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Today is the Annual Date Portal Opening 666 - 6 June, 2022

Today is an unusual Portal Opening based upon the year's numerical total

Lets not forget 2022 is also a year of the Tiger and 666 is considered to be the Mark of the Beast. This Mark is not just assigned to Lucifer but we too have this Mark incorporated within our Cellular Body. This is explained in "THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET" (pages 87, 88, 90 +)

An Extract from "The Blue Sapphire Tablet":

"INTERNAL PLASMA, can break the following


Now the original ‘Carbon-Atom-Structure’ embodies 6 electrons (-), 6 protons (+), 6 neutrons (neutral charge). The nucleus of the Atom contains protons and neutrons whilst orbiting the nucleus are electrons.

This is the

Base “666” Carbon Atom’

(of a Carbon-based human body)

The Mark of the Beast

Up until now, the human body was quarantined by the 666 atomic structure. Quarantined by the Beast! The BluePrint of Gaia laid open the ground for free play of Good and Evil. Why? This is already explained earlier. Moreover, this consequently en-abled the Devil’s free and easy entry! Not just onto the planet but also within - within the very atomic constitution of the human body! Now can you understand why the BluePrint of earth is called “Lethal”? “Fatal”?

In Gaia’s 3D world, two Trajectories were set-up:

The ‘Strife for Light’

The ‘Existence of Darkness’

In addition, a ceiling was imposed upon how much Entropy (or darkness) could exist under the predetermined Karmic Ceiling.

In other words,

a ‘Maximum Distortion Percentage’ of 66.6% was ascertained!

This was set as the threshold of permitted distortion.

Therefore, in lieu of which,

if 67% darkness was reached,

the Star Program (of the I AM NOT) would not tolerate

and the system would automatically self-destruct.

And so in this way, the 66.6% ensured that humankind was imprisoned through and by the permitted vector....."

"666" is therefore a numerical sequence imbibed within our Cellular Structure and "THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET" explains in detail how it can be eliminated. For which the Alchemical Great Shift is occurring. Please read those pages again to become fully acquainted with the technology to remove the "666" sequence.

And this can be achieved today!

Portal Opening at 6:00 pm your time zone

Six is also the number of Venus. "THE VOICE OF SILENCE" Tablet explains what Venus is to the Planet, who represents the Ethereal Venus, and how They left, when They left, and who entered because of which the departure became imminent and why. You were there at that time! You are the 144,000 who didnt leave and stayed back ....for more, please read the Tablet aforementioned.

Please note Lucifer too is a Venusian and was an Archangel of the Light before he started the Dark Lodge and conflicted with the Light.

We must, individually, break this Carbon Atomic Structure within us. And today is the day to at least start! If already on the Path, the Tablet (mentioned below) explains what to do, re-read it pls.

Another Extract from "THE BLUE SAPPHIRE TABLET" where the LIGHT is Speaking to you:

"If you haven’t been wondering, maybe you should by now: What exactly should you do to augment your progression toward Ascension? What kind of self-investment work is required to generate the INTERNAL PLASMA? Please read the previous Sacred Violet Book - THE AMETHYST TABLET. In fact all 3 previous Sacred Books, scribed by my Sons and Daughters, are fundamentally highlighting the TECHNOLOGY made available to humanity, especially, to lead you to the Real - I (zation) of the “Potential” of Un-confinement Within."

To purchase the Tablets, here is the link:

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