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March is a powerful month of potent Portals and thus flooded with grand opportunities for rapid evolution and a dash up the ladder of Ascension! Dont waste it. For those who have the latest 5th Tablet already on your study table and Altars of worship, this is the Time for you to physically see the manifestation of your labour. In this month, as Doors of Light open for you, your Inner Work to Self Mastery shall en-able you to enter the Doors and receive all you need for Ascension and Freedom. Raise the bar and garner the velocity. Keep your Chants going. A bit later in this article, you shall be informed of some symptoms to be aware of.

And so, we have the first Portal of the Blue Ray 1 Opening with the "Maha Shiv Ratri" on Friday, commencing at the mahurat timing of IST 9.57 pm - an all night affair with Lord Shiva. Its His Night Date with you. Now, please chant the Tantric Shiva Mantra mentioned in "The Blue Ray 1 Sacret Sacred Cosmic Masonic Script" - 108 times using a rosary. Do the general Mantra of "Om Namah Shivaye" and the "Mrityun Jaap" as well. If you have the Shiv Chalisa, recite that too. But, most importantly the Tantric Masonic Occult Mantra of Shiva, dont forget and do that first as it Brings Into You the Frequency of God and makes you Its Holder. This Mantra (in the 5th Tablet) bonds you to your COVENANT WITH GOD and makes Lord Shiva bestow upon you His Protection in return.

The Spiritual Meaning of Maha Shivratri is not marriage of Parvati to Shiva. Stories were woven in ancient India (with subtle nuances to the Truth) to help people understand within the format of their then vibration and capacity. But not to take it literally! However, chinese whispers is a virus that is contagious. The subtle underlined meaning behind this mighty Night Date with Shiva is to become Androgynous. By - unifying all divisions and separations within; marrying of the yin and yang Within (not outside); merging of the right and left sides of the brain; ending duality. As Lord Jesus Christ scribed in "The Amethyst Tablet" that Androgenicity is the prerequisite for Ascension! You need to become One, in order to ascend out of the Matrix! And - One Within! In scientific language - all your bodies (mental, physical, emotional, auric) are required to collapse into One White Body - the One White Flame of Ascension. Remember, the White Ray 4 is the Ray of Ascension, Resurrection, Purification by the Sacred Fire. So, when you are just about to Ascend - that is what scientifically occurs in your anatomy, chemistry, and biology. You turn into a White Flame; the visible turns into the Invisible (refer to the 5th Tablet) for the Change to miraculously manifest!

You are the Master Alchemist (once again, reference to the 5th Tablet)! And only You can make that happen! You have the Alchemy of Magik Within! Use it! Apply it! Trust in Your Power.....

Lord Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the 4th White Ray of Ascension. However, this is the entry point of the Goddess of Light too as She is the Chohan of the Crystalline White Secret Ray 1 - whose support guidance overseeing you require for your carbon body to dissolve into a Crystalline Body of Light. And thus, 'The Cosmic Masonic Occult Script' carries Her Incantations. Connect with Her.

On this night, connect with Lord Shiva thru His Holy Mantras. Do all the Blue Ray 1 Decrees and Mantras and Techniques as they are all His Tools. The Advanced Tools of the Blue Ray 1. Meditate and receive Him. On His Night, when you Date Him, your prayers are received immediately and the Power and Will of Shiva is bestowed within you. He gets pleased easily and answers your prayers a thousand fold! He is in a mood to Gift his chelas. Take advantage of this opportune Date Night with God!

Now. And furthermore. So potent is this weekend as the following night is the Moonless night - the Amavasya. And this occurs in a constellation that is symbolized with the Funeral Pyre, from the foot side - which denotes Exit from the World. Translate that? Freedom from the Matrix!

Wait, there is one more symbol attached to the nakshatra, the symbol of "A Man with two faces" - this speaks of Duality. Ok, thats not all, the number allocated to this nakshatra is - number 7. Now, let's delve deeper into the symbology of the special Night that emerges just after Lord Shiva's Date Night. Remember, this night is another Portal Opening. The Lord of this constellation is a "one-legged Snake" - the Kundalini Serpent, lying asleep in your Hara Chakra. And oh yes, there is an additional symbol attached to the constellation of Amavasya - the Sword!

So, in a summary, the night after the major Connect with God and His Will of Androgenicity bestowed within you, comes the opportunity to become Androgynous! Huh? The Amavasya Portal essentially blasts you; on Saturday night (IST time zone); with the Ultra-Violet Fire of the 7th Ray of Transmutation that, if you are conscious and applying the Imported Technology (The Amethyst Tablet) vigorously on self, you should begin to burn away the 'Duality' of the Matrix in the 'Funeral Fire' of the Ultra-Violet Ray '7' ! When you start to use the Fire Technology, and as Duality begins its cremation process, the sleeping beauty (the Kundalini Serpent) awakens and, starts its climb up the Chakric System. As it scrawls up, it releases a trail of Fire that fumigates the body mind and soul of the human, preparing to disengage the Soul from its imprisonment in body and set it free thru death.

Now, Jupiter is the planet of the constellation, the Guru, and it enables Saturn to release the Rewards of self mastery upon those deserving. So this is the time to receive the Abundances from Lord Shani as well. And the God-Aspect of this nakshatra is once again Lord Shiva so, after your Date Night with Him, He isn't done with you! The following night is the Blessings for those now Androgynous and ready for Ascension!

PS: Dont forget to engage Goddess of Light's Decree of Her Diamond Excalibur SWORD as that too is the symbol of the Amavasya Portal...and you know what the Sword does!

Keep in mind - Maha Shivratri occurs on the 8th - the number of the Octagon (2024, the year of the 8) and Ray 7 is the Ray of Octagonal Benevolence. That's the Blessing of Lord Shiva - His Benevolence and Providence! There shall be a flow of Abundance your way soon!

One last point - this nakshatra, in which the Amavasya occurs is also associated with Dark Entities and, Black Magicians will be engaging in dark practices that beckon these entities. Now, we have reiterated several times, Do NOT meditate on a Moonless night coz the Portal of Dark opens in such absolute darkness. And this particular night is furthermore reinforced and thereby increasingly dangerous, thru its association with the Dark Discarnate entities so, do the Violet Flaming Decrees and the Blue Decrees; added with the Maha Durge Ma Mantras in the 5th Tablet; but do not end with any kind of meditation. Take your protection and end with that.

A special note for all applying the "INCANTATIONS": Especially in this period of powerful and varied Portal Openings of March, as you build the momentum of Change thru your chants, you might experience sensations of chills and shivering, even a feverish feeling with need to sleep. This is what transpires when Duality is being cremated in the Fires of Purification of greater intensity. Remember, to become a Crystalline Body of Light is an experience of Coldness in temperature. Heat is applied to lower vibration. Matter is formed when energy oscillates at the fastest rate, by adding heat to it, which then condenses or contracts energy into the solidification of a mass. Mass or matter is of the lowest vibration and has heat added to it. Now to reverse the process, heat must be removed from its composition. How do you remove the heat - pls refer to "The Blue Sapphire Tablet, Part 1" It explains the 'External Plasma Light" and "Internal Plasma Light" process in detail. So, moving on, Light is Cold. And when and as the body transitions into Crystalline, thru your Decreeing and 33rd Degree Techniques, your body shall experience chills, shivers and cold flushes. This could last for a short spell or even days. Allow the process with this knowing and fear not any illness. In fact feel the elation as your body is signalling the Transformation in evidence!

Thank you all for taking some time to give us a feedback on the Tablet! Its noted with gratitude!


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Mar 08
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Dear Sangeeta, Correction! I meant to refer to Page 46 in which the GOD MANTRAS commence Is this #15 = 108 times? Blessings MJ

Mar 08
Replying to

No 15. Yes pls


Mar 08
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Dearest Sangeeta, Thank you for the specific instructions! Question for you.... The Mantra to recite 108 times is this specifically under the Second Decrees/GOD MANTRAS/#15 GOD "LORD SHIVA" ?

If not, kindly please let me know and refer to which Mantra to recite. Blessings! MJ

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