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Your ROLE in the present time of the End of Kali Yuga







You stood in the line of selection before the Karmic Board of earth's Lords of Karma and offered to descend at the time of the Greatest Shift because you possessed the Consciousness of Truth and the Intelligence of Discernment to impact the CHANGE without getting sucked into the darkness, which is of the highest percentage upon earth. You bravely offered to Serve and provide the Trigger to affect the Change. You are BRAVE and full of God's Power. Know this!

You were Selected because you are AWAKE and EVOLVED enough to emit God's Consciousness into the hypnotized masses and clasp the roots of darkness and pull it out from the core and then, thereafter, fill the core with God's Core White Light. You were Selected because you ready with God's Light as your consciousness that is effective in lifting all those of the human race on earth, who are ready, into higher consciousness of Truth, Satya, wherever they may dwell on earth. You were Selected because you are the Energy of SATYA YUGA and therefore would automatically radiate the Satya Energy into earth and humanity at the time of the Greatest Shift. At that time, which is the present time now, SATYA is most needed to be anchored, to fill the gaps being created by the transmuted and transcended energies that have purified and subsequently left earth. Just One such volunteer, by himself/herself, can affect CHANGE! Just one!

Now - when you are already on earth as the SELECTED ONES...

This earthly journey is very short, temporary, and karmically intense...there is a lot of "load Shedding" going on at present as we are in the midst of the End of the KalYug. Challenges surmount to en-able us to shed shed shed the karmic baggage....Light streaming in as Cosmic Rays, Photon Energy from the Photon Belt, Solar Activity of flares winds holes etc from our Sun are all carrying ne'er afore Codings to awaken our Junk(JOY) DNA and uncover its writings so we AWAKEn and end this journey of 3D once and for all as the planet is doing so too. Our house (earth) is under major de-novation de-construction de-struction and so of course are we, its tenants. It's never easy life when this is occurring.....we are all pushed out of our comfort calm, whilst churning in the whirlwind whirlpool try not to spin out...stay within by staying calm, accepting, surrendering, centering at the Core. Talk to GOD! Get that Bridge going strong....

As you allow this to happen you will find yourselves progressively at Bliss regardless of what is occurring in your daily human lives. Doubt in God’s Love for you will weaken and dissolve, and will be replaced by the knowing that you are totally and unconditionally loved by God, Allah, Param Brahma!

One with GOD is being a majority!

Even one consciousness that is Evolved can shake up the turmoil and lift-up the low resonating energies of the masses! Remember this pls...

"Hold the Light of TRUTH in your Consciousness"! (remember you were Selected because you embodied the Consciousness of Truth)

"I AM the electro-magnetic LIGHTHOUSE of GOD!" "I AM the POWER HOUSE of GOD'S LIGHT!"

Know this. Own this. Re-Ignite this by evoking this quality from Within.

Light up your Light House, your Antahkarana (pls refer to the Holy Veda - The Amethyst Tablet for the full understanding of this), and allow your already evolved Light to disperse the Dark and all its web around and within earth and humanity. The Light from your power-full LightHouse shall swirl away the turmoil that surrounds earth and humanity. However. Pls note: see the turmoil only long enough to know you need to recharge and light-up your LightHouse and emit the power-full Light around but - Do Not indulge in the emotions that the turmoil is emitting. That wld add to the low spiralling vibrations and strengthen the Dark - as your Power is Full and impacts strong wherever it is focused. Remember, dear Light Tribe, you are the Consciousness of God (Truth, Satya) and so are a creator too and therefore, you can create darkness too by focusing upon it for long and getting overwhelmed by the emotions of sadness, despair, pain and suffering.

Know when to get out of the 3D Drama

Now. To all who are feeling a major loss in their lives...whether it be thru the war, virus or, coz of the Greatest Purge ongoing: The Light looks at you as its most creative Builder of Blocks. Your experience of suffering is not a downer but as a builder! You take every hard blow and turn the experience into an opportunity to learn from it and build anew, build better, become mightier (this is why you were Selected)! The Light is saying you are Unique and the Best from all of His Creations who has the Extra-Ordinary Aptitude to take the pain, take the loss, take the discarded garbage and Re-Construct, Re-Purpose it into a better, more beautiful, much brighter life for yourself, and consequently for others too. The Light is amazed how the Template He created for the Adam Kadmon Body (pls refer to THE AMETHYST TABLET that reveals the technical construct of the human body and consciousness Template) has evolved beyond His Creation thru sheer aptitude of the Human Race upon Gaia.


The Light, at first, injected a Spiritual Quotient (SQ) into His already existing Molds of the other kingdoms of animals, reptiles, birds, plants etc but rejected it on completion as the existing templates could not 'hold' the SQ to perfection thru its intended miraculous manifestation. Thus the Light embarked upon the creation of a totally New Template that would not just 'hold' the SQ but Honour its abilities and qualities by manifesting God's Intention to the fullest. And so, emerged the Adam Kadmon Template. I urge all to read about this Template in the Tablet mentioned afore (The Amethyst Tablet: link is provided below) as it describes the sheer Beauty of the Template in language and thru detailed illustrations which explain the complete Vision of God's Creation to such Perfection, unscribed till now on earth except, in earth's Akashic Records.

And so, the Light is reminding its Selected ones:

"Dear One, you are NOT suffering, there is NO LOSS in this journey of Spirit into Matter. Your Spirit is intact! Your journey of dualities (be it translated by you as loss lack disease suffering) is only adding to your Spirit when you realize you are the MASTER ARCHITECT, the MASTER SCULPTOR, but above all - You are the Selected ONE who has the Spiritual Quotient fully evolved and powerful to "find" the Crystal behind and beneath every stone laying in its path. You are a TREASURE HUNTER that "finds" the Treasure hidden well in the mysteries of life. You don't look at loss as a suffering? But as "the opportunity" to hone your aptitude and re-define your experience so you can ADD to your Spirit before it leaves this environment of Matter....and, perform your prime duty to "Affect the Change" in the Greatest Shift already in full swing upon earth. Awaken to the Spiritual Quotient! You were Selected amongst the many, rise up to your Power and my!

The Light now speaks to all humans:

"You are like Droplets in the vast Ocean that flowed out of the seas to see and experience the world beyond. You flowed further and farther until the elements of the new environment of earth began to heat up your water, causing you to slowly evaporate until you were no more. This evaporated water of the Droplet then flew back into its Ocean. And. On your return, you became more than the Droplet you were when you left. You added your experiences, your creations, to your Spirit so, when you returned to Me - the Vast Ocean, you brought along your Spices and Masala's that landed up enhancing my Flavours, and illumined my Radiance, thereby augmenting My vastness and beauty. So you see, your suffering is not a loss but a Surplus - that is adding to your Spirit and thereby adding to my Beauty, augmenting my Radiance and illumining my Creations! So, please go out and use the Spiritual Quotient to its fullest. Hunt the Treasure, excavate the Gem, and Re-Construct the environment you are in and bring out the Spice! I AM waiting for you to add your Surplus to Me! This is Service to your environment thru your re-Creation and Service to Me as well!"

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