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Lord Buddha, the Logos of planet earth, makes a "LIGHTENING ENTRY" into earth for "8" minutes to bless all of humanity!

This is a single greatest event on earth!

Every planet has a highest authority head in the spirit realms, known as the Logos or, God of the planet. Lord Buddha is the God of planet Earth. He is the Head of the Planetary Hierarchy for earth. Its a portfolio earned through rigours of sacrifice and trials unknown to humans. Every year, Lord Buddha appears before humanity, by entering the physical octave, in semi-physical form, for just 8 minutes. This period maybe quite short in the linear yardstick of measurement but, is extremely testing upon a Soul whose Energy is so high that it makes descension, into the lowest frequency realm, truly taxing upon a hologram of energy not designed to condense.

It is in the month of May when Siddharth Gautam Buddh’s Day of Birth, Enlightenment, and Pass Over is ceremoniously celebrated as the Wesak Festival. To receive Him on Buddha's Full Moon, or Buddh Purnima, is indeed a big ceremony undertaken in the ethers, by the entire Planetary Hierarchy who assemble on physical earth in a highly symbolic design or format of a Pentagram, in advance, and wait for Lord Buddha to grace the earth.

He is a Venusian by Light Lineage and presides over the "Great White Lodge" in the Great Central Sun, in Sirius. His previous embodiments were equally famous, as Thoth (the god of ancient Egypt, Khem), Pharaoh Akhenaton of ancient Egypt, King Ashoka in Hindustan, India and as Mahatma Gandhi. Now, He is on earth as the famous KALKI! His Presence was just revealed to me today but will not be unveiled to humanity, anytime soon. Let me just say, when an Avatar is revealed, He is ne'er recognized nor accepted as such by the masses. In fact, he is ridiculed, made fun of, and slighted rather rudely. God, nor His Avatar, appear as Kings or Blessed Ones. God would rather appear as a beggar on a narrow, one-way, street than seen sitting on a throne proclaiming kingship. People's perspective has yet not evolved nor refined enough to recognize an unseen aura of gold. And thats the reason, knowing that people are blind to the vision of God, despots emerge and declare themselves as godly and sent by God and, alarmingly, they are welcomed and heralded by all. Therefore, Kalki shall not be exposed but His presence already on earth signifies: KALYUG is going to end this year. Waiting for an event to transpire into fruition first then shall declare its end, officially.

Lord Buddha has been, so far, the last (9th) Avatar of God Vishnu. Next one, the 10th, is Kalki, who shall be the last. His appearance in human embodiment is not thru birth.

I am forwarding two Links of previous years, describing the Wesak Buddh Purnima in depth, please study well the following 2 articles.





The energy prevalent when The Buddha arrives,

for sheer 8 mins, is the lightening sizzling Vibration of


During the 8 mins of Buddha’s Presence, He firstly absorbs the qualities of Ray 1 into Himself;

Ray 2 He holds steady for a while and then emits it into Jesus;

the receiving and distributing agent of this Ray;

who then distributes it to all 7 Chohans and Their Ashrams and then thru the Planetary Hierarchy and onto earth and humanity.

The enormous current of Cosmic Light released by the Buddha lasts for the entire year, and has huge huge bearings upon world affairs. It is only at Wesak that this significant and profound Portal opens, and that too - for 8 minutes!

(more in the two links provided)

There is something unusual about the Buddh Purnima this time. During this Mega Event, planet Venus and Jupiter go Conjunct, not just with each other but, as well with 'The Central Sun' of our galaxy. There is a triple Guru syndrome occurring: Venus is the Guru of rakshasa, or demons, Jupiter is the Guru of the Light and Buddha is the Guru of Gaia and the human race on earth.

This Buddh Purnima and appearance of Lord Buddha is also shining God Vishnu's golden Light upon KALKI as he is being doctrinated into his portfolio on earth. So a very very auspicious PORTAL OPENING, the last Ascension Portal. If you've been reading the previous articles, you know 1st Ascension Portal was of Saint Germain, second was of Lord Jesus Christ and now it is of Lord Buddha.

The Divine Buddh Purnima period has already begun @ 6.00 pm IST of May 22nd and continues all of May 23rd till the timing of the Full Moon @ 7.43pm IST (pls convert to your time zones). This is when the 8 mins shall start. Sit in meditation (chant is provided in one of the two links) way before, chant Lord Buddha's Prayer and Lord Vishnu's. And when the Moon becomes full at 7.43 pm IST go into the ZERO-POINT emptiness to receive Him. The two articles describe well what you need to keep with you....


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Beautiful Sangeeta, I missed this yesterday (May 22nd) however, I am in time for 10:43 am EST. Thank you for the links and guidance here and the reposts; very helpful! Blessings Mary-Jane

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