom, Ascension, Plutonian Energy, Shiva-Shakti, Death, Life after Death, Healing, Surrender, the Violet Alchemists on earth, Living in the Not Knowing, Balance of Energy ... as well as concepts that cover the darker side of life on earth such as  Black Magic & its adverse effects, Vashi Karan, the forbidden Psychic Plane, the evil temptations ...


    YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY is a book of reference - in prevalent times of grave anguish and search. It speaks to your heart that is searching for an understanding of the increasing chaos and pain in your lives. Highly recommended reading for all on the path of self-realization and discovery. And, for the non-believers who love the challenge of remaining unaffected, this book is a challenge to remain unchanged! An encyclopaedia of non-dualistic Wisdom on how to live life on earth with a Knowing of Who You Are, Why You Are Here, Where Do You Come From and, Where Are You Going!


    YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY has been Co-Scribed by Thoth (known as the God of Ancient Egypt (Khem) who seeded our present human race and incepted the last human cycle on earth, along with Lord Buddha (the official Logos or god of planet earth), and Ascended Master Saint Germain (the Hierarch of the New Aquarian Earth of the Fifth Dimension, to whom Lord Buddha shall assign the Throne).



    "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. He who wants to enjoy the glory of the sunrise must first live through the night!"

    "We do all stand in the front ranks of the battlefield every moment of our life; where there is a brave man, there is the thickest of the fight. And therein lies the post of Honor!"

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      There is "No Refund" once the book is paid for! Nor, if on receipt, later it is lost. In which case you would need to re-buy it.   

    Size: This is in A4 format with colour and photos.
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