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A ‘Non-Conspiracy Theory’ “What happened to the Malaysian Flight MH370?”

Chinese scientists developed an “INVISIBILITY CLOAK”

Events released in the media during the years before and around 2013

One Chinese team had already made a cat and a fish 'disappear' with a device that had huge military potential!

Mainland Chinese scientists from various research institutions and top Chinese universities developed the world's first “INVISIBILITY CLOAK”, using technology to hide objects from view and make them "disappear"!

The technology developed was quint-essentially for military furtive uses such as developing surreptitious secret aircrafts, expanding to wider technological breakthroughs for broader overt uses that would camouflage the covert occult purpose. The main approach was to develop material that would ‘Guide light away from an object’ by creating electromagnetic fields that would bend light away from what one is trying to hide.

A team at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was funded by the ‘National Natural Science Foundation’ of ‘China’ to develop "FULL INVISIBILITY TECHNOLOGY” and, “Meta-Material” for creating hypersonic jets similar to NASA's X-43A scramjet - The X-43A is a 12-foot long scramjet-powered research vehicle, the cutting edge of aerospace technology, an experimental unmanned hypersonic aircraft.

This hypersonic vehicle would then be used to deliver nuclear warheads around the globe with speed of at least five times faster than sound.

"We are ‘INVISIBLE’ people studying 'INVISIBLE’ technology" said a Chinese researcher involved in the project.

Now, through the "FULL INVISIBILITY TECHNOLOGY” they developed a DEVICE that stops objects being detected by heat sensors or metal detectors; that allows weapons to pass through security checkpoints; that stop agents or troops moving at night from being detected or caught by infrared cameras. And, furthermore, – this "FULL INVISIBILITY TECHNOLOGY” was then applied to their new fighter jets so they can get heat-seeking missiles off their tail.

“CLOAKING is an important TECHNOLOGY since; invisibility can help survival in a hostile environment!" said Huanyang Chen of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

However. The Chinese thereafter faced an unusual problem! It is okay to make INVISIBLE an object but, the invisible object or person should also be able to see outside the “INVISIBILITY SHROUD”! With no-light penetrating a perfect “INVISIBILITY CLOAK”, there would be no way for an invisible person to see outside!

In other words, invisible people would also be blinded! Therefore, the Chinese had to develop an "ANTI - CLOAK", one that would partially cancel the effect of the “INVISIBILITY CLOAK”!

Now! The "ANTI - CLOAK" would need to be of a material with photosensitive properties perfectly matched to those of an “INVISIBILITY CLOAK”. (In technical jargon, an "ANTI - CLOAK" would be anisotropic negative refractive index material that is impedance matched to the positive refractive index of the “INVISIBILITY CLOAK”). Thus, whilst an “INVISIBILITY CLOAK” would bend light a-round an object, any region that came into contact with the "ANTI - CLOAK" would guide back some light to the object so that it became visible. This would allow an invisible observer to see the outside by pressing a layer of the "ANTI - CLOAK" material in contact with an “INVISIBILITY CLOAK”.

This is a quantum technology-made cloth that is made of transparent material, it can reflect the light wave around the person who wears it so it can make the person disappear. This "Meta - Material" Technology was operation fully in China by 2013, as of what we know so, it could have been in use from much earlier.

The following program aired on China Central Television Station, showing workers making the base material (pictured) for different "Meta - Materials", which the Chinese call 'SUPER MATERIALS'.

And soon the global media caught up with China’s covert invention:

“China claims it has created a 'super material' that's INVISIBLE and could make FIGHTER JETS impossible to see”

*A lab in Shenzhen has reportedly built an assembly line for meta-materials

*They are surfaces engineered on the nano-scale to perform specific tasks

*China claims the lab has successfully produced invisibility material in bulk

*One news site indicated Beijing could use the material to build warplanes

Sina, a Chinese news sit