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Zero Degree EQUINOX September 2023


Twice a year (Vernal and Autumnal Equinox - March & September) earth opens a "PORTAL of " solar declination. This means on an Equinox, Sun is directly shining its light at the Equator, which is at 'Zero Degree' latitude of earth. Sun's ray of light falls at a right angle to earth, or perpendicular to earth's surface. Generally, the Sun is always at a 23.5° axis tilt toward or away from the Sun. So, these two dates of the Equinox are very special for earth as it's not tilting on its axis at all, effecting thereby, an equal amount of daylight and darkness across all latitudes. And, additionally, that it occurs at the Supernatural Degree of ZERO.

September Equinox occurs @ Libra (ruled by Venus, which is retro at the moment). is a critical degree in astrology and astronomy. On these two days of the Equinoxes (March and September) @ the a significant "Upgrade of Light Codings" get transmitted to earth from the 'Great Central Sun' in star planet Sirius. A threshold, or a Maximum Exaltation, of Higher Light is actually reached at the point the Equinox touches its critical peak.

The Timing of the the peak EQUINOX

@ 12:19 pm IST (Indian Std Time)

@ 6:50 am UTC (Universal Time)

Now, when the maximum exaltation of Highest Light is transmitted upon earth, an extraordinary phenomenon of Perfect Balance is consequently achieved. Coupled with the fact that Libra too is symbolized by the scales of Perfect Balance. Which means, at the Light transmission, a ZERO-POINT Energy is reached! This is the Highest State of Being on earth! All polarities are neutralized, all dualities are dissolved, all grey shades and darkness is dissipated immediately, there is no more a masculine or feminine gender, no electrical or magnetic split. UNITY occurs! INFINITY is anchored. A CRYSTALLINE CONVERGENCE is effected and an ANDROGYNOUS state is reached.

Silence befalls.

All becomes still.

A Void is felt.

An Emptiness!

This is the experience of JOY!

Yes, JOY is what is attained in ZERO - POINT Energy. And you will realize - JOY has no emotion (emotion is 3D), its feeling is of Nothingness, Emptiness, Blank, a Void. That's the Vibration of JOY! And this is the feeling of the "NOW"!

Living in the NOW means living @ ZERO - POINT with absolutes JOY!

The Extraordinarily Rare Moment!

A flash twinkle of VOID! A Point of core stillness in the midst of hyped frenzy. The Point of the perfect balance between two storms.

How do you reach there? Call upon Lord Jesus Christ to take you there! He comes and Himself carries you to that Spot or Point of the ZERO - POINT Energy.

Extract from article – 'Extraordinaire Equinox' & 'SuperNatural March 23rd' - the FLASH EVENT for humanity and Gaia

"The Equinox (on March 21st) also occurred at "0 Degree" (Aries). Zero-Point Energy is when the electron is at an infinite distance from the nucleus. As the electron comes closer, the energy decreases, condensation occurs, the energy of the system becomes negative. Now, when an electron is infinitely distanced, which actually means removed, the energy becomes heated and a Zero-Point is reached, at which point - the "Internal Plasma" is formed. It is a state when the brain is actually at rest and asleep but the internal evolution is at its heightened level, thru the heated gas and high temperatures (remember heat is added to return to Light and heat is removed for energy to condense and solidify) generated by the biological ionization process. This inadvertently intensifies and enforces the action of "healing" and "regeneration", that which then takes center stage and the spiritual evolution of the body gathers speed. This all occurs because of the ionization effect, which produces the "Internal Plasma Light" (without the generation of this Ascension is a very very far away eventuality, spread over innumerable lifetimes).” ~~~ THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET

The past week has been hectic with extreme solar flares, climate events and social unrest…all leading up to a powerful Equinox upgrade on September 22/23 - in a couple of hours from now.


The ZERO - POINT is that dot between the 2 zero's or 2 circles of 8

The Symbol of the ZERO - POINT is the OCTAGON

And, an Octagon (8 point sacred geometry) is the Highest Holy Symbol!

It is the Number 8 (Infinity) that shall close the Portal of Kali Yuga next year and Open a New Cycle!

A Circle with 2 Squares

A Square Peg in a Round Hole (the Circle) is getting the Wheel stuck.

Another Square when added to the first Square (4+4)

loosens the grip and opens the Wheel!

That's the OCTAGON!

The first Square (4 - earth number) was added to the Circle

and so, KalYug was anchored on earth!

and the Wheel of Light came to a grinding halt ... it got stuck!

Now to remove 'KalYug'

another Peg (Square - number 4) must be added


and that (8) shall Open the Wheel!



Six planets are retrograde!

With an EQUINOX in the middle!

Maintain the Perfect Balance of the



"There shall be no more Tablet for sale anymore"

'The Blue Sapphire Tablet - Part 2' shall NOT be released

THE AMETHYST TABLET was compromised by some buyers, as against the Copyright and therefore, the LIGHT has taken the decision not to release anymore Books.

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Sep 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sangeeta, Oh no!!! This 'news' weighs heavy on my heart and soul! Many of us are assuredly, very sad to hear that The Amethyst Tablet was compromised! I liken it akin to not taking the shot(s) much shall we endure! I am so saddened again, however, I am grateful for you exposing to us all that follow you what happened. May this be a lesson to all that what is pristine, pure and loving Must be held with utmost integrity and faith. What God giveth He may taketh away. I personally every day think about you scribing that Part 2 of The Sapphire Tablet. Wondering and awaiting its arrival. This is truly heart wrenching to hear.

September 22nd is…

Sangeeta Handa
Sangeeta Handa
Sep 23, 2023
Replying to

Thank you MJ ,as always you are so lovefilled and a grateful being! I remember the story of your dear sister...your healing is on and she is helping you from the Spirit World. Only when you enter the Spirit World do you mandatorily pass thru the Chamber of the Violet Shower. Generally souls move into the various levels of the Astral Plane and not enter the SW. Because they are continuing the Reincarnation Cycle on earth. And yes, to all your questions. In addition, and foremost, thank you for expressing your feelings on No More Tablets. The Part 2 was to carry the Blue Fire Decrees which, if abused, as The Amethyst Tablet has been, wld be dangerous. People buy…


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Living in the NOW means living @ ZERO - POINT with absolute JOY! This is the experience of JOY!❤️

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